B-2: John Guthrie

Guthrie Family Group 3A – Branch B
John Guthrie 1790SCT – 1834SCT and Isabella Tennant / Janet Lenox
of Mauchline and Kirkoswald, Ayrshire, Scotland

Parents: William Guthrie c1771SCT-1844SCT and Ann Hunter c1763SCT – 1801SCT
Birth: 10 February 1790
Birth Location: Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland
Occupation: Tenant Farmer / Captain Royal East Middlesex Militia
Non-Marital Relationship: Janet Lenox about 1818
Marriage: Isabella Tennant on 27 April 1819 in Kirkoswald, Ayrshire, Scotland
Death: 5 January 1834
Death Location: Turnberry, Kirkoswald, South Ayrshire, Scotland
Burial: Kirkoswald Kirkyard, Kirkoswald, South Ayrshire, Scotland

Parents: Unidentified
Birth: Unknown
Birth Location: Unknown
Marital Status: Non-Marital Relationship about 1818
Guthrie Children: John (1819)
Death: Unknown
Death Location: Unknown
Burial: Unknown

Parents: John Tennant (farmer) and Margaret Colville
Birth: 17 May 1793
Birth Location: Ochiltree, Ayrshire, Scotland
Marriage: Married to John Guthrie on 27 April 1819 in Kirkoswald, Ayrshire, Scotland
Guthrie Children: Isabella (1819), Margaret (1821), Ann Hunter (1823)
Death: 15 Jun 1878 (Apoplexy) – aged 85
Death Location: 13 Fitzroy Place, Kelvin, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Burial: Unknown


John Guthrie was the Militia Captain of the Royal East Middlesex Militia. Based on John’s birth in 1790 and his presence back in Kirkoswald by 1818, he was potentially involved in the Napoleonic Wars that ended with the battle of Waterloo in 1815. The Royal East Middlesex Militia was disembodied in 1816.

Y-DNA Project Participants: None
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1819 SCT – 18??
Marital Status / Children: Unknown

“John, illegitimate son to John Guthrie in Turnberry and Janet Lenox born at Affee the 26th Apr and baptized at Torthorwald this 20th July.” The birth was registered in his father’s home parish, Kirkoswold Parish, Ayrshire.

Torthorwald, is a parish in the district of Annandale, county Dumfries, Scotland.

Note that John was born the day before his father, John Guthrie, married Isabella Tennant.

No other data found on son John Guthrie. There are 63 marriages for men by the name bet. 1835-1855 in Scotland. Nineteen of those are in Ayrshire. None specifically in Kirkoswald. None in Dumfries-shire. No records found in the Statuory Registers obviously pointing to this person.

1819 SCT – 1866 SCT
Spouse: George Smith

Six months after the birth of her half brother, and her own parents’ marriage, “Isabella daughter to John Guthrie and Isabella Tennant his wife born at Turnberry 21st Oct 1819.” (OPR 601/Kirkoswald p.431 of 432.)

October 21st 1849 – George smith, writer, Glasgow, and residing in Buccleuck Stree within the Barony parish Glasgow the eldest son of John Smith residing Buccleuch street Glasgow and the late Catherine McNee his wife, was this day proclaimed for marriage to Isabella Guthrie the eldest daughter of the late John Guthrie, Farmer Turnberry Lodge within the parish of Kirkoswald and Isabella Tenant his wife. Married at Turnberry Lodge on the 23rd day of October 1849 by the Revd. Mr DFindlay Minister of Kirkoswald.

George Smith, writer, Barony Parish & Isabella Guthrie, residing at Turnberry Lodge, Parish of Kirkosald, lawful daughter of the deceased John Guthrie Esq. farmer at Turnberry Lodge, married at Turnberry Lodge the 23d day of October 1849 by the Revd. John Findlay, Minister of Kirkoswald Parish. (OPR/Barony 622/p.11 of 573)

During the 1851 census, Isabella Smith, 30, is living at Turnberry Lodge with her widowed mother and other family members including 6 month old son, John G Smith.

By 1861 the family moved to the Blythswood district of Glasgow, Lanarkshire living at 21 Elmbank Street.
Geo. Smith Head Married 39, male, writer in Glasgow, born Renfrewshire, Pollockshaus
Isabella Smith, wife, married, 40, female, , -, born Ayrshire, Kirkoswald
John G. Smith, son, unmarried, 10, male, scholar, born Lanarkshire, Glasgow
Isabella T Smith, daughter, unmarried, 8, female, scholar, born Lanarkshire, Glasgow
Cath. Smith, daughter, unmarried, 7, female, scholar, born Lanarkshire, Glasgow
Ann Smith, daughter, unmarried, 5, female, – , born Lanarkshire, Glasgow
Geo. A. Smith, son, unmarried, 4, male, – , born Lanarkshire, Glasgow
Agnes S Smith, daughter, unmarried, 1, female, – , born Lanarkshire, Glasgow
David Murray, nephew, unmarried, 18, male, writers apprentice, born Lanarkshire, Glasgow
Isa. T, Guthrie, mother-in-law, widowed, 66 female, formerly farmer, born Ayreshire, Ochiltree
Agnes Tennant, visitor, married, 69, female, House Proprietor, born Ayrshire, Ochiltree
Mary Stewart, servant, unmarried, 32, female, domestic servant, Ayrshire, Maybole
Eliza Miller, servant, unmarried 22, female, domestic servant, born Cathness-shire, Wick
Cath. McDowall, servant, unmarried, 23 female, domestic servant, born Argyllshire, Iona

Isabella Smith died on 10 Jan 1866 at home at 21 Elmsbank Place, Glasgow. She had suffered from tuberculosis for two years, and was only 46 years old at the time of her death.

George Smith died on 29 September 1871 at home at 21 Elmsbank Place, Glasgow after a month long bout of bronchitis.

Smith Children: 6
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) John Guthrie Smith c1851 SCT – 1923SCT m. Elizabeth Orr Rennie +children
2.) Isabella ‘Ella Tennant Smith c1853SCT – Aft1891SCT m. Avidis Garboushian (consular chaplain) – no children
3.) Catherine ‘Kate’ McGee Smith 1853SCT – 1936ENG m. Charles T B Cowan (consular service) + children
4.) Ann ‘Ana’ M Smith 1855SCT – aft. 1926USA m. Juan Oyarzabal Y Bucelli + children
5.) George Alexander Smith 1857SCT – 1927NZ m. elen Isabel ‘Nell’ Vandy +children
6.) Agnes Jessie Tennant Smith 1859SCT – 1958SCT – unmarried

1821 SCT – 1834 SCT
Died Young

“Margaret daughter to John Guthrie and Isabella Tennant his wife born at Turnberry the 19th day of April (1821).”
(OPR births 601/ Kirkoswald, page 9 of 346)

Margaret, daughter of Captain John Guthrie, died 17 June 1834, aged 12 Years. She is buried with her father at Kirkoswald Kirkyard in South Ayrshire, Scotland.

1823 SCT – 1901 SCT
Spouse: David Murray (Writer)

“Ann daughter to John Guthrie and Isabella Tennant his wife born at Turnberry 29th Jan 1823.” (OPR births 601/ Kirkoswald, page 20 of 346)

Parish Register in Kirkoswald: “30 May 1841 – David Murray writer in glasgow was this day proclaimed to Ann Guthrie youngest surviving daughter to the late Captain John Guthrie in Turnberry & Isabella Tenant his wife, Married at Turnberry Lodge by the Revd James Inglis 1 June 1841, Witnesses. James was the Husbands name entered David by mistake. David Tenant & Alexander Paterson Esq.” (OPR Marriages 601/ Kirkoswald, p.45 of 270)

The confusion within the bride’s parish register about the groom’s given name is cleared up in his parish record in Gorbals, and in the subsequent birth record of their child.

Parish Register in Gorbals: “30th May 1841 – David Murray of this Parish, and Ann Hunter Guthrie of Kirk Oswald Parish married by the Revd. James ingles at Turnberry Kirkoswald, 1 day, June 1841.” (OPR Marriages 644 / 2 Gorbals, p.293 of 570)

“David Murray writer 5 Melrose Street & Ann Hunter Guthrie had a lawful son their 1st child born 15 April 1842 named David. Jas. & John Murray, witnesses. baptized 18 May 1842.” (OPR Births 622/ Barony, p.342 of 420)

A paper by James Hamilton on ‘David Murray and his lost legal archive‘ documents the history of David and Ann’s son, David Murray, a Glasgow lawyer, historian, and bibliographer. In doing so, it also provides a bit of background on his parents.

David Murray (Senior) was also a lawyer, although the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography is incorrect in claiming him a Writer to the Signet. David Murray senior enjoyed a fine reputation as a businessman and as a conveyancer. In private life he served as a political agent for Lord John Russell’s liberals2. Beginning as a Managing Clerk with Mitchell, Graham and Mitchell in Miller Street, David Murray senior then formed a legal partnership, Murray and Galloway. He then partnered with George Smith in Murray and Smith. But tragedy struck, and in 1848 David Murray senior fell victim to typhus, allegedly contracted at the toll house on the Kelvin Bridge in Great Western Road. His son would remember him as a keen fisherman with a strong interest in the farming his wife’s family carried on in Ayrshire. After his father’s early and tragic death, the Murray family returned to his mother’s family farm near Turnberry. “

Murray Children: 2
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) David Murray (solicitor) 15 Apr 1842 SCT – 2 Oct 1928 SCT m. Frances Porter Stoddard +children
2.) John Guthrie Murray (engineer) Abt. 1847 SCT – 19 May 1924 AUS m. Mary Rowan +children


Find-a-Grave Memorial: 185089534
Captain. John Guthrie 1789 – 24 Jan 1834 – Kirkoswald Kirkyard, South Ayrshire, Scotland

Find-a-Grave Memorial: 185089559
Margaret Guthrie – daughter of Captain John Guthrie 1822 – 17 Jun 1834 – Kirkoswald Kirkyard, South Ayrshire, Scotland

PROBATE: Scotland, National Probate Index – 1879 (Calendar of Confirmations and Inventories) (Ancestry.com)
Guthrie {Isabella Tennant or. – Value of Estate, £3,393, 3s.
18 April (1879) – Confirmation of Isabella Tennant or Guthrie, residing in Glasgow, who died 15 June 1878, at Glasgow, testate, granted at Glasgow, to Ann Hunter Guthrie or Murray, her daughter, David Murray, Writer, and John Guthrie Smith, Writer, all in Glasgow, Executors nominated in Will or Deed, dated 13 September 1876, and recorded in Court Books of Commissariot of Lanark, 8 April 1879.
See Also: Legal Records – Wills and Testaments – Guthrie, Isabella – 18 April 1879 – Glasgow Sheriff Court Wils (SC36/51/77) and Inventories (SC36/48/88) (Digital Repository: ScotlandsPeople)

NEWSPAPER – SHIPWRECK – Glasgow Sentinel – Wednesday 18 September 1822

NEWSPAPER – MARRIAGE ANNOUNCEMENTGlasgow Chronicle – Wednesday 31 October 1849
At Turnberry Lodge, Kirkoswald, on the 23rd instant, by the Rev. Mr Dinlay, Geo. Smith Esq., writer, Glasgow, to Isabella, daughter of the late John Guthrie, Esq.

NEWSPAPER – DEATH NOTICE – North British Daily Mail – Monday 17 June 1879
GUTHRIE – At 13 Fitzroy Place, Glasgow, on the 15th inst., in her 86th year, Isabella Tennant, widow of the late John Guthrie, Turnberry Lodge, Ayrshire, Captain in the Royal East Middlesex Militia.

BOOK: Rogers, Charles, (1890). The Book of Robert Burns: Genealogical and Historical Memoirs of the Poet, His Associates and Those Celebrated in His Writings. United Kingdom: Grampian Club. (Digital Repository: Google Books)
“Isabella, the sixth daughter, born 17th May 1793, married John Guthrie, Turnberry Lodge, Kirkoswald, formerly captain in the Royal East Middlesex Militia; she died at Glasgow on the 15th June 1878.”
A footnote: To Mrs Guthrie’s grandson, Dr David Murray, solicitor, Glasgow, we are largely indebted for assistance in the matter of the Tennant pedigree.

LAWSUIT: Reports of Cases Decided in the Supreme Courts of Scotland and in the House of Lords on Appeal from Scotland. (1840). United Kingdom: M. Anderson.
pp.160-161 12 Nov 1839 – No. 38 – David Ross, Pursuer, v. Mrs Isobel or Isabella Tennent or Guthrie, Defender.


  • Isabella Guthrie – (Old Parish Registers Births 601 / Kirkoswald page 431 of 432.)

MARRIAGE RECORDS – Scotlands People

  • Isabella Guthrie and George Smith – 23 Oct 1849 Kirkoswold / Old Parish Registers Marriages 601 / Kirkosowald page 82 of 270.. ALSO: 23 Oct 1849 Barony / Old Parish Registers Marriages 622 / Barony page 11 of 573.

DEATH RECORDS – Scotlands People

  • Isabella Guthrie – 1866 Statutory Registers / deaths 644/6 18 – Blythswood, Glasgow, Lanarkshire
  • George Smith – 1871 Statutory Registers / deaths 644/6 520 – Blythswood, Glasgow, Lanarkshire

BIOGRAPHY: DAVID MURRAY 1842 – 1928, son of David Murray and Ann Hunter Guthrie (Wikipedia)

BIOGRAPHY: Hamilton, James. “Legal bibliophilia in the Dear Green Place: Dr David Murray and his lost legal archive 1842-1928” Society of Writers to HM Signet.

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