Sub-Groups of GFG8

Sub-Groups are formed when individual lineages have ties to a specific Guthrie Family Group, but the Y-DNA results in a genetic mismatch. These may be the result of adoptions, false paternity, feudal law or other causal events.

Two men with matching YDNA are close (but not close enough) matches to GFG8 members. At one time they were grouped together and it was thought that they might share distant common ancestry. Any connection now looks to be of a prehistoric rather than historic time frame.

  • Descendants of Matthew Guthrie b.1820IRE & Mary McNelly
  • Descendants of Patrick Guthrie d.1849IRE & Bridget Cusack

Technically, these guys could have their own group, but for now will remain here. Their main surname match is to men of the Roddy/Ruddy surname suggesting that their Guthrie line is the result of a Causal Event such as adoption or false paternity. The Roddy/Ruddy connections are noted to be in Ireland, most of them depending from a John E Ruddy of Newry, County Down.

Y-DNA Kits:
149789 (also FF)

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