3A: Alexander Guthrie

Guthrie Family Group 3A
of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana

Parents: John Guthrie 1730-50 – 1819VA and Unidentified (MNU)
Birth: 1777
Location: Pennsylvania, Maryland, or Virginia
Married: Eleanor Amis – 1802 in Kanawha County, Virginia, USA
Occupation: Farmer
Death: 30 Jul 1850
Location: Marion County, Indiana, USA
Burial: Bethel Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Parents: Unidentified
Birth: 27 July 1778
Location: New Jersey, USA
Guthrie Sons: John, James H, Grandson Austin, Anderson Peters, Alexander Jr
Guthrie Daughters: Margaret, Mary Ann, Matilda, Rhoda
Death: 11 April 1868
Death Location: Pike, Marion County, Indiana, USA
Burial: Bethel Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Genetically matched to the Guthrie men of Guthrie Family Group 3, Alexander Guthrie’s descendants without doubt share direct paternal ancestry with the lineages in that group. The early years of his paper trail take him primarily along the path of his presumed father, John Guthrie and siblings. Within two years of his marriage, Alexander had moved from Kanawha to Mason County, Kentucky. During the War of 1812, he was a member of Capt. Brown’s Company of Militia. When Brown County, Ohio was formed directly across the Ohio River in 1818 and settlement began the following year, Alexander and his family moved again. This time they were there over a longer span of years being present for the 1820 and 1830 censuses in Brown, OH. The family made one final move to Marion County, Indiana between Jan 1832 and March 1833, the dates of two daughters’ marriages , which occurred in Oh and IN respectively.

There are some discrepancies in the records as to the location of Alexander Guthrie’s birth. The only census record attached directly to him listing a birth location is 1850: PA. The 1880 census is the first listing the birth locations of parents: daughter Mary Ann lists both parents birth in KY; son John’s parent’s birthplaces are left blank; son James lists both parents as being born in KY; son Gradison lists his father’s birthplace as VA and mother’s as NJ. Son Anderson lists the same: VA and NJ. If we go strictly by the year of 1777, the location is more likely to be Virginia as neither are listed in the 1776 Provincial Census of Maryland.

Eleanor’s maiden name remains a bit of a mystery as the original image of the marriage record is in ruins and smudged. Several transcripts of the marriage record provide different interpretations of the surname listing it as Amis, Anns, or Runs. Trying to compare letter A’s and R’s on other parts of the document provides little clarity. The surnames Runs/Runnes and Amis /Ammis /Anis names are found in the local records.

Y-DNA Project
Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

c1803KY – Unknown (Before 1850)
Spouse: Unidentified

Margaret Guthrie was named in her father’s will as his eldest daughter. The census estimated her DOB as 1795-1800 or 1801-1810, and most likely in the narrowed range of 1801-1804. She married, produced children, and died prior to Alexander Guthrie’s death in 1850. The identity of her family is not revealed in that record. It is also possible that Margaret was not deceased in 1850. Alexander also bequeathed money directly to daughter Mary Ann’s heirs even though she was still living at the time.

Margaret Guthrie would have married about 1820-ish. The family was living in Brown County, Ohio at that time and there were still four younger females in the household: 2F 16-25 and 2F 10-15 suggesting that the eldest daughter remained in the household at that time.

Both Mary Ann and Matilda were already married by 1830; likely not living within their father’s household. There are still two women of 20-29 years of age living within it, so it appears that Margaret Guthrie may have still been single during that census year. She is not present in the household in 1840.

Children: Yes, Identities and Number Unknown
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

c1804KY – Unknown (After 1850)

Alexander Guthrie’s will names one daughter as Rhoda Moore. She is listed in order as the 2nd daughter, although not specifically identified as such. Census records list the younger daughters of Alexander and Eleanor as being born between 1801-1810. He did not mention heirs. Note that Moore could actually be Rhoda’s given middle name. Alexander included the middle names of two other children when writing his will.

Online trees have confused this Rhoda Guthrie with Rhoda (Williams) Guthrie (born c1827) who 1st married Milton Guthrie and 2nd William W Moore on 22 Feb 1859. That couple lived in Delaware County, Indiana. Nor is she the Rhoda (Guthrie) Marshall who was wife of John Marshall and mother to George. That Guthrie family is associated with GFG11.

Children: Unknown
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Known Descendants

1806KY – 1887IN
Spouse: Moses Reveal

Mary Ann Guthrie was born in 1806 in Kentucky. She married Moses Reveal on 24 Mar 1833 in Marion County, Indiana, which may be the earliest date the family can be placed within the county. They lived in Hamilton and Boone Counties. Moses died in 1885. Mary Ann died 6 Feb 1887.

Reveal Children: 7
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) Alexander Anderson Reveal born abt. 1834IN – 14 Jun 1862 (aged 27) – masonic symbol on headstone
2.) George R Reveal (farmer) 17 Jul 1835IN – 20 May 1920IN m1. Nancy Miller +children, m2. Emaline A Sanders
3.) Willis Reveal (farmer) 18 Feb 1838IN – 2 May 1923IN m. Martha A Haffield +children
4.) Malinda Reveal 26 Feb 1839IN – 25 Apr 1924IN m. Robert H McGhee +children
5.) David Reveal 25 Jul 1842 – 12 Dec 1852 (aged 10)
6.) Rhoda Ann Reveal 17 May 1845IN – 21 Dec 1922IN m. Lewis C Howard (farmer) +children
7.) Rebecca Reveal 12 Oct 1846 IN – 8 Dec 1852 IN (aged 6Y, 1M, 26D)

Note there is a Brown County, OH marriage for a Mary A. Guthrie to Wm D Edgington on 28 Sep 1837. The bride cannot be this Mary Ann as the marriage to Moses Reveal was already in progress. The couple is in the 1850 census of Aberdeen, Brown, Ohio. Alexander and Eleanor’s family was located in Union, Brown, Ohio. David Guthrie of GFG15 lived in Huntington, Brown, Oh 1820-1840 and had several daughters whose identities remain unknown. This other Mary A Guthrie could be one of them.

1808KY – 1850OH
Spouse: Thomas Carr

Matilda Guthrie was born in Mason, Kentucky in 1808. Alternate: Ohio. She married Thomas Carr in Brown County, Ohio on 16 Jan 1832. Although the Guthrie family moved on to Indiana within the year, the Carrs remained in Brown County, Ohio, and raised their family there. Within months of her father’s death, after a visit to Indiana, Matilda contracted cholera (or smallpox) and died 21 Oct 1850 in Ripley, Brown, Ohio. Thomas later remarried to Nancy Newdigate in 1852. There are two additional Carr children by his second wife: Frank and Charles.

Carr Children: 8
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1.) John Carr (farmer) Abt. 1832OH – 20 Oct 1899OH – Unmarried – Last Will and Testament identifies family
2.) Alexander Carr 6 May 1834OH – 28 Sep 1856OH (aged 22) – unmarried
3.) Andrew Carr 17 Dec 1835OH – 4 Jul 1895KS m. Mary Ann Irwin +children
4.) Mary Ellen Carr 7 Dec 1835OH – 20 Jun 1907OH m. William Wood Williams (book seller) +children
5.) Talitha Carr Nov 1837OH – 1907OH m. John Culter (ginner) -no children
6.) Catherine Carr Abt. 1839OH – 12 Jan 1843 died in early childhood, (aged 4)
7.) Thomas Carr Jr Abt. 1841OH – 13 Feb 1843 died in early childhood, (aged 2)
8.) Nelson Carr (teacher) 1843OH – 25 May 1903CA m. Anna Margaret Henry +children
9.) Louisa Carr 2 Apr 1846OH – 27 May 1932KS m. Iris McPherson (Sewing Machine Dealer) +children
10.) (FNU Son) Carr 27 Mar 1848OH – 7 Jun 1848OH died in his infancy
11.) Joann Carr 1849OH – 21 Mar 1891OH m. John Poage Kinkead (farmer) +children

1810KY – Unknown (After 1880)
Spouse 1st: Lucinda (MNU)
Spouse 2nd: Amanda J Talbert

John Guthrie was born about 1810 in Mason County, Kentucky. Alt. OH. He was married to Lucinda Griffin in Brown, OH on 5 Jan 1832. They were still in Ohio for the birth of their second son, but by 1850 were living in Pike, Marion, Indiana where the family was listed in the census. Lucinda’s exact DOD remains unknown, but it was between 1850 – 1860. Sometime between those dates, John Guthrie remarried to Amanda J Talbert, so there are a few children whose mother is either Lucinda or Amanda. John Guthrie died sometime after the 1880 census.

Guthrie Children: 16
Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1.) Jonah C Guthrie born about 1832OH – died aft 1850IN – no further details
2.) Mason Guthrie born about 1834OH – died aft 1860MO – no further details
3.) Mathilda Guthrie born about 1836IN (possibly) m. John J Swearinger (possibly) m2. John Vannice Galey
4.) Cyrus Guthrie born about 1838IN – died aft. 1850IN – no further details
5.) Mary E Guthrie born about 1840IN – died aft. 1850IN – no further details
6.) Rhoda A Guthrie born about 1843IN – died aft 1860IN – no further details.
7.) Melissa Guthrie born about 1846IN – died aft. 1860MO – no further details
8.) Marion Peter Guthrie 15 Aug 1846IN – 21 Jul 1938IL m.Elvina Lewellen +children
9.) Alexander Guthrie born abt. 1850IN – died aft. 1910IL m. Martha A Webb +children
10.) Austin Guthrie 15 Feb 1859IL – 4 Feb 1953AR m1. Mary Arurila Johnson, m2. Hannah Ollie Cooksey +children
11.) Sarah Guthrie born abt. 1860IL – died aft. 1870IL – no further details
12.) Harvey Guthrie born about 1862IL – died aft 1870IL – no further details
13.) Harrison W Guthrie Mar 1867IL – 11 Nov 1935AR m. Mary Ann Owen + children
14.) John William Guthrie 30 Jul 1868IL – 3 Apr 1956AR m. Mary Angeline bullock +stepchildren
15.) Charlie Franklin Guthrie 2 Oct 1872IL – 23 Feb 1959AR m. Quallie Lucy Hooten +children
16.) Lucinda ‘Lucy’ Guthrie born abt. 1877AR – died aft. 1897AR m. John Johnson

1812 – Unknown (After 1880)
Spouse 1st: Highly Isaac
Spouse 2nd: Elizabeth Bowman

James Guthrie was born about 1812 in Mason County, Kentucky. He was twice married. First to Highly Isaac on 18 Dec 1834 in Marion County, IN. They lived and farmed in Pike where they raised their 7 children. His wife died in 1858. James remarried 21 Mar 1867 to Elizabeth Bowman. They had an adopted daughter, Ellen McClain. James’ DOD was after the 1880 census.

Guthrie Children: 8 (Biological: 7 / Adopted: 1)
Y-DNA Project Participants: None
Family Finder Participants: None

1.) Martha Eveline ‘Patsy’ Guthrie 2 Oct 1835IN – 6 Sep 1916IN m. Jonathan Louis Emery (engineer) +children
2.) David Guthrie 11 Sep 1837IN – 7 Aug 1891IN (farmer) – unmarried
3.) Caleb Isaac Guthrie 22 Nov 1839IN – 4 Sep 1876IN m. Nancy Northcut + children
4.) Elizabeth Guthrie 11 Dec 1841 IN – died aft 1860IN – no further details
5.) James Smith Guthrie 19 Feb 1843 IN – 1917OK m. Elizabeth Francis + children
6.) Louisa Guthrie 21 Jun 1846IN – 9 Jan 1935OK m. Lafayette Jasper Daugherty + children
7.) Francis A Guthrie Feb 1850 – died bef. 1860IN – died during childhood
8.) Ellen McClain Dec 1856 – Died aft. 1880 IN – no further details

1814KY – 1885IN
Spouse: Eliza Hollingsworth

Gradison Austin Guthrie was born 24 Sep 1814 in Mason County, KY. He married Eliza Hollingsworth on 16 Mar 1837. They lived in Pike, Marion, Indiana where they owned a farm. Gradison Austin Guthrie died on 13 Jun 1885. Eliza survived him continuing to live in Marion County until her death on 9 Dec 1910.

Guthrie Children: 8
Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Family Finder Participants: Yes

1.) Infant Son Guthrie – born in 1838 – died 29 Jun 1838
2.) Sarah Guthrie 1840IN – 1911IN m. Henry Simmons + children
3.) Francis A Guthrie 2 Sep 1842IN – 9 Jan 1845 IN – died in early childhood
4.) Rebecca J Guthrie 21 Aug 1844IN – 5 Feb 1874 IN m. George Fitzsimmons +children
5.) Alice Guthrie 11 Sep 1847IN – 19 Aug 1879IN m. Jacob Sourwine +childre
6.) Infant Son Guthrie born 1850IN – died 18 July 1850IN – died in his infancy
7.) Mercy A Guthrie 18 Jul 1850IN – 11 Apr 1917IN m. Joseph Cooper – no children
8.) Calvin H Guthrie 27 Sep 1854IN – 3 Nov 1857IN – died in early childhood

1815KY – 1891OK

Spouse 1st: Polly Clinger
Spouse 2nd: Sarah Coble

Anderson Peters Guthrie was born in Kentucky about 1815. After obtaining a marriage license on Jan 13, he married Polly Clinger on 17 Jan 1838/9. This marriage presumably ended in divorce prior to 1848. No known children.

Anderson married Sarah Coble on 30 Sep 1848 in Marion County, Indiana. They lived in Wayne, Marion, Indiana until sometime after the 1880 census when they moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They were in residence there by 1890. He wrote a will prior to their move on 26 Oct 1889 in Marion, IN. Anderson died in Oklahoma City in January 1891. Sarah died in May 1900, reportedly back home in Indiana.

Guthrie Children: 6
Y-DNA Project Participants: None, possibly N/A
Family Finder Participants: None

1.) Mary Jane Guthrie 13 Oct 1849IN – 8 Jun 1927SC m. Lewis Hiner +children
2.) Elizabeth Guthrie born abt. 1852IN – died aft 1870IN – no further details
3.) George D Guthrie (railroad laborer) born abt. 1854IN – died aft 1890OK – no further details
4.) Asa B Guthrie (day laborer) born May 1857IN – died 17 Jul 1905OK – unmarried
5.) Sarah Ellen Guthrie born abt. 1859IN m1. Peter Jacob Fellinzer, m2. Eddie Meyer – no surviving children
6.) Ida Martha Guthrie 1862IN – Feb 1926OK m1. Simon O Kaufman +child; m2. John Porter Brunton

Born 1816-1820 KY or OH – Died 1830-40 OH or IN
Marital Status: Unmarried

Guthrie family researcher, Rachelle Child, postulates the existence of a ninth child for Alexander and Eleanor named Alexander Guthrie Jr. Those familiar with the 1850 Will know there is no son mentioned by that name. Support for this theory comes from close examination of the census records, plus one deed wherein Alexander Guthrie is labelled as “Senr.” indicating the presence of a younger man of the same name.

The 4 other sons: John b.1810/m.1832, James b.1812/m.1834, Gradison Austin b.1814/m.1837, Anderson Peters b.1815/m.1839(div), m2.1848.

The Parents’ Household:
1820 – 1M 10-15, 4M <10 (This suggests there is a 5th son under 10 by 1820)
1830 – 1M 20-29, 3M 15-19, 1M 10-14 (All sons living at home. Five, with the youngest born 1816-1820.
1840 – 1M 20-29 (born 1811-1820) – This could be either Anderson Peters Guthrie, who briefly married in 1838/9, but divorced, or the youngest brother.

In 1837, Alexander Guthrie Senior sold 100 acres of land to Cyrus Acres – Book P – No 15 – Page 202

No document has been found listing Alexander Guthrie Jr by name. No Death or burial record found. The death most likely occurred after the 1837 date, potentially before the 1840 census, but definitely prior to Alexander Guthrie Senr’s death in 1850.


DOCUMENTS: Kanawha County, Virginia Personal Property Tax Lists, 1792-1850
The county tax lists are available for 1792, 1793, 1796, 1801, 1802, 1806, 1807, and 1809. The census is available beginning in 1810. Alexander Guthrie appears in only 1 tax lit for Kanawha County in 1802.

Categories: Person, White Males Over 16, Slaves Over 12, Slaves Over 16, Horses, Stud Horses, Ordinary Licenses, Store Licenses

DOCUMENTS: COURT RECORDS, Record Book, 1788-1803, Kanawha County, Virginia. Digital Repository
FHL Film #008218841, IMG 218/291
10 June 1802 – Alexander Guthery – 1 Wolf Scalp – $2.50

The original document is so damaged that the groom’s name no longer appears on the page. The person transcribing the document may have been the last to see the page intact. The compiled list of marriages performed by Rev. James Johnston between his last notation on 26 April 1800 and signing this section on 1 June. The year 1801 is presumed as the next entry is for 28 Feb 1802. See FHL Film #004226396 IMG 72/582.

One of the many transcriptions of the record can be seen here: FHL Film # 007894956, IMG 756 of 1269.
Is the surname Amis / Anis / Ammis or Runs / Runnes?


DOCUMENTS: Mason County, Kentucky, Tax Lists, 1794-1901, Digital Repository: Family Search
1794-1795, 1801-1806, FHL Film # 8140545
The first Tax record Alexander Guthrie shows up on is in 1803.
Not found after 1808, but the records are damaged and difficult to read.
1794 (IMG 9 / 1232)
Gutridg, James: 1 free white male above 21, 1 free males others, 2 Horses, 16 cattle
Gutridge, John: 1 free white male above 21; 2 free males other; 4 horses; 13 cattle
1800 (IMG 66/1232) No Guthrie entries
1801 (IMG 133/1232); (IMG 176/1232); (IMG 206/1232); (IMG242/1232); (IMG 294/1232) No Guthrie Entries
1802 (IMG 331 and 333/1232); (IMG 382/1232); (IMG440/1232) ; No Guthrie Entries
1803: IMG 470/1232 – Gutter, Alexander – 9th June – 1 Free White Male above 21; 1 Horse
1803: IMG 541/1232) No Guthries listed
1804: IMG 596/1232); (IMG657/1232) No Guthrie Entries
1804: IMG705/1232 – May 3rd – Alexander Guthrie – 1 Free White Male Above 21, 1 Horse
1805: IMG845/1232 – Guthrie, Alexander – 1 Free White Male Above 21, 2 Horses
1806: IMG 985/1232 – May 31st – Guthrie, Alexander – 1 Free White Male Above 21, 2 Horses

1807-1820, FHL Film # 008140546
1807: (IMG 65/1062) April 16 – Guttery, Alexr – 1 Free White Male Above 21, 2 horses
1808: (IMG 90/1062) July 16 – Guthrie, Alex.r – 1 Free White Male Above 21, 2 horses

CENSUS: The 1810 US Federal Census of Mason County, Kentucky, Digital Repository: Ancestry.com
Alexander Guttery Household:
1M and 1F 26-44
1M and 1F 10-15
1M and 4F under 10
Since Alexander and Elinor have only been married for about 8 years by 1810, the two older children in the household the two older children are either siblings, or products of a previous marriage. As there are no other children mentioned in Alexander’s will, the former is more likely.

DOCUMENTS: Mason County, Kentucky Deeds, 1789-1900; Indexes 1789-1978
Grantor index, 1789-1978 D – Hi, FHL Film # 008140238 – The G’s – IMG 588 of 1064
There are no Guthrie entries.

Grantee Index, 1789-1978 Co-HE, FHL Film # 008140241 – The G’s – IMG574 of 990
There are no Guthrie entries.

FORMATION of BROWN COUNTY, OHIO:: Officially recognizes as a county on 1 Mar 1818. Created out of land from Adams and Clermont Counties. The first settlers arrived in 1819. Alexander and his family were already there by 1820.

DOCUMENTS: Deed Books for Clermont County Ohio
Grantor Index – Letter G – FHL Film#007900731 – No Guthrie Entries
Grantee Index – Letter G – FHL Film #007894557 – No Guthrie Entries

DOCUMENTS: Deed Books for Adams County Ohio, 1797-1907
No indexes.

CENSUS: The 1820 US Federal Census of Brown County, Ohio, USA. Digital Repository: Ancestry.com
ALEXANDER GUTREY HOUSEHOLD: 1M 45+, 1F 26-44, 2F 16-25, 1M&2F 10-15, 4M<10.

DOCUMENTS: Deed Book of Brown County, Ohio, 1818-1916, Digital Repository: Family Search
Included below are all Guthrie /variant entries for Volumes 1-2, however some are unrelated to GFG3A

Vol 1: Letter G Index (IMG 96 to 104 of 477) FHL Film # 007897808
1828 – Guthrie, Alexander from James Taylor – Book G – No.7 – Page 437 – 100 Acres
1832 – Guthrie, Alexander to Abraham Shepherd – Book K – No 10 – Page 384 – 40 Acres
1832 – Same to Cyrus Acres – Book K – No 10 – Page 533 – 40 Acres
1832 – Guthrie, Alexander from John Machers heirs – Book K – No 10 – Page 217 – 120 acres
1837 – Guthrie Alexander Sen to Cyrus Acres – Book P – No 15 – Page 202 – 100 Acres
1834 – Guthrie, David from Richard Bibb – Book L – No 11 – Page 194 – 170-1/2 Acres
1836 – Guthrie, David from John Parker – Book N – No 13 – Page 30 – 32 Acres
1838 – Gutridge, James from Abijah Moore – Book Q – No 16 – Page 365 – 30 Acres

Vol 2: Letter G Index (IMG 336 to 344 of 477) FHL Film # 007897808
Guttridge, Benjamin from Francis Alexander & wife – Book H – No 23 – Page 224
Guttridge, Benjamin from Alex Edginton & Wife – Book H – No 23 – Page 360
Guthrie, David to Joseph Gray – Book T – No 19 – Page 313
Guttridge, James & wife to Banner Stivers – Book Z – No 25 – Page 331

CENSUS: The 1830 US Federal Census of Brown County, Ohio, USA. Digital Repository: Ancestry.com
ALEXANDER GUTHRIE HOUSEHOLD: 1M&1F 50-59, 1M&2F 20-29, 3M 15-19, 1M 10-14.

DOCUMENTS: Deed Records, 1822-1875, Marion County, Indiana. Online Status: Locked.

CENSUS: The 1840 US Federal Census of Marion, Indiana, USA. Digital Repository: Ancestry.com

CENSUS: The 1850 US Federal Census of Pike, Marion, Indiana, USA. Digital Repository: Ancestry.com

Guthrie Household: 
Eleanor Guthrie 72 New Jersey
Alexandre Guthrie 72 Pennsylvania farmer 800 real estate 

The household listed next is that of Austin Guthrie. The James Guthrie household is listed on the next page.

Austin Guthrie 36 farmer Kentucky 1000 real estate
Elisa 32 Ohio
Sarah 10 Indiana
Rebecca 6 Indiana
Alice 3 Indiana

James Guthrie 40 farmer Kentucky
Hila 28 Virginia
Patsy 15 Indiana
David 13 Indiana
Isaac 11 Indiana
Elisabeth 8 Indiana
Smith 6 Indiana
Louisa 4 Indiana
Francis A 8/12 Indiana

DOCUMENTS: Last Will and Testament of Alexander Guthrie, Marion County, Indiana USA on 30 July 1850
Alexander’s last will & testament was recorded 24 Aug 1850. His intention within the will was to provide his sons and daughters an equal inheritance in either land or cash. Property and deeds were already distributed to them. He made the following bequests:
1. To his son JOHN – 80 acres 
2. To son JAMES – 80 acres
3. To son GRANDISON AUSTIN – 50 acres quality equal to above
4. To son ANDERSON PETERS – 120 acres about equal in quality to above
5. Wife shall have use of all personal property and profits from farm during her life. At death land and property to be sold and divided.
6. Oldest daughter’s heirs – 100 dollars (Margaret)
7. Daughter Rhoda Moore – property (already given) – 50 dollars
8. Daughter Mary Ann’s heirs – 100 dollars
9. Daughter Matilda – 100 dollars
Amounts to daughters to be arranges so they are equal in value to what the sons received in land. Remaining balance between children:
Digital Repository: Ancestry.com

DOCUMENTS: General Land Office Records – Bureau of land Management, Department of the Interior
Assension: MW-0838-279, Names: Eleanor Guthrie, Alexander Guthrie, Lazarus Noble. Date: 11 / 1 / 1854, Document 33057, Indiana, Meridian: 2nd PM, Township – Range: 026N – 007W – Alliquots N1/2SE1/4, Sec.#15, County: Benton, Land Office: Indianapolis; Total Acres 80.

CEMETERY DATA: Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion, indiana
52 Street, 1/4 mile East of State Road
Now known as Bethel Cemetery or or Bethel United Methodist Cemetery
Originally Transcribed by Joy Fisher for the US GenWeb Archives (now cached)
Infant, son of G. A. and E. Guthrie, d. 29 Jan. 1838.
Infant, son of G. A. and E. Guthrie, d. 18 July 1850.
Alexander, d. 30 July 1850, ae. 73 yrs. Husb. of Ellennor Guthrie.
Austin, b. 24 Sept. 1814, d. 19 June 1885. Husb. of Eliza Guthrie.
Calvin H., son of G. A. Guthrie and E., d. 3 Nov. 1857, ae. 5 yrs., 1 mo., 7 days.
David, served in Co. I 7th Ind. Inf.
Eliza, b. 17 Oct. 1817, d. 9 Dec. 1910. Wife of Austin Guthrie.
Ellennor, b. 27 July 1778, d. 11 Apr, 1868. Wife of Alexander Guthrie.
Francis A., dau. of G. A. Guthrie and E., d. 9 Jan. 1845, ae. 2 yrs., l mo., 12 days.

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  1. I believe that Alexander Guthrie was living in Kanawha County in 1802. He appears in a personal tax list that year, as well as a marriage record.

  2. Thanks! At genealogytrails.com, I found Kanawha records including a complete list for 1801 listing Robert, John, and James Guthrie, but only the ‘H’ surnames for 1802 and beyond. Do you have the details?

    I also found the marriage record for Alex Guthrie & Elinor ‘Runa’ under marriages by Jas. Johnston for the year 1802. If I recall, the original document is where the ‘Amis’ surname is gleaned. The image I found at Family Search is simply a typed transcript of the marriage list rather than an original, which lists the ‘Runs’ surname.

    This 1802 date would also narrow down the potential birth range for eldest daughter, Margaret, presuming she was born after their marriage.

  3. Yes, for the 1802 list try the following website: http://www.binnsgenealogy.com/VirginiaTaxListCensuses/Kanawha/1802Personal/08.jpg

    So there is no census from 1790 or 1800 for the area, but there are tax lists. Although Kanawha County was founded in 1789, the earliest Kanawha Personal Property Tax (PPT) lists available are from 1792 and 1793. No tax lists are available for 1794 and 1795. There is a list from 1796 but no tax lists are available for 1797-1800. There are lists from 1801 and 1802, but no tax lists are available for 1803-1805. There are lists from 1806 and 1807 and then again in 1809. Census records are available for 1810 and beyond.
    I did not find anyone with the last name of ‘Guthrie’ in the 1792 tax list, or the 1793 or 1796 tax list. I had success in 1801 and 1802. I can’t find the other tax lists online so I will need to go to the library. The Guthries may have come to Kanawha County after the 1796 tax list was prepared but before the 1801 list was prepared.

    I have a working theory that perhaps Alexander, James, and Robert were sons of John Guthrie.

    • Rachelle,
      Have you identified a JOHN GUTHRIE whom you believe is the man listed in the 1801 Tax Record?

      A biography for James Guthrie in ‘Sissonville: A Time to Remember’ identified his parents as Andrew and Mary (Robinson) Guthrie. They also had a son named Alexander Guthrie who was born in 1772. There is speculation that he may be the Alexander Guthrie who m. Eleanor Amis, but without any other evidence to connect them.

  4. Hi – I checked at the library today – Alexander is only in 1802. Robert drops out of the tax lists after 1811. John drops out after 1819. Only James remains until the 1850 census.

  5. I am aware of the biography in “Sissonville….” and have long been suspicious of the information because there are no sources and I have never found an Andrew Guthrie in Kanawha. I think what happened is that someone found a christening record in Scotland for a man who had sons named James and Alexander and felt like that was enough to go on. However, that simply does not fit with the evidence in Kanawha County. The very first reference I have been able to find in Kanawha County to anyone with the last name of Guthrie is John Guthrie who was involved in a court case in 1800, John Gutherie v. Nicholas Chenworth for the destruction of timber and trespassing. It is only John in the 1801 tax list who has another male living with him (probably Alexander who is not mentioned in 1801 but is mentioned in 1802) and he is the only one of the males listed (John, James, and Robert) who owns a horse. From later census records, we can identify James, Robert, and Alexander as having young families. So I think John is the padre.
    Also, In the 1850 census, Alexander is identified as having been born in Pennsylvania, and James as having been born in Maryland. No mention is made of Scotland. In the 1880 census, children of James reported James’ birthplace as being Virginia and West Virginia.
    Since I think the family was in Kanawha already by 1800, and this census was lost, I don’t think we will find them in the 1800 census. However, I do not believe the family was living in the area in 1790, so I think we have a shot at perhaps finding them in the 1790 census, probably in Pennsylvania.
    I could go back into the records in Scotland and check to see if said Andrew Guthrie ever left Scotland. I am pretty sure what I will find.

  6. As far as I can tell, there is no evidence that Andrew Guthrie ever left Scotland. I cannot identify a death record for him. If he did leave Scotland, there is also no evidence that he was ever in the Kanawha County area either before or after its formation. Personally, I think he stayed in Scotland. The only way to prove/disprove the Sissonville bio data is YDNA testing of Guthrie men who descend from one of the lineages associated with Andrew Guthrie’s ancestral line, which goes Thomas Guthrie/Janet Doig > David Guthrie/Janet Clark > Andrew Guthrie/Mary Robinson. For now, these folks are attached to the James Guthrie/Elizabeth Casdorph line as theoretical ancestors pending additional testing. I think it is still a valid question to ask how the name Andrew Guthrie became associated with the Sissonville bio. There are plenty of other potential parents with sons named James Guthrie born about the same time, so pulling a name out of a hat and looking for an associated record seems extreme, but it has certainly happened before.

    I like your theory about John Guthrie. Keep in mind that there are other instances of extended family moving from one place to another together, so while I agree that John is most likely closely related to James, Alexander, and Robert, the Tax Records cannot prove the three were his sons. That seems the most obvious relationship, but John could potentially be an uncle or older brother to one or all. The most likely one of the three to be his son appears to be Alexander. I agree that he is likely the 2nd male identified in the 1801 tax list since he appears as a taxable adult the next year. The Tax Data is the first time I have seen all three of these men in the same place at the same time.

    Genetically Related Lineages for GFG3A:
    Branch A: Thomas Guthrie/Janet Doig (If Sissonville data is accurate) or James Guthrie/Elizabeth Casdorph (One of the three potential sons/relations of John Guthrie)
    Branch B: Robert Guthrie/Esther Giles – Robert is theorized to be a son of Francis Guthrie of PA. Robert moved to Maryland and then Virginia. He had a son named John Guthrie, who might be a good candidate to be the John Guthrie of these tax records.
    Branch C: William Guthrie & Ann Hunter/Jacobina McClure of Ayrshire, Scotland. William & Ann also had a son names John born 1790. No further data on him at this time. This line goes back to Scotland and is genetically confirmed to belong to GFG3A.
    Branch D: Alexander Guthrie/Eleanor Amis (One of the three potential sons/relations of John Guthrie)
    Branch E: Robert Guthrie/Frances Fowler (One of the three potential sons/relations of John Guthrie)

  7. Alexander is in the 1804 tax list of Mason County, Kentucky. I did not find him in previous tax lists of Mason County.

  8. By the way, I think there is good evidence that Alexander had a 5th son. The 1820 and the 1830 census indicate five, not four, males. Additionally, Alexander occasionally is referred to as “Alexander Senior,” which was normally only done after that man’s child of the same name reached adulthood. For example, see the deed dated 1 December 1837 by Alexander Guthrie Senior and Eleanor Guthrie his wife of Marion County, Indiana, to Cyrus Acres for $950, a parcel of land on Eagle Creek. I think he probably had a son, Alexander Junior, born about 1817, who died leaving no heirs.

  9. Sorry to post again – just a comment about Rhoda above – the death certificate of George Marshall of Brown County, Indiana, lists his father as John Marshall and his mother as Rhoda Guthrie. Dated 23 August 1901.

  10. Ann, just wanted to say hello again and thank you for all your help with my family from Alexander Guthrie and Eleanor Amis. Larry Guthrie

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