3A: Susan Guthrie

Guthrie Family Group 3A
of Kanahwha County, Virginia (now WV)

Parents: John Guthrie 1730-50 – 1819VA and Unidentified (MNU)
Birth: 1776-1780
Birth Location: Kanawha County, Virginia, USA
Marriage: Henry Casdorph in 1801 at in Kanawha County, Virginia, USA
Cadsdorph Children: Jane (c1801), Henry (1805), Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ (1809), John (c1810), Susan (1811-15), Jacob (1811-20)
Death: Aft. 5 March 1841
Death Location: Kanawha Two Mile, Kanawha County, Virginia, USA
Burial Location: Unknown

Parents: Jacob Casdorph c1738PA-c1827VA and Sophy Bore
Birth: 9 June 1767
Birth Location: Plumstead, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Marriage 1st: Hannah Smith on 24 November 1790 in Rockingham County, Virginia
Children with Hannah Smith: Azariah (1795), Mahala (1797)
Occupation: Unknown
Death: Before 12 November 1839
Death Location: Guthrie, Kanawha, Virginia, USA

NOTE: Susan Guthrie is found listed in some trees as Susan Elizabeth Guthrie. It is believed that this is due to researchers attempting to force the relationship between this Guthrie family and the false parents identified in the Sissonville book, Andrew Guthrie and Mary Robinson (actually Robertson). Their children OPR documented children did not include a daughter named Susan, but there was a daughter named Elizabeth. The name Susan Elizabeth appears to be an identity error created by the merging of names of these two different individuals.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1795VA – 1876WV
Spouse: Mary Jones

Azariah Casdorph, the son of Henry Casdorph and his first wife, Hannah Smith, was born in Kanawha Two Mile in 1795. At this time the county was part of Virginia as West Virginia did not form its own state until 1863. He married Mary A Jones, a daughter of William and M. (MNU) Jones, who was born in 1808 in Monroe County, VA. They had eleven children and built their someplace around the original log cabin in Kanawha Two Mile. They spent their lives there raising their family. Azariah died in February of 1878 surviving his wife. Mary had passed away nearly three years earlier on 4 May 1875.

20 Jan 1797VA – 31 Jul 1859IN
Spouse: Benjamin Newhouse

Mahala Casdorph was the daughter of Henry Casdorph and his first wife, Hannah Smith, born on 20 Jan. 1797. She married Benjamin Newhouse, presumably in Kanawha County, Virginia prior to their move to Lawrence, Marion County, Indiana by 1830. At that time the household consisted of 1M and 1F 30-39, 1M and 2F under 5. The 1840 census shows the family as 1M and 1F 40-49, 1F 10-14, 1M 5-9, 1M and 1F under 5, with 1 in agriculture and 1 in manufacture and trade. Family trees typically list them with the named children who appear on the 1850 IN census: Elijah, Calvin, Julia, and William, but the earlier census records suggest there were 3 more. Mahala died on 31 July 1859. Benjamin remarried on 27 October 1863 to Margaret Johnson. Their marriage apparently ended either in Margaret’s death or a divorce prior to 1870, when Benjamin’s spouse is listed as Elizabeth. Spring Valley Cemetery in Lawrence includes Benjamin and Mahala Newhouse’s shared gravestone. No info on Margaret’s death found. His wife Eliza is also buried there.

Abt. 1801VA – Bef. 1860MO
Spouse: John Shoemaker

The Casdorph family history (p.122) tells us that Jane Casdorph married John Shoemaker about 1825. It estimates John’s DOB as about 1800 and Jane’s in 1807. The short segment mentions three known children: Jenkins, Washington, and Harriett. The same 1850 census record listing these children indicates that John was born in Pennsylvania about 1793, while Jane was born in Virginia about 1800. No marriage record has been found, so the 1825 date could simply be an estimate. This family moved to Cooper County, Missouri before 1830.

The 1830 Census of Cooper, MO lists the John Shoemaker household: 1M 30-39 (born 1791-1800), 1F 20-29 (born 1801-1810), 1F 10-14 (born 1816-1820), 1M and 2F under 5 (born 1826-1830).

The 1840 Census of Cooper, MO lists the household: 1M and 1F 40-49 (born 1791-1800), 2F 15-19 (1821-1825), 1M and 1F 10-14 (1826-1830), 1M 5-9 (1831-1835), and 1F under 5 (1826-1840).

Based on the above records, the family appears to have had 3 daughters born by 1830, and then the 3 known children, Jenkins (1830), Washington (1831), and Harriet (1839).

One of the likely daughters is Susan Shoemaker (1827MO-1875MO) who m. in 1848 Samuel Kirkman (6 children). During the March Court of 1858, this couple brought suit against John and Jane Shoemaker, Timothy and Lydia McGuire, John and Harriett McGuire, Washington Shoemaker, and John, Thomas, Washington, Jane, and Martha Story over property. The lawsuit reveals the identities of her other siblings. Family stories apparently indicated that Susan was actually Native American by birth and possibly adopted by the Shoemaker family.

Shoemaker Children: 6
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) Lydia Shoemaker 10 Nov 1821 VA – 25 Dec 1858 MO m. Timothy McGuire +children
2.) Mary Ann Shoemaker 1824 – 1855 Mo m. Joseph Story +children
3.) Susan Shoemaker 1827MO – 1875MO m. Samuel Kirkman +children, m2. John W Hanlin
4.) Jenkins Shoemaker 1830MO – 1856MO – unmarried
5.) Washington Shoemaker 1831MO – 1868MO m. Sidney ‘Sidy’ Rickman +children
6.) Harriet Shoemaker Nov 1839 MO – 14 Feb 1905 MO m. John McGuire +children

1805VA – Bef. 28 Aug 1841 MO
Spouse: Hilly Angeline Shoemaker

Henry was born in Kanawha County, Virginia to Henry and Susan (Guthrie) Casdorph about 1805. Like his sister Jane, he married a Shoemaker. The exact DOM is unknown, but presumably came prior to the 1834 birth of their eldest son. The 1840 census of Cooper County, Missouri lists the “Henry Caster” household with 1M 40-49 (born 1790-1800), 1F 30-39 (born 1801-1810), 1F 5-9 (1831-1835), 4M and 1F under 5 (1836-1840). This suggests there might be 1 older daughter not listed in current trees born 1831-1835.

On 17 Sep 1840, Henry and Hilly gave John Shoemaker their Power of Attorney regarding their rights and interests in a certain tract of land in Virginia on Two Mile creek the same tract that Henry Casdorph, decd, lived on during his lifetime to which his son Henry is entitled to an interest as an heir of the estate. John Shoemaker would also be acting upon his own interests on behalf of himself and his wife Jane.

Less than a year later, Henry Casdorph was also dead. He died without a will. The Cooper County, MO court acknowledged Rufus and Thomas Shoemaker as administrators of his estate with Newton C Peters as their security.

No trace of the family has been found in the 1850 census. Hilly Angeline apparently died prior to Jan 1853. Her son Oliver H.P. Shoemaker was appointed as guardian to her 16 year old son and his namesake, Oliver H.P. Casdorph. (Cooper, MO – Probate Vol. C, page 8, IMG 41 of 662). Being unable to find the family in the 1850 census may suggest her death was actually prior to 1850.

Additional guardianship documents are found throughout the Cooper County probate court records for other minor children: Hannah, Charles, and William.

Casdorph Children: 6
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) Unidentified Daughter born 1831-1835 (Could this be the Mary Jane listed in trees as being born 1841?)
2.) George Hart Casdorph (blacksmith) 1834MO-1911MO m. Mary Jane Baughman +children
3.) Oliver H Perry Casdorph born about 1837MO – died after Jan 1853 (guardian Oliver H P Shoemaker)
4.) Hannah Casdorph 1838MO – 1911MO m1. Robert Oldham Slater (farmer) +children, m2. John Franklin Goodman (farmer) +children
5.) Charles Casdorph born about 1838MO – died after Jan 1856
6.) William Henry Casdorph 1841MO-1903KS m. Sarah A Rennison +children

1809 VA – 22 Sep 1866 IN
Spouse: Henry Newhouse

Born about 1809 in Kanawha, Virginia, Betsy still a teenager at the time of her marriage to Henry Newhouse on 24 January 1828. The young couple moved to Lawrence, Marion, Indiana prior to the 1830 census: 1M 20-29, 1F 15-19, and 1F under 5. Ten years later their family had grown to: 1M and 1F 30-39 (1801-1810), 1F 10-14, 2M 5-9, and 1M under 5. Henry was working in agriculture, a farmer. The eldest daughter, Lucinda, is not present during the 1850 census, which lists Henry, Elizabeth, Andrew, Oliver, George, and Cynthia A Newhouse. They are living in the home of a James and Susanna Brown, but Henry is listed with $4000 work of real estate. The real estate value increases to $7200 by 1860. They are in a household of their own including Henry, his wife ‘Caster’, Oliver, and Cintha A Newhouse.

Betsy (Casdorph) Newhouse died on 22 Sep 1866 in Lawrence, Marion, Indiana. She was buried at Anderson Cemetery in Warren Park. Henry remarried a month later to Mahala Roney to whom he was with for fifteen years until his death on 6 January 1881. His widow survived until 1896.

Newhouse Children: 5
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) Lucinda Newhouse born 1828-30VA – 5 May 1892IL m. John S. Brewner (farmer) +children
2.) Andrew Newhouse (farmer) born about 1832IN – 7 Aug 1905IN m. Luanne Matthews +children
3.) Oliver Clarence Newhouse (farmer) 17 Feb 1734IN – 22 Jun 1923IN m. Louisa J Ascern +children
4.) George Newhouse (grain & fruit farmer) 4 Sep 1838IN – 4 Jan 1920IN m. Amanda Wooler +children
5.) Cynthia Ann Newhouse 3 Feb 1842 IN – 15 Dec 1916 IN m. Monroe Black (farmer) +children

Abt. 1810 VA – 1885 WV
Spouse: Delilah Ann Lacy

John Casorph remained in Kanawha throughout his life. He worked the land as a farmer. He married in his mid twenties to Delilah Ann Lacy on 19 Feb 1835. They grew a family of thirteen children born over a twenty year span between 1836 and 1856. John died prior to Delilah, either in 1880 or 1885. She died in 1886. Find a Grave lists them in Squire Jarrett Casdorph Cemetery in Kanawha. The memorial site indicates that there is “no name on grave, only carved stone all the way around his and his wife’s graves, next to their infant grave.”

Casdorph Children: 13
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) Caleb Henry Casdorph (farmer) 19 Jan 1836 VA-19NOV1918 WV m1. Elizabeth Edens +children, m2 Mattie Wallice Morris, m.3 Malinda Susan Roache
2.) Lenora Elizabeth Casdorph 16 Mar 1838 VA – 15 Feb 1921 WV m.(2nd wife of) James Lewis Guthrie +children
3.) Mary Jane Casdorph 20 Jun 1841 VA – 7 Feb 1928 WV m. Lafayette Rosser Jenkins (farmer) + children
4.) Cynthia Emizetta Casdorph Jul 1843 VA – 3 Nov 1882 WV m. Simeon Young (farmer) +children
5.) Mahala Susan Casdorph Mar 1844 VA – Nov 1903 WV m. Benjamin Craig (laborer)+children
6.) Nicholas Casdorph 1845 VA – 1850 VA died in childhood
7.) Lestona Casdorph 1846 VE – 1850 VA died in childhood
8.) Pharlena Lydia Casdorph 7 Feb 1847 VW – 25 Jan 1925 WV m. Manasseh Byrnside (farmer) + children
9.) Delilah Casdorph 1850VA – 1860VA died in childhood
10.) Zaida Margaret Casdorph 2 Jun 1851VA – 9 Nov 1925 WV m. Robert Fontaine Carpenter (farmer) +children
11.) Lucinda Alwilda Casdorph Sep 1852 VA – 19 Mar 1928 WV m. Lawson Richard Pugh (farmer) +children
12.) Marshall Azariah Casdorph 24 Mar 1855 VA – 26 Oct 1934 NM m1. Matilda Alice Byrnside +children, m2. Emily Rust, m3. Sarah Margaret Whitaker
13.) Squire Jarrett Casdorph 1 Jan 1856VA – 1 Sep 1938WV m. Martha Alice Bonham +children

Born 1811-15 VA – Died 18??

The Casdorph book is the only place Susan Casdorph is listed within the family of Henry and Susan (Guthrie) Casdorph. See p.122 and its footnotes. Her identity is apparently in question. The 1810 census lists 2 girls under 10 years of age, presumably daughters Jane and Betsy. The 1820 census indicates 1 girl is now in the 16-25 age category, and there are still 2 girls listed under 10. There are also more younger males than expected. This could indicate a multigenerational household, which means that the youngest children in the household are likely Henry and Susan’s grandchildren. This is also demonstrated in the 1830 census. No further details.

1811-20 VA – Aft. 1840 VA
Spouse: Zerelda Ryno

Jacob Casdorph married Zerelda Reno on 19 Nov 1840 in Kanawha. This is presumably the young couple listed in the 1840 census: 1M and 1F 20-29. This age bracket indicates Jacob was born between 1811 and 1820, rather than the 1803 date listed in the Casdorph book.

Jacob’s name is listed on the census page next to John Casdorph. No further details on this couple.

Casdorph Children: Unknown
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None


COUNTY FORMATION: Kanawha County, Virginia was created from Greenbrier and Montgomery Counties, Virginia in 1788. The county became part of West Virginia at its formation in 1863.

BOOK: Atkinson, Rayma Casdorph (c1996). The Casdorphs, from Hamburg to the Kanawa Valley, West Virginia, 1625-1995, a documentary. Digital Repository: Family Search.

DOCUMENTS: Missouri Probate Records, 1750-1998, Cooper County, Missouri
Probate Index, 1838-1900, Vol A.
Names of Wards -Letter C IMG 14 of 55
1) Ward: Casdorph, Oliver H P, Guardian: O H P Shoemaker, Guardian, Appointed 4 Jan 1853, Time of Settlement: April Term, Remarks: Guardian Dead
2) Ward: Casdorph, Hannah; Guardian: Horace Shoemaker; Guardian: Appointed 11 Feb 1855, Time of Settlement: April term, Remarks: Settled
3) Ward: Casdorph, Henry, Guardian: Geo. W. Helmsrich, Guardian, Appointed 17 Feb 1855, Time of Settlement: April Term, Remarks: Settled

DOCUMENTS: Missouri Probate Records, Probates 1853-1857, Volume C – D, Digital Repository: Family Search
VOL C: Casdorph, Angeline p.8 – appointment of Oliver H P Shoemaker as guardian for son Oliver H P Casdorph.

Volume D: index Page IMG 293 of 662
Casdorph, Hannah – pp. 34, 131, 294, 522
Casdorph, Charles – pp. 34, 131, 294
Casdorph, William – p.34
Casdoprh, Henry – pp.34, 131, 542

DOCUMENTS: Last Will and Testament of Henry Newhouse, Marion County, Indiana Wills, 1876-1882., p.323, Digital Repository: Ancestry.com
Wife: Mahala; mentions but does not identify children

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