Guthrie Family Group 13 is a small one with only three men of the Guthrie surname matching the genetic profile. One of their family lines connects back to County Antrim in Northern Ireland. The other surname matches for this group are non-Guthrie: Gillespie, McNicol, Diamond, Malone. No single surname stands out more prominently than the others at this point, but it suggests a probable Causal Event in one direction or the other in Ireland.



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  • Descendants of Robert Guthrie 1773NC-1856TN & Jane Norwood
  • Descendants of James Guthrie Sr c1762IRE-1839NY & Jane Smith
  • Descendants of Edwin Guthrie 1808SC-c1875AL & Mary Elizabeth Cagle

The 1850 census indicates that Robert Guthrie was born in North Carolina. He was living in Abbeville, South Carolina by the time of the 1800 census where he was listed as a Head of Household. An early Tennessee Tax List places the family in Giles County, Tennessee by 1812. Robert died there in 1856. 

Some online trees list Robert Guthrie as the son of Thomas Guthrie & Jane Duncan of Orkney, Scotland, GA, and SC, but there seems to be no evidence of such a relationship. The Y-DNA results suggest that Ireland rather than Scotland was a more likely location for the Guthrie exodus to America. 

The name of Robert’s wife is also a subject of conversation across the internet. The 1850 census lists her as Jane Guthrie. The will of Gen John Norwood of Abbeville mentions a daughter named Jean Guthrie, but does not list the name of his son-in-law. Descendants of Robert Guthrie indicate that a bible record lists Robert’s wife as Jane Norwood. 

The John Guthrie of Abbeville, SC reportedly married to a Jean Norwood is the son of GFG9’s Thomas Guthrie & Jean Duncan. The Norwood surname is a likely reason why Robert Guthrie erroneously shows up in online trees as their son. Evidence in the form of immigration documentation and a will naming Thomas & Jean (Duncan) Guthrie’s children does not mention a son named Robert. The YDNA also proves Robert’s line is not associated with GFG9.

Edwin Guthrie was born in SC in 1808, so appears to be a likely descendant of Thomas Guthrie & Jean Duncan. However, that couple has been proven to be associated with a different genetic group (GFG9). Edwin moved to Georgia and married Mary Elizabeth Cagle. They had 7 children between 1835-1857, and moved to Winston County, AL by 1860.

This is another lineage that is frequently misdocumented in online trees. My ancestors, James Guthrie & Jane Smith of IRE/NC (GFG2A), are frequently mistaken for this James Guthrie & Jane Smith of IRE/NY (GFG13).  

James Guthrie was born c1762 in Balymena, Antrim, Northern Ireland. His marriage to Jane Smith occurred in County Antrim estimated about 1783-1784. The couple and several children born in Antrim immigrated to NY between 1800-1805, settling in Galway, Saratoga, NY. They lived in Galway through the 1820s and relocated to York, Livingston, NY by the 1830 census. Both James Guthrie and Jane (Smith) Guthrie left wills in York, Livingston, NY. 


Information posted on the line of James Guthrie indicates that he was born in Balymena, Antrim, Ireland. If correct, it is likely that James and Robert’s common ancestor might be found in County Antrim. 

Since James and Robert are basically of the same generation, it is possible that they could share a father. However, the most recent common ancestor could be further back on their tree.

Does anyone have data to support James Guthrie’s origins in County Antrim?

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