2A-C: Adam Guthrie

ADAM GUTHRIE born 1725-1735DE – died 1746-1775 & UNIDENTIFIED SPOUSE
of New Castle County, Delaware

Parents: Samuel Guthrie b. c1680-1700 – d. 1746DE & Mary (MNU)
Born: Est. 1710-20, Before 1746 (definite)
Birth Location: Pennsylvania or Delaware
Occupation: Unknown
Marriage: Presumably yes. Spouse unidentified.
Death: Between 1746 and 1775
Death Location: Unknown
Very little is known about Adam Guthrie. He was indicated to be the eldest son of Samuel and Mary Guthrie. We really do not have a good DOB pinned down for him. His father named Adam and his six siblings in his 1846 Last Will & Testament. leaving them “two shillings, six pence” presumably indicating that he had already given them their inheritance, while leaving his property to his wife Mary during her lifetime. So, we at least know that they were all born before that date. We also have 2 DOM for siblings Samuel in 1845 and Mary in 1847. If they were both around twenty at the time of their marriages, we have a reasonable year to estimate the range for the family’s DOB.

In 1775, a short time after the widow Mary Guthrie’s death, her daughter Jane Vail petitioned the court for the division of the estate. She indicated that her brother Adam Guthrie was dead, and that his only daughter, Mary Guthrie, had “been out of this government for 15 years” which may mean not living in Delaware. No further info was known about Mary. It is quite possible that Adam Guthrie had moved from Delaware, likely to Pennsylvania. As far as his sister Jane was aware there was only 1 daughter, Mary, who had left around 1760.

Crossing one possible match off the list, he is actually in the same age range as the Adam Guthrie identified by author LRG as being the son of Robert Guthrie & Miss Darlington (a hypothetical family). However, that Adam Guthrie had several other children prior to the birth of his daughter Mary in 1770, which is too late to be the same Mary Guthrie mentioned above. They don’t appear to be the same person.

Parents: Unidentified
Born: Unknown
Birth Location: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Death Location: Unknown
There is no documentation about Adam Guthrie’s spouse to indicate her identity, age, or residence.

CHILDREN: 1 known

Born c1740-1760DE – Died Unknown
Nothing is known about Mary except that she left Delaware about 1760.

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