2A-F: Joseph Guthrie

of Fairfield & Litchfield, Connecticut and Washington & Ashland, Ohio

Parents: John Guthrie 1700CT-1756CT and Abigail Coe 1702CT-1747CT
Birth: June 1733
Birth Location: Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut
Occupation: Soldier / Farmer
Marriage 1st: Bet.1759-1760 in Connecticut to Elisabeth (Carpenter) Carey
Marriage 2nd: 9 April 1767 in Connecticut to Rachel (Hand) Kirby aka Curby
Marriage 3rd: 10 December 1778 in Connecticut to Hannah (Woodward) Cogshell
Death: 30 May 1808
Death Location: Troy, Ashland, Ohio, USA at the home of his son, Joseph Guthrie
Burial Location: Glazer Cemetery

Parents: John Carpenter and Sarah MNU
Birth: 16 May 1733
Birth Location: Windham, Connecticut
Baptism: 24 June 1733 at Windham, Connecticut
Marriage 1st: Joseph Carey on 16 Jan 1755 in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut
Carey Children: 3 sons and 1 daughter
Guthrie Sons: Truman (1765)
Guthrie Daughters: Abigail (1763)
Death: 15 August 1765 at 32 years of age
Death Location: Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut
Burial Location: Averill Cemetery in Washington, Litchfield, Connecticut, USA

Parents: Stephen Hand 1710CT-1756CT and Rachel Walston 1713CT-1755CT
Birth Location:
Marriage 1st: Joseph Kirby (Curby) 24 March 1757 in Bethlehem, Litchfield, Connecticut
Kirby Children: Rachel (1759), Reuben (1760), Seula (1762), Sarah (1765)
Guthrie Sons: Stephen (1768), Elias (1769), Joseph George (1773)
Guthrie Daughters: None
Also: 2 infants of unknown gender
Death: 6 March 1777
Death Location: Connecticut, USA
Burial Location: Averill Cemetery in Washington, Litchfield, Connecticut, USA

Parents: Unidentified Woodard
Birth: 1735
Birth Location: Unknown, presumably in Connecticut
Marriage 1st: FNU Cogswell
Cogswell Children: None
Guthrie Sons: None
Guthrie Daughters: Abigail (1785), Amy (1787)
Death: 1797
Death Location: Newbury, Clermont, Ohio, USA
Burial Location: Newbury Community Cemetery, Little Hocking, Washington, Ohio, USA

Joseph Guthrie was a veteran of both the French & Indian War (1755-63) and the American Revolution. He volunteered as a soldier in Captain Wait Hinmon’s Company, which went to the relief of Fort William Henry, near Lake George. During the Revolutionary War he served as an ensign in the Tenth and later Thirteenth Regiment, 4th Brigade, and was present at its mustering on the 25-28th April 1777. He became interested in the country’s westward expansion and bought shares in the Ohio Company moving from Connecticut to Ohio about 1795. Many of his family were already adults by that time and were still in Connecticut or Pennsylvania.



The first child of Joseph & Elisabeth Guthrie was named for her paternal grandmother, Abigail. She was born on 24 February 1763 in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut. At 18 years of age, Abigail died of smallpox. She is buried at Averill Cemetery in Washington, Litchfield, Connecticut.

Y-DNA Project Participants – N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Descendants


Truman Guthrie was the eldest son in the family, born on 14 January 1765 in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut. Having been given a share of the Ohio Company by his father, Truman made his way west reaching Marietta, Ohio on 3 July 1788. Taking up residence on the land, he cleared half of it and sewed a peck of wheat, which was thought to have been the first wheat sown in Ohio. He then returned to Connecticut and the following Spring, he brought back an oxen cart, tools, and his brother Stephen. Truman married Elizabeth Stone by whom he had 7 sons.
1) Truman Guthrie 1798OH-1873OH (Farmer) m1,1826 Hannah Knowles, m2.1864 Dianah Loucks +children
2) Augustus Stone Guthrie 1802OH-1865OH (Farmer) m.1832 Cynthia Ann Knowles +children
3) James Harvey Guthrie 1804OH-1877OH (Farmer) m1.1835 Charlotte Oakes, m2.1844 Mary Bent, m3.1858 Belinda Switzer +children
4) Charles Lysander Guthrie 1806OH-1892OH (Merchant) m.1837 Almira Dunham +children
5) Benjamin Franklin Guthrie 1808OH-1879OH (Carpenter) m.1848 Amelia Josephine Bierce +children
6) Edwin Guthrie 1810OH-1884OH (Farmer) m1.1836 Amelia Knowles, m2.1853 Charlotte Bent +children
7) David Quinn Guthrie 1813OH-1863OH (Farm Laborer) m.1846 Elizabeth Henderson. – no children

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes


Stephen Guthrie was born on 10 January 1768 in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut, the son of Joseph Guthrie and his second wife, Rachel Hand. He married Sally Chappelle on 1 Jan 1789 in Connecticut. When his elder brother Truman returned from Ohio in 1788, telling the family about the land he had settled, Stephen returned with him the next spring. That summer they built a log cabin on the Harmar side of the Muskingum River. In the fall, the local Indians drove off all of their oxen, which they never recovered. Soon afterward, the two brothers went to Newbury and commenced clearing the remainder of Truman’s land. They build a block house, but were not able to remain long because the natives were “troublesome” compelling them to go to Farmer’s Castle in Belpre as a more secure place. Stephen and Sally were parents to 9 children, most born in Ohio. After Sally’s death in 1818, Stephen met a widow, Miriam (Ward) Palmer and they married on 9 Nov 1819. He died on 3 September 1827 and Miriam in 1850.
1) Laura Matilda Guthrie 1789CT-1818OH m.1804 Amos Dunham +children
2) Julius Chappell Guthrie 1792OH-1849OH (Merchant) m.1817 Pamelia Buckingham +children
3) Erastus Guthrie 1798OH-1861OH (Farmer/Merchant) m.1821 Achsah Palmer +children
4) Almira Guthrie 1800OH-1880OH m.1819 Walter Curtis (Farmer) +children
5) Albert Austin Guthrie 1803OH-1874OH (Merchant) m.1825 Amelia Sturges +children
6) Sheldon Guthrie Sr 1805OH-1888LA (Miller / Sales Agent / Clerk) m.1830 Emily Ann Terry +children
7) Stephen Hand Guthrie 1809OH-1886OH (Salt Dealer) m1.1834 Ruth Metcalf, m2.1860 Mary Strong +children
8) George Nelson Guthrie 1811OH-1890OH (Salt Dealer) m.1839 Sarah Ann Abbott McFarland +children
9) Columbus Bierce Guthrie 1814OH-1877DC (RR Conductor) m1.1839 Mary Saphronia Metcalf, m2.1845 Jane Morton +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: No


Elias Guthrie was born on 9 or 19 July 1769. He married Phoebe Almira Stone in New Milford, Litchfield, CT on 27 Aug 1789 when he was 20 years old. They lived in Litchfield County and grew their family to include two sons and 5 daughters. Phoebe died in 1812 in Connecticut. At some point afterward, Elias Guthrie seems to have moved to Meigs, Ohio where he remarried to a Mary Davis on 28 May 1820. No further info.
1) Truman Guthrie 1791CT-1813MD (Soldier War of 1812) m.1811CT Anna Wagner +children
2) Minerva Guthrie born 24 Apr 1791-died????
3) Betsy Guthrie born 11 Jan 1794/5-died????
4) Henman Guthrie (I) born 19 Oct 1797-died 1797 in infancy
5) Henman Guthrie (II) born 19 Dec 1798
5) Annie Guthrie born 12 Nov 1800-18??
6) Stephen Guthrie 1802CT-1865WA (Minister) m.1824OH Anna Amy Harper +children


Joseph Guthrie was born 19 February 1773 in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut. He married about 1795 to Keziah Root and they quickly moved to Troy Township, Athens County, Ohio about the same time his father made the move to Ohio. However, online trees document the birth location of several children in New Hampshire. They settled in Orange, Meigs County. Joseph died there in July of 1854. Keziah died in 1870.
1) William Augustus Guthrie 1797 (or 1799) CT, NH, or OH-1815OH died between 16 and 18 years of age.
2) Charles Frederick Guthrie 1799CT, NH, or OH – 1845OH m.1821OH Nancy Cowdery +children
3) Amy Guthrie 1802CT, NH or OH – 1831OH m.1823 Brazilla/Basailler Hosmer Miles +children
4) Harriet Guthrie 1804OH-1888MO m.1823OH Moses Green +children
5) Sophia Guthrie 1805OH-1887MO. (Housekeeper) Unmarried. No children
6) Milo Guthrie 1809OH-1874IA (Farmer) m.1834OH Eliza Ann VanPelt +children
7) Auriella Guthrie 1811OH-1901OH m.1836OH John Tucker +children
8) Joseph Guthrie 1818OH-1890OH (Farmer) m1.1842 Sarah Ann Hazelton, m2.1859 Patience VanPelt, m3.1869 Margaret Stout +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes


Dates Unknown, Before 1778


The first child of Joseph Guthrie by his 3rd wife Hannah, Abigail Guthrie was the 2nd daughter by that given name in the family. The eldest girl had died of smallpox at 18 years of age. This one lived only until 2 years old passing away on 8 Aug 1787 in Connecticut.


Joseph Guthrie’s youngest daughter was baptized on 2 Dec 1787 in Washington, Connecticut, presumably born earlier that year. She settled with the family in Ohio, but died during childhood at only 9 years of age in 1796. She died in Belpre, Washington, Ohio.


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