B-8: Agnes Thomson Guthrie

Guthrie Family Group 3A – Branch B
Agnes Thomson Guthrie 1806SCT-1885SCT and Rev. James Fergusson
of Dundonald, Ayrshire and Inch, Wigtownshire, Scotland

Parents: William Guthrie c1771SCT-1844SCT and Jacobina McClure 1770SCT-1835SCT
Birth: About 19 February 1806
Birth Location: Harperland, Dundonald, Ayrshire
Baptism: 19 February 1806 at Harperland, Dundonald, Ayrshire
Marriage: James Fergusson on 20 Jan 1835 in Inch, Wigtownshire, Scotland
Fergusson Children: None
Death: 16 February 1885 (aged 78)
Death Location: Glenluce, Old Luce, Wigtownshire, Scotland

Parents: Rev. Peter Fergusson (Minister of Inch) and Marion Murray
Birth: 3 November 1800 at Soulseat Manse, Inch, Wigtownshire, Scotland
Birth Location: Parish of Inch, Inch, Wigtownshire, Scotland
Baptism: 5 November 1800
Occupation: Minister of Inch
Death: 1 January 1862 (aged 61)
Death Location: Soulsent Manse, Inch, Wigtownshire, Scotland

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Known Descendants


DOCUMENT: Dundonald Baptismal Record Anno 1805/1806
GUTHRIE} Agnes Thomson daughter to William Guthrie tenant in Harperland, and Jacobina McClure spouses was baptized there the nineteenth day of February eighteen hundred and six. (OPR Births 590/ Dundonald, page 240 of 306 – Scotlands People)

DOCUMENT: Marriage Register – Parish of Inch, Wigtownshire, Scotland – 1835
Revd. James Fergusson in the Parish of Inch and Agnes Guthrie in the Parish of Dundonald gave in their names in order for proclamation of marriage 18th Jan. 1835 and after proclamation no objections being offered they were lawfully married the 20th current. (OPR Marriages 886/ Inch, page 265 of 350 – Scotlands People)

DOCUMENT: Dundonald Matrimonial Register for 1834 / 1835
James Ferguson in the parish of Inch and Agnes Thomson Guthrie in this parish were married on the 2oth January 1835. (OPR Marriages 590/ Dundonald, page 46 of 461 – Scotlands People)

DOCUMENT: 1862 DEATHS in the Parish of Inch in the County of Wigtown
James Fergusson, Minister of Inch Parish, married to Agnes Thomson Guthrie, Died 1 January 1862, at 4:30 PM at Soulseat, male, aged 61 years, Parents: Peter Fergusson, minister, deceased, and Marion Fergusson, m.s. Murray, deceased; COD: Valvular Disease of the Heart 2 years; Congestion of Liver, great debility 3 months, Informant” Williamina Dalziel, niece, present; Registered 4 January 1862 at Inch. (Statutory Registers Deaths 886/ 1 – Scotlands People)

DOCUMENT: 1885 DEATHS in the Parish of Old Luce in the County of Wigtown
Agnes Fergusson, annuitant, Widow of the Rev. James Fergusson, Minister of Inch, Died 18 February 1885 at 7:50AM at Glenluce, Parish of Old Luce, female, aged 78 years, Parents: William Guthrie, farmer, deceased, and Jacobina Guthrie, m.s. McClure, deceased; COD: Apoplexy & Paralysis, 2 month, Informant: Agnes F Guthrie, niece, 5 ___ Road, Morningside, Edinburgh; Registered 19 February 1885 at Glenluce. (Statutory Registers Deaths 894/ 10 – Scotlands People)

The British Newspaper Archive: Search for “James Ferguson” and “Minister of Inch”

  • MONTROSE STANDARD – Friday, 31 January 1862, page 4
    DEATHS: At Soulseat, on the 1st inst., the Rev. James Fergusson, M.A., minister of Inch

BOOK: Ferguson, James and Ferguson, Robert Menzies (1899). ‘Records of the Clan Fergusson or Ferguson‘. Edinburgh, Scotland

BOOK: Statistical Accounts of Scotland (PDF)
Includes: “Parish of Inch, Presbytery of Stranraer, Synod of Galloway, The Rev. James Fergusson, A.M. Minister.

Book: “A Roll of the graduates of the University of Glasgow from 31st December 1727 to 31st December 1897, with short biographical notes”
Fergusson, James – M.A. 1821
Minister of Inch, Galloway, 1822-62 (son of previous Minister thereof); born 3rd November, 1800; died 1st January, 1862.

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