3A: Anne Guthrie

Guthrie Family Group 3A
ANNE GUTHRIE (b.1778-79VA – bef.1809VA) and ELIJAH FOWLER
of Botetourt County, VA

Parents: John Guthrie 1730-50 – 1819VA and Unidentified (MNU)
Birth: 1778-1779
Birth Location: Virginia, USA
Marriage: Elijah Fowler on 4 Nov 1794 in Botetourt County, Virginia, USA
Fowler Children: Unknown
Death: Before 1809
Death Location: Virginia, USA
Burial Location: Unknown, presumably in Virginia, USA

Parents: Unknown
Birth: 25 Mar 1772
Birth Location: Unknown, probably in Virginia
Occupation: Farmer / School Teacher / Justice of the Peace
Marriage 2nd: Jane Bogins / Bogan in 1809 Kanawha County, Virginia, USA
Death: 10 Sep 1841
Death Location: Guyan, Gallia County, Ohio, USA
Burial Location: Good Hope Cemetery, Guyan, Gallia, Ohio, USA

Parents: Unknown
Birth: 15 Mar 1787
Birth Location: Virginia, USA
Fowler Children: Mary (1810), Harrison (1812), Franklin (1814), Martha (1816), Elizabeth (1818), Caroline (1820), Virginia (1823), Mahala (1823), Jane (1824), Elijah (1826), and an Infant Son (1828)
Death: 13 Sep 1841
Death Location: Guyan, Gallia County, Ohio, USA
Burial Location: Good Hope Cemetery, Guyan, Gallia, Ohio, USA

The Guthrie and Fowler families followed a similar path of emigration or at least appear in some of the same places: Botetourt and Kanawha Counties, Virginia and Gallia County, Ohio. One other Guthrie-Fowler marriage within this family also ties them together. In the case of Ann Guthrie, there is more than simple regional and locality evidence to prove she was the daughter of John Guthrie. Her 4 Nov 1794 marriage record provides that data along with additional family evidence in the form of two witnesses/security, namely James and Robert Guthrie.

Elijah Fowler, along with a William Fowler, are found on the list of Tithables for Botetourt in 1795. By 1800, the Guthries and Fowlers relocated to Kanawha. Elijah Fowler shows up on the 1801 Tax List for that county along with others of the Fowler surname.

We don’t have a good picture of Anne’s family life. She died sometime prior to 1809 when Elijah Fowler married Jane Bogins (or Bogan). They had a large family of children born in Kanawha and Gallia. The earliest family census found is the 1820 census of Gallia, OH after the family’s move. By this time Elijah and Jane have been married for 11 years. HIs marriage to Anne was 26 years prior to the census. Presumably, any child of Anne’s would be between 12-25 years of age, and potentially already living outside his or her father’s household. The Fowler household in 1820 does include 1 female of 16 – 25 years of age who falls into the age category to be a potential daughter of Anne, but there is currently no additional evidence to prove it.

Elijah Fowler settled his family in Guyan Township at the extreme southern end of Gallia County, Ohio. It was officially organized on 4 Dec 1826. The first election was held the first Monday in April 1827 at which time 11 votes were cast. Elijah Fowler and John Swindler were elected as justices of the peace. The first marriage performed in the township was Seth Chase to Anna Garlick by Elijah Fowler, JP.

A busy man, Elijah Fowler also functioned as Guyan’s first school teacher in a small log cabin which stood one-half mile west of Crown City.

Baptist minister Rev. John Lee arrived in Guyan preaching at the house of John Swindler in the early days. A religious society of Baptists was formed on Indian Guyan creek in 1832. Elijah Fowler and John Henry were among the first members. Note that Rev. Lee had been the minister to perform Elijah Fowler’s marriage to Jane Bogan back in Kanawha.

Elijah’s wife Jane died on 13 Sep 1841. This was just three days after his own death on 10 Sep 1841, both in Gallia County, Ohio. They are buried at Good Hope Cemetery in Guyan.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None


DOCUMENT: Register of Marriages – Botetourt County, Virginia
FHL Film #007578844 – IMG 82 of 733
Elijah Fowler & Anne Guthrie – 4 Nov 1794

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DOCUMENTS: Register of Marriages performed by John Lee in Kanawha County, Virginia in 1809
Full Image – Obtained by Diana Guthrie from wvculture.org

DOCUMENTS: Deed Records of Kanawha County, Virginia – Grantee Index #1 D-H 1790-1923
FHL Film #007842270 – Fowler p164 – 167 – IMG 203-204 of 586
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CENSUS: US Census Records for Gallia County, Ohio, USA – The 1820 Census
Elijah Fowler Household on 7 August 1820
1M 45 and over; 1F 26-44; 1F 16-25; 1F 10-15; 2M and 2F under 10. 1 Engaged in Agriculture.

CENSUS: US Census Records for Gallia County, Ohio, USA – The 1830 Census
Elijah Fowler Household
1M and 1F 60-69; 1M and 2F 15-19; 1M and 2F 10-14; 3F 5-9; 1M under 5.

CENSUS: US Census Records for Gallia County, Ohio, USA – The 1840 Census
Elijah Fowler Household
1M 70-79; 1F 50-59; 2M and 3F 20-29; 3F 15-19; 1M 10-14. 1 Engaged in Agriculture.

DOCUMENTS: Property Purchase – Gallia County, OhioFHL Film #008193267 – IMG222-223 of 599
Elijah Fowler’s Heirs to Franklin Fowler. (Buys estate land from his siblings, $200, 68-1/2A)
Harrison Fowler and Ireminta, his wife
Jesse Rose and Martha, his wife
John Mart and Elizabeth his wife
Henry Crane and Virginia Crane his wife
John Sampson and Claring Sampson his wife
Brice Sheets and Meehala Sheets his wife
John Sheets and Jane Sheets his wife
Elijah Fowler

DOCUMENTS: Deed Records of Gallia County, Ohio
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BOOK: Hardesty’s History of Gallia County, Publ: H. H. Hardesty & Co., Publishers, Chicago & Toledo – 1882~ Digital Repository: Google Books. Also found at Ohio Genealogy Express.

INDEX: An Index to Hardesty’s History of Gallia County, by Maxine Marshall at galliagenealogy.org
Index Page for Evans-Frances (includes Fowler Family)
Includes: Elijah – 20, 22, 23, XIV, XX; Jane – 21, 22, 23
Index Pages for Guthrie Families (Multiple Groups) Gillette-Guthrie, Guthrie-Harper

INDEX: An Every Name Index to H.H. Hardesty’s 1882 History of Gallia County, Ohio (reprinted 1976), by Mary Ann Wood, Gallia County Genealogical Society, Digital Repository: Family Search
p.21 – Fowler Entries (Elijah on XIX, XX, 20, 22, 23)
p.25 – Guthrie Entries (most if not all entries are for GFG2A)

The Elijah Fowler entries…
pp.XIX-XX – Elijah Fowler is listed as one of the early settlers of Guyan Township in the extreme southern part of the county. Among the first officers elected were Elijah Fowler and John Swindler, justices of the peace. The first school was taught at an early day by Elijah Fowler in a small log cabin which stood one-half mile west of Crown city. Reverend John Lee, a Baptist minister, preached at the house of John sindler at an early day, and a religious society (Baptist) was formed on indian Guyan creek in 1832; among the first members were Elijah Fowler and John Henry.

Page 20
Guyan Twp. –
HARRISON FOWLER- was born in Kanawha county, West Virginia, June 8, 1812, and came to this county with his parents in 1815. His parents were Elijah and Jane (Bogan) Fowler. When they settled in Gallia county it was in a very wild state; no roads, mills, or any conveniences. His father taught school, and was the first justice of the peace elected in Guyan township. Harrison Fowler by hard work and careful management, has obtained a large farm, located in Guyan township, which is in first-class condition. He was married in this county, Oct. 10, 1840, to Aromenta Mart, who was born in Giles county, Virginia, June 16, 1818, her death took place in December, 1863. Her parents were Nathaniel and Lydia Mart, settlers of this county in 1825. The children of Mr. Fowler are: Anda L., born Oct. 7, 1841, died in January, 1864; William F., May 13, 1843, died in September, 1863; Mahala J. (Clary), Jan. 5, 1845, resides in Lawrence county, Ohio; Elijah July 21, 1847, died Dec. 3, 1871; Henry, Nov. 16, 1848, died Feb. 5, 1863; Lydia C., Dec. 9, 1850, died January, 1866;; Charles M., Apr. 11, 1854, resides in this township; Thomas J., Oct. 18, 1855, died in infancy; James H., Nov. 9, 1860, resides at home; John R., Sept. 9, 1861, resides at home. Mr. Fowlers father was born Mar. 25, 1770. The subject of this sketch has held the office of justice of the peace for many years. Mr. Fowler had two sons who lost their lives in the late war; Anda Lewis served six months, and died of typhoid fever in Tennessee; William served two years and six months, and died from disease brought on by hardships endured in teh Lynchburg raid. Mr. Fowlers postoffice address is Crown City, Gallia county, Ohio.

p.22 – BRICE H SHEETS, No. 1 — is a native of this county, born July 11, 1823. He has been twice married. His first wife was Mahaly Fowler, who was born 17 May 1823, and died March 26, 1864. She is mother of the following children: Rebecca J, born January 2, 1846; Louis M, december 14, 1848; Sarah A, June 26, 1851; Susan F, April 20, 1853; John F, April 12, 1855; Rhody A, May 2, 1857; Elizabeth E, March 7, 1862, died August 20, 1876. Mr and Mrs Elijah Fowler are the parents of the first Mrs Sheets. (bio continues)

p.23 JOHN H SHEETS, No. 1 — is a native of this county, born June 14, 1824. his father, William Sheets, was born 1795, and died March 7, 1871, aged 76 years. Elizabeth (Henry) Sheets, his mother, was born in 1793, and died March 2, 1864, aged 71 years. They came to this county in 1806. The first wife of Mr Sheets was Jane, daughter of Elijah and Jane (Bogan) Fowler, who was born July 18, 1824, and died Jun 19, 1871. She is mother of the following children: William F, born March 20, 1846; Louis M, November 11, 1847; Elijah W, January 16, 1850; Elizabeth F, November 16, 1852; Brice M, April 29, 1856; John J, December 28, 1859; James S, December 21, 1861; Luther W, February 28, 1863. (Bio Continues)

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