3A: Robert Guthrie

Guthrie Family Group 3A
of Kanawha & Cabell, Virginia and Lawrence, Ohio

Parents: John Guthrie 1730-50 – 1819VA and Unidentified (MNU)
Birth: 1778
Location: Maryland or Virginia
Married: Frances Fowler, estimated c1804-06 in Virginia, USA
Occupation: Farmer
Death: 17 June 1855
Location: Lawrence, Lawrence, Ohio, USA
Buried: Guthrie Cemetery #2, Rome, Proctorville, Lawrence County, Ohio, USA

Parents: (Possibly) William Fowler Sr and Unidentified (MNU)
Birth: 1784
Location: Virginia, possibly in Botetourt County
Sons: John Guthrie, James Guthrie, William Guthrie, Preston Guthrie, Lewis Guthrie, Edward Guthrie
Daughters: Jane, (FNU), Mary A, Almeda Guthrie
Death: 2 February 1866
Location: Lawrence County, Ohio, USA
Buried: Guthrie Cemetery #2, Rome, Proctorville, Lawrence County, Ohio, USA

Robert Guthrie was probably born either in Maryland or Virginia. Tax Records show that his father, John Guthrie was in Rockbridge County, VA as early as 1783. Both John and his brother Robert made their home in Rockbridge for a time. Robert appears to have had older sons, so it is his sons who also appear on those records. John Guthrie began appearing in the Court Records for Botetourt and Greenbrier bet. 1792-1800, and after that in Kanawha County. In 1802, the Kanawha County Court exempted John Guthrie from paying taxes due to his age and infirmities, but listed sons James, Alexander, and Robert.

The exact date of Robert Guthrie’s marriage to Frances Fowler is unknown as their marriage record has not been found. The couple already had four children prior to the 1810 census, with the eldest born between 1804 and 1806.

The US Federal Census places Robert Guthrie in Kanawha, VA in 1810, Cabell, VA in 1820, Galia, OH in 1830, Cabell, VA again in 1840 and 1850. Robert Guthrie died in Lawrence County, Ohio on 17 Jun 1855. Note that the alternate year of 1853 is listed, but the grave marker clearly lists it as 1855. Frances died there in 1866.

Y-DNA Project Participants: YES
Autosomal DNA Participants: YES

Born 1804-1806VA – Died Aft. 1870OH
Spouse: Benjamin Johnson

Autosomal DNA testing suggests that Jane Guthrie may belong to the Guthrie-Fowler line. All currently known documents list her as “Jane”. Conflicting data in online trees lists her given name as either Sarah Jane or Mary Jane. Many also provide specific DOB/DOD: 14 July 1805 – 14 Nov 1871WV, but no source info found.

Jane Guthrie married Benjamin Johnson on 7 Mar 1824 in Gallia County, Ohio, which also fits the timeline for Robert Guthrie and family to be in the area. They remained in Gallia County, Ohio through the 1840 census, and by 1850 had settled in Windsor, Lawrence County, Ohio. Benjamin and Jane are found in the census there in 1860 and 1870. If the 1871 date is correct, Jane died the following year in Putnam, West Virginia. There is a Benjamin Johnson Buried at the Mount Tabor Church Cemetery 8 Dec 1802 – 28 Jun 1875 who reportedly died in Windsor Township.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) FNU Son Johnson born 1826-30OH – not in the 1840 census – presumably died bef. 1840
2.) FNU Daughter Johnson born 1826-30OH – not in the 1840 census – presumably died bef. 1840
3.) FNU Daughter Johnson born 1826-30OH – not in the 1840 census – presumably died bef. 1840
4.) James Madison Johnson (farmer) born 1831-1835 / abt. 1833OH m. Mary Ann Farris + children
5.) Frances Johnson born abt. 1836OH – died aft. 1910OH m. George W. Huffman (farmer) +children
6.) Emily Johnson 19 May 1839OH – 10 Jun 1889KS m. George William McCaffrey (farmer) +children
7.) Elizabeth Johnson 20 Jun 1840OH – 16 Aug 1901OK m. John Wesley Macy (farmer) +children
8.) Maria Johnson born abt. 1842OH – died aft. 1868 m. John R Huffman – children unknown
9.) Harriet Jane Johnson born abt. 1843OH – died aft 1880KS – marital status unknown
10.) Nancy E Johnson born abt. 1846OH – died aft. the 1860 census – no further details
11.) Thomas Judson Johnson (son vs grandson?) born abt. 1857 – died aft 1870OH

Spouse: Hannah Ansel

John Guthrie was born about 1807 in Cabell County, which was part of Virginia at the time, later West Virginia. He married Hannah Ansel in Cabell County on 12 Dec 1852. They moved to Rome, Lawrence, Ohio soon after that. Their children’s birthplaces are all listed as Ohio. Their son Albert was the only one of their children to survive them. Only one daughter, Mahala, lived to adulthood, but she died of consumption seven years before her mother’s death. John died in Rome, Lawrence County, OH of pneumonia when he was 81 years old on 9 Feb 1888. He was buried in Rome Cemetery (Old Part). His widow Hannah died in 1900.

Y-DNA Project Participants: None
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) Albert Marion Guthrie (farmer) 2 Apr 1853OH – 29 Jun 1907OH m. Mary Catherine Nash +children
2.) Emma Adeline Guthrie 5 Dec 1854OH – 10 Jun 1876OH (aged 21) – unmarried
3.) Mahala Ann Catherine Guthrie 16 Aug 1857OH – 14 Oct 1883OH (aged 26) – unmarried
4.) Sarah Jane Guthrie born Sep 1861OH – died 7 Oct 1865 (aged 4Y 11D)
5.) Lillie May Guthrie 3 Jul 1865OH – 24 Oct 1882OH (17Y 3M 21D) – unmarried
6.) Florence Guthrie 27 Sep 1870OH – 1 Mar 1871OH (5M 3D)
7.) Zella Guthrie 1 Oct 1871 – 1873 (aged 1Y 6M 3D)

Spouse: Hester Bassett

James or ‘Jim’ Guthrie was born on 31 January 1812 in Virginia. He was living with his brother Preston and family during the 1850 census in Cabell. In 1860, he was the head of household that included Almeda, presumably his sister, and an 8 year old girl named Josephine, who is the daughter of his brother Edward Guthrie, and his widowed mother, Frances Guthrie.

James Guthrie married 19 April 1863 in Lawrence County, OH to Hester Bassett. The family lived in Rome, Lawrence, Ohio. James died in that county on 14 July 1902. Hester followed him in death 18 years later passing on 6 April 1920.

Online trees list James’ middle name as Buchannon, but no documented source for that info has been found.

Y-DNA Project Participants: None
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) Flora Guthrie born abt. 1864OH – presumed death bef. 1880
2.) James Bennett Guthrie (farmer) born Jun 1867OH – died 9 Apr 1936WV m. Mary E McDaniel +child
3.) Franklin Pierce Guthrie (farmer/road suprv.) 3 May 1870OH – 10 Jul 1932WV m. Ruby Wakefield Fulks +child
4.) (Infant) Guthrie born 1872OH – died 7 Mar 1873 (aged 0 Y 5M 3D) – Lung Fever
5.) Emma Guthrie 14 Oct 1873OH – 10 May 1935OH m. Alexander Magee (steamboat engineer) +children
6.) (Infant) Guthrie born 23 Jun 1876OH – 24 Jun 1876 (aged 0Y 0M 1D) – COD: not listed
7.) Myrtle Ruth Guthrie 12 Jan 1879OH – 20 Mar 1926OH m. Wilber Beardsley Folks (carpenter/farmer) +children

1815VA – Unknown (After 1870)
Spouse: Mary Marks

William Guthrie was born in Virginia (now West Virginia) about 1815. His marriage to Mary Marks took place on 16 May 1841 in Lawrence County, Ohio. The ceremony was performed by Phonehas D Hull, Justice of the Peace. They originally lived in Cabell County, Virginia (1850) and then by 1860 were living in Wayne County, Virginia. They moved to Greenup, KY by 1870, which is the last census record found for William. Looking at the census records for the children 1880 seems to be a time when they are all moving in different directions, so it is possible that William & Mary were living somewhere else in 1880.

Y-DNA Project Participants: None
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1.) Abigail Guthrie 3 Jul 1843VA – 24 Feb 1891KS m. Tilden Welch (farmer) +children
2.) Almedia Adeline Guthrie born abt. 1848VA – died aft. 1870KY m. Kelly Furguson – no further details
3.) William Henry Guthrie (laborer) born Aug 1849VA – died 19 Jan 1919LA m. Lusicana Turk +children
4.) John Robert Guthrie born Aug 1851VA – ded bef. 1940LA m. Martha Ann Turnk +children
5.) Eustalia Frances Guthrie born 1853OH – died 1892AR m. Samuel P Ferguson + children
6.) Cordelia Anna Guthrie born abt. 1855OH – died aft. 1880 m. George Lavender +children

Spouse: Eleanor ‘Ellen’ Sprouse

Preston Guthrie is a name that has persisted in the Guthrie-Fowler family along more than one descendant line. Preston was born on 29 July 1816 in Cabell County, Virginia (now WV). His marriage to Eleanor ‘Ellen’ Sprouse took place on 20 Sep 1846 in Lawrence County, Ohio. During the 1850 census, they were living in Cabell County, VA, and his brothers John and James were living with them at the time. They moved to Rome, Lawrence, OH by 1860. Preston died there on 18 August 1866. Ellen died 9 September 1880.

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1.) Mary Ellen Guthrie 12 Oct 1847VA – 28 Jun 1911OH m. James Dafoe (farmer) +children
2.) Charles Guthrie (farmer) 12 Oct 1847VA – 3 Jul 1922MO m. Mary Jane Brammer +children
3.) Frances Guthrie 5 Feb 1849VA – 5 Mar 1920OH m. James F Gardner (farmer) +children
4.) Robert R. Guthrie (laborer) 14 Aug 1851VA – 16 Dec 1911OH m. Elizabeth Alice Neff +children
5.) Warren Guthrie 1854OH – 29 Nov 1872OH (aged 18) – unmarried
6.) Sarah Guthrie 1855OH – 20 Sep 1865OH (aged 10)
7.) Allen Guthrie (farmer)1858OH – 11 Apr 1916OH m. Sarah E Munsell – no children
8.) Edmund Olden ‘Ned’ Guthrie Aug 1860OH -11 Apr 1932OH m1. Laura L Russell + children, m2. Edna A Paxton
9.) Annie Guthrie Jun 1862OH – aft. 1910OH m. Samuel Jefferson Bell (farmer) +children
10.) Preston Guthrie (laborer) 4 Jun 1864OH – 9 Jun 1931KY m. Mary J Singer +children

Spouse 1: Hannah White
Spouse 2: Arabella Gillette

Lewis Guthrie was born on 5 April 1818 in Cabell County, VA (now WV). He was twice married. First, to Hannah White on 20 Feb 1850 in Lawrence, OH. Hannah died in 1856, no known children. Lewis remarried on 25 Feb 1863 to Arabella Gillette. They had 2 daughters, but she died in 1870. Lewis was a carpenter. He died in Ohio on 21 Nov 1892.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Male Descendants
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) Laura ‘Lulu’ Belle Guthrie 12 Jul 1865OH – 17 Sep 1948CA m. William C Dryden (liveryman) +children
2.) Grace Guthrie (finisher) 15 May 1867OH – 2 Jun 1950CA – unmarried

Presumed Spouse: (FNU) Bocock

Almeda Guthrie was born on 6 March 1819 in Cabell County, VA (now WV). During the 1850 census, she was 26 years old, and the only child still living with her parents, Robert & Frances, in Cabell County. Her father died in 1855, and during the 1860 census both she and her mother Frances were living with her unmarried brother, James Guthrie, along with their orphaned niece, Josephine.

Some of the family was living in Greenup County, Kentucky during the 1870s, so she may be the Almeda Bocock, seamstress, living in the Welsh household. They were next door neighbors to her brother William Guthrie and family. The timing is right for a Civil War era marriage / death. Almeda died on 10 March 1892 in Lawrence County, Ohio, USA having apparently returned to Ohio from Kentucky. No known children.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Known Descendants

1825VA-Unknown (1850-1869)
Spouse: Martha White

Edward Guthrie was the youngest child of the family, but he was the first of his siblings to die. He was born about 1825 in Cabell County, Virginia (Now WV). His marriage to Martha White took place on 17 February 1850 in Lawrence County, Ohio. They were listed living in the household of William McKnight. Edward Guthrie was a shoemaker. He died sometime between 1850 and 1869.

Martha remarried on 18 April 1869 in Lawrence, OH to William Eckhart, a German immigrant. As with many second marriages, children from the first marriage lived with relatives. Daughter Josephine Guthrie is found with her paternal grandmother, Frances Guthrie, uncle, James Guthrie, aunt Almeda Guthrie in 1860, and remained in her uncle’s household at least until she was 18 (1870). Daughter Viola Guthrie was living with her mother and stepfather in Rome, Lawrence, Ohio during the 1870 census.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Male Descendants
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) Josephine Guthrie 23 Dec 1852OH – 2 May 1914OH m. David Thorne Hoover (farmer) +children
2.) Viola Augusta Guthrie 24 Sep 1855OH – 8 May 1935WV m. William Penn Trumbo (laborer) +children


MISTAKEN IDENTITY: If there is still a question in the minds of descendants as to whether Robert Guthrie is the son of John Guthrie or of Robert Guthrie and wife Esther Giles, the document trail presented here support’s John’s case. Note that Robert Guthrie, son of R&E, was already six years of age during the Provincial Census of Elizabeth Hundred, Frederick County, Maryland and therefore born about 1770. This Robert Guthrie, according to the 1850 census, was born in 1778. The 1840 census places him in the 60-69 age category, also born 1771-1780. According to his tombstone, Robert Guthrie was 76 years of age on 17 June 1855, which makes his estimated birth year either 1778 or 1779. This data suggests Robert is not Robert Guthrie and Esther Giles’s son. The data below will show early records associated with the family of John Guthrie.

DOCUMENTS: Kanawha County, Virginia (now WV) Tax Lists
1801: TAX LIST – Categories: Person, White Males Over 16, Slaves Over 12, Slaves Over 16, Horses, Stud Horses, Ordinary Licenses, Store Licenses
Guthrie, John 2 White Males Over 16; 1 Horse
Guthrie, Robert 1 White Male Over 16
Guthrie, James 1 White Male Over 16

1802: TAX LIST
Kanawha County, Virginia (now WV)

1811: TAX LIST
Kanawha County, Virginia (Now WV) – Robert Guthrie continues to be listed on the early Kanawha County Tax Lists between 1801 and 1811.

Cabell County, Virginia was created in 1809 from the western part of Kanawha County and named for William H Cabell, governor of Virginia from 1805-1808.

“Throughout the 1800s, Cabell County’s location along the Ohio River made it a natural resting place for settlers headed to the frontier lands in the west. Prior to the Civil War (1861-1865), many settlers followed primitive Indian trails to the west. Several of these trails passed through the county. On the advice of George Washington, Virginia commissioned the James River Company to upgrade these trails into roads. One of the company’s largest and most important road project was the James River and Kanawha Turnpike. The turnpike traversed the frontier from Lexington, Kentucky to Charleston, Virginia. In 1814, the road was extended to Barboursville in present-day Cabell County.” (SOURCE)

DOCUMENTS: Cabell County , VA (WV) Deed Records – Grantees – FHL Film #008588766 IMG 362 – 364 of 531.
Earliest entries prior to 1850…
Book 7 – Page 514 – 1840 – 400 acres – James Guthrie (benef) et al from John Hamman
Book 9 – Page 300 – 1847 – 100 acres – William Guthrie from James White et al
Book 9 – Page 455 – 1848 – 200 acres – James H Guthrie (benef) etal from John Hannon

DOCUMENTS: Cabell County, VA (WV) Deed Records – Grantors – FHL Film # 008588666 IMG 259 – 261 of 402.
Earliest Entry: William Guthrie to James H Guthrie (benef) – Book 10 – Page 484 – 1852

1820: US CENSUS of VIRGINIA Barboursville, Cabell, Virginia, USA
Robert Guttery is listed as a Head of Household, but his family is not enumerated in the entry.

I do not find Robert Guthrie listed in the 1830 census for Cabell County, Virginia.

Cabell County, Virginia, USA
1M 60-69, 1F 50-59, 1M 30-39, 4M 20-29, 1M & 1F 15-19, 1M 10-14.
5 in Agriculture.
3 in Navigation of Canals, Lakes & Rivers.

1850: US CENSUS of VIRGINIA – Cabell County, Virginia, USA
Dwelling 170
Preston Guthrie 34 M Farmer VA; Elvira 25 F OH;
Children: Charles 2 M VA; Mary 2 F VA; Frances 1 F VA
John 38 M Farmer VA
James 36 M Farmer VA

Dwelling 171
William Guthrie 35 M Farmer Real Estate: 100 VA; Mary 35 F VA
Children: Abigoe 5 F OH; Almida 2 F VA; William H 1 M

Dwelling 172
Robert Guthrie 72 M Farmer VA
Frances 66 F VA
Almida 26 F VA

DOCUMENTS: Deed Records, Lawrence County, Ohio
Index to Deeds, v. 1 – 2 (Deed Volumes 1 – 33, 1818-1876) FHL Film #07900697
Volume 1: Grantors/Grantees – Index to Conveyances – Letter G starting at IMG79 of 506
IMG82 – 1841 – Guthrie, James H from Nathaniel Burton – Book 8 – Page 591
IMG82 – 1842 – Guthrie, James H to William Rose – Book 9 – Page 145
IMG83 – 1846 – Guthrie, Lewis from James Haskeill Jr – Book 10 – Page 403
IMG83 – 1849 – Guthrie, Lewis to John Lloyd – Book 11 – Page 570
IMG83 – 1849 – Guthrie, JH & DZ from Andrew Stormont – Book 11 – Page 530
IMG83 – 1849 – Guthrie, Lewis from John Tiernan – Book 11 – Page 563
IMG83 – 1849 – Guthrie, Lewis from David Miller – Book 12 – Page 62
IMG83 – 1850 – Guthrie, Lewis from John McIntyre – Book 12 – Page 329
IMG84 – 1851 – Guthrie, J. H. from Elijah S Carder – Book 13 – Page 63
IMG84 – 1851 – Guthrie, JW & DZ from Henry James – Book 13 – Page 352
IMG84 – 1851 – Guthrie, John, Jas.& Preston from Robert Holdersby – Book 13 – Page 354
IMG84 – 1852 – Guthrie, James from Joel Bown by admr. – Book 14 – Page 64
IMG84 – 1853 – Guthrie, James H to Lanty Rucker – Book 14 – Page 452
IMG85 – 1853 – Guthrie, Lewis from Sheriff Washington Co – Book14 – Page 415
IMG85 – 1854 – Guthrie, James H to Joseph & Jno. M Sanders – Book 15 – Page 95
IMG85 – 1854 – Guthrie, Lewis to Thomas A Clark – Book 15 – Page 542
IMG85 – 1854 – Guthrie, Lewis to Thomas A Clark – Book 15 – Page 543
IMG85 – 1854 – Guthrie, James H to R. Powell – Book 15 – Page 637
IMG86 – 1856 – Guthrie, DZ & James H to Uriah Hague – Book 16 – Page 480
IMG87 – 1859 – Guthrie, James from Columbus Bowen – Book 19 – Page 292
IMG87 – 1860 – Guthrie, Jas., Jno. & Preston from David C Skinner – Book 20 – Page 83
IMG87 – 1861 – Guthrie, JH & DZ from George W Kennedy – Book 20 – Page 196
Volume 2: Grantors/Grantees – Index to Conveyances – Letter G starting at IMG339 of 506
IMG339 – 1863 – Guthrie, Lewis to Richard Morrison – Book 21 – Page 303
IMG341 – 1868 – Guthrie, Truman from Heirs of DQ Guthrie – Book 26 – Page 53
IMG341 – 1868 – Guthrie, Truman from Exec & Heirs of DQ Guthrie – Book 26 – Page 55
IMG342 – 1868 – Guthrie, DQ, Heirs of to Truman Guthrie – Book 26 – Page 53
IMG342 – 1868 – Guthrie, DQ by Exec & Heirs to James H Guthrie – Book 26 – Page 55
IMG342 – 1868 – Guthrie, James H to JM & Lucy O Hannan – Book 26 – Page 56

1850: US CENSUS of OHIO – Rome, Lawrence, Ohio
Lewis Guthrie , son of Robert & Frances (Fowler) Guthrie, was the first of this GFG3 family to purchase land in Lawrence County, OHIO. He married on 20 Feb 1850 in Lawrence County to Hannah White. They are listed together in that year’s census along with wa girl who is presumably his wife’s younger sister.
Lewis Guthrie, 30, male, merchant, Real Estate Vlaue: 450; born VA
Hannah Guthrie 23 female, born VA
Caroline White, 13, female, born VA

Another son of Robert & Frances (Fowler) Guthrie was also residing in Lawrence County during the 1850 census. Edward Guthrie had married Martha White 3 days prior to his brother’s marriage to Caroline. Edward was a shoemaker. He and Martha were listed in the household of William McKnight and family.

1860: US CENSUS of OHIO – Rome, Lawrence County, Ohio, USA
Dwelling 920
Preston Guthrie 43, M, farmer, RE:2300, PE:300, VA; Ellen 34 OH
Charles 12 M VA; Mary 12 F VA; Frances 11 F VA; Robert 9 M VA; Warren 6 M OH; Sarah 5F OH; Allen 2 M

Dwelling 922
James Guthrie 48 M Farmer Real Estate:2300 Personal Estate: 575, born Ohio
Almeda Guthrie 38 F born Virginia
Josephine Guthrie 8 F born Ohio
Frances Guthrie 77 F born Virginia
Note: James is still single. Almeda is his sister. Josephine is his neice, the daughter of Edward. Frances is his widowed mother.

John Guthrie 51 M Farmer RE: 2300, PE:400 VA; Hannah 32 F VA
Albert 7 M OH; Emily 5 F OH; Mahala 3 F OH
Polly Hagerly 35 F VA; Tabitha Hagerly 3 F

BURIAL: The Graves of Robert Guthrie and Frances (Fowler) Guthrie
Guthrie Cemetery #2, Rome, Lawrence County, Ohio
Original Photo Credit: Diana Guthrie

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