2A-D: Archibald Guthery

of Greene County, Pennsylvania, Ross County, Ohio, and Franklin & Bartholomew Counties, Indiana, USA

Parents: John Guthery 1744PA-1823OH & Lydia Baldwin
Birth: 20 January 1774
Birth Location: Disputed territory between Virginia and Pennsylvania
1st Marriage: Unknown Date presumably in Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA to Rachel Hudson
2nd Marriage: about 1790s in Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA to Nancy Phillips
Death: About 1831
Death Location: Bartholomew County, Indiana, USA
Burial: Bartholomew County, Indiana, USA
Archibald Guthery was the second child and second son of John Guthery and Lydia Baldwin. His parents had married in 1771 and settled on the Monangahela River near the mouth of Big Whiteley Creek. Even after the creation of the Mason-Dixon line designating the boundary between Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, this area was claimed by both Virginia and Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, the land was part of Westmoreland County, which covered a large western portion of the state, which divided in 1781 to form Washington County. That county also divided in 1796 forming Greene County (1796). The family attended the church at Big Whiteley Creek while William’s father maintained Fort Guthery, one of the protective forts then considered on the frontier. His father was a patriot soldier in the Revolutionary War.

Along with his father and brother, Archibald Guthery served in Col. McFarland’s Detachment of the Indiana Militia, in the War of 1812.

Civil Order Book A, p. 84
March 8, 1825
Archibald Guthrey is indicted for dueling.

The 1872 interview of Archibald’s sister, Lydia Guthery Peters, by the Pike County Republican Newspaper of Waverly, Ohio on 4 April 1872 provides a lot of details about some of her siblings and descendants. Archibald is not one of them. She merely states that he was born on 20 January 1774, married Nancy Phillips, that they had two children in Pennsylvania prior to moving to Indiana, where he eventually died. Mary Gray May, author of ‘The History of Lt. Col John Guthery and of Allied Families’ wrote that Archibald was believed to have first married Rachel Hudson, a neighbor in Greene County. There are five children identified as sons and daughters of Archibald Guthery, however the identity of the mother is less certain.

The farm later known as the Isaac Long Farm was originally owned by Archibald Guthery until his death in 1831, and afterward by his sons Eli and Corbley. It was located in the west half of the northwest corner of Section 26, Town 9, Range 4, and the northeast corner of the same section totaling 106.67 acres. A small stream in the area was called Guthrie Creek. The Guthrie family is believed to be buried on the farm. Certainly Eli Guthrie was as there is a tombstone on the Long farm bearing the name Eli Gutherie.

Parents: William Hudson & Mary Davies
Birth: Unknown, presumably about 1770s
Birth Location: Unknown
Death: Presumably before 1798 when the family moved to Ohio
Death Location: Presumably Pennsylvania (Currently Greene County)
Burial Location: Unknown, presumably in Pennsylvania, possibly at Goshen Baptist Church in Greene County
According to Howard Leckey, author of ‘Tenmile Country and Its Pioneers’ the parents of Rachel Hudson were William & Mary Hudson of Greene County, Pennsylvania. Online trees identify the mother’s maiden name as Davies. The name “Corbley” is used in both the Hudson and Guthery families and probably is associated with Rev. John Corbley of Goshen Baptist Church in Greene County, Pennsylvania.

Parents: Unidentified
Birth: abt. 1776
Birth Location: Unknown
Death: Abt 1862
Death Location: Bartholomew County, Indiana, USA
Burial Location: Unknown, presumably in Bartholomew County, Indiana


Abt.1796PA – 1878IN
Lydia Guthery was born about 1796 in Pennsylvania. She would have been in her infancy or very young when her parents moved to Ohio. They later settled in Bartholomew County, Indiana. Lydia married John Fread (or Frad / Fred) in Franklin County, Indiana on April of 1812. Dates of the 13th, 17th and 26th are indexed. I have not seen an original record. They moved to Brown County, Indiana where they lived in Hamblen raising children. Lydia died sometime after the 1860 census. John died on 7 Sep 1861 in Hamblen. Lydia died in 1878.
1) James B Fread 1815IN-1852-6IN married Lydia Stewart (1837) +children
2) Archibald Guthery Fread 1820IN-1909IN m. Lucinda C Buttram (1840) +children, m. 2nd Emeline Buttram (1866) +children, m.3rd Lydia Rush (1883)
3) John Thomas Fread 1823IN-1886IL married Mary Chase (1841) +children
4) Stephen Fread 1825IN-1897OR married Eliza Ann Chase (1848) +children
5) Joseph Alvin Fread 1827IN-1895IA married America Burgett (1854) +children, married 2nd Elizabeth Myers (1879) +children
6) Elizabeth Fread 1830IN-1860IN had a child with Leroy Gardner, married James Macintyre (1897)
7) William Fread 1833IN-1909IN married Sarah Ellen Barnes (1857) +children, married 2nd Elizabeth Snyder (1867) and divorced before 1870.
8) Cynthia Ann Fread 1833IN-1833IN died in her infancy.
9) Olive Ann Fread 1840IN-1906IN married William Stultz (1855) +children, married 2nd Robert Lindsey German (1867) +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

Corbley Guthery was born about 1799, presumably in Pennsylvania, although the family moved around that time to Ohio. Eli Guthrie was appointed as the administrator of Corbley’s estate on 26 Jun 1835 (Probate Order Book B1, p.76)

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Descendants
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Descendants

Mary Guthery was born about 1804 in Ross County, Ohio. She married David Grove (or Groves) in Bartholomew County, Indiana on 4 August 1831. They had 3 children. David died when he was only 43 in 1848. Mary died on 4 October 1894 in Taylorsville, Bartholomew, Indiana. She is buried at Old Bethel Church Cemetery.
1) Olive Ann Grove 1832IN-1861IN married John Anthony (1851) +children
2) William H Grove 1841IN-1866IN was only 25 at his death in 1866 during the Civil War. Never married. No known children.
3) Elizabeth Grove 1843IN-1864IN died at 20 years of age. Never married. No known children.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

Eli Guthery was born on 18 Jun 1807 in Ross County, Ohio. He lived on the family farm in Bartholomew County, Indiana and married on 27 September 1832 to Amanda Cochran. Eli died a few years later. No known children. His estate was settled by his brother-in-law, David Grove. The widow, Amanda appears to have relocated to Louisville, Kentucky where she found work as a seamstress.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Known Descendants
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Known Descendants

Matilda Guthery was born about 1810-1812 per the census records. She married Thomas S Jones in Bartholomew, Indiana on 15 July 1832. He was born in Gallatin County, Kentucky to Thomas Smith and Mary (Clarkson) Jones. After their marriage, Thomas and Matilda lived in Nineveh raising a large family. Matilda drops off the records after the 1860 census, so likely died between then and 1870. Thomas Jones was living in Taylorsville, Bartholomew, Indiana during the 1880 census.
1) Edwin C Jones 1834IN-1899WV married Penelope Dawson (1880 WV) +children
2) William P Jones 1835IN-1862-9 married Eliza F Foster (1861 IN). No children.
3) Mary Jones 1837IN-18?? married John McCord (1852 IN). +children
4) Daniel D Jones 1840-???? is listed with the family in 1850 and 1860, but no confirmed records identifying him after that.
5) James T Jones 1842-p1880IL married Mary ‘Minnie’ B. Waller (1879 IL) +children.
6) Smith D Jones 1845-p1850 was listed with the family in 1850 as a 5 year old, but is not with them during the 1860 census. No further data.
7) Emily Catharine Jones 1847-p1860 was listed with the family in 1850 and 1860. No further records confirmed.
8) Lydia Jones 1851IN-p1860 was listed with the family in 1860. No further records confirmed.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No


Guthrie family graves are not mentioned among those moved when Camp Atterbury was established in 1942. The site does lie deep within the confines of the military camp, and is therefore not accessible for visits. Exceptions are annually made for visitors to the better known Atterbury burial grounds on Memorial Day weekend, but even that may not apply to this particular location.

Much of this area, once relatively clear farmland, has reverted to dense woodland, its native condition. Old landmarks, fence lines, and other evidences of the old homesteads, are largely erased.

Please Note: The pin on the accompanying map is an approximate location. The exact site of the cemetery is NOT known at this writing, but was on the west side of the “Isaac Long farm” in 1881, which included the west half of the northwest quarter of Section 26, Town 9, Range 4; and the northeast quarter of the same section, 106.67 acres in all. This land was owned by Archibald Guthrie until his death in 1831; and afterward by his sons, Eli and Corbley.

Probate Order Book B1, p. 338
May 19, 1838
David Grove is appointed administrator of the estate of Eli Guthrie.

Probate Order Book E, p. 66
May 16, 1846
David Groves makes final settlement as administrator of the estate of Eli Guthrie, dec. This estate is settled as insolvent.

Daily Evening Democrat
Columbus, Indiana
Wed., Sept. 28, 1881

On last Sunday, out on Isaac Long’s place in Union township, a tombstone was found bearing the following inscription:  
“Eli Guthrie was born June the 18th 1807, age 31, decesd May 18th 1838, and left a dear wife and two sisters to lament after the decesd.”
The stone was nearly covered in the earth. It is remarkable on account of the name not being known to anyone now residing in that locality.

The Daily Evening Democrat
Columbus, Indiana
Tuesday, Nov. 1, 1881
page 2
Letter from Smith D. Jones, Winfield, Kansas, in answer to an article of Sept. 30 [28], 1881, regarding tombstone on Long farm with the name of Eli Gutherie.

“I personally was acquainted with him and know that he died and was buried on farm then owned by himself and a younger brother, Corbley Gutherie. Farm was first owned by their father, also buried on the farm, Archibald Gutherie. He selected the burying ground on the west part of the farm, planting four apple trees in a square. Farm has changed hands several times and only 1 apple tree is left to mark the burying place. Ground has been cultivated over for several years. Eli has only 1 remaining sister living, now at Taylorsville. If alive, she is quite an aged widow, name of Mary Groves [Mary Guthrie Grove died 1894.] Thomas S. Jones was his brother-in-law and also lives in Taylorsville. I was raised in Nineveh twp. about 3 miles north of said farm. In 1851, I moved to Dewitt Co., Ill. and in 1878, came to Kansas. Am 64 years of age – live in Cowley Co., Kans., near southern border of the state, 9 miles SW of Winfield in Beaver twp. Other Bartholomew Co. people here [in Kansas] are R.S. Tannehill, J.D. Hammond, C.C. Anderson, John Miller and Irwin Greaves.”

The Evening Republican
Columbus, Indiana
Friday, Oct. 5, 1894

At her home in Taylorsville last night, Mrs. Mary Groves died after a short illness at the advanced age of 89. Mrs. Groves came to this county more than 60 years ago and has resided in Taylorsville during this time.

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