2A-K: Molley Guttery

Molley Guttery 1787GA – 18?? & James Young
of Elbert County, Georgia, USA

Parents: Robert Guttery 1750-52SC – 1799GA and Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ (MNU) 1756-1825SC
Birth: Abt. 1787 (1781-1790)
Birth Location: Wilkes County, Georgia, USA
Marriage: 5 Feb 1821 in Hall County, Georgia to James Young
Children: Unidentified
Death: Aft. 1830
Death Location: Unknown
Burial Location: Unknown

Parents: Unknown
Birth: 1781-1790
Birth Location: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Military Service: Unknown, possibly eligible for War of 1812
Death: Aft. 1830
Death Location: Unknown
Burial Location: Unknown

Molley Guttery’s birth is listed as 1787 most likely making her the youngest child in the family. The 1830 census believed to identify her husband’s household lists both of them in the same age bracket indicating birth between 1781 and 1790.

During the 1820 census, Molley’s widowed mother, Elizabeth was living with son Thomas, but Molley herself does not appear to be living with them.

Molley Guttery married James Young on 5 Feb 1821, so her residence during the 1820 census is unknown. If the 1787 DOB is correct, she was 34 at the time of her marriage.

The 1830 census of Hall County, Georgia lists the James Young household:
1M and 1F 40-49
2M and 2F 20-29
1M 10-14
2F 5 – 9
1M under 5

There are 4 Young households in Hall County, GA during the 1840 census: Robert Young, Diana Young, William Young, and Robert Young. None of them have males or females in the right age bracket to be James or Molley.

The 1850 census of Cass County, Georgia is a possibility, but the locations don’t necessarily match up.
James Young 54 NC collier/coal mining
Milly Young 53 SC
Nancy Young 24 TN
David Young 17 GA