3A: Alexander Guthrie

Guthrie Family Group 3A
of Botetourt County, Virginia and Jefferson County, Tennessee, USA

Parents: Francis Guthrie Jr and Susannah (MNU)
Birth: 1760 – 1766
Birth Location: Pennsylvania or Virginia
Marriage: Jean McFerran on 24 Nov 1791 in Botetourt County, Virginia, USA
Occupation: Unknown
Death: After 1824
Death Location: Unknown, last known location in Jefferson County, Tennessee
Burial: Unknown, presumably in Tennessee

Parents: John McFerran d.1776VA and Margaret (MNU)
Birth: Unknown
Birth Location: Unknown, probably Pennsylvania and Virginia
Guthrie Children: Ann (1793)
Death: Unknown
Death Location: Unknown
Burial: Unknown

There are no surviving tax records for Coleraine, Lancaster, PA bet. 1759 and 1762, so the exact residence of Francis Guthrie Jr is unknown. He could have still been in Pennsylvania when he married and son Alexander was born or already in Virginia. Francis appears to have been a poor, single man who left PA in search of a better life probably in Augusta County, Virginia. He shows up in Botetourt County on jury duty in 1770. That county was formed from Augusta in 1769.

Susannah Guthrie is identified as the mother of James Guthrie, another theorized son for Francis. She could also potentially be the mother for Alexander Guthrie, or a stepmother. More data is needed.

Alexander Guthrie shows up as an individual in the records of Botetourt County, Virginia, along with his father, Francis Guthrie, indicating that by 1782 Alexander was already above either 16 or 21 years of age. That tax year did not differentiate an age category. The year 1785, Alexander Guthry is listed in Botetourt Tax Records with 2 tithable, 6 horses, and 9 cattle. In 1787: 1 white tithable above 21, 3 horses, 2 cattle. In 1788: 6 horses. In 1789: 1 white above 16, 3 Horses. In 1790: 1 male over 16, 3 horses. His father Francis was consistently listed in Botetourt Tax Lists during

Alexander Guthrie and Jean McFerran married on 24 November 1791 in Botetourt County, Virginia. As far as is known, they had only 1 child, a daughter named Ann born in 1793. Alexander purchased 300 acres in Jefferson County, Tennessee on the waters of the Nolachucky River on 24 Feb 1796. He sold 288 acres to James Wilson on 12 April 1822, and two years later surveyed a tract of land containing 50 acres on the Nolachucky, which is a tributary of the French Broad River. Those early TN land records are the last documentation found for Alexander Guthrie.

Guthrie Children: 1
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Direct Male Descendants
Autosomal DNA Participants: NONE

Born 1791-1800 – Died bef. 1850
Spouse: James Felknor

Anne Guthrie was born on 5 May 1793, either in Botetourt, Virginia or Jefferson, Tennessee. It is unknown if she was the only child of Alexander and Jean (McFerran) Guthrie. Anne married James Felknor in Jefferson, TN on 6 January 1818. James had 50 acres of land surveyed (entry no. 477) on 2 Jan 1826 in Jefferson, TN, and another 257 acres (entry no.705) on the north side of the Nolachuckey River on Flat Creek on 3 April 1826.

The family was enumerated during the 1830 census of Jefferson County, TN to include: 10 Free White Persons: 1M and 1F 30-39, 2M 10-14, 1M and 2F 5-9, 2M and 1F under 5. James Felkner sold property to Elias Smith on 26 July 1837.

Ann Felkner is listed as the head of her household in 1840 Jefferson, TN:
1F 40-49, 2M 20-29, 1M and 3F 15-19, 3M 10-14, 1M 5-9, 1F under 5. Total Free White Persons = 12.

No evidence found for the following:
Ann’s death date is listed in 25 March 1845 and listed in Fort Douglas, Newton, Arkansas.
James Felknor’s death date is listed as 31 August 1845 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.

1.) Alexander Felknor 20 Oct 1818TN – 7 Mar 1904TN m. Anna Chilton Goans +children
2.) William Felknor 26 Jul 1820TN – 15 Dec 1898 TN – unmarried
3.) Jane Felknor 11 Apr 1821 TN – No additional info.
4.) Lewis A Felknor 17 Sep 1822TN-6 July 1887AR m. Lodoiska Robinson +children
5.) Mary ‘Molly’ E. Felknor 22 Jul 1824 TN – 14 May 1858 TN m. Looney Peck Smith +children
6.) Margaret Elvira Felknor 18 Apr 1826 TN – 20 Dec 1908 TN m. William Thompson +children
7.) James Minnis Felknor 6 Feb 1828 TN – 11 Dec 1912 TN m. Thirza Catherine Whitt +children
8.) Andrew Mack Felknor 27 Jan 1830 TN – 12 Nov 1899TN m. Jane Riggs +children
9.) Harvey Felknor 27 Mar 1832 TN – No additional info.
10.) Samuel Guthrie Felknor 4 Apr 1834 TN-28 Oct 1914 TN m. Paralee C Thompson +child
11.) Catherine Felknor – born 15 Dec 1836 TN – No additional info.


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