Guthrie DNA Project


To determine the shared ancestry of Guthrie families around the world through DNA testing.

The GUTHRIE surname has been in existence for at least 700 years. The charter for the BARONY of GUTHRIE was created during the reign of King David II of Scotland (1324-1371). Burke’s ‘Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry’ indicates that the origins of the Guthrie surname extend back to a time where its earliest writs are unattainable, and thus untraceable before the reign of James II of Scotland.

DNA testing has proven the existence of many GUTHRIE FAMILY GROUPS, meaning that they have unrelated ancestors of different genetic origins. Some may have descended from the ‘Landed Gentry’ of historical note. Others may have assumed the GUTHRIE name at a time that surnames came into use during the 10th-12th centuries because they were in some way associated with the family or the location. The original surname may also have been altered to match a local one.

Join us as we discover more about our diverse history using the science of DNA to strengthen our genealogical pursuits. Each Guthrie DNA Project participant brings new information to this worldwide puzzle. Your DNA could help provide new clues and break down some of those proverbial brick walls in our traditional family research.

We need participation of Guthries from around the globe, especially those of you still living in Scotland and Ireland. In order to bridge the gap between your homeland and ours, whether that be in the USA and Canada, or in Australia and New Zealand, we need DNA from families who remain ensconced in our ancestral places. Your close geographic ties can help us learn more about our origins while also letting you discover how far your family genes have travelled.

Matching Y-DNA tests collected from Guthrie men reveal shared direct paternal ancestry. Lineages are then placed into GUTHRIE FAMILY GROUPS.

The project also uses Autosomal DNA testing from anyone of Guthrie ancestry in order to provide genetic clues for lines without a male Guthrie representing them. This data will be used by Guthrie DNA Project participants to identify their ancestral origins.



  1. Anyone of Guthrie ancestry is welcome to join in discussions and contribute content at the Guthrie Genealogy website whether or not you have a DNA test. We welcome your collaboration and want to build a place that all Guthries can use as a resource.
  2. Y-DNA and/or Autosomal DNA testing is required to officially join the project.
  3. You must share your DNA results with the project admin at least at the “Limited” or “Viewer” level in order for the Guthrie matches to be analyzed.
  4. You must also share your personal Guthrie ancestry with the project admin in order to verify your lineage.


  1. You’ll receive help understanding your DNA results and Guthrie matches.
  2. Guthrie men with Y-DNA tests will be placed directly into the Guthrie Family Group if the Y-DNA results match, and an analysis of the raw results will be provided.
  3. People with Autosomal DNA tests (AncestryDNA, Family Finder, HeritageDNA, 23andMe) will receive a review of their matches to other people listing Guthrie ancestry, and information we have about their Guthrie origins. Due to the nature of Autosomal DNA, these tests may or may not provide a clear picture of an association with a specific Guthrie Family Group. These results help guide your family research.
  4. Compare your family tree and research to the data currently collected on your Guthrie family. Does your tree have errors? Maybe you have new information to share.
  5. Discover what is currently known about the origins of your Guthrie family, and whether your Guthrie Family Group has been or can be identified through documentation or DNA testing.
  6. Be a part of our genealogy adventure as we learn more about the Guthrie families around the world and whether their Guthrie family belongs to your line too.


Project administrators are volunteers. We are not certified genealogists, nor geneticists. Please consider that learning about your ancestry and DNA may benefit us all. We are here to guide you on your genetic genealogy journey, and may have advice or information based on what has already been learned, but should not be expected to conduct individual research. We’re here to help! Continue to ask questions about new matches or findings, and share your discoveries.


  1. It is not necessary for the admin to have Collaborative or Administrative access to your DNA tests unless you ask for additional assistance with your kit maintenance or if the admin is managing the kit on behalf of a sponsor.
  2. The Guthrie DNA Project will only document results on the Guthrie Genealogy website by use of your Kit Number and a truncated lineage. Living individuals will remain privatized.
  3. If you want to share your name and discuss your family members on the Genealogy boards that’s up to you.
  4. Conversations about your results and genealogy can be between you and the admin only, or you can decide to share your results and ask questions of your Guthrie Family Group members on the project site or at Guthrie Genealogy.


  1. Y-DNA TESTS: If you are a male born with the Guthrie surname, we need representatives from each major branch of all Guthrie families. Please consider a Y-DNA test. If you’re not certain whether we still need representation from your family line, just ask.
  2. AUTOSOMAL DNA TESTS: Anyone of Guthrie ancestry is eligible for an Autosomal DNA test. These are the basic DNA tests offered at Family Tree DNA, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, and 23andMe. Guthrie Genealogy recommends staring with an AncestryDNA test as the size of their database will probably get you more results. Plus, those results are eligible to be transferred for free to FTDNA and MyHeritage for inclusion in a second database.


  1. Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder test can be directly added to the project at FTDNA. Just click on Group Projects, look for the Guthrie DNA Surname Project, and complete a Join Request.
  2. If you are a male Guthrie with a Family Finder test at Family Tree DNA, you can also simply upgrade your current kit to include a YDNA test without having to provide another specimen. Also, add your kit to the project.
  3. AncestryDNA tests can be directly shared with the project administrator by sending an Invitation with “Viewer Access” to your DNA and Ethnicity results. If you want to take advantage of your option to compare your results in more places, download your DNA results and transfer them to Family Tree DNA, add your kit to the Guthrie DNA Surname Project by completing a Join Request.
  4. If your Autosomal DNA test was purchased at MyHeritage or 23andMe, it may be eligible for free transfer to Family Tree DNA so that you can add it to the Guthrie DNA Surname Project. We cannot view your results directly at those sites, so you must transfer your results. Follow the instructions at FamilyTreeDNA to Upload an Autosomal DNA kit.


  1. Membership at Guthrie Genealogy and the Guthrie DNA Project is free.
  2. The purchase of DNA tests and kit upgrades are your responsibility.
  3. The Guthrie DNA Project does provide sponsorships for Y-DNA testing for some currently unrepresented lineages. The Group Fund is available for sponsorships for specific lineage or at the administrator’s discretion as determined by the donator. Assistance with cost-sharing options are also available for members wanting to split the cost of a test.


  1. Contact the Guthrie DNA Project / Guthrie Genealogy admin, Ann Guthrie if you have questions before you begin the DNA purchase or transfer process.
  2. Be ready to share a Family Tree link/invitation or a basic ancestry starting with your generation and going back to your earliest proven Guthrie ancestor.
  3. Sign Up for an account at Family Tree DNA if you are buying a test there or transferring a test to them.
  4. Buy your DNA test from FtDNA or transfer an Autosomal DNA test from AncestryDNA, 23andMe, or HeritageDNA. Go to the account/settings section for your DNA results at those sites and follow instructions to download your Raw DNA results to your computer. Next, follow the transfer process at Family Tree DNA to upload your results.
  5. Complete a Join Request form for the Guthrie DNA Project. This attaches your kit to the project so the admin can access your results when they are ready. Make sure you have signed in to your FTDNA account beforehand so that it attaches your Kit to the project.
  6. Those of you with an AncestryDNA test may also (or instead) provide a “Viewer” access invitation to the project admin for your AncestryDNA results. You will probably have a larger volume of results for comparison. Each testing company has their own version of genealogy tools to help you and the admins analyze your results.