B-6: James Guthrie

Guthrie Family Group 3A – Branch B
James Guthrie c1797SCT – 1863SCT (Bachelor)
of Dundonald and Loans, Ayrshire, Scotland

Parents: William Guthrie c1771SCT-1844SCT and Ann Hunter c1763SCT – 1801SCT
Birth: About 19 October 1797 in Harperland, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland
Baptism: 19 October 1797 in Harperland, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland
Occupation: Annuitant
Marital Status: Single
Death: 22 April 1863
Death Location: Loans, Ayrshire, Scotland
Burial: Details Unknown

There is little info found for James Guthrie beyond the census records. He lived in Ayrshire, Scotland his entire like and remained single. He was the son of a farmer, yet lived off an annuity of unknown origin.

Annuities may have been received from Friends Societies the individual has paid into, Securities/Life Insurance, inheritance, or a pension.

Baptismal Register for the Parish of Dundonald 1797
James son to William guthrie farmer in Harperland and ann Hunter spouses was baptized there on the ninetieth day of October Seventeen hundred and ninety seven.
(OPR Births 590/ Dundonald, page 214 of 306 – Scotlands People)

The 1841 Census of Loans, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland lists William Guthrie, 70, and his son James Guthrie, 35 (wrong age, he was 44) along with 7 servants: Helen Bell, 35, Tenable T Stewart 35, Hellen Gaudia 20, Margaret Wilson 20, John Dods 25, and David Brown 15. His father died in 1844.

At Struthers, Dundonald, the 1851 lists William Guthrie, Head, 60, annuitant, and James Guthrie, brother, 53, annuitant, both born in Dundonald. These are bachelor brothers. Aksi ub the giyseikd are twi servants Jan Roust and Mary Robertson, both house servants.

In 1861, at Loans, James Guthrie, annuitant, is living in the home of William Black, a joiner, and wife Ann Rodger as a boarder.

James Guthrie, annuitant, single, died 22 April 1863 at 5AM, at Loans, male, 65 years, Parents: William Guthrie, farmer, and Ann Hunter, both decd, COD: Gastritis – 8 weeks. Informant: Rob. Guthrie, brother, Crossburn. Registered 22 April 1863 at Dundonald.
(Statutory Registers Deaths 590/ 25 – Scotlands People)


Census of Scotland: 1841, 1851, 1861. Digital Census Images at Scotlands People.

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