1A-B: Richard Guthrie

Richard Guthrie 1691VA – ????VA
of Christchurch Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia

Parents: John Guthrie born bet.1645-65 SCT – died 1706 VA and Elizabeth Baskett
Birth / Location: March – April 1691 in Middlesex County, Virginia
Baptism / Location: 3 April 1691 in Christchurch Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia
Occupation: Unknown
Marriage: None Known
Death / Location: Unknown, presumably died young in Middlesex County, Virginia
Burial / Location: Unknown, presumably in Middlesex County, Virginia

Richard Guthrie is not a common given name. There are only 2 listed in the OPR prior to 1855, one in 1686 Edinburgh, and the other in 1817 Montrose. Considering the penchant of the Scots for utilizing naming patterns in selecting the given names of their children, one has to wonder if Richard might be the name of a family member. The name is not an infrequent finding in the Middlesex records.

Richard the Sone of Jno. & Eliza. Guttrey was baptiz. the 3d of April 1691.

In 1706, at the death of his father, John Guthrie, Richard would have been only 15 years old and legally a minor. Although his brother, John Guthrie (Jr) was assigned a guardian, none of his other siblings were placed under any orders by the court for guardians. During these times, even when the widow survives it is prudent or perhaps even legally necessary for a man to act as the child’s legal representative concerning any inheritance. This most likely indicates that they had died young.

There are no further notations about Richard Guthrie in the Christchurch Parish Register.

CHILDREN: None Identified

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Known Descendants
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Known Descendants


BOOK: The Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Va. from 1653 to 1812, Richmond, VA, 1897.
See Christenings – 1690 – p.50 – Richard the Sone of Jno & Elizth Guttrey was baptz the 3d of Aprill 1691.

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