Group 6 is something of a hodgepodge of Guthrie lineages. Although a few participants can be clustered together within the same line, most represent an individual lineage without a common origin story to define their path from Scotland to other parts of the world. DNA testing suggest that GFG6 is an old one whose common genetic origins are quite distant.



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  • Descendants of William Guthrie c1710IRE-1775DE & Unknown (MNU)
  • Descendants of William Guthrie 1738 IRE-1828PA & Margaret (MNU)
  • Descendants of Adam Guthrie 1740 ENG-p1785 & Elizabeth Nesbit
  • Descendants of James Guthrie 1761IRE-1833VA & Mary Shelps 
  • Descendants of George Guthrie 1763SCT-1821SCT & Janet Mennion
  • Descendants of James Guthrie 1775SCT-1850NY & Editha Munson 
  • Descendants of John Guthrie 1791IRE-1862CAN & Isabella Stinson
  • Descendants of David Guthrie c1796SCT & Agness (MNU)
  • Descendants of James P Guthrie c1801PA-p1840PA & Martha Fansey
  • Descendants of Benjamin Guthrie 1820MD-1864VA & Sarah Robinson
  • Descendants of Thomas J Guthrie 1874PA-p1920 & Nellie Bordreau
  • Descendants of Samuel James Guthrie 1876DE & Ella Hoopes

William Guthrie was born in Northern Ireland about 1710. His wife’s name is unknown, as is his year of immigration to America. The family settled in the area of Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware. There are multiple participants from this line in GFG6, and a couple of others who resided in MCH that are potentially descendants of William Guthrie.

The first two generations of this participant’s lineage need some detailed research. Stated ancestors are William Guthrie, born 1738 in Ireland, lived in Pike Run, Washington, PA, married to Margaret_______. Their son James Guthrie, 1759 Ireland – 1860 IL married Mary_____. Legitimate documentation begins with the next generation: George Guthrie 1782 Ireland – 1856 Illinois & Margaret Keys. This Guthrie branch appears to have immigrated to America between 1783-1814, settled in Washington County, PA, and in 1854 moved to Sidell, Vermilion County, Illinois. 

Our participant is an Englishman born in Lancashire, so the entirety of his traceable lineage is also in England going back to Adam Guthrie & Elizabeth Nesbit who married in Berwick upon Tweed in Northumberland, England in 1761.

The “Widow Guthrie” arrived in America with 5 sons: John, Robert, Stephen, Truman, and James. Our participant for this lineage descends from son James Guthrie, born 1761 in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland and died 1833 in Preston County, Virinia, and his wife Mary Shelps. This family lived along Little Sandy Creek in Monongalia County, Virginia. 

George Guthrie was a farmer in Berwickshire, Scotland who married Janet Mennion. The family remained in Scotland for several more generations and our participant’s branch moved to Rhode Island during the 1900s.

James Guthrie 1775CT-1850NY married Editha Munson. They lived in Hebron, Washington County, NY, and later moved to York, Livingston, New York, where he died in 1850. James might have been the son of John Guthrie and his wife Phebe MNU. The parents’ identities are unconfirmed.

John Guthrie was born 1791 in Ireland. He immigrated to Canada sometime before 1822. We do not know if it was directly from Ireland to Ontario, or if his family had immigrated to America first before settling in Canada. John’s wife was Isabella Stinson. They marred 25 Apr 1822 in York, Ontario, Canada. John built a house in Whitby Township, Durham, Ontario, Canada in 1844. 

James Guthrie was possibly the son of Thomas Guthrie who lived in Lycoming County, PA and was listed in the 1800 census for Muncy Creek, but not in 1810. On 15 May 1811 a 6-cent reward was offered for a 2-time runaway, a bound boy named James Guttery.  At about 16-18 years of age, he married Martha Fansey. Their son Joseph Jones Guthrie 1829-1905 & wife Susannah Andrews are our project participant’s ancestors. This family continued to live in Lycoming County, PA. 

Benjamin Guthrie was born in Maryland in 1820. His marriage to widow Sarah (Robinson) Satterfield took place in New Castle County, Delaware in 1839. The family lived in White Clay Creek and Mill Creek Hundred, DE for several decades. Later generations of the participant’s line moved to PA.

Thomas Justice Guthrie aka Justice Oliver Guthrie was born on 1 Jul 1874 in Pennsylvania, possibly in Bellefonte, Center County. He was listed in the 1880 census of Graham, Clearfield, PA in the household of Henry & Martha Thomas, and listed as an “adopted son”. He married in 1895 to Nellie Bordreau, and their only son, Edward Lyle Guthrie is the direct ancestor of our project participant. 

Our participant listed his ancestors as Samuel James Guthrie, born 1877 in Pine Creek, New Castle, Delaware, and Ella Hoopes. Research shows that Samuel’s parents were Benjamin F Guthrie 1841DE-1919PA and wife Elizabeth Turner, and grandparents Benjamin Guthrie 1820-1864 and wife Sarah (nee unknown) Saterfield. The latter couple lived in White Clay Creek and Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware. Benjamin was killed in action during the Civil war on 19 Aug 1864 on the skirmish line near Petersburg & Walden Railroad, VA. 


There is no documented Origin Story for GFG6 to tie all of the individual branches together. The DNA results suggest separation over longer periods of time, which means that this Guthrie family is an old one. The progenitor of this group is likely found back in Scotland, but there may be clusters of related branches where more recent common ancestors can be identified. For example, several lineages have connections to Mill Creek Hundred in New Castle County, Delaware.

The number of genetic variances within this group is considerable to the point that some level of SNP testing is recommended to verify current group placement. The results are similar enough that all of the participants are determined by FTDNA to be matches to some members of the group, but not all members of the group. Contact the Guthrie DNA Project for details.

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  1. What members does FTDNA say are related?? I have alot of records from hired reseachers in Scotland. Traces way back.

    • Each Guthrie Family Group is genetically unique, so no group is biologically related to any other group. If you’re asking specifically about these GFG6 families, they are all technically related to one another on their direct paternal lines. We simply don’t know exactly where they fit on their shared tree. It is likely to be a very old Guthrie line. Some of these branches will be more closely related than others. If you want to share records we can always post them in the Research section for Scotland.

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