4-A: Susannah Guthrey

Guthrie Family Group 4 – Branch A
Susannah Guthrey 1736VA – 1824KY and Robert Moore
of King William & Cumberland, Virginia, and Green, Kentucky, USA

Parents: Thomas Guthrey c1717 VA – 1800 VA and Sarah Oakes
Birth: Abt. 1736
Birth Location: Virginia, presumably in St John’s Parish, King William County
Marriage: Unknown, presumably between. 1852 – 1854 in Virginia
Moore Children: 8
Death: 3 June 1824
Death Location: Green County, Kentucky, USA
Burial: Unknown, presumably in Green County, Kentucky, USA

Parents: Robert Moore and Roxanna Warren
Birth: 23 January 1732
Birth Location: Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia
Occupation: Unknown
Death: 26 July 1808
Death Location: Green County, Kentucky, USA
Burial: Unknown, presumably in Green County, Kentucky, USA


As far as is known, Thomas Guthrey was living in St John’s Parish, King William County, Virginia prior to his move to Cumberland County. He leased and then purchased 400 acres on 20 and 23 February 1750. His daughter Susannah would have been about 14 if her 1736 birth year is correct making it likely that her marriage to Robert Moore took place in Cumberland County within 2 – 4 years. No marriage record has been found in either county for a bride of the name Susannah Guthrey.

The marriage date 8 Jan 1759 has been found to be attributed to Robert and Susanna, but this appears to be an error. Transcribed records list the couple for that DOM as Robert Moore and Ann McGee or Ann McGhee. (See FHL Film # 007738534 – IMG 675).

Susannah and Robert Moore were parents to Elizabeth, William, Thomas Guthrie, Lucy, Nancy Sarah, Richard, John G, and Travis Samuel. Upon her father’s death, Susannah inherited her father’s large bible, and the loan of 2 slaves: Violet and Phyllis. Her children were to inherit the slaves, their increase, and/or their worth after Susannah’s death.

Buckingham County, Virginia was established in 1761 from the southeastern portion of Albemarle County lying south of the James River. This couple reportedly settled in the county and remained there at least through 1780 when their youngest son was born. The majority of the online records begin in 1786.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1757 VA – 1843 MO
Spouse: Drusilla Weatherford

William Moore served during the American Revolution as a private in Capt. Patterson and Cabell’s Company, Col. Moran’s Regiment, Virginia Militia. He received a pension starting on 17 October 1833 for his patriotic service. {Fold 3: S16982 Pension Application}. William also served as a corporal in the War of 1812.

According to Kern’s ‘Old Waltons of Virginia’ presentation of the Guthrie Family, Robert & Susannah (Guthery) Moore’s son William Moore was born on 3 Nov 1757 in Buckingham County, Virginia and died 23 February 1843 in Prairie Twp., Jackson County, Missouri. His marriage to Drusilla Weatherford took place in Buckingham County on 24 Feb 1785.

Online trees include a son, Charles born in 1808 NC and died in Arkansas. This appears to be an error as there is no son by that name mentioned in William Moore’s will. All records credited to this individual focus on NC as his birth and marriage place, which is inconsistent with this family’s profile. Another ‘son’ found on family trees is Col. Daniel W Moore, born about 1809 in Kentucky. By 17 years of age he was already in Illinois, married there at 20 in 1829, and was in the Michigan Territory prior to heading to California during the Gold Rush. Again, there is no mention of Daniel in William Moore’s will and no documents found to date connecting him to this family.

Moore Children: 7
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of Female Guthrie
Autosoal DNA Participants: NONE

1.) Jeremiah ‘Robert’ Moore 1789 KY – 1822KY m. Jemima Yeager +children
2.) Elizabeth Moore 1791 VA – Abt. 1860 MO m. Isaac Lemmons +children
3.) John A Moore 1793/94 KY – 1885 MO m. Catharine ‘Katie’ Barlow +children
4.) William Henry Moore 1797KY – 1867CA m1. Mary ”Polly’ Moore +children, m2.Nancy Logan+children, m3. Jane C (Melson) Parker -no children
5.) Travis G. Moore 1800KY – 1851MO m. Edith ‘Edy’ Doss +children
6.) Louise Jane Moore 1803KY – 1883TX m. Thomas Lemmons +children
7.) Martha ‘Patsy’ Weatherford Moore 1811KY – 1855TX m. Thomas S Slaton +children

1760 VA – 1843 IL
Spouse: Edith Trent

Born on 24 January 1760 in Buckingham County, Virginia and died 2 November 1843 in Macoupin County, Illinois.

“Thomas Moore was a slave owner and a tobacco raiser while he lived in Kentucky. In 1832 he and his wife and two sons, Robert and Thomas, and their families came to Macoupin County, Illinois in ox-drawn wagons and settled near what is now Carlinville. They all entered Government land and settled on adjoining farms. They had been preceded in 1829 by their son, John and his family, who settled in Brushy Mound township, Macoupin County, Illinois.

When they came to Illinois they lived in a “Squatter’s Cabin” until they could build a log house. This cabin stood northeast of the present Moore home, and I think one daughter, Nancy was born there in 1833. Soon after they settled here, Edith Trent Moore, the mother died and was buried on the farm they had entered and settled. Thomas Moore, the father died in 1843, and their son Robert, died of Cholera in 1851.

Thomas Moore, Sr. was discharged from the Militia, as unfit for service, on the 4th of October 1790. Claim for pension was filed and allowed. The amount of his pension was $20.00 per year.”
(Source: ‘More Gimlin History’ by David Gimlin. See also: History of Macoupin County, by Charles A Walker)

The names of the children below originated from the Find-a-Grave site. The FHL documents for Illinois are locked online.

Moore Children: 12
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: NONE

1.) Irwin Moore born about 1782 – no further info
2.) Lyon S. Moore born about 1783 – no further info
3.) Henry Moore 1784VA – 1838IL m1. Sarah Shipp +children, m2. Mary Parker
4.) Mary ‘Polly’ Moore 1785VA – 1860IL m. David Gimlin +children
5.) Susannah ‘Susan’ Moore 1788VA-1868TN m. William Mountcastle +children
6.) Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Moore 1789VA – 1849MO m. Samuel gimlin +children
7.) Nancy Moore 1792KY – 1846IL m. Willis Whitworth +children
8.) Thomas Guthrie Moore 1796KY – 1844IL m. Sylvia W Sublett +children
9.) John Trent ‘Zach’ Moore 1798KY – 1835IL m1. Mary A Christman +children, m2. Anne T Shelton +children
10.) Robert Moore 1800KY – 1851IL m1. Mary Brown, m2. Elizabeth Watson Williams +children
11.) Travis Moore 1802KY – 1855IL m1. Unidentified Spouse +children, m2. Nancy Phelps
12.) Edith Moore c1803KY – c1862TX m. Jeremiah Porter Morgan +children

1762 VA – 1843
Spouse: Robert Clark

No data found on this couple.

Clark Children: Unknown
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: NONE

1762 VA – 1850 KY
Spouse (1st): (FNU) Matthews
Spouse (2nd): Andrew Chaudoin

The Kerns book lists her simply as “Sarah Moore”. She was born about 1761 in Virginia and died 25 January 1852 in Summersville, Green, Kentucky. Her marriage to Andrew Chaudoin took place on 20 December 1786.

The following transcription of the Chaudoin-Moore marriage bond was found on Ancestry originally posted by Javier Maffucci including a notation that he believes people have a misconception about the relationship of John Wheeler to Andrew’s bride. Some online trees list her maiden name as Wheeler rather than Moore. He reminds readers that bondsmen were not always relatives, but also that there are other clues that Sarah was a Moore by birth. One of Andrew and Sarah’s children was named “Thomas Guthrie” after her grandfather. He also claims that Robert Moore “mentioned his daughter Sarah married to Andrew Chaudoin”, but this copy of the will does not name all of his children.

Know all men by these presents that we Andrew Chaudoin and John Wheeler are held and firmly bound unto the Governor and Council of the Commonwealth of Virginia and their successors in the sum of fifty pounds current money, to which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves, our heirs (___________) firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated the 20th day of December 1786. Whenever a marriage is shortly intended to be had and solemnized between the above bound Andrew Chaudoin and Sarah Matthews (widow). Now the consideration of the above obligation is such that if there be no lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage then the above obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and value.
S/ Andrew Chaudoin (Seal)
S/ John Wheeler (Seal)
T/Copy Teste Rolfe Eldridge CBC

This couple lived in Summersville, Green, Kentucky. Uncertain if there were any Matthews children, or if they simply assumed the Chaudoin surname. Andrew Chaudoin was a Revolutionary War Soldier. (Fold3: Rev. War Widow’s Pension Record W.2918 – 29 Images). Sarah was granted a pension commencing on 23 May 1845. She died 25 January 1852 in Green County, Kentucky.

Matthews Children: None Known
Chaudoin Children: 9
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: NONE

1.) Elizabeth Chaudoin 1789VA – 1845KY m. David Druin +children
2.) John W Chaudoin 1791VA – 1860KY m1. Rachel VanCleve +children, m2. Mildred Buchanan, m3. Rachel Slayton
3.) David Chaudoin 1793VA – 1846KY m. Sally Clark +children
4.) Thomas Guthrie Chaudoin 1795VA – 1879KY m1. Martha Anna Penick +children, m2. Elizabeth Carr +children, m3. Luana Shoffner
5.) Samuel Chaudoin 1796KY – 1872KY m. Nancy (MNU) +children
6.) Susan M Chaudoin 1797KY-1875KY m. Andrew M Chaudoin (s/o/ John & Sally (Wilkerson) Chaudoin) +children?
7.) Cynthia Jane Chaudoin 1798KY – 1875KY m1. John Thomas Skaggs +children, m2. John William Philpot +children
8.) Andrew Chaudoin 1804KY – 1859KY m. Sarah M Penick +children
9.) Catharine Chaudoin 1806KY – 1855KY m.1 William Druin – children?, m2. Samuel Marr +children

Abt. 1770 VA – Aft. 1850 MO
Spouse: Richard James Walker

There appears to be a lot of conflicting data out there regarding daughter Elizabeth Moore’s identity and spouses. The list of Robert and Susannah’s children is not fully noted in Robert’s will, nor has it been located in original documentation. The current source is Kerns’ ‘Walton’s of Old Virginia‘ and its section on the Guthrie Family. It lists “Elizabeth Moore, born circa 1756, married Richard Walker on Nov. 7, 1792.’

Note the difference in the groom’s names. This DOM would also indicate Elizabeth was about 36 at the time of her marriage. No marriage record found. Sometime between 1780 and 1800, her parents moved the family to Green County, Kentucky. There are several Early Marriages in Green County for women named Elizabeth, Eliza, or Betsy Moore. The most likely candidate based on the reported family names is the marriage of Betsy Moor and Richard James Walker dated 19 October 1798. A consent signed by her father, Robert Moore provides additional evidence, and two brothers signed as witnesses.
Know all men by these presents that we Richard James Walker & John Moor are held and firmly bound unto James Garrard Esqr. Governor of Kentucky in the Sum of £50 for which payment will and truly to be made to the said governor and his successor. We bind ourselves our heirs & c Join honorable formly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated this 19th day of October 1798. The condition is such that whereas a license has been issued for a marriage is (smudged) intended between the above bound Richard James Walker and Betsy Moore Now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage then this be void else to remain in full force. Teste. James Allen. Signed & Sealed by Richard J Walker and John Moore.” (FHL Film #007721359 – IMG 396) AND (IMG 395) “I hereby certify that I am willing for a license to Issue for a marriage intended between my daughter Betsy Moor & Richard James Walker given under my hand and seal this 19th day of Oct. 1798.. Signed: Robert Moore. Teste: John Moore, Richard Moore.

Find-a-Grave indicates that Richard J Walker was born 17 August 1769, probably in Augusta County, Virginia. Residences included Kentucky, Tennessee, and Johnson County, Illinois prior to mirating to Texas County, Missouri in 1852 where he died in 1856. Sons Charles and Norvel also moved there, and Richard and Elizabeth are buried on what was then Charles’ farm. The memorial page for Elizabeth estimates her DOB as 1775, much later than the 1756 DOB given by Kerns in ‘Waltons of Old Virginia’. There is no data on the shared Walker stone to indicate her age or DOB., but it would explain why her father was required to provide consent for the marriage. According to the 1850 census, she was born about 1770. The memorial page does include an error by stating that Elizabeth was previously married to George Moody. That Elizabeth (now MNU) was first married to William Walker, and secondly to George Moody, the relationships being described in Green, KY probate records:

KY Wills and Probate Records (Ancestry)
Will of William Walker – Written: 30 Nov 1801 – Probated 17 May 1802 – Green, KY – page 17
My wife Elizabeth, and Luke Ford, executors
My two children: Thomas and Nancy
My son, Jeremiah
Witnesses: John Brunt, David Aon, and Joshua Brunt

Will of Nancy Walker – Written 23 April 1817 – Probated 28 July 1817 (Ancestry) also (Ancestry)
My step-father, George Moody
My sister, Mahala Walker
My mother, Elizabeth Moody
Elias Barbee and John Rodgers, Sr, Executors
Witnesses: John H Lively, Elizabeth Bass and Simon Cowherd

Note that this other Walker-Moody family is the source of the 1817 DOD that shows up on trees for Elizabeth Moore as their Elizabeth apparently died after or about the 1817 DOD of her daughter Nancy.

In order to determine more information about Richard James and Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ (Moore) Walker we can look at the census records and attempt to trace them back to Kentucky. The 1850 census lists the family in Johnson County, Illinois. Richard and Elizabeth, both listed as 80, are living with their son, Charles Walker, 44, and his family. Next door is the household of another son, Norvil, 40, and his family. The next page of the census lists two more Walker households: Richard J, 27, and William H, 23. The latter two are grandsons via son William..

The 1840 census of Johnson, Illinois lists the Richard Walker household (transcribed as Richard S Wallen):
1M and 1F 60-69, 1F 20-29. They are listed next to the Charles Walker household.

There are six census entries in 1830 Kentucky for men named Richard Walker. He should be in the 60-69 age category being about 61 at the time. The only record with a male in that category is Richard Walker of Bracken County. Other household members include: 1F 40-59 (1781-1790), 1M and 1F 15-19 (1811-1815), 1F 10-14 (1816-1820).

Online trees also vary in the identity of the children for Richard James Walker, sometimes attributing them to a different wife. He is credited as being the father of Elisha Walker, born in 1788, and John Walker, born in 1789. If so, both are likely to be born to a different spouse as his marriage to Betsy Moore did not occur until 1798 in Green, KY. The first child likely to be born to Betsy Moore is William Walker in 1799. His marriage took place in Green, KY in 1818, so the family were still likely to be located there at the time.

Illinois Court, Land & Property, and Probate Records are locked online at Family Search

Walker Children: 4 (possibly more)
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: NONE

1.) William Walker 1799KY-1876IL m1. Sally Dewitt +children, m2. Deborah Murray +children
2.) Charles Walker 1806KY-1867IL m. Elizabeth Park +children
3.) Norvel Walker 1809 KY-1892MO m1. Jane Robertson +children, m2. Margaret Ann Sanders +children
4.) Betsey Walker 1811-20KY m. Jeptha Wise – children unknown

1770 VA – 1825 KY
Spouse: Margaret Mussen

Richard Moore was born in Buckingham County, Virginia about 1770. He served as a private during the Revolutionary War in the Virginia Militia. He married Margaret Mussen on 29 October 1798 in Washington, Kentucky, where they remained through the 1810 census. This couple is credited with six sons and one daughter, Richard Moore died on 15 Oct 1825 in Washington, KY. His widow remarried to John Lake on 10 Sep 1827.

Moore Children: 7
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: NONE

1.) James Moore 1800KY – 1854KY m. Betsie Vessells +children
2.) Jane Hawkins Moore 1801KY – 1860IL m. William R. Webb +children
3.) John W Moore 1804KY – 1859KY m. Mary Ann Hardesty +children
4.) Evan Green Moore 1804KY – 1863KY m. Mary Lucinda ‘Polly’ Woldford +children
5.) Alexander Moore 1808KY – 1876KY m. Lucinda Wise +children
6.) Travis Moore 1811KY – 1861KY – unmarried – Union Army – private 1st Regiment KY Cavalry
7.) George Washington Moore 1813KY – 1893KY m. Elizabeth Livers +children

1778 – 1832 MO
Spouse: Nancy Carlisle

On 1 December 1803, John G Moore married Nancy Carlisle in Green County, Kentucky. Their children were born in Kentucky between 1805 and 1821. By 1830, they had settled in Pike County, Missouri. John died there on 5 April 1832. Nancy survived him by 34 years.

Sources for children are online trees. No documented connections to parents found. They remain unverified.

Moore Children: 7
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: NONE

1,) Elizabeth Moore 1805KY – 1850MO m. John Jordan Turnpin +child
2.) Amanda Malvina Moore 1807KY – 1864-65MO – No further info
3.) Joseph Moore 1810KY – ???? – No further info
4.) Benjamin Buford Moore 1815KY – 1888MO m. Harriet Jane Pierce +children
5.) Rachel C Moore 1819KY – ???? – No further info
6.) Joshua C Moore 1820KY – 1886MO m. Sophronia Emily Yates +children
7.) Susanna G Moore 1812KY – ???? – No further info

1780 VA – 1852 MO
Spouse: Sally Mitchell

Travis was born in Buckingham County, Virginia on 31 August 1780. He married Sally Mitchell on 23 July 1803 in Green County, Kentucky. Travis died 19 July 1852 in Monroe County, Missouri.

Moore Children: 11
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: NONE

1.) Augustus G Moore 1806KY-1868MO m. Catherine Matier +children
2.) Robert Moore 1808KY-1882CA m. Lucilla Sproul +children
3.) Nancy Finley Moore 1810KY-1884MO m. William Callison +children
4.) Elizabeth Sophronia Moore 1812KY-1891MO m. James G Woods +children
5.) James Calvery Moore 1815KY-1877KS m. Delia A Mitchell +children
6.) Thomas Coleman Moore 1817KY-1852MO m. Sarah E Fowkes +children
7.) Alexander Philip William Moore 1820KY-1872MO m. Mary Jane Guthrie (GFG2A-Branch B) +children
8.) John Milton Moore 1821KY-1889AR m. Susannah Amanda Duncan +children
9.) Richard Elsy Feris Moore 1823KY-1893CA m Hannah A Davis +children
10.) Sarah Susan Moore 1825KY-1917MO m1.Simeon Sparks, m2. John M Hamilton +children
11.) Mary Jane Moore 1827MO-1913TX m. James G Scott +children


DOCUMENTS: Kentucky Tax Lists, 1799 – 1801 (Ancestry.com)
Moore, Robert – Green County – Tax List Date: 1800 (compiled data)

BOOK: Wright, Barbara (1986) ‘Green County, Kentucky Will Records‘ McDowall Publications, utica, Kentucky, USA. (Digital Repository: Family Search)
p.6: Will of Robert Moore (Excerpt), Page 40-41, 29 July 1808, Wife: Susannah; Negro man and woman, Lucy and her increase; Son: Thomas Moore; Excruciatingly., John Moore. Witnesses: William Moore, Richard Walker and Guthry Moore.
p.27: Inventory of Robert Moore, Page 121-122, August 1808; Appraisers: Jesse Mills, Nicholas M Anderson, Pouncy Anderson; Negroes: Phil and Lucy.

DOCUMENTS: Wills and Inventories, 1794 – 1959 (Digital Repository: Family Search)
(Digital Images) Wills and Inventories, Volumes 1 – 4 1794 – 1901, FHL Film 004819635
Volume 1, Page 40 – 41: The Last Will and Testament of Robert Moore, 29 July 1808 – IMG 20 of 830
Volume 1, Page 121-122. Robert Moore Inventory – August Court 1808 – IMG 134 and 135 of 830.

Letter M Surnames IMG 157IMG 189

Court Orders, v. 1, 4 1794 – 1814

No Index for Volume 1 – 1794 – 1804 – about 160 images
No Volume 2
No Volume 3
Volume 4 – Letter M Index – IMG 176
Court Orders, v 5 – 6 1817-1823

Volume 5 – 1817-1820 – Letter M Index – IMG 10
Volume 6 – 1820-1823 – Letter M Index – IMG 292
Court Orders, v. 7 – 9, 1823 – 1832

Volume 7 – 1823-1827 – Letter M Index – IMG 10 and IMG 11
Moore, Robert Estate vs Higgansone and Winston – Page 14, Page 45, Page 106, and Page 178
Volume 8 – 1827-1829 – Letter M Index – IMG 273
Volume 9 – 1829-1832 – Letter M Index – IMG 505


Marriage Bond
19 Oct 1798 – Green County, KY
Consent for Marriage

DOCUMENTS: Illinois Court, Land & Property, and Probate Records are locked online at Family Search

WEBSITE: Johnson County Illinois GenWeb – Early Land Sales – W Entries
Name of Purchaser ~ Legal Description-Section-Township-Range * Date Purchased
WALKER RICHARD ~ NESE-01-13S-03E * 07/29/1852
WALKER RICHARD J ~ SWSE-01-13S-03E * 10/02/1852
WALKER RICHARD J ~ SESE-01-13S-03E * 07/19/1855

WEBSITE: Johnson County Illinois GenWeb – 1925 Biography – William Walker

DOCUMENTS: Texas County, Court, Land & Property, and Probate Records are locked online at Family Search.

BIOGRAPHICAL PROFILE: Patriot William Moore, Jackson County, Missouri 1757 – 1843
Harry S Truman Chapter – Missouri Society of the Sons of the American Revolution – Febrary 2012

BOOK: Maffucci Moore, Javier Leandro (2022). ‘The Moores: An American Family in Argentina‘ Translation by Patricia Dalla Fontana Moore. (Digital Repository: Google Books)
Chapter: War and Revolution – William Moore and Drusilla Weatherford

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