2C: Robert Guthrie

Robert Guthrie 1752PA – 1815OH and Elizabeth Jane Caldwell
of Washington County, Pennsylvania and Harrison County, Ohio, USA

Parents: Unidentified/Unverified (Theorized by LRG to be James Guthrie and Miss Bissell)
Birth: abt. 1752
Birth Location: Pennsylvania (probable)
Marriage: 4 May 1778 in Pennsylvania, USA
Occupation: Farmer
Military Service:
Death: 6 May 1815
Death Location: Cadiz, Harrison, Ohio, USA
Burial: Nottingham Cemetery, Harrison, Ohio, USA

Parents: William Caldwell (1726-1791) and Margaret McCune (1737-1832)
Birth: 20 Feb 1760
Birth Location: Pennsylvania (probable)
Children: William (1780), Elizabeth (1781), Nathaniel (1783), Margaret (1784), Robert Caldwell (1785), Jane (1788), Samuel (1789), John Allen (1790), Mary (1792), Agnes (1794), David (1796), James Caldwell (1798), Joseph (1800), Sarah (1802), Martha (1804), Josiah (1808)
Death: 31 May 1815
Death Location: Cadiz, Harrison, Ohio, USA
Burial: Nottingham Cemetery, Harrison, Ohio, USA


Laurence R. Guthrie, the author of ‘American Guthrie and Allied Families’ gathered together a hypothetical family headed by James Guthrie, who reportedly married a Miss Bussell (or Bissell), with 4 potential sons: James Jr, Robert, Thomas, and William. In his defense, LRG’s daunting task of identifying Guthrie families and their individual members was accomplished at a time when research required travel and correspondence was accomplished by paper and pen. He made educated guesses as to how individuals may have been related based on the data available. The one research tool not in his arsenal was DNA testing to confirm or debunk those theories. Those theories were mainly on target. DNA has proven the relatedness of most of the theorized family members to people within the same overall genetic group, however the family of Robert Guthrie appears to be an exception.

Y-DNA is inherited directly from father to son across many generations virtually unchanged. This allows us to determine whether a Guthrie line belongs to the same family. Direct line male descendants of these 4 “brothers” should be virtually identical if they belong to the same biological father. The Y-DNA of descendant of James Jr’s direct male descendants matches Guthrie Family Group 2A. Thomas’ line requires more participation to confirm a match to a group, presumably also GFG2A. William had no known descendants, so there is no Y-DNA to test. Leaving Robert’s direct male descendants. As of 2022, there are 2 Guthrie men in the Guthrie DNA Project whose most recent common ancestors are Robert Guthrie and Elizabeth Jane Caldwell, one descending from their son William Guthrie and the other from son Robert Caldwell Guthrie. These 2 men share the same Y-DNA profile, proving that their ancestors William and Robert Caldwell Guthrie inherited Y-DNA from the same paternal source, namely Robert Guthrie (1752-1815). That Y-DNA is unique to the project and does not match GFG2A nor any other currently established Guthrie Family Group.

Autosomal DNA testing of male and female descendants from multiple lines, also shows relatedness to these 2 Guthrie participants and to each other, which also tells us that all of the represented children more than likely are also the biological descendants of Robert Guthrie and his wife Elizabeth Jane Caldwell.

It is unclear whether Robert Guthrie (1752-1815) had any familial association with the men and women of GFG2A at all. He resided in Washington County, Pennsylvania and was living on Buffalo Creek next to William Caldwell, his father-in-law, in 1787. Could he have been adopted into the family? Maybe. Could he have been the result of a ‘non-paternal event’? Maybe. A few of our genetic groups are obviously the result of non-Guthrie Y-DNA being introduced to a historical Guthrie family line, and at times this is quite obvious as the Y-DNA results match men of another surname to a significant degree. That is not the case here when there is only 1 additional match at the Y111 level to a man of the Smith surname who claims paternal ancestry from the Netherlands. There are several Todd surname matches at the Y67 marker level, but they appear to be distant ones and/or no longer produce a match at the Y111 level.

Importantly, an assessment of the Autosomal DNA results of our two Guthrie Y-DNA participants also shows relatedness to a few individuals with Bissell ancestry that is not specifically tied to their own Guthrie relatives. This could indicate that there is indeed a “Miss Bissell” in their family line. For now, descendants of Robert Guthrie and Elizabeth Jane Caldwell have been assigned the designation of Guthrie Family Group 2C as a sub-group of the main group, GFG2A. So there is still the possibility that Robert Guthrie could have been raised in the same household as his theorized brothers, but proof is still lacking.

Older trees and sources identify Robert Guthrie’s wife as Elizabeth Jane Caldwell. The more recent research of Steve Guthrie lists Robert’s spouse as Jane Elizabeth. She was the mother of 16 children. The family moved from Pennsylvania to Harrison County, Ohio settling about eight miles south of Cadiz. The five youngest children born in 1800 or after were all born in Ohio. Robert Guthrie died on 6 May 1815 and his wife just weeks later on 31 May 1815.



Eldest son William Guthrie was born on 8 August 1780, this DOB being calculated from tombstone data. He married Eleanor Evans (1779-1839) about 1800 in Ohio. They resided in Richland County, Ohio raising their 12 children. William was a farmer. After his wife’s death, William remarried to Elizabeth Finch (1803-1873) on 6 August 1840. They had 2 additional children. William died on 2 Nov 1854 in Richland County and is buried at Rome Presbyterian Church Revolutionary War Cemetery. His tombstone lists him as aged 74 years, 2 months, and 23 days.
1) Samuel Guthrie 1801OH-18?? – No further data.
2) Robert David Guthrie 1802OH-1885MI (farmer) m.1828OH Rebecca Henry +children
3) John Evans Guthrie 1806OH-1865OH (farmer) m. Elizabeth Crawford +children
4) William Patterson Guthrie 1807OH-1879OH (farmer) m. Isabella Mahen +children
5) Jane C Guthrie 1809OH-1837OH. Unmarried.
6) Francis E Guthrie 1810OH-1875IA (farmer) m. Matilda E Stuart +children
7) Elizabeth Guthrie 1813OH-1837OH m.1835OH Amon Samuel Chew (Farmer) +children
8) Nathaniel South Guthrie 1816OH-1896OH (farmer) m.1840OH Sarah S Turbot +children
9) Mary Guthrie 1818OH-1849MI m. Jacob B Henry +children
10) James Guthrie 1820OH-1876IA m.1843OH Ann Guthrie (d/o David Guthrie/Mary Ann Kirkpatrick) +children
11) Sarah Guthrie 1823OH-1878OH m.1845OH Samuel Coneley (farmer) +children
12) Lydia Guthrie 1824OH-1854OH m. James G Crawford (farmer) +children
13) David F Guthrie 1842OH-1853OH died at 11 years of age.
14) Stephen A Guthrie 1848OH-1920IN m.1866OH Anna Davidson +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes


Elizabeth was the eldest daughter in the family born on 4 August 1781 in Pennsylvania most likely in that part of Westmoreland County that became Washington County in 1791. The family moved to Ohio in 1800. Six years later, on 8 December 1806 in Jefferson, Elizabeth Guthrie married Adam Figley. The surname may be Anglicized from its original spelling Voegeli as Adam’s parents may have come to Pennsylvania from Zurich, Switzerland. (See ‘Dear Cousin George‘ family information on Genealogy.com.) Surname variants: Fegley, Phegely, Figly. They lived in Harrison County, Ohio. Elizabeth died in 1833 at 52 years of age. Adam lived until 1850. He was 86 at his death. They are buried at Nottingham Cemetery in Harrison.
1) Jane Figley 1807OH-1831OH died at 23 years of age. Unmarried.
2) Jacob Figley 1810OH-1844OH (prob. farmer) m.1834OH Maria Shannon (weaver) +children
3) Delila Figley 1814OH-1900KS m.1839OH Samuel Dixon (farmer) +children
4) Robert Figley 1814OH-1900KS (farmer) m.1839 Cazada Woodyard +children
5) Rebecca Figley 1816OH-18??. No further data. Note: NOT Rebecca Belinda Figley who m. Willison & Oliver.
6) Ellinor Figley 1816OH-1838OH m.1838OH William Pain. Died at 22 during 1st year of marriage. No children.
7) Joseph Figley 1818OH-aft.1870OH m. 1845OH Sarah Guthrie (d/o Samuel Guthrie & Elizabeth Shaw) +children
8) Elizabeth Figley 1820OH-1864OH m.1846OH John Moore (farmer) +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No


Nathaniel Guthrie was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania on 22 Apr 1783. His marriage to Nancy South reportedly occurred in that location in 1804. No marriage record found so far. Her father, Daniel South, died in Allegheny County, PA leaving a will dated 17 Jun 1811 wherein he identified her as Nancy Guthery, bequeathing her the interest on $200, and the principle to her heirs upon her death to be held in trust by her brother Benjamin South. Further details on the family come from the obituary of daughter, Nancy C (Guthrie) Moore, born in Steubenville, Ohio 11 Dec 1823. She was the only daughter among four children. The sons of the family were Joseph and David, steamer pilots on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, and Peter, a Methodist Episcopal Minister. The household of Nathaniel Guthrie was enumerated in 1840 in Cadiz, Harrison County, Ohio with 1M 50-59, 1F 40-49, and 1F 15-19. Presumably the boys had already moved out by that time. Prior to Nancy’s marriage to William H Moore, she moved with her parents from Ohio to Indiana settling in Jeffersonville. Nathaniel’s DOD has been reported as 1853, presumably in Indiana. His widow survived him. She died sometime after 1860 where she was living in Randolph, Ohio County, Indiana with her daughter Nancy Moore and family.
1) Joseph Guthrie (steamer boat pilot)
2) David Guthrie 1808OH-Sep 1849OH (steamer boat pilot) married to unidentified spouse, unk children.
3) Peter Guthrie (Methodist Episcopal Minister)
4) Nancy C Guthrie) 1823OH-1900IN m.1848 Rev. William H Moore +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: No


Born in Washington County on 11 December 1784, Pennsylvania, Margaret Guthrie was the second daughter of the household. She married Robert Thomas Finney on 13 March 1806 in Belmont County, Ohio, but they must have returned to Pennsylvania because several of their children are noted to have been born there. They were living in Ohio by 1815-20. Robert’s death is reported in online trees as being in Pennsylvania in 1843. Were they visiting family there? Peggy was living in Nottingham, Harrison County, OH with her eldest daughter Maria Finney during the 1850 census. They were living in the household next to her brother David Guthrie and family.
1) Maria Finney 1809PA-Aft.1850OH.
2) Joseph Finney 1810PA-1887OH (miller) m.1842OH Elizabeth Brownlee +children
3) Jane C Finney 1812PA – 1893GA m.1847OH Samuel Carnahan (farmer) +children
4) Robert Potts Finney 1814PA-1893UT (miller) m.1846OH Lydia Ann Jenkins +children
5) David A Finney 1815OH-bef.1870 (physician) m.1845OH Delilah Wintringer +children
6) William Guthrie Finney 1818OH-1905DC (Clerk, US Treasury) m.1842OH Margaret Carnahan +children
7) Thomas D Finney 1820OH-1866IL (physician) m.1847OH Susannah Cockerel +children
8) Sarah K Finney 1822OH-Aft.1860OH (seamstress). Unmarried as of 1860.
9) James Finney 1825OH-???? – No further info.
10) John Finney 1831OH-???? – No further info.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes


Robert was born in Pennsylvania on 10 Oct 1785 and he married Jane Cunningham there on 15 Feb 1809. He was a soldier in the War of 1812 and made his living as a farmer. Robert and his family were enumerated in the Cadiz, Harrison County, Ohio census of 1820. As seems to be the case with this Guthrie line, they had a large family. Robert Caldwell Guthrie wrote a will on 4 Aug 1852 mentioning his wife Jane and children. He died in Deersville, Harrison, OH on 18 Feb 1854. Jane died 3 Jun 1870. They are buried in Deersville Cemetery.
1) Lydia Guthrie 1810PA-1903OH m.abt.1832 John Robinson (farmer) +children
2) David Guthrie 1812OH-1882IA (farmer) m.1842OH Margaret Moore +children
3) Margaret Guthrie 1814OH-1902IA m.1835OH John Merrill (farmer) +children
4) Sarah Guthrie 1815OH-1898IA m.1846OH Samuel H Wilson (farmer) +children
5) Benjamin C Guthrie 1817(or1822)OH-1886OH (farmer) m.1841OH Harriet Fitzgerald +children
6) William Guthrie 1819OH-1905KS (farmer) m.1843OH Isabella Leard +children
7) Mary Guthrie 1820OH-1897IA m.1845OH John Wallace (farmer) +children
8) Robert Cunningham Guthrie 1822OH-1865OH or TN. Unmarried. (School Teacher / Civil War Soldier – Union)
9) Nathaniel Thomas Guthrie 1825OH-1904OH (farmer) m.1855OH Sarah Belle Auld +children
10) Rebecca A Guthrie 1827OH-1888IA m.1851OH Thomas Lowrie Lyans (farmer) +children
11) Julia Ann Guthrie 1828OH-1845OH died at 16 years, 10 months and 20 days of age. Unmarried.
12) Martha L Guthrie 1834OH-1845OH died in childhood at 11 years, 3 months, 26 days of age.
13) Isabel E Guthrie 1835OH-1918OH m.1886OH 2nd wife of James Kirkpatrick (farmer) (see below) -no children
14) Anne Elizabeth Guthrie 1836OH-1919OH m.1860OH 2nd wife of George M Downs (farmer/carpenter) +children
15) Sophia M Guthrie 1837OH-1876OH ,.1862OH John W Wallace (physician) +children
16) Unidentified Guthrie 18??-18??

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes


We don’t know much about Jane Guthrie (at least I don’t). She was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania on 11 April 1788. She may also be known as Jane Rebecca Ann Guthrie, although I don’t seem to have a source for that data. Her marriage to John Cook occurred on 25 Feb 1817.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No


Samuel’s birth occurred in Washington County, Pennsylvania on 11 Dec 1789. He was presumably married to Elizabeth Shaw sometime before 1812, the year of their eldest son’s birth. The family was listed in the 1820 Census of Cadiz, Harrison, Ohio. Elizabeth’s father, Gavin Shaw, wrote a will on 8 Oct 1827 naming Samuel Guthrie as his son in law. The will was proved 21 Nov 1834. Samuel and his family continued to live in New Athens, Harrison, Ohio. He wrote his own will on 16 Sep 1851 naming his wife Elizabeth and daughter Jane. Samuel died on 17 Sep 1851 and is buried Crabapple Cemetery in Belmont, Ohio, which is 2 miles south of New Athens. Elizabeth lived until 1868.
1) Guian Sheldon Guthrie 1812PA-1864AL (physician) m1.1836OH Jane B Ferguson, m2.1839OH Adeline Tozier, m3.1857-9 Sarah F MNU +children
2) Mary Guthrie 1814OH-1890OH m.1840OH Abraham Brokaw (farmer) +children
3) Eleanor Guthrie 1817OH-1862OH m.1835OH Thomas Coscory Gilcrest (farmer) +children
4) Eliza Guthrie 1819OH-1908IA m.bef.1844 George Brokaw Morrow (farmer) +children
5) Sarah Guthrie abt.1822OH-1877OH m.1845OH Joseph Figley (farm laborer) (see above) +children
6) (Unidentified Son) Guthrie 1824OH-1824OH died at birth or in early infancy.
7) Robert Guthrie 1826OH-1827OH died in his infancy.
8) Jane B J Guthrie 1833OH-1881OH. Unmarried.

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes


John Allen Guthrie was born on 8 November 1790 in Washington County, Pennsylvania. He married Margaret Cunningham on 5 Oct 1815. Their first four children were all girls, so they may have wondered if they were ever going to produce a son. Their last three were all boys. John and Margaret lived in Perry, Tuscawaras, Ohio. She predeceased him in 1858. John died on 5 December 1869 and is buried in Pleasant Grove, Tuscarawas, Ohio.
1) Lettie Ann Guthrie 1816OH-1888IL m.1843OH, div. bet.1860-63 Luke Stage (farmer) + children
2) Jane Guthrie 1819OH-abt.1900OH. Unmarried.
3) Lydia Guthrie 1821OH-1894IL m.1846OH William Gunning (farmer) +children
4) Nancy Guthrie 1824OH-1864IA m.1847OH Samuel Boston (farmer) +children
5) Robert Guthrie 1827OH-1909OH (farmer) m1.`1853OH Martha Jane McCue, m2 1887 Elizabeth Ann Packer +children
6) Benjamin Cunningham Guthrie 1832OH-1912IL (farmer) m.1857OH Susan Hedge +children
7) James Caldwell Guthrie 1836OH-1911KS (farm cropper/farmer/gardener) m.1859OH Margaret Ann Tidrick +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: No


Daughter Mary Guthrie, listed in some trees as Mary Evans Guthrie, was born on 22 June 1792 in Washington County, Pennsylvania. The family was already living in Ohio when she married Timothy Titus in Jefferson County on 13 Jan 1812 at the age of 19. They had a large family. Mary died on 8 April 1848 in Cadiz, and Timothy on 14 an 1859, 55 and 70 respectively.
1) Uriah Titus 1813OH-1869OH (farmer) m1.1833OH Elizabeth Kidwell, m2.1851OH Sarah Garner +children
2) Jane Titus 1815OH-1905OH m.1838OH James Irons (farmer) +children
3) Rachel Titus 1816OH-1888OH m.1849OH Taylor L Shannon (farmer) +children
4) William Sanford Titus 1818OH-1905MI (clergyman/farmer) m1.1845OH Elizabeth E Niesz, m2.1893MI Charlotte Dawson Blodgett +children
5) Samuel Caldwell Titus 1819OH-1891OH (farmer) m.1851OH Elizabeth Longsworth +children
6) Sarah Amanda Titus 1822OH-1914OH m.1845OH Jesse Middleton (farmer) +children
7) Mary Ann Titus 1824OH-1908OH m.1847OH William W Wallace (farmer) +children
8) Jonathan C Titus 1825OH-1905OH (farmer) m1.1842OH Rachel Boyd, m2.1888OH Lizzie B Irwin, m3.1891OH Hester Ann Quillin +children
9) Timothy Taylor Titus 1829OH-1910OH m.1852OH Nancy Jane Cope +children
10) Elza C Titus 1833OH-bet.1880-1900 (farmer) m.1854 Susan J Darling +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes


Nancy Guthrie was born on 4 March 1794 in Washington, Pennsylvania. She married twice. First at the age of 20 in Belmont, Ohio to Edmund Adams with whom she had one son born the following year. I don’t have a DOD for Edmund, but it was likely about that time as there were no other children. Nancy remarried on 20 Feb 1822 to John Morrow Kirkpatrick. They lived in Harrison and later in Pike, Knox, Ohio where they raised their children. John died in 1864 and Nancy on 14 May 1877. They are buried at Four Corners Cemetery in Knox County.
1) Edmund W Adams 1815OH-1834OH was only 18 at his death. Unmarried.
2) Ann Kirkpatrick 1822OH-1891OH m1.1847 Alonzo Grant (carpenter), m2.1871 (2nd wife) Anthony Warren Brokaw (carpenter) +children
3) Elizabeth Jane Kirkpatrick 1823OH-1893OH m.1841OH Samuel B Gower (farmer) +children
4) Nancy K Kirkpatrick 1825OH-1866OH. Unmarried.
5) Hugh Waters Kirkpatrick 1827OH-1913OH (sawmill worker/shoemaker) m.1851OH Sarah Jane White +children
6) Sarah Kirkpatrick 1829OH-1890OH m.1849OH Harvey Gorrell (carpenter/cabinet maker) +children
7) Robert Guthrie Kirkpatrick 1831OH-1920OH (farmer) m.1858OH Lavina Smith +children
8) John Kirkpatrick 1833OH-1834OH died at one year of age.
9) Caroline C Kirkpatrick 1837OH-1904OH m.1858 Robert Carpenter (Day Laborer) +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No


Born on 6 August 1796 in Pennsylvania, David was a farmer. He was twice married. First to Mary Ann Kirkpatrick about 1820 by whom he had 6 children. Mary Ann died in 1833, and he remarried by about 1835 to Sarah ‘Sally’ Parrish. They lived in Pike, Knox, Ohio where they raised their family having 10 children of their own. David Guthrie died on 22 Jul 1870 and Sally not until 1890. David and his wives are buried at the Four Corners Cemetery in Knox County.
1) Jane Guthrie 1821OH-1837OH died at about 16 years of age. Unmarried.
2) Ann Guthrie 1823OH-1879IA m.1843OH James Guthrie (farmer), son of William Guthrie & Eleanor Evans, +children
3) Elizabeth Guthrie 1825OH-1887MO m.1845OH John Connell Moss (farmer) +children
4) Samuel Guthrie 1826OH-1826OH died at 1 year and 8 months of age.
5) Hugh Wylie Guthrie 1827OH-1900IL (minister) m1.1862 Sarah Y (Brown) Duvall, m2.1874 Frances W Smith +children
6) Sarah Guthrie 1831OH-1831OH died in her infancy.
7) William Guthrie 1837OH-1918IL m1.1861 Amanda Farr, m2.1864 Mary Ellen Stoops +children
8) David C Guthrie 1839OH-aft.1850 – No further info. (LRG listed death at 1yr, but David is listed in 1850 census)
9) Francis Marion Guthrie 1840OH-aft 1860 – Died in service during the Civil War
10) Rachel M Guthrie 1843OH-1918OH m.1881OH Lysander Simpkins (painter/paperhanger) +children
11) James G Guthrie 1845OH-aft.1900 (farmer) m.1873IL Celia A Lipscomb +children
12) John N Guthrie 1847OH-aft.1880 (farmer) – No further info.
13) Elijah ‘Elza’ Guthrie 1849OH-1885OH (farmer) m.1871OH Abigail Glasgow +children
14) Nancy Guthrie 1851OH-aft.1870 – No further info.
15) Mary Eleanor Guthrie 1853OH-1922OH m1.1876OH John W Glasgow (farmer), m2.1906OH Allen Moffit Coon (farmer) +children
16) Nathan Guthrie 1859OH-Aft.1881 – No further info

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes


James Caldwell Guthrie was born in Pennsylvania on 27 Jan 1798. He was twice married. First to Elizabeth Auld about 1821 in Ohio by whom he had 9 children, and secondly to Mary A Stewart about a year after Elizabeth’s death in 1844. They had 4 more children. Like many of the family, James was a farmer. QUESTION: Find-a-Grave lists another son named Robert Guthrie buried at Sharon Cemetery born 1831-died 1842. Does anyone know if this is the same Robert and our dates are wrong, or if they had a second son of the same name who died young? Photo of grave markers requested.
1) Robert Guthrie 1822OH-1832OH died during childhood at about 10 years of age.
2) John Montgomery Guthrie 1823OH-1846OH died at 23.
3) Jane Guthrie 1826OH-1832OH died in early childhood at age 6.
4) Ann Elizabeth Guthrie 1828OH-1832OH died the same year at age 5.
5) Nathaniel Caldwell Guthrie 1831OH-1923OH (farmer) m.1866 Sarah Adelaide Edney +children
6) William Lambert Guthrie 1833OH-1907OH (carpenter) m.1854OH Mary Harriet Rose +children
7) Andrew Isaac Guthrie 1836OH-1901OH (stone mason) m.1857 Louisa Turner +children
8) James Cunningham Guthrie 1838OH-1921OH (carpenter) m. Sarah Elizabeth Ankrim +children
9) David Anderson Guthrie 1844OH-1904OH (plasterer) m1.1866OH Martha M Cummings, m2.1896 Belle Copeland +children
10) Archibald Guthrie 1846OH-1846OH died in his infancy.
11) Samuel Guthrie 1848OH-1848OH died in his infancy.
12) Margaret ‘Maggie’ Ellen Guthrie 1850OH-1934OH (farmer) – Unmarried.
13) Sarah Jane Guthrie 1853OH-1884OH m. 1875 Thomas Millhorn (farmer) +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: No


Joseph Guthrie was the first of the Guthrie-Caldwell line to be born in Ohio. His DOB is 4 March 1800 in Deersville, Harrison, Ohio. Like the others he occupied himself with farming. Joseph married Nancy Turbett about 1831 in Ohio by whom he had 8 children. They settled in Pike, Knox, Ohio. He died there on 15 April 1879 and Nancy on 27 Jan 1883.
1) Samuel ‘Rance’ Guthrie 1832OH-1924CA (farmer/mail carrier) m.1853OH Emily Pinkerton +children
2) Sarah Jane Guthrie 1834OH-1909OH m.1859OH Andrew Adams (carpenter) +children
3) Eleanor ‘Ellen’ Guthrie 1838OH-1924CA m.1855OH George Ohleyer (farmer) +children
4) Mary Ann Guthrie 1840OH-1910CA m.1858OH Samuel H Raub (teacher) +children
5) John Guthrie 1845OH-1926OH (farmer) m1.1874 Rachel Cole, m2.1884 Anna Staley +children
6) Marilla Guthrie 1848OH-1920IN m.1867OH William Austin Shreve (laborer/carpenter-RR) +children
7) Rebecca Guthrie 18??OH-1879OH m.1861 Allen Lucas Cunningham +children
8) Isabella Guthrie 18??OH-1856OH died at 17 years of age. Unmarried.

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes


Sarah Guthrie was born in Ohio on 27 July 1802. She is the third member of the family to marry a Kirkpatrick. A Christmas bride, she married William K Kirkpatrick on 25 Dec 1823 in Athens, Harrison, Ohio. They lived in Moorefield, Harrison, Ohio. Sarah died at the age of 82 on 14 Jan 1885. Her husband William survived her by 3 years. He died 1 May 1888 at the age of 86. They are buried at Nottingham Cemetery in Harrison County, Ohio.
1) James Kirkpatrick 1824OH-1908OH (farmer) m1.1847 Ellen Sutton Wallace, m2.Isabel E Guthrie (see above), +children
2) Robert Guthrie Kirkpatrick 1826OH-1905OH (farmer) m1.1850 Alvira Hannah Hays, m2.1864 Sarah Heslip Williams, +children
3) Joseph C Kirkpatrick 1828OH-1905 (farm laborer) m.11854OH Margaret Jane Wallace -No Children
4) Hugh Lawrence Kirkpatrick 1829OH-1912IA (farmer) m.1854OH Malinda Moore +children
5) Mary Jane Kirkpatrick 1831OH-1915OH m.1861OH Thomas A Gordon (farmer)
6) Adeline Kirkpatrick 1833OH-1894OH m.1873OH Kersey Kirk (farmer) +children
7) Sarah Kirkpatrick 1835OH-1925OH m.1859OH William Hays (farmer) +children
8) Elizabeth Kirkpatrick 1837OH-1917OH m.1862OH Wilson Elliott Wallace (farmer) -No Children
9) John Kirkpatrick 1839OH-1845OH died at 5 years of age.
10) Nancy Kirkpatrick 1841OH-1878KS m.1863OH Sylvester Brokaw (farmer) +children
11) Margaret Kirkpatrick 1844OH-1926OH m.1871OH Perry Allen Hays (farmer) +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No


Martha was born 4 May 1804 in Harrison County, Ohio. At the age of 18 she married James Long with whom she had 7 children. They moved to Steuben County, Indiana sometime before Martha’s death on 16 Dec 1836 at the age of 32. Widower James Long remarried soon afterward to Sarah Reynolds by whom he had 3 additional daughters and 4 sons (not listed here). James died on 27 July 1857.
1) Jane C Long 1825OH-1855IN m.1843IN Rufus Long (farmer) +children
2) Robert E Long 1827OH-1863IN (farmer) m1.1854 Susannah Thompson, m2.abt.1858 Louisa P (MNU) +children
3) John C Long 1829OH-1872IN m.1850OH Elizabeth VanVliet / Vanfleet +children
4) Elizabeth Long 1831OH-1833 died in early childhood.
5) Martha A Long 1832OH-1864IN m.1850IN Giles Thompson Abbey (miller) +children
6) Benajah Boardman Long 1833OH-1904CA (liveryman/farmer) m1.1849 Orsavilla C Clark, m2.1887IN Olive Alice Beard +chidlren
7) Mary C Long 1834OH-1837OH died in early childhood.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No


The youngest of the bunch, Josiah Guthrie was born on 27 August 1808 in Deersville, Harrison, Ohio. He married Rachel Myers in Tuscarawas on 6 May 1830 when he was 21. Their family was listed in Tuscarawas in 1830, and in Harrison in 1840. Josiah was a farmer. He and Rachel were parents to 7 children. He died at only 49 years of age on 18 Jan 1858. After his death Rachel lived with her unmarried children in New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas in 1870, and later with her daughter Martha Jane (Guthrie) Wardell and family. Rachel died in 1881.
1) Michael M Guthrie 1833OH-1902OH (carpenter) m.1863OH Martha J Hines -no children
2) Joseph Huffman Guthrie 1834OH-Aft.1880OH or aft.1907CA (carpenter) m.1873 Tabitha/Telitha ‘Lida’ Myers – unk children
3) Martha Jane Guthrie 1836OH-1911OH m.1873OH Josia Wardell (farmer) +children
4) David B Guthrie 1838OH-1915OH (carpenter) m.1871KS Elizabeth Etherington +children
5) Elizabeth Ann Guthrie 1841OH-1841OH died in her infancy.
6) John W Guthrie 1844OH-1934OH (carpenter) m1.1868OH Louisa Fry, m2.1879OH Elizabeth Sarah Titus +children
7) George Washington Guthrie 1847OH-1921OH (laborer/RR-carpenter) m.1874OH Harriet J Rogers +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: No


FAMILY FOCUS @ GUTHRIE-GENEALOGY: Robert Guthrie & Elizabeth Jane Caldwell

BOOK: Guthrie, Steve. ‘ Robert Guthrie & Jane Elizabeth Caldwell. Also Included: My research notes on James Guthrie & Miss Bussell…the supposed parents of Robert Guthrie‘ Digital Repository: FamilySearch. Note that this edition can only be viewed at the Family History Library or one of the Family History Centers.

BOOK: Guthrie, Steve. ‘My Guthrie Family: (from Pennsylvania to San Diego), Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Digital Repository: FamilySearch.

WEBSITE: Genealogy.com. Dear Cousin George: Information About Adam Figley

OBITUARY of NANCY C (GUTHRIE) MOORE: The Brookville Democrat (Brookville, Indiana), 29 Nov 1900. Digital Repository: Newspapers.com

BOOK: Guthrie, Laurence R., ‘American Guthrie and allied families : lineal representations of the colonial Guthries of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North and South Carolina, some post-revolutionary emigrants and of some allied families.’ Chambersburg, Pa.: Kerr Print. Co., c1933, Digital Repository: Ancestry.com
See: Robert Guthrie and Elizabeth Jane Caldwell Family, p252
See Allied Families: The Lyanses (Family of Robert Caldwell Guthrie & Jane Cunningham’s daughter Rebecca A. Guthrie who married Thomas Lyans), p561

BOOK: Kirkpatrick, R. (2003). Hugh Kirkpatrick I 1697-1768, His Brother John, 1687-1772, and All Known Descendants of Hugh Kirkpatrick II, 1734-1810: A Revolutionary War Veteran. United States: RonKirk Pub.. Digital Repository: Google Books. (See pp.30, 36, 39 for Guthrie-Caldwell family references.)


STATUS: Genetic Mismatch
One Y-DNA test represents the descendants of the Guthrie-Caldwell family. Results do not match any of the established Guthrie Family Groups.

Guthrie Family Group: GFG2C
Group Designation: GFG2C

Haplogroup: I-M253
Confirmed Haplogroup: No

Y-DNA Kits:
Kit 320661 (+FF)

Robert Guthrie/Elizabeth Jane Caldwell > William Guthrie/Eleanor Evans > Francis E Guthrie/Matilda Stuart (2xGGP)

Kit 929316 (+FF)
Robert Guthrie/Elizabeth Jane Caldwell > David Guthrie/Margaret Moore > Joseph Gordon Guthrie/Sarah Jack (GGP)

Family Finder/Autosomal DNA Kits:
Kit 23890
Robert Guthrie/Elizabeth Jane Caldwell > William Guthrie/Eleanor Evans > Lydia Guthrie/James G Crawford > William M Crawford/Mary Jane Swanger (2xGGP)

Kit 105057
Robert Guthrie/Elizabeth Jane Caldwell > David Guthrie/Mary Ann Kirkpatrick > Elizabeth Guthrie/John Connell Moss (2xGGP)

Kit 216257
Robert Guthrie/Elizabeth Jane Caldwell > Mary Guthrie/Timothy Titus > William S Titus/Elizabeth Niesz (2xGGP)

Kit 222038
Robert Guthrie/Elizabeth Jane Caldwell > Margaret Guthrie/Robert Thomas Finney > Joseph Finney/Elizabeth Brownlee > James W Finney/America Spears (2xGGP)

Kit 263188
Robert Guthrie/Elizabeth Jane Caldwell > Margaret Guthrie/Robert Thomas Finney > Thomas D Finney/Susannah Cockerel (2xGGP)

Kit 287172
Robert Guthrie/Elizabeth Jane Caldwell > Margaret Guthrie/Robert Thomas Finney > Thomas D Finney/Susannah Cockerel > Sarah Jane Finney/Leander R Stocker (2GGP)

Kit 458935
Robert Guthrie/Elizabeth Jane Caldwell > William Guthrie/Eleanor Evans > Robert David Guthrie/Rebecca Henry > Elizabeth Jane Guthrie/Charles Wesley Eames (2xGGP)

Kit 890780
Robert Guthrie/Elizabeth Jane Caldwell > William Guthrie/Eleanor Evans > Nathaniel South Guthrie/Sarah S Turbett (GGP)

Kit 893003
Robert Guthrie/Elizabeth Jane Caldwell > William Guthrie/Eleanor Evans > Nathaniel South Guthrie/Sarah S Turbett (2xGGP)

Kit B77338
Robert Guthrie/Elizabeth Jane Caldwell > William Guthrie/Eleanor Evans > Robert David Guthrie/Rebecca Henry > Elizabeth Jane Guthrie/Charles Wesley Eames (2xGGP)

Kit B98825
Robert Guthrie/Elizabeth Jane Caldwell > William Guthrie/Eleanor Evans > Robert David Guthrie/Rebecca Henry > Elizabeth Jane Guthrie/Charles Wesley Eames (2xGGP)

Kit B534662
Robert Guthrie/Elizabeth Jane Caldwell > William Guthrie/Eleanor Evans > Francis E Guthrie/Matilda Stuart > William Scott Guthrie/Martha Newell (2xGGP)

Robert Guthrie/Elizabeth Jane Caldwell > Joseph Guthrie/Nancy Turbett > Mary Ann Guthrie/Samuel H Raub (2xGGP)

2022 Update: The most common surname match at the Y67-marker level is TODD, however that match appears to be a distant one as most have at least 5 genetic difference at that level. Most that match at that level no longer match at the Y111 level of testing. The closest match at Y111 is to a man of the SMITH surname descending from Robert Smith b1653 in Rotterdam, South Holland, but he also has a 10-step genetic difference. This group must continue to wait and watch for new genetic matches.