September Updates

Here’s hoping those Summer Sales at Family Tree DNA and AncestryDNA will bring some new members to Guthrie Genealogy and the Guthrie DNA Project. New lineages potentially bring new clues. We have already had a few new people sign up, with a couple of tests pending results. Activity this month has mainly been focused on the website updates and dealing with the unexpected fallout from having to change servers.

Guthrie Family Group 8:
This is a small genetic group with 5 Guthrie men. It includes a larger sub-group of Vaughan and Carter men who are distant genetic matches. The earliest Guthrie ancestors for the group are Thomas Guthrie 1711VA-1786VA and Mary Cason. There is an apparent genetic event in this Guthrie line, but we’re still trying to figure out just how distant it likely occurred. We have one Guthrie and two Vaughan men with Big-Y tests. The results have been posted, but it can take a few weeks for the Group Time Tree to update. No additional data to report at this time.

Guthrie Family Group 1A:
This is a large group of 30 Guthrie men (and/or those with genetic matches to the GFG1A profile). The group includes a descendant of the Guthries of Craigie, the Guthries of Middlesex, VA and Snow Hill, MD, and a few other related branches. We currently have 3 men participating in Big-Y testing for this group. Despite that small number, we do have a little bit of important information to be gleaned from the results.

Kit 72673: Descends from Patrick Guthrie and Agnes Foord
Patrick Guthrie is a descendant of James Guthrie and Christian Scott, who are the parents to the 1st Baron Craigie. This kit provides us with a known timeline marker on the “historical Guthrie tree” because the Guthries of Craigie are (at least on paper) lineal descendants of the Guthries of Guthrie.

Kit 294936: This person is a genetic match to the GFG1A profile, but does not have family data. Note that his results show that he shares his Most Recent Common Ancestor with Kit 72673 about 1600.

Kit 259168: Descends from William Guthrie and Elizabeth Wingfield from Amherst County, Virginia.
Note that the Group Time Tree shows the Most Recent Common Ancestor compared to the other two kits is much more distant. Closer to the 1300s.

Those of you who remain on the fence about upgrading your kits to the Big-Y level should consider investing in this addition. The more of you participating, the better this visual aide will get in predicting points at which your individual branches diverged.

Guthrie Family Group 5:
One Big-Y result remains pending. This is from the newly discovered Thomas Guthrie/Mildred Howell family connection. There is currently one other Big-Y test among the group participants.


Guthrie Genealogy recently had to change its servers. As a result, all internal site links were broken. I think I have fixed the majority of them. If you spot one, please let me know. All external links should be unaffected.


Kit B988567 – GFG8B
Patrick Guthrie c1770 Kilshanny, IRE – 1849 Limerick, IRE / Bridget Cusick > Michael Guthrie 1833IRE – 1926IA / Mary Reynolds (3xGGP)

Kit B893087 – Permelia Guthrie c1862AL – 1910TN / Samuel Erwin Gardner
Autosomal DNA results clearly show association with GFG2E: Descendants of John Guthrie and Mary ‘Polly’ Rylee, and by extension to GFG2A – Branch K and its Rylee connections. Some trees do list Permelia as their grandchild as a daughter of Calvin Guthrie and Rhoda Cooper. However, many online trees had also connected this Permelia Guthrie to the GFG1A family Edwin A and Drupina Ann (MNU) Guthrie. The DNA results do not show any GFG1A connections.

Kit B974218 – YDNA Pending
Patrick Guthrie /Bridget Collier of County Clare, IRE > Patrick Guthrie c1825IRE – 1905MA / Bridget Flaherty (2xGGP)

Kit 1004186
Descendant of Wiliam Guthrie (GFG2A-bBranch B) and Elizabeth Guthrie (GFG2A-Branch G)

Kit 287609
Descendant of Margaret Guthrie born 1807-11 in Orwell, Kinrossshire, Scotland – died 1847 / Walter Trotter

1.) To officially participate in the Guthrie DNA Project, you do have to have a DNA test (Y-DNA or Autosomal DNA) that is applicable to the project, or be the administrator of an applicable kit. I cannot analyze your genetic origins without one.
2.)There is no DNA testing requirement to participate in genealogy, family discussions and research here at the Guthrie Genealogy website. Ask questions, offer suggestions, submit reports, or participate in a work group with your cousins.


Our expansion efforts are continuing. Guthrie Family Group 3A has been reorganized according to the latest genetic and genealogical research findings. Descendants of Francis Guthrie Sr are designated as Branch A. Descendants of William Guthrie/Ann Hunter/Jacobina McClure as Branch B.

Francis Guthrie’s Branch A descendants include his 3 designated sons: Robert Guthrie, Francis Guthrie, and John Guthrie. Each of these son’s pages have additional family pages for the next generation. Use the drop down menu for routine site navigation on the website. For a quick review, each page is linked below.

Guthrie Family Groups > GFG3A > A: Francis Guthrie Sr > A-1: Robert Guthrie > (Child Pages)
Ann Guthrie / (FNU) King
John Guthrie / Mary Fuller
Phebe Guthrie / John Gadberry
Mary Guthrie / Ephraim Skiles Jr / John Scott
James Guthrie
Sarah Guthrie / Isaac Davis / John Van Lear
Richard Guthrie / Elizabeth McIntosh
Robert Guthrie

Guthrie Family Groups > GFG3A > A: Francis Guthrie Sr > A-2: Francis Guthrie Jr > (Child Pages)
Alexander Guthrie / Jean McFerran
Francis Guthrie
Nancy Guthrie / Thomas Cribbins
James W Guthrie / Isabella Carmichael
William Guthrie / Hannah Smiley

Guthrie Family Groups > GFG3A > A: Francis Guthrie Sr > A-3: John Guthrie > (Child Pages)
James Guthrie / Elizabeth Casdorph
Susan Guthrie / Henry Casdorph
Alexander Guthrie / Eleanor Amis
Robert Guthrie / Frances Fowler
Anne Guthrie / Elijah Fowler
Mary ‘Polly’ Guthrie / James Kitchen

Each page includes a “Reading and Resources” section listing and linking books, documents, and other evidence for family research. As always, please submit any suggestions for additions or corrections. Thanks again to those of you who have already collaborated on the GFG3A research. If you have local access to the “locked” documents mentioned in some lists, please consider sharing with your cousins.

Next up, GFG3’s Branch B line will go through a similar expansion.

Just when things were looking up for those of us in the medical field when it comes to Covid cases, here we are again with the numbers climbing just as we head into cold, flu, and RSV season. Don’t bring the ickiness to work or share it with your friends and family. Cover coughs. Wash your hands. Stay safe and healthy. Please don’t kiss those adorable babies.

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