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The Burrows family of Australia has known about the existence of their biological Guthrie origins through family lore and by the common use of the name Guthrie given by their immigrant ancestor to his children. In the book, General of God’s Army, the Authorized Biography of Eva Burrows, a descendant of the Guthrie-Burrows family who was an educator, advocate of women and the poor, preacher, and the elected general and world leader of the Salvation Army, we learn that her “great-great grandfather was a descendant of the Guthrie clan in Scotland. When he died his wife remarried and the children took the new family name, Burrows.” As with most family stories the facts fade or become embellished over time. One version of the tale indicated that the ancestor was from Dundee, Angus, Scotland. Another that he hailed from Castle Guthrie.

Curiosity remains about their Guthrie ancestry, and so the family has now turned to Y-DNA and Autosomal DNA testing to determine if there is any truth to those Guthrie origins. Direct paternal line (Y-DNA) testing has revealed a genetic match to Guthrie Family Group 7, which conclusively proves that the family legends are true. They definitely have biological Guthrie ancestors in their direct paternal line. However, their specific origins are probably not associated with the more romanticized version of their family story wherein a servant girl and a castle lad fall in love. Guthrie Family Group 7 is not genetically related to the group most likely to be associated with the builders of Castle Guthrie. Guthrie Family Group 1A shares a YDNA profile with a direct line male descendant of the Guthries of Craigie (Angus), who in turn are lineally related to the Guthries of Guthrie and family of Guthrie Castle. There is a second Australian branch matching GFG7 that traces its roots back to Ayrshire, and so it is there that we are most likely to locate the ancestral origins of the Guthrie-Burrows line.

The family identifies their earliest known ancestor as Kate Symonds, born in England about 1865, who was reportedly working as a servant in Scotland when she met and married their unknown Guthrie ancestor. They claim the couple had 2 sons: Robert John and William James, the elder son being their direct line ancestor. Mr Guthrie apparently died, and Kate was said to have remarried a tailor by the name of Burrows. The boys took on the Burrows name, too. Kate’s husband was accosted by hoodlums on the streets of London. His death may have occurred about 1903 or not until 1911-12 depending on the version of the tale. About 1914, the son Robert John Burrows boarded a ship with a friend and headed for Australia.

The truth appears to be a little more complicated.

Records searches initially turned up not just one, but two families for Kate headed by men of the Burrows name. Kate’s first marriage was to a William Charles Henry Montague Burrows. I found no record documenting a legal marriage for Kate to a Guthrie either in Scotland or England. Nor did I find a record for Kate marrying Robert John Burrows, a tailor, who is listed later as her husband. Note that this husband has the exact name as their son ‘Robert John’ who was reportedly born a Guthrie. Coincidence? I think not.

Taking a deeper dive into the family records, I think I have cracked the case of this family mystery.

Exactly as the DNA suggests, the trail begins in Ayrshire, Scotland with the family of John Guthrie, a Van Man (Driver) who was born in Moulton, Ayrshire. He and his wife Elizabeth McCartney are documented in the 1881 census of Kilmarnock with their family, including a son named Robert Guthrie, a tailor. By 1888, Robert Guthrie made his way to London, England and married. . . not Kate, but her older sister, Florence Maud Symonds. The marriage record lists his father as John Guthrie, a Van Driver. At the time, Florence was a widow with two young children, Frederick and Kate Emily.

During this period, Kate Symonds married William Charles Henry Montague Burrows, and had 3 children with him prior to his presumed death before 1896. I am uncertain whether Florence died or if her marriage to Robert Guthrie ended in divorce. No documentation found either way. Soon afterward, Robert Guthrie and presumed widow Kate Burrows became involved. This may have been considered scandalous as they were in-laws. There had also been a tragic event on the Guthrie side back in 1891 when John Guthrie’s death by hanging was ruled a suicide. Either of these reasons may have prompted Robert Guthrie to alter his identity by taking on the Burrows name. There is little to no window of opportunity for Kate to become widowed, go to Scotland, meet and marry an Unknown Guthrie, have 2 more children in 1896 and 1897, return to England, and remarry another Burrows in the time available, especially when she already had 3 other children in tow.

Son William James was born in Dec 1897. When it was time for his baptism a month later, ‘Robert & Kate Burrowes’ also baptized their older son Robert John. During the 1901 census, almost the whole family is identified using their middle names. Robert is listed as John, Kate is listed as Sarah, Martha is listed as Gertrude, Henry is listed as Monty, Frances is listed as Emma, Robert is listed as John, and then William and Kate are listed as William and Kate. Son Edward was not yet born. Robert Guthrie aka Burrows died sometime during the next 10 years. Son Robert John (Guthrie) Burrows went to Australia and named his children Guthrie Burrows. Son William James appears to have dropped the Burrows name altogether and continued his adult life as William James Guthrie. His marriage record identifies his father as Robert Guthrie, a tailor.

If this theory on the identity of Kate Symonds’ Guthrie spouse is correct, a dive through the Church Registers, Statutory Registers, and Census Returns at ScotlandsPeople allows the start of a lengthly trail of Ayrshire ancestors.

Gen1: John Guthrie b.1720-30 SCT – d.1769 Prestwick, Ayrshire, Scotland (baillie) & Jane (or Jean) Dunlop
Gen2: Robert Guthrie b.1760-d.aft.1841SCT (farmer) & Barbara Brown m. 28 Mar 1790 Craigie by Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
Gen3: Robert Guthrie 1800SCT-1881SCT (ploughman) & Mary Murdoch (no marriage record found)
Gen4: John Guthrie 1842SCT-1891SCT (ploughman) / brewer’s van driver) & Elizabeth McCartney m. 21 Nov 1862 in Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland
Gen5: Robert Guthrie c1862SCT-1911/2ENG (tailor) & Kate Symonds (no marriage record found)

Mary Murdock was the daughter of Peter Murdoch, coachman, and Catharine Brown.
Elizabeth McCartney was the daughter of John McCartney, agricultural laborer, and Mary Miller

The 1841 census of Monkton & Prestwick lists Robert Guthrie as 81 years of age indicating that he was born about 1860. The most likely birth record found in the OPR not only for Ayrshire, but all of Scotland is Robert Guttry born to John Guttry, a bailee in Preswick, in 1760.

Robert Guttry son to Baylie John Guttry in Preswick was baptized upon ye 21st day of Sep 1760 before these witnesses John Bryan bankside & Baylie David Boyd in Preswick.

A bailie or baillie is a civic officer in the local government of Scotland. The position arose in the burghs, where bailies formerly held a post similar to that of an alderman or magistrate (see bailiff).


Parents: William Symonds & Emma Dewson
Born: Jan-Feb-Mar 1865
Location: Eton, Buckinghamshire, England
Occupation: Servant / Tailoress
Marriage #1: William Charles Henry Montague Burrows on 14 April 1889 at St Martin-in-the-Fields, London, Westminster, England.
Burrows Children: Martha Gertrude Burrows (1890), Henry Montague Burrows (1892), Frances Emma Burrows (1893)
Marriage #2: Robert John Guthrie aka Burrows
Guthrie/Burrows Children: Robert John Guthrie (1896) later Burrows, William James Guthrie (1897) later Burrows, Kate Burrows (1899), Edward Stephen Burrows (1901)
Death: After 1911
Death Location: England, presumably
Burial Location: England, presumably
Notes: Kate Symonds was the daughter of a tailor, William Symons and his wife Emma Dewson who worked as a tailoress. They had married on 19 Feb 1860 in Wolverhampton, Stafford, England and had at least 8 children born between 1861 – 1877, namely Florence, Kate, William John, Harriet, John Henry, Martha, Clara and Joseph. William died between 1877-1886 and the widow Emma married James Younger, a gardener, on 6 Mar 1887 at Saint Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London, England. Kate was apparently married twice and had 7 children. She worked as a tailoress. During her 40s she was a widow yet again. Did she remarry? No documents found that can be clearly attributed to this woman. A Kate Burrows was admitted to the Workhouse on 25 Aug 1915 at Westminster, Marylebone, London, England, which could have been either this Kate or her daughter by the same name.

Parents: William Burrows
Born: Abt. 1864
Location: Dudley, Worcestershire, England
Occupations: Warehouseman, Tea Grocer, Door Porter, Comedian
Death: 1893-1896
Death Location: England, presumably
Burial Location: Unknown
Notes: William Charles Henry Montague Burrows had quite a name. The use of multiple given names seems to be a trend for this family and was perhaps a popular trend at the time. His father was also a William Burrows, who was working as a Fish Salesman at the time of his son’s marriage to Kate Symonds. William apparently took on multiple types of work to remain employed. He completed a Short Service Army term as a Private in the Coldsbracum Guards, signing up on 12 Jul 1881 and being discharged on 7 Jul 1893.His death is presumed to be prior to the 1896 birth of Kate’s first son with her Guthrie spouse. There is a William Burrows death in 1896 with a burial on 10 Aug 1896 in London, England at St Marylebone Cemetery. There is also a Charles William Burrows buried on 7 Oct 1896 in the same location. Both of these seem slightly too late considering the DOB of Robert John.

Parents: John Guthrie (Ploughman / Brewer’s Van Driver) and Elizabeth McCartney
Born: 9 Dec 1862 at 5AM
Location: Loudonston, Ochiltree, Ayrshire, Scotland
Occupation: Tailor
Death: Abt. 1903 or Abt. 1911-12
Death Location: London, England
Burial Location: Unknown, presumably in London, England
Notes: We know that the father of Robert John Guthrie Burrows, born in 1896, was biologically a Guthrie on his direct paternal line. The family lore tells us that Kate married a Guthrie and that her Guthrie children assumed the Burrows surname when she remarried a Burrows. It does not take into account that Kate was already a Burrows by marriage and had other Burrows children. No marriage record has been found for Kate Symonds Burrows to a man of the Guthrie surname in either Scotland or England. No birth records have been found under the name Guthrie for the children to date. Baptismal records for sons Robert John and William James in St Marylebone, Westminster, London, England on 19 Jan 1898 for parents Robert & Kate Burrowes make no hint of name changes, yet this is the proof that a name-change did happen at some point since we know that son Robert John is biologically a Guthrie. If Guthrie was a separate individual and not simply Robert Guthrie changing his name to Robert John Burrows, Kate’s Guthrie husband presumably died in 1897 while Kate was already pregnant with son William James, born in Dec 1897, because by Jan of 1898 the two children are being baptized as Burrows. The very short window of opportunity for Kate’s 1st husband’s death, her supposed employment in Scotland, 2nd marriage, birth of 2 more children, the 2nd husband’s death, her return to England and remarriage to a 3rd man seems like a bit of a red flag. The fact that Kate’s sister Florence married a man named Robert Guthrie, a tailor, seems too much of a coincidence. Florence appears to have died around the same time that Kate also became a widow, so it is very likely that Robert and Kate formed a closer attachment. The need for the identity change from Guthrie to Burrows may have to do with the fact that they were in-laws or to distance himself from his Guthrie family. His father died by suicide in 1891, so there may have been other things going on within the family at the time. The family lore tells us that Kate Symonds Guthrie-Burrows’ son by the name Robert John Guthrie-Burrows, born in 1896, was “fatherless from the age of seven when his father was attacked by a gang of hooligans in Fleet Street, London, and died shortly afterwards.” Since the DOB of the son is established, this estimates his father’s death about 1903. I have not found any newspaper entries relating the news of his death. The 1911 census lists Kate Burrows as married rather than as a widow, but there is no spouse listed with her. Another family story indicates that Robert was injured during the attack, and did not die until about 1911-1912. He had an operation in the hospital near Waterloo Bridge, but did not survive.

This number is confirmed by the 1911 census record listing Kate as giving birth to 7 children, all of whom were still living in 1911.

1890 ENG – 1949 ENG
Parents: William C H M Burrows & Kate Symonds

Martha Gertrude Burrows was born on 14 April 1890 and baptized on 18 May 1890 at St John the Evangelist, Lambeth, London, England. William & Kate Burrows were living at 18 Tenison Street, and William worked as a tea grocer. She was enumerated with her parents in the 1891 Census of England. They were still living at the Tenison Street location in Lambeth. Her father died prior to 1896 and her mother Kate remarried. The 1901 census finds her listed in 2 locations. Gertrude Burrows, aged 10, is living in the household of her grandmother, Emma Younger, and other members of the Symonds family, in Kensington, London, England. She is also listed in the household of her parents along with her siblings living at 6 William Street in St Marylebone, Christchurch, London, England. During the 1911 census, Martha Gertrude Burrows, 20, is found working as a Florist Assistant, and living at 341 Harrow Road, Paddington West, in the home of John Charles & Clara Gertrude Creed, listed as a niece. Clara was Kate’s younger sister. Martha Gertrude Burrows married John William Wiffen in Paddington, London, England about July of 1911. They were noted to be living in Glamorgan, Wales in 1937, and back in Lewisham, England two years later. Martha Gertrude (Burrows) Wiffen died in March of 1949 in Lewisham, London, England and was buried 22 March 1949. No children.

1892 ENG –
Parents: William C H M Burrows & Kate Symonds

Henry Montague Burrows was born on 27 June 1892 in Lambeth, London, England and baptized at St John the Evangelist on 21 August 1892. His parents, William and Kate, were still living at 18 Tenison Street. The father died prior to 1896 and his mother remarried. During the 1901 England census, this son is listed as “Monty”. By 1911, Henry Montague Burrows is 19, still single, and living with his once-again widowed mother and siblings. He is working as a Tailor, Trimmer, and Porter. They were living at 2 Presslan St Kensal Road in Paddington, London, England. There is a Death Index listing a Henry M Burrows, 59, birth date 1893, died in Paddington, London 1952, but I am uncertain if it is same person.

This does not appear to be the Henry Montague Burrows, 24, living at 9 Christchurch Residence, Tessori Street, Marylebone, London, England, who was recruited for the Port Police for the duration of WWI. His name is later found on a 1928 list of UK Navy Lieutenant-Commanders. A search through The British Newspaper Archive for Henry Montague Burrows indicated that Lieut.-Comdr. Henry Montagu Burrows, Royal Navy, was the elder son of the late Rev. Montague and Mrs. Burrows, and nephew of the late Bishop of Chichester and Harriet Elizabeth Vaizey.

1893 ENG – 1967 ENG
Parents: William C H M Burrows & Kate Symonds

According to the Civil Birth Registration Index, Frances Emma Burrows was born in the quarter of Oct-Nov-Dec of 1893 in Lambeth, London. William Burrows, now a door porter, and his wife Kate were living at 75 Boston Place when their daughter Frances Emma Burrows was baptized on 3 Oct 1894 in St Marylebone Parish. The 1901 census lists her as Emma Burrows with a birthplace of North Kensington. William had died by that date and his wife remarried. They were living in St Marylebone Parish on 6 William Street. In 1911, Frances Emma Burrows, 17, is working as a servant at the Nearden Golf Club.

There is a marriage listed for a Frances E Burrows in Paddington, London in 1919. There are also Electoral Registers for a Frances E G Burrows in Lambeth England and Norwood and North, England during the 1940s and 1950s with a Death Registration Index for a Frances E G Burrows dated 1967 in Croydon, Greater London. Uncertain if any apply to this woman.

1896 SCT/ENG – 1970 AUS
Parents: Robert Guthrie (later Robert John Burrows) & Kate Symonds

Robert’s DOB is listed on his baptismal record as being 2 March 1896. Two census records in 1901 and 1911 corroborate his age and birth year as 1896. His birthplace is listed in both records as London, England, one of them specifically listing Notting Hill. The passenger manifest of the SS Euripides lists him at age 19 in 1914. Contrarily, Robert reported on his 1918 marriage declaration that he was 25 (born 1893), which might have been done to be closer to Ella’s age of 26 since she was older. His parents are listed on the certificate as Robert John Burrows, Tailor, and Kate Symond.

On 19 Jan 1898, both Robert and his brother William were baptized at St Marylebone, London, England as Robert John Burrows and Willie James Burrowes with parents Robert & Kate Burrowes. Their father Robert John Burrows was “killed by hoodlums on the streets of London leaving him fatherless at the age of seven.” When he was 15 he worked as a “Tricycle Rider”, but soon afterward emigrated to New South Wales, Australia where he married Ella on 20 Feb 1918. Both parents were Salvation Army officers. They led an itinerant lifestyle due to their missionary work. They were parents to 9 children. Ella, who was a few years older than Robert, died first in 1967. Robert died on 29 Jan 1970 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
1. Dorothy Olive Burrows 1914AUS-1969 married Ernest Edward Brown +children
2. Joyce Grace Guthrie Burrows 1919AUS-2001AUS married Joseph Hamilton, married 2nd Henry Ronald Francis Bugler
3. Beverley John Guthrie Burrows 1920AUS-1962AUS married 1st Doreen Ethel Baildon +children, 2nd Ruth Victoria Sweetman +children
4. Robert Bramwell Guthrie Burrows 1920AUS-2007AUS married June (MNU) +children
5. Walter Livingstone Burrows 1921AUS-1972AUS married Helen Grant +children
6. Bramwell Orames Guthrie Burrows 1922AUS-2014AUS married Edna May Street +children
7. Elizabeth Ella Burrows 1928AUS-2010AUS married Leslie James Fitzgerald +children, married James Sutherland
8. Eva Evelyn Burrows 1929AUS-2015AUS. Unmarried.
9. Margaret Emma Guthrie Burrows 1931AUS married William Bramwell Southwell +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: Yes
Our participant with GFG7 YDNA is a direct line male descendant of Robert John Burrows and his wife Ella Maria Watson.

1897 ENG – 19??
Parents: Robert Guthrie (later Robert John Burrows) & Kate Symonds

William James Burrows aka William James Guthrie-Burrows was born on 4 Dec 1897. According to census records the location was London, England. He was baptized under the name William James Burrows on 19 Jan 1898 in St Marylebone, London, England.

It is possible that he dropped the Burrows name and went by the original Guthrie surname. A 1944 photo the family believe is William James is identified on the back as William Guthrie. A 1939 Register for Islington, London, England lists a Guthrie family at 15 Despard Road: William James Guthrie M, born 15 Dec 1897, a journeyman tailor, the wife is listed as Dorothy Jane Guthrie (with added green notes indicating her surname is Stokes and given name Dorothy M Jane, born 3 Jun 1898, unpaid domestic duties, and their son John Stewart Guthrie born 14 Nov 1923, single, grocer’s assistant. Electoral Registers list her as Dorothy Margaret Jane. Records for the son list her maiden name as Collins, leading to the marriage record for William James Guthrie and Dorothy Margaret Janie Collins at Christ Church, St Marylebone, Westminster, England on 9 Jul 1922 and also at St Philips & Chames Church in Leckhampton on 5 August. William James Guthrie’s father is listed on the marriage record as Robert Guthrie. It appears she remarried in 1980 to a George Stokes. Possible that William is the William James Guthrie listed in the England Civil Registration Death Index as Birth: 6 Dec 1897 and Death: Oct 1975 in Hampstead, Greater London.
Children: (If this is the correct man)
1) John Stewart Guthrie 1923ENG-2005ENG married Doris B Hall.

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

1899/1900 ENG – After 1911
Parents: Robert Guthrie (later Robert John Burrows) & Kate Symonds

The only confirmed data on daughter Kate Burrows is during her childhood. The census record list her estimated birth year as 1900 in Waterstock, London, England. The closest Birth Registration Index record I could find was for Jul-Aug-Sep 1899 in Marylebone, London, England. The 1901 England Census lists the family as living in St Marylebone, Christchurch, London, England at 6 William Street. Her father died around 1903 when he was killed by a gang of hoodlums. The 1911 England census shows her mother and siblings living at 2 Pressland Street, Kensal Road in Paddington, London. She was aged 11 and attending school. It is there that I lose track Kate Burrows. Did she marry? There are a few marriage records for women of that name in London, England. None with data specific enough to identify them as being this Kate. A Kate Burrows was admitted to the Workhouse on 25 Aug 1915 at Westminster, Marylebone, London, England, which could have been either Kate the mother or Kate the daughter. Did she die? There are also a few death records for England, but again none specific enough for a confirmed match. One such record is for a Kate Burrows who died April 1917 (born about 1898), aged 19, in Lambeth, Greater London.

1901 ENG – 1971 ENG
Parents: Robert Guthrie (later Robert John Burrows) & Kate Symonds

If there are any male Burrows descendants of Edward Stephen Burrows out there, we might solve the second half of this family mystery. Does Edward’s YDNA profile match other men of the Burrows surname, or is it an exact match for his older brothers Robert John & William James?

Edward Stephen Burrows was born on 30 March 1901 and baptized on 1 May 1901 at St Marylebone, London, England. The parish register lists his parents Robert Burrows and Kate Burrows. His father died when Edward was fairly young, around 1903. He was a school boy during the 1911 census when his mother Kate Burrows and siblings were living at 2 Pressland Street, Kensal Road W, in Paddington, London, England.

There is an Edward Stephen Burrows listed in Electoral Registers for St Pancras, Camden, England in 1929 and 1930. A marriage for Edward S Burrows is listed for the Registration Date of April 1936 in Rockford, Essex, England to Edith M Aspland. This couple is found living at 8 Vincent Crescent, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England in the 1939 England and Wales Register. Edward’s occupation was a Tube Cleaner on the LMS Railway. Living with Edward and Edith was Doris Asplund, 22, presumably his sister-in-law, and a 4th individual whose information is redacted and labelled “This record is officially closed.” I have no further data on the couple between 1939 and Edith’s death in 1964. Edith M Burrows, aged 51, is listed in the England & Wales Civil Registration Death Index for Rochford, Essex, England in the Registration Quarter of Jan-Feb-Mar 1964. He is listed in the England & Wales National Probate Calendar as Edward Stephen Burrows of 8 Vincent Cres Shoeburyness, Essex, death date: 1 Mar 1971, Probate Date 25 Mar 1971m Probate Registry Brighton. £785.


The Symonds Family of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
William Simmons, head, married, male, 20, born 1841, Tailor, Born: Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Emma Simmons, wife, married, female, 19, born 1842, Dressmaker, Born: Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Flora Simmons, daughter, – , female, 0, born 1861, – , Born: Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England

Loudonston, Ochiltree, Ayrshire, Scotland on 9 Dec 1869
Robert Guthrie, born 9 Dec 1869 at 5h 0m AM, Loudonston. Male. Parents: John Guthrie, ploughman, Elizabeth Guthrie m.s. McCartney, m. Nov 1862 in Mauchline, Informant: John Guthrie, father, present. Recorded 20 Dec 1862 at Ochiltree by Quentin Stewart, Registrar.

William Burrows was born about 1864 in Dudley, Worcestershire, England.

Kate Symonds was born during the quarter of Jan-Feb-Mar of 1865 in Eton, Buckinghamshire, England to William Symonds, a tailor, and his wife Emma Dewson, a tailoress. She was one of 8 known siblings. Her parents had married in Wolverhampton at the Collegiate Church on 9 Apr 1860.

The Symons Family at 25 South Place, Windsor, Berkshire, England
Civil Parish: Clewer, City or Municipal Borough: New Windsor, Parliamentary Borough: New Windsor, Town: Windsor, Ecclesiastical District of Holy Trinity.
William Symons, head, married, male, 30, tailor, born: Bucks Burnham
Emma Symons, wife, married, female, 28, tailoress, born: Wolverhampton
Florence Symons, daughter, single, female, 10, scholar, born: Wolverhampton
Kate Symons, daughter, single, female, 7, scholar, born: Eton, Buckinghamshire, England
William Symons, son, single, male, 3, scholar, born: Windsor, Berkshire, England
Harriet Symons, daughter, single, female 13/12, born: Windsor, Berkshire, England

The Guthrie Family at 16 Boyd Street, Kilmarnock, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
John Guthrie, head, married, male, 28, Van Driver, Born: Monkton, Ayrshire
Elizabeth Guthrie, wife, married, female, 27, Born: Mauchline, Ayrshire
Robert Guthrie, son, unmarried, male, 8, scholar, Born: Ochiltree, Ayrshire
Matilda Guthrie, daughter, female, 6, Born: Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
Mary Guthrie, daughter, female, 4, Born: Stewarton, Ayrshire
John Guthrie, son, male, 3mo., Born: Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

22 Trinity Place, District 11, New Windsor, Berkshire, England
Civil Parish: Clewer, City or Municipal Borough: New Windsor, Parliamentary Borough: New Windsor, Town: (Not Listed), Ecclesiastical District of Holy Trinity.
Ruth Young, head, widowed, female, 56, born: Durrant, Hampshire, England
Jane A Young, daughter, single, female, 22, born: London, Middlesex, England
Carl Bohm, son in law, married, male, 37, secretary to public coy (clerk), born: Austria
Catherine J Bohm, daughter, married, female, 31, born: Windsor, Berkshire, England
Justin Van W A Bohm, grandson, single, male, 6, born: Windsor, Berkshire, England
Eugene B Zersky, boarder, single, male 28, (prof) tutor, born: Russia
Kate Symonds, servant, single, female, 18, general servant, born: Eton, Berkshire, England

The Symonds Family at 5 Prospect Place, New Windsor, Windsor, Berkshire, England
Emma Symonds, head, unmarried, female, 38, born 1843, Tailoress, birthplace Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Florence Symonds, daughter, unmarried, female, 20, born 1861, Dressmaker, birthplace: Windsor, Berkshire, England
William Symonds, son, single, male, 15, 1866, Servant (Dom), birthplace: Windsor, Berkshire, England
Henry Symonds, son, single, male, 8, born 1873, Scholar, birthplace: Windsor, Berkshire, England
Martha Symonds, daughter, single, female, 6, born 1875, Scholar, birthplace: Windsor, Berkshire, England
Clara Symonds, daughter, single, female, 4, born 1877, birthplace: Windsor, Berkshire, England
Fredk Symonds, grandson, single, male, 3, born 1878, birthplace: Windsor, Berkshire, England
Kate E Symonds, granddaughter, single, female, 3 months, born 1881, birthplace: Windsor, Berkshire, England
NOTE 1: Flora (20) and Kate (18) are Emma’s 2 eldest daughters. Flora is probable mother of both. Kate with her after 2nd marriage.
NOTE 2: Frederick Matthew Symonds was born Oct-Nov-Dec 1878. Died Dec 1881, aged 3, in Windsor, Berkshire, England.
NOTE 3: Kate Emily Symonds was born Jan-Feb-Mar 1881. In 1891 she is living with mother Flora and her new spouse Robert Guthrie. In 1901 she is again living with grandmother Emma in 1901 and working as a dressmaker/tailoress.

Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
The Guthrie Family at 17 Douglas Street

John Guthrie, head, married, male, 38, Van Man (Driver), Born: Monkton, Ayrshire
Elizabeth Guthrie, wife, married, female, 37, Born: Tarbolton, Ayrshire
Robert Guthrie, son, unmarried, male, 18, Tailor, Born: Ochiltree, Ayrshire
Matilda Guthrie, daughter, unmarried, female, 16, Cotton Weaver, Born: Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
Mary Guthrie, daughter, unmarried, female, 14, Dressmaker (Appr), Born: Stewarton, Ayrshire
John Guthrie, son, male, 10, scholar, Born: Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
James Guthrie, son, male, 8, scholar, Born: Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
William Guthrie, son, male, 5, scholar, Born: Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

Windsor, Berkshire, England
Florence Maud Symonds married either Jasper William Rondlock (Rendlick / Rendulic?) or Francis Barnes in 1881 in Windsor, Berkshire. I cannot find any addition data to reveal which of the two men is on the marriage record. The marriage data is from an index that lists 2 marriages per page. Noting Florence’s marriage is important because it is apparently the first of two. Her second marriage in 1888 is to Robert Guthrie, a tailor, which is most likely exactly how a Robert Guthrie becomes entangled with the Guthrie-Burrows Family in the near future.

Since Florence married Robert Guthrie in 1888, we can assume that she either divorced or was widowed prior to that date. There are several death records for men named Francis Barnes between 1884-1887, but I can’t find any other documentation on Jasper William Rondlock.

Number in Order of Admission: 42493
Name: Elizth. McCartney or Guthrie
Date of Admission: 4 Jun 1884
Asylum: Ayr
Date of Discharge: 13 Aug 1884
Discharges: Recovered
Place to Which Removed: (Blank)
To Whose Care Removed: (Blank)
Pauper Register Vol/Folio: (Blank)
Observation: Reentd (Re-entered?) 20 May 1889
Notes: Currently have image of the general register. Awaiting the detailed case notes that may be available on her admission papers.
Uncertain at this point if her admission was due to depression or some other mental heath issue. Elizabeth’s 15 year old son James had died in Aug 1888.

The Parish Church, St James on Hampstead Road, St Pancras, London, Middlesex, England on 1 Oct 1888.
This is a very important clue for our Guthrie-Burrows family mystery.
Kate’s older sister, Florence married a tailor named Robert Guthrie. This is the same name and occupation listed by Kate’s son, William James Guthrie (Burrows), on his marriage record when identifying his father. Florence’s daughter, Kate Emily, is living with them after the marriage during the 1891 census, but she is back at her grandmother’s house in 1901. There is no sign of Florence in 1901. Nor can I find a man listed in the area under the name “Robert Guthrie.”

Complete Speculation On My Part: Florence either divorced Robert Guthrie, or she died before 1895. Robert Guthrie and his widowed sister-in-law became a couple, which may or may not have resulted in a legal marriage. To avoid further scandal, Guthrie assumed the Burrows name. Their two sons were baptized under the Burrows name and they maintained that surname.

21 April 1889, Saint Martin-in-the-Fields, Westminster, London, England

This appears to be Kate Symonds’ first marriage. Although William Symonds, tailor, is listed as Kate’s father, he was deceased by this date. The witness, Emma Younger, is her mother Emma Dewson, who remarried to James Younger, a gardener, on 6 Mar 1887.

Born: 14 April 1890, Lambeth, London, England
Baptized: 18 May 1890 at St John the Evangelist, Lambeth, London, England
Family Residence: 18 Tenison Street

17 Douglas Street Street, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
John Guthrie, Van Driver, married to Elizabeth McCartney, died 18 May 1891, found dead at 530AM 17 Douglas Street, Kilmarnock, male, aged 49, Parents: Robert Guthrie, farm laborer, and Mary Guthrie m.s. Murdoch, both deceased, COD: Death from hanging, Informant: John Guthrie, son, present, Registered 19 May 1891 at Kilmarnock.
Register of Corrected Entries for the Parish of Kilmarnock in the County of Ayr
The following report of result of a precognition has been received touching the death of John Guthrie, registered under no. 242 in the Register Book of Deaths for the year 1891:
Name, Age, & Sex: John Guthrie, male, 48 years
When and Where Died: 18 May 1891. In garden behind his house in Douglas Street, Kilmarnock
Cause of Death: Suicide by Hanging
Certified by W M Wilson, Procurator Fiscal Deputee, Procurator Fiscal’s Office, Kilmarnock 10 Jun 1891
James Rose, Registrar, Kilmarnock, 12 Jun 1891.

Newspaper articles reported on his death across Scotland. [Source: The British Newspaper Archive]
Edinburgh Evening News – Monday, 18 May 1891
A Van Driver’s Suicide
This morning John Guthrie, van driver to Messrs. Turner and Ewing, residing at Douglas Street, Kilmarnock, committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree at the back of his house. He had been in low spirits for some time.

Glasgow Evening Post – Monday, 18 May 1891
Suicide at Kilmarnock
(From our own Correspondent.)
Kilmarnock, Noon. — This morning John Guthrie, van man to Turner & Ewing, married, and residing at 17 Douglas Street, committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree at the foot of his garden with a clothes rope. The body was cut down, but life was extinct.

The Glasgow Herald – Tuesday, 19 May 1891
Kilmarnock – Suicide – Yesterday morning John Guthrie, a van-driver in the employment of Messrs. Turner & Ewing, aerated water manufacturers, committed suicide by hanging himself with a clothes rope to a tree in the garden behind his house in Douglas Street. When found life was extinct. He had been in depressed spirits for some time. He was about 50 years of age, and has left a widow and grown-up family.

Notes: Three of John & Elizabeth’s children died between 1888 and 1890. Mary died in 1887 at 20 years old. James died at 15 in 1888 of a degenerative kidney disease. Matilda died in Jan of 1890.

18 Tenison Street, District 4, Waterloo Road Second, Lambeth, London, England, Ecclesiastical District: St John’s
W.C.H. Burrows, head, married, male, 26, occupation: nk, employed, born: Dudley
Kate Burrows, wife, married, female, 22, born Eaton
Martha Burrows, daughter, female, 1, born Lambeth, London

25 Stangate Street, Lambeth, London, England, Ecclesiastical District: Holy Trinity
Robert Guthrie, head, married, male, 29, Tailor, Employed, Born: Scotland
Florence Guthrie, wife, married, female, 26, Tailoress, Employed, Born: Wales
Kate Guthrie, daughter, single, female, 9, Scholar, Born: Windsor

Born: 27 Jun 1892 in Lambeth, London, England
Baptized: 21 Aug 1892 at St John the Evangelist, Lambeth, London, England
Family Residence: 18 Tenison Street

Born: 3 Nov 1893, Lambeth, London, England
Baptized: 3 Oct 1894 at St Marylebone, Westminster, England
Family Residence: 75 Boston Place

The only matches I found within the appropriate time period in either Lambeth or St Marylebone were:

Possible Match: William Burrows
Burial Date: 10 Aug 1896, St Marylebone Cemetery, London, England

Possible Match: Charles William Burrows
Burial Date: 7 Oct 1896, St Marylebone Cemetery, London, England

It may be that neither of these records is correct because both appear to be after the date of birth for son Robert John Burrows.

If there was a legal marriage between Robert and Kate it would most likely take place between the birth years of the youngest child with the previous husband and the eldest child with the new husband.

2 March 1896, possibly in Scotland or England
Robert’s DOB as 2 March 1896 is documented on his baptismal record. The year matches the estimates for the 1901 and 1911 census records. According to the family history conveyed by descendant Eva Burrows, Robert was supposed to be born in Dundee, Scotland, just as his future wife was supposed to be born in Dundee, Australia. Documents appear to debunk the latter, and there is no evidence of Robert’s birth in that specific location. The 1901 census lists his birth location as Waterstock, London. The 1911 census lists simply London.

April 1897-Jan 1898
Kate’s relationship (presumed marriage) with a Guthrie began no later than 1895 during the time of her son Robert’s conception. The next son, William, used the Guthrie name during his adult life, which suggests that he was also biologically a Guthrie. He identified his father as a man named Robert Guthrie. Kate’s supposed 3rd husband, the man who self-identifies as Robert Burrows is present no later than 1 month after William’s birth. In order for Robert Guthrie to be a different person than Robert Burrows, Guthrie would have to have died after William was conceived around April or May of 1897, and Kate would have had to met and married Burrows sometime in the next few months while she was pregnant. The ‘window of opportunity’ is so slim as to be almost non-existent. It seems more likely that for some unknown reason Robert Guthrie assumed a new identity as Robert Burrows by taking on the surname of widowed Kate.

4 December 1897, possibly in Scotland or England
Was Kate ever in Scotland or was the ‘Guthrie’ father of Robert and William living in London, England at the time of their relationship. My guess is England.

19 January 1898, St Marylebone, Westminster, London, England
A month after William’s birth, which is a common time for infants to be baptized, William and his older brother Robert were baptized on the same day in St Marylebone Parish.

Stephen Street School, London, England
The Stephen Street School opened in 1874, and was renamed Cosway Street School from 1911, and Cosway Primary School from 1951.
Montague Burrows, M, age 7, Birth Date: June 1892, Admission Date: 3 Jul 1899, Stephen Street School

Jul-Aug-Sep 1899, Marylebone, London, England
Kate Burrows was born in the July-Aug-Sep quarter of 1899 in St Marylebone parish, London, England. I did not find a baptismal record for her.

6 William Street, St Marylebone, Christchurch, London, England
John Burrows, head, married, male, 39, tailor, worker, born: Scotland
Sarah Burrows, wife, married, female, 35, born: Scotland
Gertrude Burrows, daughter, single, female, 8, born: Windsor
Monty Burrows, son, single, male, 11, born: Marylebone, London
Emma Burrows, daughter, single, female, 7, born: North Kensington
John Burrows, son, single, male, 5, born: Waterstock, London
William Burrows, son, single, male, 3, born: Waterstock, London
Kate Burrows, daughter, single, female, 1, born: Waterstock, London

So this is a very interesting record. Most of the names listed here are known or presumed middle names. Head of the Household Robert John Burrows is listed as John. The wife, whom we presume to be Kate Symonds Burrows, is listed as Sarah. All of Kate’s children born to date are living in the household. Daughter Martha Gertrude is listed as Gertrude. Son Henry Montague is listed as Monty. Daughter Frances Emma is listed as Emma. Son Robert John is listed as John. Son William James is listed here as William. Daughter Kate is listed as Kate, which is the only name on record.

Note that the husband’s birthplace is listed as Scotland. But so is the wife’s. Either the census taker assumed they were both from Scotland, or he was told that information. All of the children are listed with birth locations in England. The ages for Gertrude and Monty are reversed.

Just to make matters a little more confusing, Gertrude Burrows also appears in the household of her maternal grandmother, Emma Younger, in Kensington, London.
Emma Younger, head, widow, female, 54, tailoress, employer, born: Wolverhampton, England
Henry Symonds, son, single, male, 29, tailor, worker, born: Berkshire, England
Joseph Symonds, son, single, male, 18, tailor, worker, born: London
Katie Symonds, granddaughter, single, female, 21, tailoress, worker, Windsor, Berkshire
Gertrude Burrows, granddaughter, single, female, 10, born: London

Family lore tells us, “Robert (the son) had been fatherless from the age of seven when his father was attacked by a gang of hooligans in Fleet Street, London, and died shortly afterwards.” Based on his known DOB, this would make the year about 1903. However, descendants today also indicate that the father did not die until 1911 or 1912. The 1911 England Census does list Kate Burrows as married rather than as a widow, but there is no husband living in the household at the time.

13 Douglas Street, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
Elizabeth Guthrie, widow of John Guthrie, Brewer’s Vanman, died 23 April 1904, found dead on floor at 1015PM, female, 63, Parents: ___McCartney drainage contractor and Mary McCartney m.s.____, both deceased, COD: (Blank), Informant: William Guthrie, son.
Register of Corrected Entries for the Parish of Kilmarnock in the County of Ayr
The following report of result of a Precognition has been received touching the death of Elizabeth McCartney or Guthrie Registered under No.226 in the Register Book of Deaths for the year 1904.
Name, Age, & Sex: Elizabeth McCartney or Guthrie, 63 years, female
When & Where Died: 23rd April 1904 within her house at 13 Douglas Street Kilmarnock in the Parish of Kilmarnock
Cause of Death: Natural Causes, Medical Attendant Dr Mason, Kilmarnock
Certified by J Pollok Stevenson, Procurator Fiscal, Procurator Fiscal’s Office, Kilmarnock 2 May 1904
Martin Wisteven, Registrar, Kilmarnock May 3 1904.

2 Pressland Street, Kensal Road, Paddington, London, England
Kate Burrows, wife, female, 45, married, married about 25 yrs, 7 children, 7 living, born: Windsor, Berkshire
Henry Montague Burrows, son, male, 19, single, tailor, trimmer & porter, worker, born: Lambeth, London
Robert John Burrows, son, male, 15, single, tricycle rider, worker, born: Notting Hill, London
William Burrows, son, 13, single, school, born: Marylebone, London
Katie Burrows, daughter, female, 11, single, school, born: Marylebone, London
Edward Burrows, son, male, 8, single, school, born: Marylebone, London

Daughter Martha Gertrude Burrows was not living with the family during the 1911 census. She was working as a Florist Assistant in Paddington, and living with her uncle and aunt, John Charles & Clara Gertrude Creed and their daughter Myra Frances Clara Creed at 341A Harrow Road.

Daughter Frances Emma Burrows was not living with the family during the 1911 census. She was working as a Servant at the Neasden Golf Club, and living at the club.

Paddington, London, England
Martha G Burrows and John Wiffen married during the Jul-Aug-Sep quarter of 1911 in Paddington, London.

London, England, presumably

We lose track of Kate after the 1911 census and will probably have to wait for the 1921 census records to be released before discovering more. Some Possibilities include:
Admission to the Workhouse – Northumberland Street Workhouse, St Marylebone, London
25 Aug 1915, August, no birth year listed, transferred from 3 to 4 West
Discharge from Workhouse – St Marylebone, London
25 Aug 1915, Wednesday

Cemetery Registers:
Kate Burrows, age: 73, birth date: abt. 1866, death date: abt 1939, Burial Date: 27 Sep 1939, Burial Place: Waltham Forest, Greater London, England, cemetery: Queens Road Cemetery, Grave Number: 2675A.

New South Wales, Australia
Descendants in possession of Robert’s private journals reveal that he “embarked on the Euripides from London, England, arriving in Sydney, Australian on 15 August 1914, then took another coastline ship, the ‘Orara’ & disembarked at Byron Bay, settling in Mullumbimby.”

Euripides was first launched in 1914 for the Aberdeen Line. She was the largest in its fleet. The Aberdeen line ran services between London and Australia via South Africa. “Euripides left London on her maiden voyage on 1 July 1914, called at Plymouth on 2 July and Cape Town on 20 July. On July 28 the First World War began as Euripides was crossing the Indian Ocean. She called at Albany, Western Australia on 4 August, Melbourne on 13 August and Sydney on 15 August, and reached Brisbane on 24 August. When Euripides reached Sydney, the Daily Commercial News and Shipping List hailed her as a “palatial vessel” but noted that she was already listed to be requisitioned as a troop ship.”

Complete Ship History as the SS Euripides and SS Akaroa are listed at Wikipedia.

A list of the Crew and passengers arrived on the Ship T.S.S. “EURIPIDES” registered for the Aberdeen Line. Departing from the Port of London on 1 July 1914 and Arriving in Sydney, New South Wales on Aug 15 1914.
Names of Passengers include: Mr Robt Burrows, aged 19. His listed occupation is ‘farm hand’ which may be his intended occupation rather than anything he was doing back in London. The following record was found at Find My Past.

Title MR
First name(s) Robt
Last name Burrows
Gender Male
Birth year 1895
Age 19
Age as transcribed 19
Occupation Farm hand
Departure day 1
Departure month 7
Departure year 1914
Departure port London
Entry struck out N
Destination port Sydney
Departure country England
Destination Sydney
State or territory New South Wales
Country Australia
Destination place – country AUSTRALIA
Destination country Australia
Ship name Euripides
Ship official number 133640
Ship registered tonnage 9399
Ship square feet 13984
Ship master’s first name A H H G
Ship master’s last name Douglas
Shipping line Aberdeen Line
Number of passengers 681
Length of voyage in days 54
Ship destination port Brisbane
Ship destination country Australia
Record set Passenger Lists Leaving UK 1890-1960
Category Travel & migration
Subcategory Passenger Lists
Collections from Great Britain, England, Australasia

Jan-Feb-Mar 1918, Marylebone, Middlesex, England

New South Wales, Australia on 20 February 1918

Robert John and Ella Burrows were both Salvation Army Officers.
Definition: Officer (The Salvation Army)
An officer in The Salvation Army is a Salvationist who is an ordained minister of the Christian faith, but who fulfills many other roles not usually filled by clergy of other denominations. They do so having been trained, ordained and commissioned to serve and lead and given a title which uses the terms of typical military rank.

Paddington, London, England
Possible that this marriage record applied to Kate’s daughter.
Frances E Burrows
Registration Date: Jul 1919
Registration Quarter: Jul-Aug-Sep
Registration District: Paddington
Inferred County: London
Spouse: Charles R Kane
Volume: 1a
Page: 280

9 July 1922 in Leckamptin, St Philip and St James, Gloucestershire, England

100 Chetwynd Road, St Pancras, Camden, England
Burrows, Edward Stephen

100 Chetwynd Road, St Pancras, Camden, England
Burrows, Edward Stephen

Rochford, Essex, England
Unverified record match.
Edward S Burrows
Registration Date: Apr 1936
Registration Quarter: Apr-May-Jun
Registration District: Rochford
Inferred County: Essex
Spouse: Edith M Aspland
Vol: 4a
Page: 2152

16 Chippenham Road, Paddington, Westminster, England
Henry Montague Burrows
Margaret Anne Burrows

Glamorganshire, Wales
Wiffen, John William
Wiffen, Martha Gertrude

Lewisham, London, England
John W Wiffen, M, born: 8 Jul 84, married, Cinema & Theater Manager
Martha G Wiffen, F, born: 14 Apr 90, married, Unpaid Domestic Duties

15 Despard Road, Islington, London, England
William James Guthrie, M, born 15 Dec 1897, married, journeyman tailor
Dorothy Jane Guthrie, F, born 3 Jun 1848, married, unpaid domestic duties (Notated: (Stokes) Guthrie, Dorothy M. Jane
John Stewart Guthrie, M, born 14 Nov 1923, single, grocers assistant

Paddington, London, England
Burrows, Henry Mont., M, 27 Jun 92, married, Club Secretary
Burrows, Anne Margaret, F, 30 April 93, married, Unpaid Domestic Duties.

8 Vincent Crescent, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England
Edward Burrows, male, born 30 Mar 01, married, Tube Clearner LMS Railway
Edith Burrows, female, born 30 Jun 12, married, Unpaid Domestic Duties
(Redacted Entry – This Record is Officially Closed)
Doris Aspland Claxton, female, born 7 Aug 17, single, Domestic Servant

231 Palmer, Lewisham, London, England
Wiffen, John Wm
Wiffen, Martha Gertrude

Abt. March 1949, Burial 22 March 1949, Lewisham, London, England

Paddington, London
Unconfirmed record match.
Henry M Burrows
Death Age 59
Birth Date: 1893
Registration Date: Jan 1952
Registration Quarter: Jan-Feb-Mar
Registration District: Paddington
Inferred County: London
Vol: 5d
Page 222.

Croydon, Greater London
Unconfirmed record match. This may or may not be the right person, but the “G” is an interesting find if it is.
Frances E G Burrows
Death Age: 74
Birth Date: 1893
Registration Date: Jan 1967
Registration Quarter: Jan-Feb-Mar
Registration District: Croyden
Inferred County: Greater London
Volume: 5a
Page: 783

Essex, England
Unconfirmed record match.
Edward Stephen Burrows
Death Date: 1 Mar 1971
Death Place: Essex
Probate Date: 25 Mar 1971
Probate Registry: Brighton
Burrows, Edward Stephen of 8 Vincent Cres Shoeburyness Essex died 1 Mar 1971 Adminstration Brighton 25 Mar. £785.

Hampstead, Greater London
Unconfirmed record match.
William James Guthrie
Death Age: 77
Birth Date: 6 Dec 1897
Registration Date: Oct 1975
Registration Quarter: Oct-Nov-Dec
Registration District: Hampstead
Inferred County: Greater London
Vol: 12
Page: 1933


Guthrie Family Group: GFG7
Group Designation: Branch E – (Guthrie-Burrows)
Haplogroup: R-M198/R-M512

YDNA Matches: 1
Kit B708932
Robert Guthrie / Barbara Brown > Robert Guthrie / Mary Murdoch > John Guthrie / Elizabeth McCartney > Robert John Guthrie or Burrows / Kate Symonds > Robert John Guthrie-Burrows / Ella Marie Watson (GP)

Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits: 3
Kit B686546

Robert Guthrie / Barbara Brown > Robert Guthrie / Mary Murdoch > John Guthrie / Elizabeth McCartney > Robert John Guthrie or Burrows / Kate Symonds > Robert John Guthrie-Burrows / Ella Marie Watson (GP)

Kit B715483
Robert Guthrie / Barbara Brown > Robert Guthrie / Mary Murdoch > John Guthrie / Elizabeth McCartney > Robert John Guthrie or Burrows / Kate Symonds > Robert John Guthrie-Burrows / Ella Marie Watson (GGP)

Kit B800126
Robert Guthrie / Barbara Brown > Robert Guthrie / Mary Murdoch > John Guthrie / Elizabeth McCartney > Robert John Guthrie or Burrows / Kate Symonds > Robert John Guthrie-Burrows / Ella Marie Watson (GP)

Additional participants who descend from Robert John Guthrie Burrows and Kate Symonds. Ideally via other children.
Y-DNA and Autosomal DNA Participants descending from Robert Guthrie/Barbara Brown, Robert Guthrie/Mary Murdoch, John Guthrie/Elizabeth McCartney.


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