4-B: Robert M Guthrey

Eranch B

of Greene and Walker Counties, Georgia, USA

Parents: William Guthrie 1700VA – 1854GA & Mary Warren ‘Polly’ Musgrove 1786GA-p.1860GA
Birth: 24 March 1811
Birth Location: Georgia, USA
Occupation: Farmer
Marriage (1st): Mary Jane Hardin on 13 August 1835 in Walton County, Georgia, USA
Marriage (2nd): Harriett Ann Bradley on 22 April 1869 probably in Walker County, Georgia, USA
Death: 29 April 1877
Death Location: Cassandra, Walker, Georgia, USA
Burial: Coulter Memorial Cemetery in Cassandra, Walker County, Georgia, USA

Parents: Benjamin Cook Hardin 1792GA-1847GA & Elizabeth Hearne 1799Ga-1875GA
Birth: 23 January 1818
Birth Location: Georgia, USA
Guthrey Children: 6
Death: 6 August 1864
Death Location: Sublinga, Chatooga, Georgia, USA
Burial: Unknown, presumably in Chatooga County, Georgia, USA

Parents: Greenberry Bradley 1800SC-1887GA & Rachel Bridges 1813SC-1864GA
Birth: 1834
Birth Location: Greenville, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA
Guthrey Children: 5
Death: 9 July 1888
Death Location: Cassandra, Walker, Georgia
Burial: Coulter Memorial Cemetery in Cassandra, Walker County, Georgia, USA


Robert Musgrove Guthrey was the eldest surviving son of the family. His twin brothers reportedly died in early childhood potentially before the time of Robert’s birth in 1811. According to an obituary published in the Southern Christian Advocate, Robert was born in Greene County, Georgia. His marriage to Mary Jane Hardin took place when he was 24 years old. They settled on a farm in Walker County, Georgia and had a family of six children born between 1836 and 1848. Five years after Mary Jane’s death in 1864, Robert remarried. He was then 58 years old. His wife, Harriet Ann Bradley, was 23 years younger at 35. They added another five children to the family born between 1870 and 1877. Robert died that year on 29 April 1877 in Cassandra, Walker, Georgia due to a fall leaving his widow with five young children. Harriett died in 1888, so her youngest was only about 11 at the time of his mother’s death.

Y-DNA Project Participants: YES
Autosomal DNA Participants: YES

1836GA – 1894GA
Spouse: Elizabeth Frances Lee Thompson

The oldest son of the family is represented in the Guthrie DNA Project with Y-DNA testing by a direct line male descendant. William was born on 2 July 1836 in Walton County, Georgia. He was listed in the 1850 census of Lookout Valley, Walker County, Georgia with his parents and siblings, then 14 years of age. He married there on 9 Nov 1858 to Elizabeth Frances Lee Thompson, a daughter of John Carlisle Lee and his wife Sarah E. Ann McGuffey. She was also a Georgia native having been born at Stone Mountain, DeKalb, Georgia on 6 April 1839. She was 19 at the time of her marriage. They continued to reside in Walker County, Georgia.

During the early years of their marriage, William Guthrey worked as a laborer. During the 1860 census he was working at a flour mill. By 1870 they had settled on a farm in Pond Spring, and he was listed as a farmer. They had nine children born between 1859 and 1879, so many of his children were contemporaries with his youngest half-brothers and sisters. One child is unidentified and may have been an infant who died at birth or early childhood. The 1900 census lists Elizabeth as having had 9 children born. Oddly, it lists only 2 children living, which is not the case. At the time, she had 2 of her daughters living with her, potentially a misunderstanding of the question because all but one of her eight known children were alive at the time.

William Benjamin Guthrey died on 15 June 1894 in Cassandra, Walker, Georgia. He was only 57. His widow Elizabeth died on 22 Jan 1908 in Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee where she had been living with two of her daughters.

Y-DNA Project Participants: YES
Autosomal DNA Participants: NONE

1.) Dickson Whitlow Guthrey 1859GA-1938CO (farmer/mechanic) (m.c1885) Emma Medora Bailey +children
2.) John Cook Guthrey 1866GA-1938CO (farmer) (m.1897AR) Katherine Pope +children
3.) Sarah Rebecca Ann Guthrey 1866GA-1958TX (m.1883 Walker, GA) Leonard Anthony Powledge +children
4.) Mary Lena Lesta Guthrey 1868GA-1950TN (telephone girl) – unmarried
5.) William Robert Guthrey 1871GA-1924TN (electrician) (m1. 1905 TN) Lillian Hawk +children; (m2.1919TN) Nellie Lenser +child
6.) Martha Clementine Guthrey 1873GA-1963CO (m.1894 Walker, GA) Gideon Rush Powledge +children
7.) Lovick Pearce Guthrie 1876GA-1879GA – died in early childhood – aged 2
8.) Lyetta Lee ‘Etta’ Guthrie 1879GA-1965TN (saleslady) (m.1907 TN) Fred Osten -no children
9.) Unidentified Child born/died before 1900 (presumably before 1894)

1839GA – 1912GA
Spouse: Philemon H. G. McGuffey

Mary Elizabeth Guthrey was born 19 January 1939 in Walker County, Georgia. She was about 17 at the time of her marriage to Philemon H. G. McGuffey in 1856. His parents were native to Scotland and immigrated to America. He was born in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. His middle names seem to vary depending on the Family Tree. Find-a-Grave lists them as Hugh Gordon. They farmed in the area of Pond Springs. During the Civil War, Mary’s husband served as a private in the Third Regiment, Confederate Cavalry. The 1900 census indicates there were 11 children born to Mary, but one died prior to 1900. This is no record of this child, so it is likely to be one who died in infancy or early childhood not captured in the census records. Prior to 1900, they moved to Kensington, also in Walker County. Philemon died there on 25 September 1900 at 72 years of age. Mary lived with some of her younger children until her death on 2 October 1923. They were members of the Methodist Church. Both are buried at Coulter Memorial Cemetery in Cassandra.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrey
Autosomal DNA Participants: NONE

1.) James Carlisle McGuffey 1857GA-1932GA (farmer) – unmarried
2.) Mary Eliza McGuffey 1859GA-1942TN (m.1900-10) Michael McCarty – no children
3.) Martha A McGuffey 1861GA-1920TN (m.1882 Walker GA) William Andrew Jackson Jerman +children
4.) Sarah E A McGuffey 1866GA-1939GA (m1.__) Walter Howard Harwell; (m2.__) Wiley Burke Lowe +stepchildren
5.) William Houston McGuffey (minister) 1867GA-1928 (m. 1897) Mattie Scogins +child
6.) Dollie Estalena McGuffey 1869GA-1941(or 1948) – unmarried
7.) Julia Adeline McGuffey 1872GA-1958MO (m..1891 Walker GA) Jason Solomon Nunley (Cement Worker / Cement Plant Foreman) +children
8.) John Alexander McGuffey 1874GA-1966 (m.1902 Walker GA) Lucretia Dean +children
9.) Charlie Gordon McGuffey 1876GA-1956GA (m.1910 Walker GA) Annie Hise -no children
10.) George Hampton McGuffey 1879GA-1959NC (m.1912 Walker GA) Preston Beatrice Smith +children
11.) Unidentified Child – likely an infant death or early childhood – died prior to 1900

1842GA – 1861GA
Marital Status: Unmarried

Robert Beverly Guthrey was born on 30 March 1842 in Walker County, Georgia. He was 8 years old at the time of the 1850 Census. The family lived in Lookout Valley, Walker County, GA. His father was a farmer. At 18 years old he was still at home on the farm, now in Pond Springs, having attended school that year. In June, Robert Beverly Guthrey enlisted in the 9th Georgia Infantry, Company G, known as the Lafayette Volunteers.

The National Park Service reports the following:
9th Infantry Regiment, organized during the late spring of 1861, contained men from Wilkinson, Walton, Chattooga, Clay, Talbot, Baldwin, Fayette, Brooks, Troup, and Sumter counties. Ordered to Virginia the unit was assigned to General G.T. Anderson’s Brigade and remained under his command for the duration of the war. It fought with the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days’ Battles to Cold Harbor, except when it was with Longstreet at Suffolk, in Georgia, and at Knoxville. The regiment did not arrive in time to take part in the fight at Chickamauga. It was involved in the Petersburg siege south and north of the James River and later the Appomattox Campaign. This unit had 411 effectives in April, 1862, lost 8 killed and 41 wounded during the Seven Days’ Battles, and had 12 killed and 116 wounded at Second Manassas. Its casualties at Gettysburg were more than fifty percent of the 340 engaged. From April 14 to May 6, there were 105 disabled, and from August 1 to December 31, 1864, it lost 63 killed or wounded. The regiment surrendered with 15 officers and 174 men. Its commanders were Colonels Benjamin Beck, E.R. Goulding, Edward F. Hoge, and Richard A. Turnipseed; Lieutenant Colonels John C.L. Mounger, Sr., and John G. Webb; and Majors John W. Arnold and William M. Jones.

Timeline for the 9th Georgia Infantry Regiment.

Family trees list a DOD of 15 Sep 1861 in Cassandra, Walker, Georgia, but alternatively mention his death occurred at Camp Bartow, VA in 1862. No data found to support either dates or locations.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Descendants
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Descendants

1844GA – 1915GA
Spouse: George Colquitt Baker

Lucinda Jane Guthrey was born in the Spring on 11 March 1844 in Cassandra, Walker, Georgia. She was listed at home with her family at ages 6 and 16 during the 1850 and 1860 censuses of Walker County. Some records refer to her by her middle name Jane. She was 23 at her marriage to George Colquitt Baker. They lived in Fricks Gap, Pond Spring, and Kensington during their lifetimes, all in the same county. George’s main occupation was that of a farmer. He also served the Confederacy as a private in Company B of the 42nd Georgia Infantry. The 1900 census reveals that Lucinda had 10 children, only 6 of whom were still living that year. L J and G C Baker have a shared marker at Coulter Memorial Cemetery in Cassandra. George died on 21 November 1914 and his widow the following year on 24 June 1915.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrey
Autosomal DNA Participants: NONE

1.) ‘Mollie’ Mary Elizabeth Amanda Baker 1868GA-1891GA – unmarried – Coulter Memorial Cemetery
2.) ‘Sadie’ Sarah Ellender Rebecca Baker 1870GA-1938GA m. Joseph Henry Carter (farmer) +children
3.) ‘Josie’ Emily Estella Baker 1871GA-1872GA – died in early childhood – Coulter Memorial Cemetery
4.) Jacob Hearon Baker 1874GA-1904GA (m.1898 Chatooga GA) Anna C Burns +child
5.) Robert Dennis Baker 1875GA-1943TN (coal miner/farm laborer) (m.abt.1898) Mary Lee Bomar +children
6.) Effie May Baker 1878GA-1899GA – unmarried – Coulter Memorial Cemetery
7.) Wiley ‘Lane’ Baker 1879GA-1928TNTN (farmer) – unmarried – Coulter Memorial Cemetery
8.) George Parks Baker 1882GA-1963GA (farmer) (m.1912 Walker GA) Sarah Jane Wiley +child
9.) William Riley Baker 1884GA-1886GA – died in early childhood – Coulter Memorial Cemetery
10.) Hattie Frances Baker 1887GA-1962GA

1846GA – 1919TN
Spouse: Sarah Adeline Shaw

David Guthrie was born on the 18th of April 1846 in Cassandra, Walker County, Georgia. His middle name has been presented as Marshall or Martiel. He grew up as a a farmer’s son in Lookout Valley and Pond Springs. During the 1850 and 1860 censuses he was 4 and 14 and living at home. He served as a soldier in Company E, Third Confederate Cavalry, Wheeler’s Corps, Kelly’s division, in Anderson’s brigade. At the age of 21, David married Sarah Adeline Shaw on 24 Oct 1867. They lived near Fricks Gap where he worked as a farm laborer and farmer. Their family included 3 sons and 3 daughters. On 30 Oct 1893, he was appointed as a U.S. Postmaster in Cassandra, Walker County, Georgia. His wife Sallie died in 1892. Sometime after the 1900 census, David moved to Hamilton County, Tennessee where he was an early resident of St Elmo, considered to be the first suburb of Chattanooga, and worked as a real estate collector. David was noted to be a devout member of the St. Elmo Baptist church.

Y-DNA Project Participants: NONE
Autosomal DNA Participants: NONE

1,) Joseph ‘Wheeler’ Guthrey 1869GA1947TN (Streetcar Motorman/Chauffeur) (m.1898 Walker GA) Louise Elizabeth Johnson +children
2.) Nettie Margarett Guthrey 1871GA-1937TN (m.abt.1909) Albert Emery Williams (Transit Clerk/Merchant) +child
3.) Robert Charles Guthrey 1873GA-1943TN (Street Car Conductor) (m.1907/div.) Gussie Lenora Gilbert +children
4.) Electra M Guthrey 1876GA- (dressmaker/seamstress) – unmarried
5.) Mary Louise Guthrey 1880GA-1880GA – died in her infancy – Coulter Memorial Cemetery
6.) John Clark Guthrey 1885GA-1951TN (Machinist/Truck Driver) (m.abt1909) Lena Octave Browning +child

1848GA – 1856GA
Died Young

Malone Cook Guthrey was born on 8 March 1848 in Cassandra, Walker, Georgia. He lived long enough to be listed with his family on the Lookout Valley, Walker County census of 1850. Death came on 29 October 1856 when he was just 8 years old.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Descendants
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Descendants

1870GA – 1957OK
Spouse: Esther Ernest Ownbey

Robert Musgrove Guthrey’s wife Mary Jane Hardin had died in 1864, and he remarried five years later to Harriett Ann Bradley. Their first child together was named John Lee Guthrey, born 16 January 1870 in Cassandra, Walker, Georgia. His half-brothers and sisters were already adults by this time and living away from the family farm. His parents added to the family in quick succession, but his father Robert died in 1877 when he was only 7 years old. His mother Harriet was listed as the Head of Household during the 1880 census, a widow and mother to five children ages 2 to 10.

John L Guthrey lived and farmed near Newalla from 1894 to 1938 when he moved to Oklahoma City. He married in January of 1899 in Newalla, Oklahoma to Esther Ernest Ownbey. Their two eldest sons, Lee Ernest and Ira Guthrey died during early childhood, as did two of their youngest children, Roy and Chloe Vera. Three daughters and a son lived to produce a legacy of grandchildren and great-grandchildren for the couple. Esther died in 1943. John’s death came on 17 Feb 1957 in Oklahoma City. Both he and Esther are buried at Sunny Lane Cemetery in Del City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma.

Y-DNA Project Participants: NONE
Autosomal DNA Participants: NONE

1.) Lee Ernest Guthrey 1900OK-1903OK – died in early childhood – Minneha Cemetery, Pottawatomie, OK
2.) Ira Guthrey 1902OK-1903OK – died in early childhood – Minneha Cemetery, Pottawatomie, OK
3.) Minnie Ola Guthrey 1903OK-1990OK (m.1924 Oklahoma OK) Ralph Francis Lawson (farmer) +children
4.) Essie Mae Guthrey 1906OK-1993OK (m.1935 Canadian, OK) M C Monds (truck driver) +children
5.) Robert Frances Guthrey 1908OK-1971OK (truck loader) (m.1935 Canadian OK) Ella Fay Henson +children
6.) Roy Guthrey 1901OK-1911OK – died in his infancy – Minneha Cemetery, Pottawatomie, OK
7.) Chloe Vera Guthrey 1912OK-1915 – died in early childhood – Minneha Cemetery, Pottawatomie, OK
8.) Alice Ona Guthrey 1914OK-2007OK (m1.1933/div/m2.1938/div) Alonzo Thomas Henson +children; m3.Rudolph Roy Wade +children; m.4 James Woodrow Cunningham

1871GA – 1943GA
Marital Status: Unmarried

Martha Iola Guthrey was the eldest of Harriett Ann’s daughters. All of her older half-siblings were living outside of Robert Guthrey’s household at the time, which no doubt gave Ola added responsibilities as she grew up. Her parents added a few more children to the household prior to Robert’s death in 1877 when Ola was only about 5 years old.

Mother Harriett was the head of household during the 1880 census with the five children ages 2 to 10 listed with her. Only eight years later, Harriett died, too. Oldest brother John L Guthrey moved to Oklahoma by 1894, which left Ola as the head of household for her remaining siblings. The 1900 census lists Ola, 27, Rachel 26, and Robert, 22 living at the home farm in Kensington, Walker, Georgia. They were still living there in 1910, although Robert being 32, is now listed as the Head of Household. These three siblings remained single and continued to live and work the family farm.

Ola died on 17 Feb 1943 at 71 years of age. She is buried at Coulter Cemetery.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Descendants
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Descendants

1872GA – 1937GA
Marital Status: Unmarried

It is difficult to determine whether this daughter was Frances Rachel or Rachel Frances. Her nickname was Fannie and that is how she was listed on her Death Record in 1937. Her birth came on 16 Sep 1872. She was the youngest of Robert Guthrey’s daughters. She lived on the home farm her entire life and never married. No other details of her life are known at this time. Fannie died on 24 April 1937 at the age of 64. She was buried at Coulter Memorial Cemetery in Walker County, GA.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Descendants
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Descendants

1874GA – 1964GA
Spouse: Alice Rowan

Walter Musgrove Guthrey was born on 29 December 1874. He was enumerated with the family as a 5 year old during the 1880 census. His mother was already a widow at that time, Robert having died in 1877. He married Alice Dora Rowan on 21 Jan 1900 in Walker, GA. He worked as a Day Laborer. Their household is listed next door to that of his siblings Ola, Rachel F, and Robert G, who were living on the home farm. The census lists him as renting a home. By 1910, Walter was working as a laborer for the Railroad. On 26 January 1901, the couple was blessed with a son, Charles Weston Guthrey, but the boy died in early infancy. When Walter signed up for the WWI Draft, he was described as being stout, of medium height, with dark hair and brown eyes. By 1920, Walter had stopped his work for the railroad and was now farming. They continued to live on their farm over the next several decades. Alice died in 1949. Walter died at 90 years of age on 1 Dec 1964. He was buried at Singletary Cemetery in Walker County.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Surviving Descendants
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Surviving Descendants

1.) Charles Weston Guthrey 26 Jan 1901 GA – 9 Apr 1901 – died in his infancy

1877GA – 1941GA
Martial Status: Unmarried

Robert Green Guthrey was the youngest of Robert Musgrove Guthrey’s children by his second wife Harriett Ann Bradley. He was born 22 August 1877, remained single throughout his life, and worked as a farmer on the home farm in Cassandra near Kensington, Walker, Georgia. He signed up for the WWI Draft. His registration card gives the following description: stout build, medium height, black hair and black eyes. He was only 63 at the time of his death on 27 Jan 1941. He is buried at Coulter Memorial Cemetery.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Descendants
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Descendants


DATABASE: US Records Related to Enrollment of Eastern Cherokee by Guion Miller, 1908-1910, Ancestry Database Online. Original Documents: Records Relating to Enrollment of Eastern Cherokee by Guion Miller, 1908-1910. M685, microfilm, 12 rolls. Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1793-1999, Record Group 75. The National Archives in Washington, D.C.
#17678: Dickson W. Guthrey, and 4 children, Lanford, Colorado. Rejected. It does not appear that applicants were parties to treaties of 1835-6 and 1846. Never shared in payments or enrolled with the Cherokees.
#17916: John C Guthrey, and 2 children, Alamosa, Colorado. Rejected. Brother of #17678.
#_ _ 357: Lyitta L Guthrey, Memphis, Tennessee, 37 Cox Ave., Rejected. Sister of #17678
# _ _ 358: Sarah R. Powledge, and 7 children, Rice, Texas, Rejected. Sister of #17678
#18360: Lena L Guthrey, Memphis, Tennessee, 37 Cox Ave., Rejected. Sister of #17678
#18361: Wm R Guthrey, Memphis, Tennessee, 37 Cox Ave., Rejected. Brother of #17678
#18508: Mattie C Powledge, Senecia, GA, c/o A.B. Goodenough, Sulpher, Oklahoma, Rejected. Sister of #17678.

Note: Although their applications were rejected due to the reasons stated, it does show that Polly’s grandchildren believed they had a reason to qualify due to Cherokee ancestry.

DOCUMENTS: Probate Records
Letters Administration, Testamentary, Discussion, v.1 1883-1950

Film 005768078 – Letter G Index – IMG `12
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Guthrey, Harriett, heirs – pp.147 -148
John F Smith assigned as guardian of minor children and ordered to make appraisement and inventory of the estate.
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No Guthrey Entries

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Guthrey, D.M. guar, John C Guthery application to remove funds, pp.314 – 315 – IMG 517
(David Marshall Guthrey, father and natural guardian of son John Clark Guthrey; petition to remove entitled funds from estate of R F Shaw amounting to $65 or $67.)

BOOK: Births, Marriages & Deaths Taken from the Walker County, Georgia Messenger, Vol. 4
1898-1899. Compiled by Jessie June Brandon Griffith, 1991. Digital Repository: Family Search.
Book Index p.161
Guthrey, B. M. (Mrs) 47
Mrs B.M Guthrey has moved to Chatt. (Nov 25 1897). (Cassandra)
Guthrey, D. M. 68
D.M. Guthrey & Elijah Kinsey were members of the 3rd Conf. Regt. met for the first time at La-Fayette Sat. They have not seen each other since 1665. (May 5, 1898)
Guthrey, D.M. 87
D.M. Guthrey md. Eliza J. Bomar. (Oct. 20, 1898) (Cassandra)
Guthrey, D.M. 120
W.A. Horton, J.D. Stephens & D.M. Guthrey went to the Conf. reunion at Charleston (May 18, 1899)
Guthrey, Etta 72
Etta Guthrey of Chatt. is v/. (June 2, 1898) (Cassandra)
Guthrey, John and Robt. 116
Robt. Guthrey is sick, his bro. John md. this winter at Mc/Loud, Okla. (Apr. 13, 1899) (Cooper Heights)
Guthrey, Tom 95.
Guss Kleemann of the 3rd Tenn. Regt. is v/at Tom Guthery’s. (Dec. 1, 1898) (Mission Ridge).

BOOK: Births, Marriages & Deaths Taken from the Walker County, Georgia Messenger, Vol. 6
1903-1904. Compiled by Jessie June Brandon Griffith, 1991. Digital Repository: Family Search.
Book Index, p. 149
Guthery, John C – p.3
(Announcement of death of H.M. Pope) He lived with his dau. Mrs. John C Guthery.
Guthrey, Walter & Alice, p.34

Walter & Alice Guthrey of Bristow, Ala. are v.
Guthrey, Fannie, p.68

Cooper Heights: Fannie Guthrey’s bro. has moved back to the farm. Her bro. John L. G. in Okla. has lost both of his legs. He went west in 1891.
Guthrey, Joe Wheeler, p.111

The death of Jeff Johnson brought his ch. together. The day’s away are: Mrs Mary & her husb. Wm Conley, Mrs. Lou & Joe Wheeler Guthrey, Mrs. Clark Fricks & Ed. His wife w/too feeble to attend the funeral. His 4 bros. were here.
Guthrey, L. P. , p.38
Ordinary’s Court: Yrs Support:
W.W.S. Myers gdn. of L.P. Guthrey – dismissed
Guthrey, Mr and Mrs Walter, p.9

Mr & Mrs Walter Guthrey of Bristow, Ala. is v/.
Guthrey. Mrs. Walter, p.101

Ingerniville: R.F. Rowan of Bristow is v/his dau. Mrs Walter Guthrey.
Note: Volumes 4 and 6 are the only digitalized copies online. Volume 5 is available on microfiche at the FHL.

BOOK: Walker County Messenger, 1916-1921, compiled by Jeanette H Austin. 2018. Digital Repository: Family Search.
No Guthrie, Guthrey, or Guthery entries.

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Compiled by Jessie June Brandon Griffith. Digital Repository: Family Search.
No Index
p.8 – Marriage 1886
Dickerson Guthrie to Emily Baily, 2 Jan
p.12 – Babies Born 1886 (Date Appeared in Paper)
D.M. Guthry – 7 Jan – son

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Index for Guthery/Guthrey/Guthrie Entries
Guthery, D. M., p.121
Legal Notices for 1895. D.M. Guthrey Texas (listed twice)
Guthery, Martha, p.54

Mrs. W.H. (Martha) Guthery d. Black Springs, Ark. Nov. 23, 1896.
Guthery, W. B., p.29

W.B. Guthery d. June 15, 1894. Bur. Cassandra Cemt. A son at Memphis, Tenn., a dau. at Meriwether, Ga., Md Mrs T.H. Kismet Nov., 9, 1858 – 4 sons & 4 dau.’s. Born July 2, 1836 in Walton Co., Ga. An old Conf. soldier.
Guthrey, Emma, p.119
Guthrey, D.M and Sallie A, p.16

Sallie A Guthrey, dau. of R.L. & M.L. Shaw and the wife of D.M. Guthrey age 42. Died May 10, 1892. Md. Oct. 24, 1861. Born Feb. 28, 1850. (Apr. 27x)
Guthrie, Mattie, p.103

G.R. Powledge to Mattie Guthrie – Jan 25, 1894x

DOCUMENTS: Deeds and Mortgages with Direct and Indirect Index, 1883-1908
The index is on microfilm at the FHL – 007901048 – Not available online
Deeds, v. 1 – 2 1883 – 1887 – Film 008563616
Deeds, v. 3 – 4 1887 – 1890 – Film 008192793
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Deeds, v. 11 – 12, 1896 – 1899 – Film 008563618
Deeds, v. 13 – 14, 1899 – 1901 – Film 008192797
(Microfilm at FHL Only)

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