3A: Francis Guthrie III

Guthrie Family Group 3A
Francis Guthrie III born about 1760-1780
of Virginia, Territory South of the Ohio River, & Hawkins, Tennessee, USA

Disclaimer: This may or may not be a real individual
Parents: Francis Guthrie Jr and Susannah (MNU)
Birth: 1760-1780, potentially
Birth Location: Virginia
Marital Status: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Death Location: Unknown


There is a Francis Guthrie who shows up on a Muster Roll for a detachment of mounted infantry under the command of James Orr in the Hawkins Regiment of Hamilton District Militia. (Donaldson’s Regiment of Militia, Territory South of the Ohio, 1793-1794: Private Francis Guthrie. Roll dated Knoxville July 8, 1794, Mustered out July 8 1794. Called into service June 24 1794, Discharged July 8 1794. Present or absent: present. – Compiled US Service Records, Post Revolutionary War Volunteer Soldiers – Images I71 and 172. Digital Repository: Ancestry.com).

Francis Guthrie Jr would probably be too old in 1794 to be in the volunteer infantry. Since he is basically from the same Hawkins, TN area (Territory South of the Ohio River), it seems plausible that this Francis is his son. This also potentially indicates that some or even all of the Hawkins, TN records belong to a third generation Francis Guthrie.

The records in Hawkins, TN are focused over a short period of time. It is unknown whether he died there or moved elsewhere.


1793:NC (TN), Hawkins County. Early NC and TN Land Records
10 Dec 1793 – Registered 27 Dec 1793 – Francis Maybury of Virginia to Francis Guthrey of Hawkins, Territory S. Of OH for 50 pounds parcel of land containing 640 acres

1794: Early NC and TN Land Records – Francis Guthry – 450 acres in Hawkins County on the n. side of Clinch River.
If this is the same Francis Guthrie as believed to be Francis Guthrie Jr, born no later than 1730, he would be at least 64 years of age at this time.
12 Jun 1794 – Francis Guthrey of Hawkins to John Morrison of same – 40 pounds – land 640 acres in Hawkins
11 Mar 1794 – Registered 7 Jun 1794 – James Blair of Hawkins, Territory S of the Ohio to Francis Guthrie of Same for 20 pounds, parcel of land containing 300 acres on the north side of the Cumberland Mountains.
9 Sep 1794 (Registered 18 Feb 1795) – Francis Guthery of Hawkins to David Ross of Virginia for 40 pounds land containing 450 acres in Hawkins.

1795: NC (TN), Hawkins County. Early NC and TN Land Records
James Guthrie and Archibald Simpson – 200 acres in Hawkins
Note: This is James Guthrie who m. Isabella (Carmichael) Trotter and lived in Hawkins & Greene County, TN. His mother’s name is documented as Susannah, which appears to make it very likely that Francis Guthrie Jr married a woman by that name.

1796: TN, Hawkins County. Real Estate Conveyances.
Sep 1796 – Registered 2 Dec 1796 – Francis Guthrey of Hawkins TN to David Kincaid of same. For $150 parcel of land on the north side of the Cumberland Mountains (acreage?)

1797: TN, Hawkins County, Real Estate Conveyances.
6 Mar 1797 – Francis Guthry of Hawkins TN to Samuel Curry of same. Consideration of $1000, 640 acres in Hambleton District.

8 Mar 1797 – Registered 15 May 1797 – John Marriett of Greene County TN to Francis Guthrie of Hawkins TN for 200 pounds parcel of land containing 640 acres in Eastern District. This is the last entry found for Francis Guthrie, who presumably died in East Tennessee bet. 1797-1800.

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