2A-L: Evas Caroline Guthrie

Evas Caroline Guthrie 1861VT – 1916NY
of Alburgh, Vermont, and Saint Lawrence & Franklin Counties, New York, USA

Parents: George Guthrie 1830IRE-1873NY and Margaret Walker 1840ENG-1910NY
Birth: 12 May 1861
Birth Location: Alburgh, Grand Isle, Vermont
Marriage: None – Remained Single
Occupation: Seamstress
Death: 8 June 1916
Death Location: St. Regis Falls, Franklin, New York
Evas Caroline Guthrie was the eldest daughter of George and Margaret (Walker) Guthrie, of Scot-Irish origins on her father’s side and Anglo-African origins on her mother’s. She was apparently named for her paternal aunt (if I found the right immigration record) as George, 17, and his sister Evas, 13, arrived in St John, New Brunswick, Canada in 1847 from Clomany on the Charles Napier. That was a particularly devastating year in that region of Ireland during the Potato Famine. Her mother, Margaret Walker, arrived about a year later at only 9 years of age, classified as a servant, and by 1851 living in Rouville, Canada East (Quebec), Canada with the family of Walter Billings, a shoemaker, born in the USA, which probably means that the Billings family did not accompany her on her trip across the Atlantic. By 1860, Margaret Walker had left the Billings family and was working as a domestic servant in Alburgh, Grand Isle, Vermont in the household of David Marvin, a Methodist Clergyman. The town of Alburgh is just across the US-Canadian border from where Margaret had previously been living, which seems like the most likely location for George and Margaret to have met.

Our first record of Evas is her Birth Record:

Evas was the only child born in Vermont. The family moved to Saint Lawrence County, New York prior to 1863 when her sister Mary Ann’s birth is listed there. They were definitely settled in Hopkinton by the 1870 census.

1870 Census of Hopkinson, Saint Lawrence, New York:
George K Guthery, 40, white, Ireland, laborer, both parents of foreign birth, cannot read/write
Margaret Guthery, 31, black, England, keeping house, both parents of foreign birth
Eva Guthery, 9, mulatto, Vermont, both parents of foreign birth, attending school
Mary A Guthery, 7, mulatto, New York, both parents of foreign birth, attending school
Wealtha J Guthery, 4, mulatto, New York, both parents of foreign birth
Calista Guthery, 2, mulatto, New York, both parents of foreign birth

Evas’ father, George Guthrie, died about 1873. The NY State census of 1875 shows the family as follows:
Dickinson, Franklin County, NY
Log House (versus a Frame House)
Margaret Guthrie, 34, F, Black, England, (Listed as “now married” rather than “now widowed”) Day Laborer, Alien, Over 21 and not able to read/write
Evas C Guthrie, 14, F, Black, Daughter, Vermont, Single
Mary Ann Guthrie, 12, F, Black, Daughter, St Lawrence, Single
Wealthy J Guthrie, 9, F, Black, Daughter, St Lawrence, Single
Calista R Guthrie, 7, F, Black, Daughter, St Lawrence, Single
Martha L Guthrie 4, F, (Blank), Daughter, St Lawrence, Single
John Francis Guthrie, 1-8/12, M, (Blank), Son, Franklin, Single

Evas’ mother, Margaret Guthrie, remarried soon afterward. Her youngest sibling, John Francis Guthrie took the name of his stepfather, John B Ford, (even though he is biologically / genetically George’s son), since he was raised from a very young age by him, and his descendants are known by the Ford surname.

The 1880 census in Dickinson, Franklin, New York shows a combined household:
FOARD, John B, white, male, 38, married, farmer, Self: Canada, Father: Ireland, Mother: Canada
———Margret, black, female, 39, wife, married, keeping house, Self: England, Father: Africa, Mother: England
———John F, mulatto, male, 6, son, single, Self: New York, (Step)Father: Canada, Mother: England
GUTHRIE, Evas C, mulatto, female, 19, boarder, single, Self: Vermont, Father: Ireland, Mother: England
———-Mary A, mulatto, female, 17, boarder, single, Self: New York, Father: Ireland, Mother: England
———-Wealtha J, mulatto, female, 15, boarder, single, Self: New York, Father: Ireland, Mother: England
———-Clista, mulatto, female, 12, boarder, single, at school, Self: New York, Father: Ireland, Mother: England
———-Lillie, mulatto, female, 9, boarder, single, at school, Self: New York, Father: Ireland, Mother: England
CLARK, Hiram, white, male, 22, single, laborer, Self: New York, Father: Vermont, Mother: Vermont
HANLY, John, white, male, 24, single, laborer, cannot read/write, Self: Ireland, Father: Ireland, Mother: Ireland

On 1 Nov. 1898, Evas C Guthrie of St Regis, New York applied for membership to the Tribune Sunshine Society.

Cynthia May Alden, an American journalist, author, and inventor, entered journalist as the editor of the women’s department at the New York Recorder. In 1897, she moved to the New York Tribune where she held the same position. During her years at the Tribune, she planned and founded the International Sunshine Society. It began with Alden’s practice of sending Christmas cards and gifts to shut-ins, and she slowly expanded it, first to her circle of writers, and later to a membership that peaked at half a million. The focus also shifted to establishing institutions to serve the blind, funded mainly by donations from members as there were no membership dues. {Wikipedia}

Evas’ stepfather, John B Ford, died on 27 Sep 1897 in St Regis Falls, Franklin, New York at 56 years of age. Her mother did not remarry. Evas also remained single. In 1900, her brother is now 26 years old and officially the head of the family.

The 1900 US Census of Waverly, Franklin, New York:
FORD, John, head, white male, Nov 1873, 26, married x1 yr, Self: New York, (Step)Father: Nova Scotia, Mother: England, farmer, owns house, farms
———-Dora, wife, white, female, Jan 1883, 17, married x1yr, 0 children, 0 living, Self/Father/Mother: New York
———-Margaret, mother, white, female, Apr 1839, 61, widowed, 8 children, 5 living, Self: England, Father: Africa, Mother: England, Year of Immigration to US: 1848, Number of Years in US: 52, housework, can read, cannot write
———-Evas, sister, white, female, May 1861, 39, single, S: Vermont, F:New York, M: England, Seamstress
———-Lillie, sister, white, female, Sept 1871, 29, single, S: Nw York, F: New York, M: England, housework
SCHUYLER, Phillip, nephew, white, male, June 1889, 10, S: New York, F: New York, M: New York, at school
FORD, Julian, nephew, white, male, Mar 1894, 6, S: New York, F: New York, M: New York

The 1905 New York State Census of Waverly, Franklin, New York finds Evas still living in the same household.
FORD, John, head, black (white crossed out), male, 31, Nativity: United States, Farmer
—–Dora, wife, white, female, 22, Nativity: United States, house work
—–Frank, son, black, male, 5, Nativity: United States
—–Margaret, daughter, black, female, 2, Nativity: United States
—–Lawrence, son, black, male, 1, Nativity: United States
GUTHRIE, Eva, sister, black, female, 44, Nativity: United States, at home
SCHUYLER, Phillip, nephew, black, male, 15, Nativity: United States, laborer saw mill
FORD, Margaret, mother, black, female, 66, Nativity: England, 50 years in the US
Guthrie, Julian, nephew, black, male, 11, Nativity: United States, at school

Sometime between 1905 and 1910, the household separated into two dwellings, but were still located very close to each other on Dickinson Central Road. John’s family was on there own in one house, while his mother and the other relatives were in the other.
The 1910 Census of Waverly, Franklin, New York lists Evas living in the latter:
FORD, Margaret, head, female, black, 72, widowed, 8 children, 6 living, S: England, F: Africa, M: England, Immigration Year: 1849, cannot read/write, BLIND
GUTHRIE, Evas, daughter, female, mulatto, 48, single, S: Vermont, F: Ireland, M: England, no occupation
—–Julian, grandson, male, mulatto, 16, single, S: New York, F: New York, M: New York, laborer, stone mill
SCHUYLER, Phillip, grandson, male, mulatto, 20, single, S: New York, F: New York, M: New York, culler, lumber yard

Margaret Walker, Evas’ mother, died on 6 October 1910 at St Regis Falls, Franklin, New York.

Evas Guthrie published the following in The Adirondack News from St Regis Falls, Franklin, New York on 1 August 1914:
I wish to thank the ladies and gentlemen of Mrs MA Rowell’s Sunday school class for the proceeds from their ice cream social, which amounted to $9.00, and also Rev NA Darling and Mrs Fletcher for their silver offerings. God is merciful to his own.

After the death of her mother, Evas moved in with her sister Lillian (Guthrie) Palmer and husband Alfred.
The 1915 New York State Census:
PALMER, Alfred, head, white, male, 57, Nativity: US, fireman, stone mill
—–Lillian, wife, white, female, 44, Nativity: US, housework
GUTHRIE, Eva C, sister, white, female, 54, Nativity: US, no occupation

The Adirondack News published a thank you from Evas C Guthrie of St Regis Falls on 1 Jan 1916:
“Miss Evas C. Guthrie, who has been an invalid for many years desires to extend her thanks to the Epworth League for the Christmas box presented to her the night before Christmas. She was more than delighted and feels very grateful for their thoughtfulness.”

Evas Caroline Guthrie died at St Regis Falls, Franklin, New York on 8 June 1916 at 55 years of age.

Y-DNA Project Participant: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Descendants