2A-H: John Guthrie

John Guthrie 1753PA – 1820VA and Margaret “Peggy” Homes 1769IRE – 1829VA

Parents: John Guthrie 1708IRE – 1790PA and Ann Hill (or Emmons) 1715IRE – 1814PA
Birth: 1753
Birth Location: Chester County, Pennsylvania
Marriage: Margaret ‘Peggy’ Holmes
Military Service: Revolutionary War Patriot Soldier, Enlisted 1777 – Discharged 1783
Death: 24 Nov 1820
Death Location: Augusta County, Virginia, USA
Burial: Unknown

Parents: Samuel Holmes and Elizabeth MNU
Birth: 1768
Birth Location: Ireland
Guthrie Children: James, Betsy, Ann, Jane
Death: Before 1820 (Alt: 1829)
Death Location: Augusta County, Virginia, USA
Burial: Unknown

John Guthrie, son of John and Ann Guthrie, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted in Maryland in March of 1777 serving as a Private in Captain O’Mara’s Company, Maryland Troops until 1780. He transferred to Captain Benjamin Brigg’s Company in Colonel John Gibson’s Regiment, Virginia Troops. He was discharged from military service on 26 July 1783.

After the war, John Guthrie moved to Augusta County, Virginia, and settled upon lands adjoining his brother, William. John was extremely eccentric, claimed that his brother’s lands infringed upon his and was sued by William. The case was decided against John and it is probable that he was deeply aggrieved by what he considered an injustice done him by the court for he railed out against it. This got him into trouble. Order Book No.22, p.149 “May 18, 1797. John Guthrie for a scurrilous libel to the Court and acknowledged by him, is to be put in the pillory from 11 to 12 o’clock tomorrow.” (Records of Augusta County, VA). (LRG, p.168 and p.695)

John Guthrie is noted to have married a Miss Holmes, whose name we find in trees as Margaret or Peggy Holmes, the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Holmes. No details found on the exact date or location of their marriage. The couple is credited with four children of whom very little is known.

The 1810 Census of Augusta Virginia lists the John Guthrie household with 1 male of 26-44 and 2 females 45 and over.

The 28 Apr 1800 sale of 400 acres of land in Augusta County, Virginia to Henry Imboden names them as John Guthrie Jr and wife Peggy.

According to Imboden family research gathered by Mr T. G. Hobbs, this land is mentioned again in the following entries:

From deed book 32, page 73, December 27, 1802, Jane “Impoten”, widow of Henry “Impoten”, deceased, to Frederick “Impoten”, part of tract of 400 acres said Henry, late of Pennsylvania, purchased from John Guthrie Jr. and Peggy, April 28, 1800.

From deed book 32, page 174, March 17, 1803, John Imboden of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, father and heir at law of Henry Imboden, deceased, to Frederick Imboden, one half moiety of a whole tract of 459 acres in Augusta County, Virginia, which said Henry purchased in 1800 from John Guthrie Jr.

From deed book 35, page 17, May 6, 1808, John Sweigart Imboden and Eleanor of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, heirs of Henry Imboden, deceased, to Frederick Imboden of Augusta County, 229 acres: lines and corners: James Steel’s line, Peter Fawver, Stuart. Land bought by Henry Imboden from John Gurhrie Jr and Peggy April 28, 1800, and of record in Augusta County.

The 1820 census of Waynesboro, Augusta, Virginia lists the John Guthrie Senior household with 1M 45 and over, 1M and 2F 26-44, 1F 16-25, and 1M Slave 14-25.

John Guthrie died at the home of his son James on 24 Nov 1820. Margaret’s DOD is a little less certain. She does not appear to be enumerated in the 1820 census, above, if that is indeed the right John Guthrie Senior household. Her DOD has been listed as 1829, source unknown. She has also been incorrectly listed with the 27 Dec 1815 DOD of Margaret (Gilkeson) Guthrie, the wife of John’s nephew, John Guthrie.


James Guthrie’s name is recorded by Waddell in the History of Augusta County, Virginia, as a soldier in the War of 1812, one of the privates in Capt. Abraham Lange’s Company, Fifth Virginia Regiment, commanded by Col. James McDowell. This regiment was out only between 1 Sep 1814 and 30 Nov 1814 and its Augusta County Soldiers were never called upon to face the enemy. They remained encamped on the coast near Williamsburg, Virginia where they complained bitterly of the damp climate, inaction, and restrictions of camp life. (LRG, p.168)
Unknown whether James Guthrie married or had issue.

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BOOK:  Guthrie, Laurence, Rawlin, ‘American Guthrie and allied families : lineal representations of the colonial Guthries of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North and South Carolina, some post-revolutionary emigrants and of some allied families‘ Kerr Print Co., Chambersburg, PA, 1933. Digital Repository: Internet Archive. [See pp.167-168 for John Guthrie and Miss Holmes]