2A-F: Ephraim Guthrie

of Middlesex & Litchfield, Connecticut and Cayuga, New York

Parents: John Guthrie 1700CT-1756CT and Abigail Coe 1702CT-1747CT
Birth: 1 March 1737
Birth Location: Durham, Middlesex, Connecticut
Baptism: 5 March 1737 by Rev. Nathaniel Chaucey
Marriage: Before 1763, presumably Connecticut
Death: 1809
Death Location: Aurora, Cayuga, New York, USA
Burial Location: Unknown

Parents: Josiah Stone Jr 1710CT-1777CT and Hannah Burroughs 1714CT-1779MA
Birth: 21 September 1745
Birth Location: Litchfield County, Connecticut
Guthrie Sons: Daniel (1764), Ebenezer (1770), Josiah (1772), John (1774), Roswell (1787
Guthrie Daughters: Hannah (1763), Sibbel (1766), Olive (1776), Rachel (1779), Laura (1784)
Death: 8 March 1819
Death Location: Groton, Thompkins County, New York, USA
Burial Location: Cobb Street Cemetery, Groton, Tompkins, New York, USA

Ephraim Guthrie was the 6th of 11 children. He was about 19 years old at his father, John Guthrie’s death in 1756. He inherited 1/5 of the family property in Judea, as well as a yoke of three-year old steers, a colt, two swine, a one year-old heifer, and four sheep. While living in New Milford, Ephraim enlisted as a volunteer soldier in 1758 in a Regiment of Foot commanded by Col. David Wooster of New Haven for an invasion of Canada during the French & Indian War. This disastrous attach on Fort Carillon (Ticonderoga) resulted in heavy losses for the British against a French garrison. No record has been found for Ephraim’s marriage to Thankful Stone, but it likely occurred before 1763 when their eldest child was born. They had 10 children born in Connecticut and New York.

Both Ephraim Guthrie and his brother William Guthrie were associated with the formation of a Congregational Church in New Preston in 1767 having recommended a separation of the current society due to accessibility of some of its membership.

Having been involved in the French & Indian War, it is also believed that Ephraim Guthrie also served in some capacity during the American Revolution. No records found at Fold3, but there is one piece of physical evidence that should be taken into consideration, an engraved powder horn bearing Ephraim Guthrie’s name and the year 1776. (See Engraved Powder Horn Attributed to Ephraim Guthrie)

Ephraim Guthrie is noted on 20 Mar 1788 to have applied for and been assigned a Town Lot in Clinton Township, now Chenango County, New York. (See Townships Map and History of Chenango.) By a treaty held at Fort Stanwix (Rome) October 22, 1784, the Iroquois ceded to the Federal Government, a large portion of land west of a Line of Property established in 1768, then known as Western New York. This included lands now designated as Chenango County. On March 15 1798, Chenango County was erected from Herkimer and Tioga counties.

The family settled at some point in Aurora, Cayuga County, New York, a village in the town of Ledyard on the shore of Cauga Lake. Part of Aurora was set aside as part of the Central New York Military Tract, which consisted of bounty land set aside to compensate New York’s soldiers for their participation in the Revolutionary War. It is possible that this is what drew Ephraim Guthrie to Aurora. He reportedly died there in 1809. Burial location unknown.

The grave marker for Thankful (Stone) Guthrie reads, “Widow Thankful Guthrie relick of Ephraim Guthrie died March 8th 1819 aged 74 years.” She had moved to Groton, Tompkins, New York after the death of her husband. She is buried at the Cobb Street Cemetery in Groton. (See Find-a-Grave)


1763CT – 1833?NY
Hannah Guthrie was born on 17 February 1763 in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut, the eldest child of Ephraim and Thankful (Stone) Guthrie. She married in Litchfield to Eliakim Sharp on 25 March 1786. American Guthrie and Allied Families, p.153, listed 5 children: Salmon, Sheldon, Ephraim, Jerusha, and Nichols. Online trees credit them with several others born between 1790 and 1809. Census records may provide clues. 1790CT: 1M 16 and over, 1M under 16, 2 females. 1800NY: 1M&1F 24-44, 2F 16-25, 2F 10-15, 3M under 10. 1810NY: 1M45and over, 2M&2F 16-25, 1M&1F 10-15, 1M&3F Under 10. Note no female of Hannah’s age range in the household in 1810. 1820NY: 1M&1F 45 and over, 3F 16-25, 1M 10-15. 1830: 1M&1F 60-69, 1M 10-14. Hannah reportedly died in Summerhill, Cayuga, NY on 17 Sep 1833 (No Record), a date that would indicate she survived her husband by a few years. Eliakim died in that location on 5 Sep 1829, which is months before the 1830 census. The Find-a-Grave site for Summerhill Cemetery lists a DOD of 1839, but there is also no supporting data listed. No photo of a grave marker. The list of children below is combined from the AGAF list, plus the children listed in the christening records of the First Presbyterian Church, Genoa, Cayuga, NY. FHL Film #007901075, Item 6. First image #686. Surnames in the pages include Guthrie and Sharp. The Sharp children in the records were all christened on 3 April 1805, likely as recent additions to the congregation.
1) Amaluna Sharp 15 Aug 1790CT – 22 Jan 1870WI m. Asaph Webster +children
2) Salmon P Sharp 1793CT – 23 Oct 1879IA m.Eunice White +children
3) Harlow Sharp 4 Nov 1794CT – ???? – Possibly the Harlow Sharp in OH in 1820 and back in Cayuga 1860s.
4) Ephraim Sharp 8 Sep 1796 – 26 Mar 1864NY m. Jerusha Pettit +children
5) Aurelia Sharp 22 Jun 1801 – 1886MI may have m1. John Fuller, m2 FNU Terry, m3John Stone +children
6) Juliana Sharp 28 Dec 1803NY – Mar 1866MI m. William Stone +children
7) Clarissa Sharp born bef. 3 Apr 1805 (christening). No further data.
8) Mary Sharp born bef. 3 Apr 1805 (christening). No further data.
9) Philene Sharp born bef. 3 Apr 1805 (christening). No further data.
10) Sheldon Sharp 1809NY – 7 Feb 1886CA m. Eliza Ann Fulkerson +children
11) Nichols Sharp (Named in AGAF, not in Christening Records with other children)
12) Jerusha Sharp (Named in AGAF, not in Christening Records with other children)

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

1764CT – 1841?NY
The eldest son of Ephraim and Thankful (Stone) Guthrie was born on 7 June 1764 in Kent, Litchfield, CT. The identities of Daniel Guthrie’s wife and children appear to be presumptive, or at least pieced together from different sources. If correct, Daniel Guthrie married fairly young at about 19-20 years of age to Lydia (MNU). While his family was still growing, he and his brothers John, Eben and Josiah, “who settled in Springport in 1790, came to Genoa about 1793, and lived near McGuigans Corners, about three miles south-west of Northville. John, who was a single man, worked out in Springport during the summer, and during the fall cut wild grass on the Owasco Flats, (Moravia), where he wintered his employer’s cattle. He afterward married Olive, daughter of Samuel Wilson, and removed to Groton. Eben settled where Wilson Merritt resides; Daniel, south of Lake Ridge on the McCormick farm; and Josiah, where Jay Atwater lives. Eben moved to Peru, O., about 1815.” (Cayuga, Early Settlements) Daniel and his family moved to Milton, Cayuga, NY by 1800 where they are enumerated in the Federal Census. In 1803, he was assessed for Taxes due Cayuga County for a house and farm. A Daniel Guthrie residing in Cayuga, possibly this one, served in the War of 1812 in the 23 Reg. US Infantry, and is listed on the Pension Roll of 1835 noting that he died 16 Sep 1820. I cannot find Daniel Guthrie listed in the US Census for NY in 1820, 1830, or 1840, yet ‘American Guthrie and Allied Families’ indicates that Daniel settled in Orleans County, NY where he died. The Catalogue of Members of the First Congregational Church in the Town of Bergen, Genesee County, New York lists Daniel Guthrie’s death in 1841, but a review of the actual pages does not include a DOD, only a date of dismissal on 11 May 1828. Joel Guthrie, son of Daniel and Lydia Guthrie, is buried at the Red Schoolhouse Cemetery in Bergen. The published inscription transcript contains date errors. Review the photo of the grave marker at the cemetery for accuracy. The probate records of presumed son Jonah Guthrie identify* many of his siblings. The one sibling the records do not identify is Joel, who was already deceased by the time of Jonah’s death in 1862.
1) Huldah Guthrie* Feb 1783NY – 5 Aug 1865NY m. John C Temple +children
2) Sarah Guthrie* Born abt. 1785NY – Died abt. 1845NY m. Solomon Carpenter +children
3) Mary Guthrie* 27 Jul 1792NY – 17 Oct 1854WI m. Hugh Barker +children
4) Jonah Guthrie Abt. 1795NY – 24 May 1862NY m1.Lydia S, m2.Mary B +children
5) William Guthrie* Abt. 1798PA(?) – Bef. 1862 m. Minerva Cross +children
6) Truman Guthrie* Abt. 1799NY – 18?? whereabouts possibly Illinois, Ohio, or Michigan
7) Joel Guthrie 1803NY – 13 July 1827NY. Unmarried.
8) Lydia Guthrie* 3 Aug 1806NY – 25 Mar 1876NY m.1826 Henry Tripp +children
9) Malinda Guthrie* 9 Dec 1806NY – Jul 1860MI m. Hiram Babcock +children
10) Cynthia Guthrie* 1812NY – 1877NY m.1835 Roderick Mather Bosworth +children
11) Franklin Guthrie* Abt.1814NY – Aft.1862. Unmarried.
12) Daniel Guthrie* DOB Unknown – DOD Bef. 1862 – Could he be the War of 1812 soldier who died in 1820? Spouse Unidentified +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

1766CT – ????

Daughter Sibbel Guthrie was born on 27 March 1766 in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut. Nothing further is known.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal Project Participants: No – No Known Descendants

1770CT – 1855OH

Later known as Eben by family and friends, Ebenezer Guthrie was born on 9 April 1770 in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut. Eben’s marriage to Abigail ‘Nabby’ Herick occurred on 20 Nov 1791. He and several brothers moved to New York initially settling in the Genoa area. In 1799, Eben and Josiah Guthrie were assessed for taxes in Aurelius, Cayuga, NY. Eben Guthrie is listed as the Head of Household on the Federal Census in Milton, Cayuga in 1800 and in Genoa, Cayuga in 1810. According to the History of Cayuga County, New York, Eben moved his family to Peru, Ohio about 1815. Peru Township is located in Huron County, Ohio, southwest of Cleveland. They settled in Bronson, Huron, Ohio. Abigail died at the age of 56 on 20 August 1826 in Bronson. Eben remarried two years later to Martha ‘Patty’ (Cowles) Ashley (1777-1859) on 4 May 1828. Patty was the widow of Stephen Ashley with whom she had seven children born 1803-1817. Eben died in Bronson on 20 Oct 1855 at 58 years of age. He is buried in Peru, Huron, Ohio at Bronson Cemetery. Regarding Eben and Abigail’s children, only 6 are listed in ‘American Guthrie and Allied Families’.
1) Ebenezer Guthrie 1792CT – Before 1800 – probably died in infancy or early childhood
2) Von Rensselaer Guthrie 1794CT – Before 1811 – probably died in infancy or early childhood
3) Samantha Guthrie 1794CT/NY- 1857 m.Seymour Gale +children
4) Roxanna Guthrie 1797NY – 1879OH m. Henry Terry +children
5) Abigail H Guthrie Abt.1800NY – 1837OH m. Jonas Leonard +children
6) Ebenezer ‘Eben’ Guthrie Abt. 1800NY – 1844OH m. Polly Sifert / Cyphers +children
7) Phineas K Guthrie 1806NY – 1865IN m1.1825 Elizabeth ‘Betsey’ Davis, m2.1834 Rachel Lovell +children
8) Beulah Ann Guthrie 1808NY – 1898IL m.1827 William H Sly +children
9) Van Rensselaer Guthrie 1811NY – 1850OH m1.1832 Polly Curtis, m2.1839 Permelia Hicks +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1772CT – Aft. 1820 OH?

Josiah Guthrie was born in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut on 19 April 1722. He married Abigail Caltrain, the widow of John Matthews about 1798. Their only son William C Matthews was then about 1 year old and for a time in his youth assumed the Guthrie surname. Josiah and Abigail had 5 children of their own. Josiah settled in Springport in 1790. The family was in Milton, Cayuga, New York in 1800 and in 1820 located in Groton, Tompkins, New York. Their whereabouts are somewhat sketchy. Their son, Josiah Guthrie Jr, married Thankful Miller on 11 Dec 1826 in Geauga, Ohio, so it is possible that they had moved there. Josiah Sr’s DOD is unknown. His wife Abigail died sometime after 1850, again possibly in Geauga County, Ohio.
1) Edmond Guthrie 1799NY – 1820NY died at about 16 years of age.
2) Sallie Guthrie 1801NY -18??
3) Nancy Guthrie 1803NY – 1884OH m1.1824 Henry E Mosher, m2.1837John Lapham +children
4) Josiah Guthrie Jr 1804NY – 1870OH m1.1826, Thankful Miller, m2.1846 Mary Wheeler, m3.1851 Anna Omen, m4.1864 Nancy M. +children
5) Hannah Guthrie 1808NY – 1852MI m.1825 Daniel Vantuyl _children

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

1774CT – 1846NY

John Guthrie was born on 5 April 1774 in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut. He married on 7 September 1800 Olive Wilson by whom he had 10 children. John had moved to Groton City, Tompkins, New York about 1795 prior to his marriage and remained there afterward with his family. John Guthrie wrote a will naming his family. He died in Groton City on 16 March 1846. Olive died in 1850.
1) Polly Guthrie 1801NY-1803NY died in early childhood.
2) Thankful Guthrie 1802NY – 1894NY m. Jonathan Conger + children
3) Maria Guthrie 1805NY – 1894NY m. Elisha Cobb Jr +children
4) William Guthrie 1807NY – 1846NY m.1833 Diana Brown +children
5) Nancy Guthrie 1809NY – 1861 m. D. Hall A. Beebe +children
6) Sophronia Guthrie 1813NY – 1897NY m. Daniel Sweazey +children
7) John W Guthrie 1814NY – 1906NY m1. Harriet (MNU), m2.1854 Samantha E Leversee +children
8) Alson Guthrie 1817NY – 1877NY m. Maria Chase +children
9) Olive Guthrie m1. Richard B Witt, m2. Jonathan Beyea +children
10) Lyman H Guthrie Abt. 1829NY – 1858

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

1776NY – 1848NY

Olive Guthrie was born in Connecticut on 2 August 1776. She married Abraham Conklin about 1800. He died in 1823. Olive died at the age of 72 in Erie County, NY on 26 Dec 1848 and is buried at Griffins Mills Cemetery.
1) Nancy Conklin 1801NY-1882NY m1.1818 John Gibbs Patterson, m2.1845 Milo Warner +children
2) Alfreda Anna Conklin 1812NY – 1887NY m1. Clement King, m2.John Palmer Vaux +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

1779CT – 1865NY

Rachel Guthrie was born in Litchfield County, Connecticut on 27 October 1779. She was in Cayuga County, NY when she met and married first a Mr Kemp sometime prior to 1798. Online trees identify him as John Kemp, born 8 Jan 1771 in Medford, Massachusetts, the son of Amasa Kemp and Tamerson Henley. He died in 1809 and letters of administration were granted Rachel Kemp on 26 Jun 1809 in Cayuga County, NY. After 1820, Rachel married Moses Remington, a widower with a large family. Moses died on 24 Feb 1836 in Genoa, Cayuga, NY. Rachel lived nearly 30 years afterward. She passed away on 21 April 1865 in Genoa and is buried at the Scipio Rural Cemetery in Scipio Center, Cayuga, NY.
1) John Adam Kemp 1797/98NY – 1875PA m. Phoebe Cook +children
2) Thankful Kemp 1802NY – 1888NY m. Salmon/Solomon Remington (Son of Moses Remington) +children
3) Samuel R Kemp 1805NY – 1870PA m. Elizabeth Drew +children
4) Silas Kemp Bef. 1809 – 18?? – Listed in American Guthrie as a son of Rachel, but no data found.
5) Tamerson Remington Kemp 1809NY-1890NY m. John Voorhees Smith +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

1784CT – 1860NY

Laura Guthrie was born in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut on 8 July 1784. She married James Newbury when she was 25 and living in Cayuga County, NY at the time. Their marriage occurred on 14 January 1810 in Scipio. They raised 5 sons and 3 daughters. By 1830 they were living in Ellery, Chautauqua, New York. Laura died in Ellery on 26 August 1860, and James followed just 3 years later on 18 April 1863. Burial location unknown.
1) Sylvester B Newbury 1810NY-1891NY m1.1838 Anna Clark Barney, m2. Electa Warner +children
2) Mariah Newbury 1812NY – 1856. No further data.
3) Horace Newbury 1814NY – 1893NY m. Theda (MNU) – No known children.
4) Hannah Newbury 1818NY – 1868NY. No further data.
5) William Newbury 1820NY – 1851MI m. Sally Ann (MNU) +children
6) Roswell Newbury 1823NY – 1902NY m.1850 Mary Ann Wetsel +children
7) Phoebe Newbury 1825NY – 1897NE m1.John Kennedy, m2.Edmond George Watkins +children
8) James Luther Newbury 1828NY – 1900NY m. Effie Constance Maybee +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

1787NY – Aft 1830NY

Roswell Guthrie was born on 2 September 1787. He married, Elfrida Osborn (1793-1844). They had three children. He died in Montezuma, Cayuga, New York after 1830.
1) Porter Osborn Guthrie abt. 1818NY – Aft 1820MI m. Isabelle Thompson +children
2) Alfreda D Guthrie 1824NY – 1906MI m. Aaron Warren +children
3) Franklin Guthrie 18??NY – 18??. No further details

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: No


Powder Horn decorated with engraved floral and foliate devices, a bird, a fish, and a small depiction of a human, the partial name “Ephraim G” and “Ephraim Guthrie” and the year “1776”, the spout end with carved nozzle with throat ring, a walnut burl plug attached with a leather cord, a small horn cap attached with a piece of sinew; the horn terminating with a nailed pine plug engraved with the initials “HG” and “EG” with holes drilled for a carrying strap which is presently a leather thong), approximately 12 inches long.

ONLINE: American Engraved Powder Horns, A Study Based on the J.H. Grenville Gilbert Collection, Stephen V. Grancsay, Curator of Arms & Armor, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1945. (See p.54)