2A-F: Ebenezer Guthrie

of Middlesex, Litchfield, and New Haven, Connecticut

Parents: John Guthrie 1700CT – 1756CT and Abigail Coe 1702CT – 1747CT
Birth: 20 July 1740
Birth Location: Durham, Middlesex, Connecticut
Baptism: 28 July 1740 by Rev. Nathaniel Chauncy
Military Service: Revolutionary War Patriot Soldier – ‘Captain’
Marriage 1st: Hannah Richards 16 Mar 1767
Marriage 2nd: Sarah Nichols Hawley 1794
Death: 10 September 1825
Death Location: Southbury, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Burial Location: White Oak Cemetery, Southbury, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Parents: Obediah Richards 1705-1775 and Sarah Ashley 1710-1758
Birth: 30 April 1736
Birth Location: Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut
Guthrie Sons: Obadiah Richard Guthrie (1769), William Guthrie (17??)
Guthrie Daughters: Lois Guthrie (1767)
Death: 30 June 1792
Death Location: Connecticut, USA
Burial Location: White Oak Cemetery, Southbury, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Parents: Unidentified
Birth: Abt. 1744
Birth Location: Unsourced, Trees list Southbury, New Haven, Connecticut
Guthrie Sons: None
Guthrie Daughters: None
Death: 3 July 1838
Death Location: Southbury, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Burial Location: White Oak Cemetery, Southbury, New Haven, Connecticut, USA


Ebenezer Guthrie was the eighth child and youngest son of John Guthrie and Abigail Coe. Born on 20 July 1740, he was baptized 8 days later by Rev. Nathaniel Chauncy. John Guthrie, his father, died in 1756 when Ebenezer was about 16 years old. A bequest was made of a 1/5 share of his father’s lands in Judea, Connecticut, along with a yoke of three-year old steers, a yoke of one-year old steers, and four sheep. with the contingency that he pay his step-mother Susanna three pounds lawful money per annum. Ten years later, on 16 March 1767, Ebenezer married Hannah Richards in Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut. They had either 2 or 3 children. ‘Records of the Guthrie Family’ lists only daughter Lois (Guthrie) Johnson and son Obadiah Richards Guthrie, both of whom are named in their father’s will. ‘American Guthrie’ also credits them with a son named William Guthrie, whose life and death are not detailed in any way. Presumably, this son died prior to 1825, the years his father wrote the will. Hannah’s father, Obadiah Richards, died in 1775 leaving her a legacy of 5 pounds lawful money. Ebenezer served as a Patriot Soldier during the American Revolution attaining the rank of Captain, after which he was styled by the community as ‘Captain’. They made their home in Southbury where he also served in the local government as a Selectman. After 25 years of marriage, Hannah (Richards) Guthrie died on 30 July 1792. Ebenezer remarried about 1794 to Sarah Nichols Hawley, whose identity is provided in ‘Records of the Guthrie Family’. They had no children as Sarah was already about 50 years of age at their marriage. She died in Southbury on 3 July 1838 at 94 years of age. Ebenezer had died 13 years earlier on 10 September 1825. He and his wives are buried at White Oak Cemetery in Southbury.

CHILDREN: 2 or 3

1767CT – 1834CT

Presumably named for her mother’s sister, Lois Richards, she was born on 23 December 1767 in Southbury, New Haven, Connecticut. Lois married at 19 years of age to Moses Asa Johnson on 19 November 1787. He was the son of Asa Johnson and Elizabeth Strong and grandson of Moses Johnson and Prudence Jenner. Moses died in 1821. Lois was 66 at her death on 5 October 1834 in Connecticut. They are buried at White Oak Cemetery in Southbury.
1) Ebenezer Johnson born 3 March 1791 – died 1 April 1872 m. Sally Mitchell +children
2) Asa Johnson born 29 March 1793 – died 1 Nov 1850. Unmarried?
3) Hannah Johnson born 28 March 1794 – died 17 February 1867 m. William Fabrique +children
4) Thomas Johnson born 8 March 1798 – died 26 Mar 1834 m.1827 Maria P Moseley +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants – No

1769CT – 1842CT

Obadiah Richards Guthrie was named for his maternal grandfather. He was born on 1 April 1769 in Southbury, New Haven, Connecticut where he lived his entire life. There, he married Beersheba Howe on 1 March 1797. A farmer, he also served in the local government for a time as a Selectman. He died on 27 Nov 1842 and is buried in the South Britain Burying Ground. His widow died 18 August 1853, aged 77.
1) Sally Guthrie 1797CT – 1842CT. Unmarried.
2) William Guthrie 1800CT – 1865CT (lawyer) m.1842 Polly Ann Tuttle +children
3) Albert Guthrie 1802CT – 1888 m.1825 Nancy Buckingham +children
4) Ebenezer Guthrie 1804CT – 1881CT m.1827 Harriet Edmonds +children
5) Hannah Guthrie 1807CT – 1864CT m1.1861 Roderick Stiles, m2.1863 Ira Bradley (1st married Ann Guthrie, below)
6) Ann Guthrie 1811CT – 1860CT m.1836 Ira Bradley +children
7) John Benjamin Guthrie 1813CT – 1889 m. Eva Downs +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

17??CT – ????

William Guthrie is documented in American Guthrie and Allied families as an unsourced child of Ebenezer and Hannah (Richards) Guthrie. He is not listed in ‘Records of the Guthrie Family’. Based on what is found in online trees, this may be a case of mistaken identity where he is being confused with the son of Obadiah Richards Guthrie, the Hon. William Guthrie (1800-1865), see above.