1A-A: Issobell Guthrie

Issobell Guthrie 1695SCT – bef.1710SCT
in Dundee, Angus, Scotland

Parents: James Guthrie (merchant) 1669SCT-1710SCT and Christian Scott 1669SCT-aft.1710SCT
Birth: 2 December 1695
Birth Location: Dundee, Angus, Scotland
Baptism/Location: 30 December 1695 at Dundee, Angus, Scotland
Marriage: Unknown
Children: Unknown
Death: Before 1710 (probably)
Death Location: Unknown, probably Angus, Scotland
Burial Location: Unknown, probably Angus, Scotland

Issobell Guthrie was the eldest of the children born to Christian (Scott) and James Guthrie documented in the OPR. Her birth was attended by a number of witnesses and sponsors, including her maternal grandparents, Christian Watson and John Scott (bailie).

Her father died in April 1710, according to his epitaph “leaving his wife and seven of his sons surviving.” This suggests that Issobell may also have been deceased before 1710 when she would have been about 14 – 15.


WEBSITE: Scotlands PeopleBirth / Baptism Record for ISSOBELL GUTHRIE
30/12/1695 GUTHRIE, ISSOBELL (Old Parish Registers Births 282/ 30 193 Dundee) Page 193 of 598
Digital Repository: Scotlands People (scotlandspeople.gov.uk)
Notes: This record from the 1600s is a little difficult to decipher, but it does include a long list of witnesses/sponsors.
Isobel G___ spouse to John Scot _ ___, Christian Watson spouse to Bailie John Scott (these are the maternal grandparents), Kat: Rotson spouse to Mr John Guthrie, godmother, Jo Scott ___ ___ __ __ B: J: Stewart __ B: Jo: Scott ___ __, Mr Jo: Guthrie, Gilb: Guthrie, min.

WEBSITE: Scotlands PeopleChurch Registers (OPR) – Banns and Marriages
Search Results for potential marriages by Issobell Guthrie between 1708 – 1730
1) Isobell Guthrie and JA. Chrighton on 3 Dec 1713 [No children found listed in OPR]
2) Isobel Guthrie and David Gairden on 8 Jan 1729 [No children found listed in OPR]
1) Isobell Guthrie and John Boath on 25 Nov 1710 [No children found listed in OPR]
1) Isabell Guthrie and Math. James on 11 May 1711 [No children found listed in OPR]
1) Issobell Guthrie and John Inglish on 4 Feb 1714 [2 children –Cecilia and Marjory – found in Arbroath OPR]
[Note: The marriage records do not appear to contain additional clues regarding relatives.

BOOK: Thomson, J. (1874). The History of Dundee: Being an Account of the Origin and Progress of the Burgh from the Earliest Period, Embracing a Description of Its Antiquities, Topography, Public Works and Buildings, Manufacturers and Commerce, Municipal, Educational, and Charitable Institutions, with Biographical Sketches of Eminent Men. United Kingdom: J. Durham. Digital Repository: Google Books.
“The following is a selection of the oldest and most curious epitaphs: For others the reader may consult Thomson’s MS. “Book of the Houff.” in the free library.”

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