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My parents often used to remind me of this little fact. I’d love to say that I own a Money Tree Farm, but alas I do not. Hobbies can be expensive, and that certainly applies to those of us who love genealogy. In the old days it involved travel to libraries, and graveyards, and filling our suitcases with stacks of xeroxed papers. These days, we still get to do all of that, hopefully while killing fewer trees in the process, but adding on DNA testing to the mix.


All of the big companies have sales events throughout the year that may include awesome savings. Know the type of DNA test you plan to purchase and wait for the next major holiday sales event.

How do you justify the expense of DNA tests while on a budget? You just do, says the obsessed genealogy nut in my head. That’s not always practical, so we must look for other options.


If you and your extended family love genealogy and you’re interested in DNA testing, consider Autosomal DNA gifts. If you are eligible for Y-DNA testing (as a Guthrie male) or have finally tracked down an elusive cousin who is eligible for the Y-DNA test, consider sponsoring that test either as an individual or by pooling resources. One Y-DNA test can be worth a hundred Autosomal Tests when it comes to determining your Guthrie Family Group.


Every Surname Project at FTDNA includes the option for Group Funds to be used in order to purchase tests or upgrades. Project members or the public can donate directly to the group fund. The money goes directly to FTDNA and is banked there until accessed by group admins for the purposes designated by the donor. Donations can be made in general to be used at the discretion of the administrator, or may be made for a specific purpose, such as buying a DNA test for an individual, or for DNA testing for a specific lineage. Multiple parties wanting to sponsor an individual’s test can donate to the group fund, and the administrator will complete the purchase on behalf of the party being tested.


Keeping in mind the whole ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ scenario at the top of the page, our resources are limited to the generosity of individual members. Sponsorships are generally for the more expensive, but also more conclusive Y-DNA tests. If you truly cannot afford a Y-DNA test, but are a qualified candidate, especially for one of our Ungrouped Lineages, we can ask for a sponsor or sponsors to cover the cost of a basic Y-DNA test.

The Guthrie DNA Project has a ‘Most Wanted Y-DNA List’ for descendants of specific lineages. You must be a male Guthrie descendant of the line (and possibly a specific branch of the line) in order to be eligible.


Abner Guthrie & Esther Royal
{Sons: John Wallace, William Henry, Joseph Royal, Abner Parker}

– We currently have no Y-DNA representation for this Guthrie line.

Adam Guthrie (1762IRE-1826KY) & Joanna ‘Hannah’ Polke
{Sons: Edmund, James, John Berry}
Note: Adam was the only son of James Guthrie and Elizabeth Dunlap who died at sea in 1774 on the way to Virginia.

– We currently have no Y-DNA representation for this Guthrie line.

Frederick Guthrie (c1763-c1848) & Mary ‘Mollie’ Louallen
{Sons: Jonathan, Matthew, Samuel, Joseph, Edmund, Ephraim}

– We currently have no Y-DNA representation of this Guthrie line.

James Guthrie (1807SCT-1852SCT) & Agnes Couperthwaite
{Sons: William, James, Robert, John, Thomas}

– Still need DNA from all sons except William

John Guthrie & Margaret Brown 
{Sons: Robert, William Brown} 

– Still need DNA from descendants of sons Robert and William 

Robert Guthrie (1770-1854) & Jane McGibney (1774-1848) 
{Sons James, Robert, Thomas, George, William, Archibald}

– Still need DNA from a descendant of any son except Thomas

Samuel Guthrie (d.1746 DE) & Mary____ 
{Sons: Adam, Robert, Samuel}

– Still need DNA from a descendant of sons Adam, Robert, and Samuel (see below) 

Samuel Guthrie (d.1778) & Margaret Knox 
{Sons: James, Robert, Samuel, William}

– Still need DNA from a descendant of Robert, Samuel (see below), or William

Samuel Guthrie (d.1826) & Susannah Edwards 
{Sons: John, Samuel, William} 

– Still need DNA from a descendant of John, Samuel or William 

Thomas Guthrie (1744PA-1837KY) & Mildred Howell
{Sons: Thomas, John, James, William, Robert, Caleb}

– Still need DNA from all sons except Thomas

There are dozens if not hundreds of other Guthrie Family Lineages designated as Ungrouped Guthrie Families. If you are a male Guthrie who descends from one of these lines, please consider Y-DNA testing. Ask about sponsorship or group funding options if necessary.


  1. I believe I may be a directed descendant of James. I was born and raised near Huron, NY. Great Grandfather William J Guthrie. Happy to assist with a DNA sample.

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