This group has ties to Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Unlike most of the groups, its ancient human origins place it in Haplogroup I-M253 whose genetic origins are found in greatest frequency in Fenno-Scandia (Finland/Sweden).

The earliest of all lineages matching the members of GFG4 are the Descendants of Thomas Guthrey 1717VA-1800VA whose wife is frequently listed as “Sarah Oakes”, although there appears to be some evidence that he had a first wife _____ Oakes, and a second wife Sarah______. Trees also list these wives as “___King” and “Sarah Oakes”, although I have not seen any evidence of a marriage to a woman named King. For the purposes of this site Thomas Guthrey’s wife be referenced as Sarah Oakes.

In any case, it is possible that all remaining genetic matches may somehow be traced back to Thomas Guthrie for at this time there is no other data to suggest this genetic Guthrie group extends beyond colonial Virginia.

A theory exists listing Thomas Guthrie as the son of Edward Guthery 1675-1739 & Elizabeth____ of King & Queen County and Christ Church Parish, VA. Edward is also a theoretical father to GFG5’s progenitor, William Guthrie. Biologically, he cannot be both as the YDNA (direct paternal line) is different for both. GFG5 is a more expansive group, and so it is suspected that Thomas’ line may be the result of adoption or illegitimacy. Unfortunately, there is no confirmed line of descent from Edward Guthrie with a YDNA test for comparison.



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  • Descendants of Thomas Guthrey 1717VA-1800VA & Sarah Oakes
  • Descendants of William Guthrey 1772VA-1854GA & Mary Musgrove
  • Descendants of Henry Sidney Guthrie b1807 VA & Mary Agnes Womack
  • Descendants of William Preston Guthrie 1833KY-1921NE & Susan Catherine Hodges

Thomas Guthrey was born in 1717 in St John Parish, King William County Virginia. Possible parents are Edward Guthrey 1675-1739 & wife Elizabeth who owned a ferry on the Mattapony & Pamunkey Rivers. Edward died on 28 Sep 1739 in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex, VA. (Home to GFG1A). 
Children: Susannah Guthery (FF Test), Alexander Guthery (FF Test), Travis Francis Guthrey (Y-DNA Test), Henry Guthrey (FF Test), Thomas Guthrey (Unrepresented), Elizabeth Guthrey (FF Test), William Guthrey (Y-DNA Test), Sarah ‘Sally’ Guthrey (Unrepresented), and John Guthrie (FF Test).

According to the 1850 census, William Guthrey was born in Virginia about 1772, but his early origins do not appear to be documented anywhere else. Some descendants believe that his wife Mary ‘Polly’ Musgrove was a full-blooded Cherokee born either in North Carolina or Georgia. This couple likely married 1805-1809, and they lived in Greene, Oglethorpe, and Walker Counties, Georgia.
Children: Harrison Guthrey (Died Young?), Barnett Guthrey (Died Young?), Robert Musgrove Guthrey (Y-DNA and FF Test), Martha Jane Guthrey (Unrepresented), William Olander Guthrey (Unrepresented)

William Preston Guthrie was born 19 April 1833 in Versailles, Woodford, Kentucky. He is listed as the son of Benjamin Guthrie b1792, and Catharine Ramsey. This connection may need confirmation. William married in 1854 to Susan Catherine Hodges. They had 9 children: James, Julia, Luellen, John, William, Cora, Charles, Minerva, and Cecil. Son William Benjamin Guthrie 1863-1938 is the ancestor of our Y-DNA Project Member. This family moved from Kentucky to Nebraska where William Preston Guthrie died in 1921.  
Children: Benjamin F Guthrie (Unrepresented), Martha Jane Guthrie (Unrepresented), Alexander Guthrie (FF Test), Jefferson Guthrie (Unrepresented), William Preston Guthrie (Y-DNA Test)

Census data indicates that John Guthrie (b1784) of Cumberland County, Virginia is the most likely candidate to be the father of Henry Sidney Guthrie, who was born there in 1807. Henry married two Womack women. First, to Marietta Kaziah Womack in 1832. She died two years later. Secondly, to Mary Agnes Womack, with whom he had 4 sonsL James Henry Sr, Billy L, Samuel W, and John S Guthrie. Our project member for this line is a descendant of James Henry Guthrie Sr and a line of men with the Henry Sidney Guthrie name who left Virginia for Texas.
Children: Marietta Womack Guthrie (Unrepresented), James Henry Guthrie (Y-DNA Test), Elizabeth Logan Guthrie (Unrepresented), William Lillious Guthrie (Unrepresented), Willianne Patience Guthrie (Unrepresented), Samuel W Guthrie (Unrepresented), John Sims Guthrie (Unrepresented). 

This participant is a man of the Key surname. His known Key lineage leads back to Kentucky. He has only 2-5 genetic variances at the Y-67 level with his Group 4 Guthrie matches, suggesting that there are only a few generations separating him from a common Guthrie ancestor with the group. Chances are that a paternal event or adoption occurred in an earlier generation. Look for evidence of Key and Guthrie families living in the same area.  


The lineage of Thomas Guthrey and Sarah Oakes stretches back to the early 1700s. More research is needed to prove a connection to potential parents Edward Guthrey & wife Elizabeth. Their early connection with the Guthries of Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, VA might put them in contention to be the result of a paternal event or adoption somehow linked to Guthrie Family Group 1A. Lack of key documents from some burned courthouses or parishes may prevent the development of a good papertrail. Descendants might focus on the recruitment of Guthries from lineages within the area into the DNA project in order to determine additional genetic clues.

The Guthrie-Hodges and Guthrie-Womack lines might descend directly from Thomas Guthrey & Sarah Oakes, or from other children of Edward & Elizabeth Guthrey if indeed they are the parents of Thomas Guthrey. There is no evidence at this point in time that this genetic Guthrey lineage existed prior to VA. 

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  1. My 5th Great-Grandfather is
    Thomas Guthrie Moore b. 24 Jan 1760 Rockingham, Virginia d. 2 Nov 1843 Carlinville, Macoupin Co, IL. He married Edith Trent.
    Son of Robert Moore & Susannah Guthrie
    Grandson of Thomas Guthrey & Sarah Oakes

    Thomas was a Private in the American Revolutionary War.

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