2A-K: Elizabeth Guttery

Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Guttery Abt.1782GA – Abt.1850GA & Daniel Harrison Maddox
of Elbert County, Gwinnett, and Putnam Counties, Georgia, USA

Parents: Robert Guttery 1750-52SC – 1799GA and Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ (MNU) 1756-1825GA
Birth: Abt. 1782
Birth Location: South Carolina or Wilkes County, Georgia, USA
Marriage: 12 April 1797 to Daniel Maddox (probably in Georgia, but location unverified)
Maddox Children: Lots!
Death: Aft. 1850
Death Location: Georgia, USA (possibly in Putnam County, GA if correct Mortality Record)
Burial Location: Georgia, USA (presumably)

Parents: Unverified
Birth: Abt. 1771
Birth Location: South Carolina
Occupation: Farmer (Presumably)
Military Service: War of 1812
Death: 1860
Death Location: Georgia, USA
Burial Location: Georgia, USA (presumably)

Betsy Guttery married Daniel Maddox sometime prior to 12 April 1797 when the couple jointly witnessed the Last Will and Testament of her father, Robert Guttery. If 1782 is her correct DOB, she would only have been 15 years of age. The 1850 census lists Betsy’s birth location as South Carolina, but her father Robert Guttery was already established by 1778 in Wilkes County, Georgia paying for land and found in probate records functioning as an appraiser. Chances are pretty good that the Guttery family was living in Wilkes County, GA at the time she was born.

All census records list Daniel Maddox by first and last name only. There is no use of a middle initial or name. The AL Land Grant documents listing Daniel H Maddox., but these are unlikely to be this man. You’ll find Daniel Maddox listed in trees as Daniel Harrison Maddox, but there is another younger man by that name. There is also a grandson named Daniel Hicks Maddox. Do descendants know of any family info on whether or not this Daniel Maddox also had a known middle name?

The identification of Daniel and Betsy (Guttery) Maddox’s children presents another challenge because we have no will or estate papers (that I can find) documenting their names. Online trees are fairly jumbled. There are no census records for Georgia prior to 1820. Census records prior to 1850 enumerated rather than named household members. By the time 1850 rolled around, Daniel and Betsy were on their own, with all of their adult children living elsewhere.

Let’s look for clues.

First, we need to identify the correct census records that belong to this Daniel Maddox. Trees also waiver on the identity of his parents. Although most list a father by the name of Benjamin Maddox, they differ on the identity of which Benjamin Maddox family he belongs, usually naming either a Rose Donaldson or Elizabeth McKenzie as his mother. See the Reading and Resources section below for several Maddox books and websites. For now, all we can say is that Betsy’s husband was named Daniel Maddox, that the 1850 census indicates he was born in SC, but the 1850 census lists NC. He made an affidavit dated 14 Feb 1854 listing his age as 83, which would make his birth year about 1771.

1797 Document: April 12 – Elbert, GA: Daniel and Betsy Maddox witness Robert Guttery’s will
1801 Document: 7 Feb – Elbert, GA: Daniel signed a receipt for his wife’s portion of Robert Guttery’s estate ($1).
1802 Tax List: Franklin, GA – Daniel Mattix – 1802 Tax List (possible match)
1810 Census: Lancaster, SC – Daniel Maddox – 1M 26-45 (1765-1784), 1F 16-25 (1785-1794), 1M/3F under 10. [This record is NOT a match. The wife is too young to be Betsy. There is no 1810 census for GA for comparison.]
1820 Census: Hall, GA – Danl. Maddox: 1M 45+ (Before 1776) , 1F 26-44 (1776-1794), 1F 16-25 (1795-1804), 2M & 1F 10-16 (1804-1810), 3M & 1F 10 (1811-1820). [Most likely a match. Daniel and Betsy have already been married for at least 23 years making it possible that there are already adult children living outside their household. Counting those still here: 5 sons, 3 daughters.]
1820-29 Marriages – Hall, GA: 1
Henry H Maddox to Elizabeth Whelchel on 12 Feb 1829
[Trees list Henry either as a son of D&B or Tarleton Maddox & Cynthia Braswell of Chatham, NC. They definitely had a son by that name mentioned in Tarleton’s estate papers, but unknown if their Henry had any connection with Hall County, GA.]
1830-39 MarriagesHall, GA: 1
Chloe Maddox to John Lowe on 19 Nov 1839
[Trees do not list parents for Chloe. She was born about 1815 in NC.]
1830 Census: Gwinnett, GA – Danl. Mathews (reportedly Maddox): 1M 50-59 (1771-1780), 1F 40-49 (1781-1790), 1M & 2F 20-29 (1801-1810), 1F 15-19 (1811-1815), 1M & 1F 10-14 (1816-1820), 1F 5-9 (1821-1825), 5 slaves.
[There are 2 younger males still living with the parents, and there are 5 younger females. All could be children of Daniel and Betsy, or there might be a son with his wife counted in the mix. In addition to this household, there are quite a few others with the Maddox (or variant) name. None of them are listed on the same census page, which might show related families living nearby.]
1830-39 Marriages – Gwinnett, GA: 1
Editha Mattocks to Washington Smith on 25 Nov 1837
[No additional data found on this couple.]
1840 Census: Gwinnett, GA: Daniel Mattox: 1M 60-69 (1771-1780), 1F 50-59 (1781-1790), 2M 20-29 (1811-1820), 1F 5-9 (1831-1835), 2 Slaves.
[There are now 2 probable sons still living with their parents. The girl of 5-9 could be a daughter or grandchild.]
[Two other Maddox/Mattox households listed on the same census page close to Daniel, those of Lindsey Mattox and Dudley Mattox.]
1840-49 Marriages – Gwinnett, GA: 3
John Maddox to Mary Gilbert on 3 Aug 1845
[No confirmed data found. There is a John and Mary Ann Maddox in Rockbridge, Gwinnett in 1850. No connection to D&B found.]
Robert Mattox to Patey Wacaster on 18 Mar 1846
[Trees consistently list Robert G Mattox as a son of D&B. Evidence?
Daniel Maddox to Harriett A Drummond on 2 Jul 1846 [Son of D&B. The 1850 census lists their households next to each other and they are identified as Senr and Junr.]
[There are also several under the name Matthews, Mathis, or Mattis.]
1850 Census – Cains, Gwinnett, GA – Daniel Maddox Senr, 76, and Elizabeth, 68.
[The household next door is Daniel Maddox Jr and family.]
1851 Marriage – Hall County, GA – Daniel H Maddox to Bethany Pirkle on 12 June 1851
[NOT a match. This record may be part of the Letter “H” Conspiracy. This Daniel H Maddox is a different man. In 1851 Daniel Maddox may or may not have been a widower. We don’t known exactly when Betsy died. The 1860 census clearly shows D H Maddox, 28, still living in Hall County GA with his wife Bethania, while our 90 year old widower, Daniel Maddox, is living with his son Dudley and family.
1854 Affidavit – 14 Feb 1854 – Daniel Maddox, aged 83
1860 Census – Cains, Gwinnett, GA – Daniel Mattox, 90
[Daniel is now a widower living with his son Dudley’s family. Elizabeth died sometime between 1850 and 1860. She does NOT appear to be the Elizabeth Maddox who is on the 1850 Mortality Schedule in Putnam, GA as there are probate records associated with that woman.]

5 Sons: 2 born 1804-1810, 3 born 1811-1820 (1 of those 1816-1820)
5-6 Daughters: 1 born 1795-1804, 1 born 1804-1810, 1 born 1811-1815, 1 born 1816-1820, 1 born 1821-1825, 1 born 1831-1835*
*potentially a grandchild as Betsy would be 49-53

1) Levi Maddox 1797-1874 m. Elizabeth Jeffries Hicks – DNA Project Participants descend via son Daniel Hicks Maddox with Autosomal DNA matches that include GFG2A descendant. There is no specific documentation to Daniel & Betsy as his parents. A family history actually lists Levi as the son of Andrew Maddox and Judea (MNU). His DOB is consistent across the 1850, 1860, and 1870 censuses as 1797. If he is a son of Daniel & Betsy, he is not listed within their household during the 1820 census as he was likely already married at the time. Conclusion: Probably Not a Son of Daniel & Betsy. Recommend Y-DNA if you are a Maddox male. (Maddox DNA Project)

2) Henry H Maddox m. Elizabeth Welchel 12 Feb 1829 in Hall County, GA. – Trees list Henry as either Daniel & Betsy’s son or as the son of Tarleton Maddox & Cynthia Braswell. The latter couple lived in Chatham, NC and probate records include a son named Henry, however they have no known connection to Hall, GA. The 1830 census lists him as 30-39 (born 1791-1800), in 1840 he is in the same age category 30-39 (born 1801-1810). The 1850 census: 47 years (born 1803) NC, but his wife is listed as born in SC, so they made a point of listing it differently. If Levi and Lindsey are legitimately D&B’s sons and were the 2M of 10-16 listed in the 1820 census, this would seem to show that Henry was both older and already living outside of his parents’ household prior to his marriage to Elizabeth. His grave marker lists 1800 as his birth year rather than the 1803 of the 1850 census, which also makes sense for the 1830 and 1840 census listing him in the same age category. He must have been on the cusp of the age bracket.
Conclusion: Good Candidate based on location. Need Autosomal DNA to check for Guthrie matches. Recommend Y-DNA if you are a Maddox male. (Maddox DNA Project)

3) Lindsey Maddox – 1830 Census of Gwinnett, GA “Mattocks” – 2M 20-29, 1F15-19, 2M under 5. Still in Gwinnett in 1840: 1M/1F 30-39, 2M 10-14, 1M/1F 5-9, 1M under 5, and listed close to Daniel and Dudley. The 1850 census lists him as 46, born about 1804, wife Elizabeth 40, William 24, Pinckney G 21, Celia A L 15, Harrison 11, Joseph M 4, Edna S 7, and Zachariah J 0. Listed 1 page away from Daniel Senr and Junr. Frequently listed in unsourced trees as Robert Lindsey Maddox, but the next child is Robert G Maddox. If Lindsey is D&B’s son, born about 1804-05, he would be one of the two males aged 10-16 during the 1820 census.
Conclusion: Good candidate as Lindsey’s household is physically close to Daniel’s during the 1840 census. Need Autosomal DNA to check for Guthrie matches. Recommend Y-DNA if you are a Maddox male. (Maddox DNA Project)

4) Robert G Maddox m. Martha ‘Patsy’ Wacaster – No DNA Project participants, but I have a personal match with a descendant, so there’s at least 1 match to GFG2A. The name “Robert G” makes me think of Betsy’s father, Robert Guttery, but some unsourced trees list this person as “Robert Gary”, so who knows. Census records show that Robert was born sometime between 1810-1820, so if he is a son of D&B, he would be one of the 3 younger sons on the 1820 census.
Conclusion: A good candidate based on his name “Robert G” and residences in Gwinnett and Hall Counties. Need Autosomal DNA to check for Guthrie matches. Recommend Y-DNA if you are a Maddox male. (Maddox DNA Project)

5) Dudley Jones Maddox 1820-1893 – DNA Project participants descend via daughter Martha Ann. Autosomal results include matches from GFG2A. Census data suggests Dudley is the son of D&B. According to those records he was born 1809-1815 making him one of the younger 3 sons, but probably not the youngest.
Conclusion: Dudley appears to be a son of Daniel and Betsy. Recommend Y-DNA if you are a Maddox male. This is especially important for Dudley’s descendants because of his documented connection to Daniel Maddox. (Maddox DNA Project)

6) Daniel C Maddox 1821-aft1880 m. Harriett Drummond – Listed next door to D&B. Listed as Junr to D’s Senr.
Daniel is probably the youngest son born 1816-1820.
Conclusion: Proximity, name, and use of Senr/Junr suggest that Daniel is Daniel and Betsy’s son. Need Autosomal DNA to check for Guthrie matches. Recommend Y-DNA if you are a Maddox male. (Maddox DNA Project)

Editha Mattocks to Washington Smith on 25 Nov 1837 Gwinnett County, GA
No additional records found
Geni lists an Editha Jane Maddox born 1819SC – died 1889 in Roswell, Fulton, GA, Buried Old Roswell Cemetery. This person does not appear to be the same Editha as above. No evidence that she is a Maddox. Married George W Hopkins and lived in Cobb, Milton, and Fulton, GA.
Conclusion: Not enough data. Need Autosomal DNA to check for Guthrie matches.

Chloe Maddox to John Lowe on 19 Nov 1839 Hall County, GA
Limited info found. “Abbott Family Tree” lists Chloe Clark Maddox and John Pittman Lowe. Connects census records. The 1880 census indicates Chloe was born abt. 1808 in NC to parents who were both born in Maryland.
Conclusion: Probably not a daughter of Daniel and Betsy. Need Autosomal DNA to check for Guthrie matches.

Charity Maddox 1805SC-p1880GA m. James Brimer
No marriage record found. Found in census and tax records for Gwinnett, so listed only by married surname.
Conclusion: Not enough data. Need Autosomal DNA to check for Guthrie matches.

Leah Merle Maddox 1819GA-1915GA m. Green Berry Harris. Census records show they lived in Randolph, AL and Carroll, GA. No obvious Maddox connection or to D&B.
Conclusion: Not enough data. Need Autosomal DNA to check for Guthrie matches.

None of these potential daughters have enough information to conclude that they belong to Daniel and Betsy’s family.


BOOK: Maddox, Joseph T. ‘1500 Maddox Marriages and Other Statistics‘. Irwinton, Georgia (1979). Digital Repository: Family Search.

MADDOX GENEALOGY DNA: They’re looking for Maddox men who are direct descendants of Daniel Harrison Maddox to participate in Y-DNA Testing. See the Maddox/Mattox/Mattocks Etc. DNA Project at Family Tree DNA. Results.

WEBSITE: American Maddox Lands

BOOK: Flanagan, James C. (1959). History of Gwinnett County, 1818-1960, Volume II, Digital Repository: Internet Archive. [Includes a section on the John Maddox Family, p531. There are quite a few Maddox entries, but no results for the search term “Daniel Maddox”.]]