2A-K: William Guttery

William Guttery 1778SC or GA – 1825AL & Hannah Johnson
of Elbert County, Georgia, Lincoln County, Tennessee, and Walker County, Alabama, USA

Parents: Robert Guttery 1750-52SC – 1799GA and Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ MNU 1756SC – 1825GA
Birth: January 1778
Birth Location: Georgia, USA
Occupation: Farmer
Marriage: 26 Jun 1798 in Elbert County, Georgia to Hannah Johnson
Death: 7 July 1825
Death Location: Walker County, Alabama, USA
Burial Location: Providence, near Oakman, Walker County, Alabama, USA
According to a segment on William Guttery found in Dombhart’s History of Walker County, Alabama, William was born in Scotland. Two of his children report his birth in Georgia, but there is some uncertainty as to whether it may have been South Carolina. The article also states that he first settled in Pennsylvania. This may be a clue that this line of the family were immigrants from Scotland that settled first in Pennsylvania before coming south, but that would definitely have occurred either in the generation of his father, Robert Guttery, or a grandfather.

“William Guttery, a descendant of an old pioneer family that settled near Charleston, South Carolina, he moved with his wife, Hannah Guttery, from his home in Georgia, to Lincoln County, Tennessee, and later came to Walker County, Alabama shortly before 1820 settling near the present site of Holly Grove. Little is known of William Guttery since he died on July 7, 1825, just a few years after coming to the county. He is believed to have been among the very first settlers, if not the first, in this section of the county. That he was a farmer is a self-evident fact. The later accomplishment of his sons would indicate that their parents were exceptional people for their day and time and environment, and afforded their children the education and training that permitted them to become outstanding citizens and leaders in religious, political, and economic life of the country.” ~ Dombhart

Parents: Unverified
Birth: 1779
Birth Location: South Carolina
Guthrie Children: Robert Malone (1801), Johnson (1806), John G (1809), Catherine ‘Kitty’ (1812), Hettie (1812), Isham Prince (1813)
Marriage 2nd: Daniel Townley in 1845 Walker County, Alabama
Death: 1 December 1855
Death Location: Townley, Walker County, Alabama, USA
Burial Location: Boshell Cemetery, Townley, Walker County, Alabama, USA
There seem to be multiple theories as to the identity of Hannah Johnson’s parents. One possibility is William Johnson/Johnston and Mary Rebecca Bull of Lancaster County, SC. According to Rebecca’s will, this couple did have a unmarried daughter named Hannah, who was identified as “Hannah Johnson” at the time of the 1788 will was written. Someone posted a copy of the 2nd page of the will, but I can’t find or access the original documents to locate the first half.


1801 GA – 1877 AL

Born on 26 Feb 1801 in Georgia, Robert Malone Guttery moved with his parents to Lincoln County, Tennessee, and later to Walker County, Alabama. He was a deeply religious man and in 1826 became an ordained minister of the Primitive Baptist Church. Although Robert never sought political office, he was chosen by the Conservative Party to represent Walker County in the Secession Convention, which assembled early in January 1861. Robert sided with the anti-secession party and along with 24 others voted against secession. Nevertheless, his sons fought valiantly for the Confederacy, and after the war he focused his influence on restoring civil authority and the peace and quiet of the country. In addition to his religious and political activity, Robert Malone Guttery was a successful farmer and merchant. He married Sarah Ann Williams on 11 Nov 1821. They raised their family in Walker County in the vicinity of Holly Grove. Robert died on 6 April 1877, and Sarah on 8 February 1881. They rest in the Boshell Graveyard.
1) John Kenneth Guttery 1822GA-1883AL (farmer) m.1842AL Mary Ann Johnson +children
2) Catherine Guttery 1824AL-1873AL m.1840AL Andrew Jackson Boshell (farmer) +children
3) William Guttery 1825AL-1890TX m1.abt1848 Elizabeth Williams, m2.abt.1860 Elizabeth Shirley +children
4) Isham Prince Guttery/Guthrie 1827AL-1922TX (farmer) m.1848AL Nancy J Romine +children
5) B F Guttery 1829AL – 1829AL died in his infancy.
6) Elizabeth Guttery 1831AL-1913TX m.1851 James Milton Baker (farmer) +children
7) James Russell Guttery 1833AL-1889AL (farmer) m. Barbara Sanders +children
8) Martha Ann Guttery 1834AL-1872AL m1.1854 Benjamin Franklin Carmichael (merchant), m2.1868 Joseph Mortimore Corry (farmer) +children
9) Andrew Jackson Guttery 1837AL-1889AL m.1861 Arminta Ann Miller +children
10) Levi Toles Guttery 1839AL-1862MS (soldier) m.1860 Matilda Kitches -no known children
11) Robert Malone Guttery 1842AL-1903AL (farmer) m. Lucinda King +children
12) Newton White Guttery 1844AL-1883TX (farmer) m.1871 Sarah Jane Johnson +children
13) Sarah Guttery 1846AL-1846AL died in her infancy.
14) George Houston ‘Jake’ Guttery 1847AL-1911AL (merchant / mayor) m.1876 Alice Clementine Stanley +children
15) Johnson Guttery 1849AL-1881AL (farm laborer / farmer) m.1872 Nancy B Despain +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1806 GA – 1876 AL

Johnson Guttery was born 12 March 1806 in Hall County, Georgia. The family moved to Lincoln County, TN bet. 1806-1809 and to Walker County, AL bet. 1817-1820 where they settled on Lost Creek near Holly Grove. At 18 years of age, Johnson married on 24 Nov 1824 in Walker County, AL to Mary Wilson, 17. He was primarily a farmer, but like his elder brother, Robert Malone Guttery, joined the Primitive Baptist Church in 1826 and was ordained as a minister in 1839 serving the community for 37 years. He spent his entire adult life in the vicinity of Holly Grove. Johnson died on 23 May 1876. His widow Mary died 13 Oct 1885. They are both buried at Boshell Cemetery at Townley, Walker County, Alabama.
1) Sarah Guttery 1826AL-1900AL – Unmarried with 2 children. See book ‘Scarlet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore‘.
2) William G Guttery 1828AL-1868AL (farmer) m.abt.1850AL Lucinda Townley +children
3) Ann B Guttery 1829AL-1904NM m.1852 Robert Townley (farmer) +children
4) Robert Franklin Guttery 1831AL-1921TN (farmer) m.1852 Gracie Frances Nesmith +children
5) Benjamin Franklin Guttery 1834AL-1920TN (farmer) m.1857AL Elizabeth Nesmith +children
6) Elizabeth Guttery 1836AL-1872AL m. Alexander Joseph Nesmith (farmer) +children
7) John Willis Guttery / Guthrie 1838AL-1926AL (farmer) m.1863 Sarah Elizabeth Boshell +children
8) Mary Jane Guttery 1841AL-1917MO m.1859AL Thomas Jefferson Wilson (farmer) +children
9) Francis Guttery 1844AL-1864AL – died at 20 years of age – unmarried

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1809 TN – 1870 AL

John G Guttery was born 10 Jun 1809 while the family was residing in Tennessee. They moved to Walker County, Alabama while John was still a boy. He married Mary Rutledge (born 1806) presumably prior to 1831 when their eldest son was born. John was a farmer. They made their home in Walker County, AL where they raised their family. John died on 13 March 1870. Mary lived another 23 years. She died 13 October 1893. Both are buried at Boshell Cemetery in Townley, Walker, Alabama.
1) William Carrol ‘Buck’ Guttery 1832AL-1902AL (farmer) m1.1861 Sarah E Madison, m2.1894 Mary Jane Pruitt +children
2) Robert Franklin Guthrie 1833AL-1928AL (farmer) m.abt1852 Adelena Caroline Madison +children
3) Joseph G Guthrie 1836AL-1928AL (farmer) m1.1865 Elizabeth Norris, m2.1870 Mary Jane Stacks +children
4) Andrew Jackson ‘Jack’ Guthrie 1840AL-1925AL (farmer) m1.1865 Mary J Ary, m2.1895 Malinda Emmeline Smith +children
5) Martin Van Buren Guthrie 1842AL-1916AL (farmer) m.1866 Mary Elizabeth Madison +children
6) Kitty Ann Guttery 1843AL-1843AL died in her infancy.
7) Abraham Guthrie 1845AL-1866AL died at 22 years of age – unmarried
8) Newton Guttery 1846AL-1850AL died in early childhood.
9) Sarah Guttery 1846AL-1846AL died in her infancy.
10) W B Guttery 1849AL-1850AL died in his infancy.

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1812 TN – 1892 AL

Kitty was born about 1812 in Lincoln County, Tennessee, a year which corresponds with census records. Her husband was John Downey, a man who was about 24 years older. He was a soldier in the War of 1812 and their pension application files specify their marriage date as 2 December 1824. Unless that was the date was wrong or Kitty’s DOB is wrong, it means Kitty was about 12 years old at the time. The eldest son was born about 1827, so John definitely had a spouse that early. There is no mention of an earlier spouse prior to Kitty. John Downey died 25 July 1890 at Bear Creek, Marion County, Alabama, which makes him 101 at his death. Kitty died two years later on 31 July 1892. They are buried at Old Union Cemetery in Bear Creek.
1) James Edward Downey 1827AL-1900 (miller) m.abt.1854 Kisiah Jane Kidd +children
2) William Carroll ‘Buck’ Downey (farmer) m.1854AL Armelia Lane +children
3) Sarah ‘Sally’ Downey 1833AL-1892AL m.abt 1859AL James W Kyle +children
4) Nancy M Downey 1837AL-1906AR m.1858 James Anderson McGough +children
5) Hannah Elizabeth ‘Bettie’ Downey 1838AL-1892AL m.abt1854 Reuben Newton Norris (farmer) +children
6) Martha Ann Downey 1840AL-1913AL m1.abt1857 William McGough, m2.1872 Thomas Jefferson Lynn +children
7) Joseph Downey abt.1841AL – 1864VA (Soldier – CSA) – died during the Civil War – Unmarried
8) Robert Johnson Downey 1844AL-1919AL (farmer) m.1870AL Mary Eliza Lynn +children
9) Susan Downey 1845AL – 1883AL – Unmarried
10) John Downey 1846AL-1864VA (Soldier – CSA) – died during the Civil War – Unmarried
11) Thomas Johnson Downey 1846AL – 1910/12AL (farmer) m1.abt.1873 Martha J Guthrie (?), m2.abt1887 Louisa Fannie King +children
12) Margaret Catherine Downey 1853AL-1911AL m.1872 Jasper Newton Kyle (farmer) +children
13) Mary Jane Downey 1857AL – 1883AL – died at 26 years of age – Unmarried

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

1812 TN – 1871 AL

Hettie is typically a nickname for Henrietta or Hester. She was born in June of 1812 in Lincoln County, TN and moved with her parents and siblings to Walker County, AL. There, she married Henry Townley about 1831, and where their 5 children were raised. Henry died young at only 34 years old. Hetty did not remarry. In 1850, she is listed as the Head of Household that includes her children. The 1860 census lists Hetty Townley in the household of Alex H Blackwell working as a domestic servant. The next two household listed are those of sons Daniel and Richmond, farmers. I cannot find Hetty listed in the 1870 census. She died 18 Feb 1871 in Townley, Walker, Alabama and is buried at Boshell Cemetery.
1) Cyntha Townley 1832AL-1908AL m.1853 Henry Ferguson (farmer) +children
2) Richmond R Townley 1833AL-1905AL (farmer) m.1859 Mary Francis Scott +children
3) John Townley 1835AL-1868AL (farmer) m.abt.1858AL Louise Caroline Baker +children
4) Mary Elizabeth Townley 1835AL-1904AL m.1855AL Peter S Burton (farmer) +children
5) Daniel Johnson Townley 1838AL-1891AL (farmer) m.abt.1870 Elizabeth D Ferguson +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1813 TN – 1882 AL

The name “Isham” is of Old English origin meaning “from the iron one’s estate” dating back to a Saxon Village in 974 Northamptonshire when it was first listed as Ysham. This origin suggests that if Isham is a family name it probably comes from the Johnson side.

Isham Guttery was born 6 January 1813 in Lincoln County, Tennessee and moved to Walker County, Alabama during his childhood. His name is sometimes listed in trees as “Isham Prince Guttery”, which is a form found amongst descendants, but no documentation has been found with any middle name or initial. Although you can also find the combination “Isham Prince” in other families, so the whole name could be ancestral or used to honor an earlier unrelated individual. Also note that Isham’s headstone lists his birthplace as Georgia, whereas census and other records list it as Tennessee and even more specifically in Lincoln County.

Three times married, his first wife was Rebecca Pike, their DOM presumably occurring before the 1833 birth of their eldest child. Rebecca was mother to eight of Isham’s nine children. They lived in Fayette County, AL during the 1840 census. By 1850 they were living in Walker County again. Rebecca died in 1853. Prior to 1857, Isham married Rhoda C Keeton by whom he had another son. Rhoda died in 1875. Isham married a third time at the age of 65 to Sarah Ann Brown on 2 January 1879. Trees indicate that Sarah was the daughter of John Thomas Brown and Martha Elizabeth ‘Mary’ Clack. At 46, Sarah was a single mother of 27 year old daughter, Mary Kissiah Brown, who had already married a few years prior. I haven’t found Sarah and Mary listed together in census records to prove those connections.

Isham Guttery’s headstone reads “In memory of Isham Guttery born in the state of GA. Jan 6th AD1813 died Aug. 17th AD1882 Age 69 year 7 mo 11 ds. He was a devoted Husband and affectionate Father and an approved mason. Died in the faith he rests in hope of a glorious immortality.” Sarah was 64 at her death on 10 Oct 1896.
1) Thomas J Guttery 1833AL – 1868 AL (farmer) m.abt.1856AL Emily L Moore +children
2) William Guttery 1836AL – aft.1870AL? m.bef.1870 Sarah (MNU) -No further data.
3) Sarah Elizabeth Guttery 1837AL-1904TX m1.1858 Samuel William Faught, m2.1867AL Jesse Hunter Faught (farmer) +children
4) Henry S Guttery 1843AL-aft.1860 – Possibly the Henry Guthrie in Co E 28th AL Infantry – No further data
5) Malinder Hannah Guttery 1846AL-1880-82AL m.1880AL Isaac R Ferguson -No children
6) Isham Prince Guttery 1847AL-1919AL (farmer) m.abt.1868 Savannah Frances Rhoda Clark +children
7) Mary Ann “Anna/Annie” Guttery 1847AL – 1901AL m.1865AL James W Richardson (farmer) +children
8) Martha Frances Guttery 1850AL – 1927AL m.1872AL William Hiram Herron (farmer) +children
9) Lewis Hardin Guttery 1857AL-1930AL (farmer) m1.1877 Margaret Sarah Alvis, m2.1899 Sarah Emeline Wakefield +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes


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[Robert Malone Guttery of Walker County, Alabama served as county commissioner, voting against recommending AL secession from the United States in 1860. See p.46.]
“The State of Alabama also appointed commissioners to visit the other slave-holding States to confer with them “as to what was best to be done to protect their interest and honor in the impending crisis” … “An ordinance to dissolve the union between the State of Alabama and other States united under the compact styled The Constitution of the United States of America.” … “The ordinance was signed by William M Brooks, president of the convention, and the following members: (includes long list of commissioners). Twenty-four members of the convention did not sign the ordinance, as follows: (includes list of the commissions) Robert Guttery, of Walker (Alabama)…”

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