3A: Richard Guthrie

Guthrie Family Group 3A
Richard Guthrie 1767MD – 1850VA & Elizabeth Esther McIntosh
of Frederick County, Maryland and Rockbridge, Montgomery & Pulaski Counties, Virginia, USA

Parents: Robert Guthrie 1727PA – 1789VA and Esther Giles 1730PA or MD – 1806VA
Birth: 2 April 1767
Birth Location: Maryland, possibly in Elizabeth Hundred, Frederick County
Occupation: Farmer
Marriage: 20 April 1790 to Elizabeth Esther McIntosh in Rockbridge County, Virginia, USA
Death: 17 May 1850
Death Location: Pulaski County, Virginia, USA
Burial: Unknown, Presumably in Pulaski County, Virginia.

Parents: John McIntosh 1755VA-1821VA and Elizabeth Vineyard Tollett
Birth: 9 Nov 1772
Birth Location: Virginia
Guthrie Children: Elizabeth, John, Nancy, Mary, James Giles, William, Cassandra, Eliza, Hester, Cynthia, Melinda, FNU Daughter
Death: 15 May 1851
Death Location: Pulaski County, Virginia, USA
Burial: Unknown, Presumably in Pulaski County, Virginia.

Richard Guthrie was first noted in the 1776 Provincial Census of Elizabeth Hundred, Frederick County, Maryland where he was listed as “Richard Guthry” aged 9. He was named in the last will and testament of his father, Robert Guthrie, in 1789 inheriting a portion of land. A third of the estate went to his mother, Esther, and the rest of the lands being divided between Richard and his brother Robert. The daughters Phoebe, Mary, and Sarah received 1/12 portions. Richard acted as the executor of his father’s will and served as guardians for his younger siblings.

Presbyterian minister Samuel Houston married Richard Guthrie and Elizabeth McIntosh on 20 April 1790 in Rockbridge County, Virginia. The family owned property on Cedar Creek, near the lands of Thomas Jefferson and the Natural Bridge that is now a State Park. On 27 March 1794, Richard and Robert Guthrie, heirs to Robert Guthrie, deceased, for 350 pounds, sold 290 acres situated in the Forks of the James River to James Robertson. Afterward, the Guthries purchased a farm of 520 acres near Dublin, Montgomery County, Virginia. On 30 March 1839, Pulaski County was officially formed from portions of Montgomery and Wythe Counties. The Guthrie land was located in Pulaski County.

Richard wrote his will in Pulaski County, Virginia in 1846, but he is listed on the 1850 Mortality list for Pulaski as dying on 17 May 1850 of old age. He was 83. His widow Elizabeth survived him just two days short of a year. Her death occurred on 15 May 1851.

Y-DNA Project Participants: YES
Autosomal DNA Participants: YES

1791 VA – p1850 OH
Spouse: William Cecil

Richard Guthrie’s will lists his daughter as “Elizabeth Young”, but the record of Elizabeth’s marriage on 10 Aug 1809 in Montgomery County listing Richard Guthrie was her father indicates that her husband’s name was William Cecil. The couple moved from Virginia to Washington, Shelby County, Ohio.

There appears to be some confusion in online trees as to the correct identity of William Cecil, and the dates of death for both William and Elizabeth. According to the marriage register, William Cecil was the son of Zachariah Cecil.

The only child verified is Mary Cecil, who married Robert McDonald. Her death certificate lists her parents as William Cecil and Elizabeth Guthrie. Mary was born 16 April 1824 in Virginia, married on 20 sep 1841 in Shelby, Ohio, and died 15 July 1908 in Caverna, DeKalb, Indiana. This does show that William and Elizabeth were still living own 1824.

If Richard Guthrie’s will does not contain an original transcription error, it would mean that William Cecil died between 1824 and 1846, and that Elizabeth remarried to a man by the Young surname.

Cecil Children: Unverified Number, but at least 1
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) Mary Cecil 16 Apr 1824VA – 15 Jul 1908IN m. Robert McDonald +children

1793VA – 1843
Spouse 1: Elizabeth Van Lear
Spouse 2: Margaret (Miller) Wyser)

John Guthrie was born in Rockbridge County, Virignia on 23 Dec 1793. He was the eldest of Richard and Elizabeth’s sons. He married Elizabeth VanLear on 22 Jan 1817 and Margaret (Miller) Wyser on 30 May 1821. Between 1830 and 1840, he moved the family to Delaware County, Indiana, and died there at only 52 years of age on 23 May 1846. He had written a will on 15 Sep 1845. This and the 1830 and 1840 census records provide an idea about his family.

John’s second wife, Margaret, had died on 3 March 1840 prior to the census. Like John, she had been previously married. Her first husband was Jacob Wysor, who died a short time after the birth of their son, Jacob Henry Wysor “whose name runs like a continuing thread through the annals of Delaware county since the year 1840.” He was a businessman and responsible for building the local opera house.
(READ: History of Delaware County, Indiana; OBIT/BIO: Muncie Morning Star) Jacob may have been the oldest son listed in the Guthrie household in 1830 and 1840.

John’s last will and testament vaguely mentions “all my heirs” and then identifies daughters Telith/Lelith Points and Rufiney Ribble (possibly the wife of a Philip Ribbles) and sons Newton Guthrie, Milton Guthrie and Stennette John directs that Newton and Milton are to “raise the three boys and give them a liberal portion & education.”

1830 US Federal Census of Newburn, Montgomery, Virginia
Household of John Guthrie
1M and 1F 30-39
1M 10-14, 2M 5-9, 1M and 1F under 5
Slaves: 1F 10-23

1840 US Federal Census of Delaware, Indiana
Household of John Guthrie
1M 40-49
1M 20-29, 2M and 1F 15-19, 1M and 1F 10-14, 2M 5-9
5 Persons in Agriculture
4 Scholars at Public Charge

Guthrie Children: 7
Y-DNA Project Participants: None
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) Newton David Guthrie (farmer) 1822VA-1900IA m. Fanny Truitt +children
2.) John Milton Guthrie (farmer) 1823VA-1856IA m. Rhoda Williams +children
3.) Telitha Ann Guthrie 1824VA-1906MO m. Thomas R Points +children
4.) Stennette Guthrie 1828VA-1855IN – no further details
5.) Rufina Guthrie 1826VA-1908IA m. John Ribble +children
6.) Rush Guthrie 1832VA-1889IN m. Patience Moore +children
7.) James Guthrie 1834VA-aft. 1850IN – No further details

1796VA – 1817VA
Spouse: John Fergus

Nancy Guthrie was born on 19 January 1796 in Montgomery County, Virginia. She was 19 at her marriage to John Fergus on 10 August 1815. Nancy died of unknown causes just two years later on 17 November 1817. She was only 21. Burial took place at the Guthrie Family Cemetery in Dublin, Montgomery (now Pulaski) County, Virginia.

John Fergus remarried on 17 February 1821 in Miami County, Ohio to Margaret Stafford by whom he had two sons: Samuel McCormick Fergus (1822) and Joseph Fergus (1823). John Fergus died on 18 June 1837 at the age of 42. His widow Margaret lived until 1875.

Fergus Children (by Nancy): None Known
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Known Descendants

1797VA – 1799VA
Died during early childhood

Mary Guthrie was born 30 December 1797 in Montgomery County, Virginia dying there on 20 Sep 1799 at just one year of age.

1800VA – 1844VA
Spouse: Elizabeth Deskins

James G. Guthrie is listed in most trees as James Giles Guthrie. Uncertain if this is a documented fact or a presumed use of his grandmother’s surname. James was born in Montgomery County, Virginia on 18 or 19 February 1800. He married on the 1st or 4th of September 1827 to Elizabeth Deskins. They settled in Shelby County, Ohio and produced a family of 3 sons and 4 daughter born between 1828 and 1843. James died at only 44 years old on 22 September 1844 in Shelby County, Ohio. The widow’s relinquishment of administration to John Munsey was filed on 2 Oct 1844. John is buried at Graceland Cemetery in Sidney, Shelby, Ohio. Elizabeth lived until 1851.

Guthrie Children: 7
Y-DNA Project Participants: None
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) Harvey G Guthrie (farmer) 1828VA-1897OH m. Elvira F Mellinger +children
2.) Hugh Guthrie (farmer) 1830OH – 1851OH – died at 20 years of age – unmarried
3.) Elizabeth Ann Guthrie 1833OH-1901KS m. Thomas Wilkins (farmer) +children
4.) Louise Guthrie 1835OH – 1856OH – died at 21 years of age – unmarried
5.) Margaret Jane Guthrie 1836OH-1911OK m. Rev. Matthew L Anderson -no children
6.) Almira Guthrie 1841OH – aft.1816OH – no further details
7.) Stephen Rush Guthrie (clerk/farmer) 1843OH-1911KS m. Hannah Wright +children

1802VA – 1887VA
Spouse: Jane McClaren Rayburn

William Guthrie was born on 7 April 1802 near Dublin in what was then Montgomery County, now Pulaski, Virginia. Pulaski County was officially formed in 1839. He would go on to live his entire life on the home farm, but he did have at least one adventure. “When he was 18 years of age rode a horse that was 21 years old to Indiana. A letter in possession of descendants written by relatives in Indiana states that William was out there and would carry the letter back to Virginia.” (AGAF, p.380)

He married Jane McClaren Rayburn on 27 September 1830 in Lafayette, Montgomery, Virginia. Their marriage produced 2 sons and 8 daughters born over a twenty year period between 1831 and 1851. Jane died on 27 July 1855, when their youngest son was barely 4 years old. William did not remarry. One of his daughters functioned as the family housekeeper helping to raise the younger children. He was 84 at his death on 2 February 1887.

Daughter Josie’s obituary mentions that she was one of 11 children rather than 10. If so, there may have been an unidentified child who died in infancy or early childhood.

Guthrie Children: 10 or 11
Y-DNA Project Participants: YES
Autosomal DNA Participants: YES

1.) Minerva Guthrie 1831VA-1885VA m. John Craig Allison + children
2.) Nancy Guthrie 1834VA-1871VA m. Stephen D Sloan – no children
3.) James Rayburn Guthrie 1836VA-1892VA m. Mary Burke Snidow +children
4.) Rebecca Guthrie 1838VA-1914VA m. John Henry Smith +children
5.) Margaret Janette Guthrie 1840VA-1924 m. Thoms Alexander Mahood +children
6.) Elmira Eliza Guthrie 1845VA-1873VA m. Chester Brown Mahood + child
7.) Lucinda Guthrie 1847VA-1931VA m. Edward Clarke Hale +children
8.) Josephine ‘Josie’ Elizabeth Guthrie 1848VA-1927VA – unmarried – no children
9.) Martha ‘Mattie’ McClaren Guthrie 1849VA-1926WV m. Charles Henry Gordon +children
10.) William Addison Guthrie 1851VA-1925VA m. Catherine Jane Brown +children

1805VA – 1863IL
Spouse: John Jaheil Graham

Cassandra Guthrie was born on the home farm in Dublin, Montgomery (now Pulaski) County, Virginia on 27 April 1805. She married Jaheil Graham when she was 23 years old in Montgomery, VA on 3 October 1828. During the mid 1830s they settled in Liberty, Delaware County, Indiana where the remainder of their children were born. Jaheil served the county as a Justice of the Peace for many years. He was admitted to the bar but never practiced law. Cassandra died 10 June 1863 in Tuscola, Delaware, Indiana. She was 58. Jaheil remarried on 11 Feb 1864 to Miss Julia Cummins. No children by the second marriage.

Graham Children: 9
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: YES

1.) James R Graham (farmer) 1830VA-1892IN m. Sarah Ann Hedrick +children
2.) Floyd Graham (saloon keeper) 1831VA-1904IN m. Abbey Wilson + children
3.) Virginia Graham 1833VA-1852IN – unmarried – died at 23 years of age.
4.) John Montgomery Graham (farmer) 1835VA-1925IN m. Elvira C Smith +children
5.) David Floyd Graham (farmer)1837IN-1918ID m1. Sarah Ann Fuller +children, m2. Nancy Barnahm
6.) William Leonard Graham (farmer) 1840IN-1923IN m. Nancy A Anderson +children
7.) Newton Graham (carpenter/miner) 1842IN-Aft.1910CO? m. Naomi Letty Lowe – no children
8.) Walter Graham (grocer) 1845IN-1897IL – unmarried – no children
9.) Andrew Jackson Zachariah ‘Taylor’ Graham (farm laborer/painter) 1844IN-1924IL – unmarried

Spouse 1: John Munsey
Spouse 2: Anthony Harp

Eliza Guthrie was born on 3 May 1807 in Virginia. On 29 Sep 1830, she married her cousin, John Munsey, son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Skiles, grandson of Ephraim Skiles Jr and Mary Guthrie, and great-grandson of Robert Guthrie and Esther Giles.

John and Eliza settled in Washington Township, Shelby County, Ohio sometime before 1840. Their household was enumerated with 1M 40-49, 1F 30-39, and 1M 5-9. They had one son born in 1830, Elbert B Munsey, and a daughter Elizabeth born in 1845. John died a year later on 17 October 1846. The 1850 Census of Washington, Shelby, Ohio lists Eliza Munsey 43, Albert Munsey 17, and Elizabeth Munsey 5.

On 24 August 1851, Eliza remarried to Anthony Harp in Shelby County, Ohio. Anthony was a mason and plasterer from the state of New York, born in Marbletown, Ulster County on 6 Jan 1803. He had been previously married to Margaret Kendall on 5 April 1822 in Montgomery County, Ohio, and the couple were parents to ten children. His wife Margaret had died in August 1849.

Eliza and Anthony had no children of their own. She died on 7 Sep 1856. Anthony married again on 1 Jan 1857 in Shelby, Ohio to Mary Ann Baine.

Munsey Children: 2
Harp Children: None
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) Elbert B. Munsey 1830VA or OH – 1858IN – unmarried – no children
2.) Elizabeth Munsey abt.1845OH – Aft. 1850 – no further details.


Hester Guthrie was born on 14 Dec 1809 in Montgomery County, Virginia. She also married into the Munsey family, but actually did so the month prior to her older sister Eliza. Hattie’s husband was Isaiah Munsey, son of Jeremiah Munsey and Elizabeth Skles, grandson of Mary Guthrie and Ephraim Skiles Jr, and great-grandson to Robert Guthrie and Esther Giles.

Isaiah was a farmer. They settled in Delaware County, Indiana in what was to be Muncie. They had a son and daughter, Elizabeth Jane and James Granderson Munsey, both of whom were listed as beneficiaries in the will of his sister Lydia Muncey Montgomery in 1849. Isaiah died at the age of 56 on 23 July 1860.

Both Hettie and her daughter, Elizabeth Jane, are missing in the 1870 census. Does anyone know where they were? Hettie died on 1 August 1882. She is buried at Mount Tabor Cemetery in Muncie, Delaware, Indiana.

Munsey Children: 2
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

u1.) Elizabeth Jane Munsey 10 June 1831VA-29 Apr 1912IN m. Ferdinand Alix (laborer) – no children
2.) James G Munsey (farmer) 30 Jan 1833 OH – 21 Jun 1914 IN m. Amy Thornburg +children

Spouse: Sebastian Wygal Jr

Cynthia Guthrie was born in Virginia on 6 December 1811. When she was 20 years old Cythy married Sebastian Wygal Jr in Montgomery County, Virginia. Sebastian was a leather worker and farmer. He inherited half a a 400 acre tract of land from his father. The land may have been part of the county that became Pulaski County, Virginia in 1839. They were listed there for the 1840 census. The couple does not appear to have had any children. In 1840, there was 1 boy and 1 girl aged 10-14 enumerated in the household, but Cynthia had only been married to Sebastian for 8 years. They were no longer living there in 1850, and Cynthia Wygal names nieces and nephews in her will, the children of Birdine Wygal, who was at one time married to her sister, Melinda Guthrie.

Wygal Children: 0
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A = No Known Descendants

Spouse: Birdine Wygal

Melinda Guthrie, born on 20 June 1814, was the youngest surviving child of Richard and Elizabeth (McIntosh) Guthrie. She married on 7 Jan 1833 to Birdine Wygal. She was 18 years old and would only live long enough to see 20. Melinda died on 29 December 1834.

Birdine married again on 30 January 1837 in Montgomery County, Virginia to Margaret Kirkam Brown. They had 2 daughters and 5 sons born between 1838 and 1851. His wife Margaret died on 20 March 1853. A year and a half later, on Christmas Day 1854, Birdine married Ursula Marshall. He was 44 and she was 35 at the time. They had 4 sons. Birdine Wygal died on 7 May 1873 in Lee County, Virgnia at 62 years old. His widow Ursula lived until 1901.

Wygal Children: 0
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A = No Known Descendants

Died at birth or infancy


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Pulaski, Virginia, 1850
Richard Guthrie 83, male, married, place of birth: Virginia, Month died: May, Occupation: Farmer, COD: Old Age
Note that there is a transcription error for Richard Guthrie. Ancestry lists his cause of death as “hung” whereas the original image lists “old age”.

DOCUMENTS: The Last Will and Testament of Richard Guthrie, Pulaski County, Virginia, Will Book 1 Volume 1, 1840-1859, Virginia, U.S., Wills and Probate Records, 1652-1900. Digital Repository: Ancestry.com.
Page 211-213
In the name of God Amen. I Richard Guthrie of the County of Pulaski and State of Virginia owing to the uncertainty of life and now being in sound mind and memory be__ be almighty God for the same. I now constitute and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following:
I first order all my just debts paid if there be any and funeral expenses. I then give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Elizabeth Guthrie all my household and kitchen furniture and the two rooms including the kitchen we now occupy, and likewise my black woman Jane to keep or dispose of as she may think proper, and black girl Harriet to be at her command during her natural life, likewise my black boy Joe the same; I likewise give to my beloved wife as much of the livestock for her to make use of as she may find for her benefit during her natural life. After my beloved wife’s decease, I order the sd. Harriet and all her offspring except her oldest daughter Lueza to be sold and my desire is that she have the liberty to choose her master not out of reach of her husband in the neighborhood, if such a purchase can be found had to give her value, the money equally divided between my five daughters, that is Elizabeth Stone, Cassandra Graham, Eliza Munsey, Hetty Muncey, and Cynthy Wygal, the said black girl Lueza, I have give to Cynthy Wygal my afflicted daughter extras: I now order my black boy Wilson to be sold and all my livestock and moveable property except what is named above to my beloved wife and money to be equally divided between my five above named daughters: as Wilson is a faithful slave, my desire is that he may have liberty to choose his master in the neighborhood not out of reach of his wife if such purchaser can be had to give his value. I give and bequeath unto my son William Guthrie all my freehold possessions now entire, and likewise my black boy Joe by him paying one hundred dollars each to the children of my deceased son James G. Guthrie to be paid in rotation as they arrive to the age of twenty one years, beginning at Harvey, then Hugh, then Elizabethan, then Lueza, then Margaret Jane, then Alaina, then Stephen Rush; as for my son John I conclude I have give him his share of my estate heretofore.
I do appoint my son William Guthrie executor of this my last will and testament. I also request the worshipful court of Pulaski may not require Security of my executor. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this eighteenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty six.
Signed, Sealed, and Acknowledged by the above named testator Richd. Guthrie
to be his last will and testament in the presence of us who have
hereunto Subscribed our names as witnesses in the presence of
the testator>
Isaac Hudson
William M Hudson
John Brown

County of Pulaski the 6th day of June 1850.
The last will and testament of Richard Guthrie decd. was presented in Court proven by the oaths of Isaac Hudson and William Hudson subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of William Guthrie the executor therein named who made oath thereto enters into & acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $4,000 with conditions required by law certificate is granted him for obtaining probate thereof in due form. Security in the bond being disponed with according to the request of the testator.

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Index Page:
Guthrie, Richard – Will – page 211-213
Same – Inventory – page 216-217
Same – Sale, Bill – page 218-219
Guthry, Elizabeth, appraisement, bill – page 228-229
Guthry, William – Sale Bill – page 229-230
Guthry, Richard – Set. Est. – page 246-247
Guthry, Elizabeth – Set Est – page 264-265

DOCUMENTS: Giles County Virginia Deed Index
Letter G Entries begin on Image 117 of 860
Jane Guthrie Entries on Image 119 of 860
James and John Guthrie Entries on Images 120-121
William Guthrie and William Guthrie Heirs Entries begin on Image 123 of 860

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