2A-B: William Guthrie

of Pennsylvania & South Carolina

Parents: Robert Guthrie & Miss (FNU) Darlington (Theory)
Birth: Between 1713-1730
Birth Location: Pennsylvania
Marriage: Elizabeth Barnett
Occupation: Planter
Death: 3 September 1778
Death Location: Waxhaws Settlement, Lancaster County, South Carolina, USA
Burial: Lancaster County, South Carolina, USA (presumably)
It is important to state that the family identified for Robert Guthrie is a creation or hypothetical theory created by ‘American Guthrie and Allied Families’ author Rev. Lawrence Guthrie after piecing together data on the Guthrie families from the Pennsylvania area and corresponding with descendants. (See AA, p.195). William is “more or less” associated with the Guthries of Back Creek, James & John, who were speculated to be his brothers. James’ line has been debunked being genetically related, but more closely matching Branch G of this group. John’s line has no YDNA participant for matching. William’s descendants’ YDNA does match Adam Guthrie & Mercy Irwin’s descendants. Robert Guthrie is indeed a decent candidate to be a father for Guthries living in the Chester County, Pennsylvania area. Whether or not his wife was actually a Darlington is a matter of speculation as there is no hard evidence. Descendants of John Guthrie & Margaret Brown’s line do include the use of the Darlington name, but Margaret’s paternal aunt was married to a Darlington, so it could have come into use that way. William Guthrie was the son who ‘went south’ and settled in the Lancaster County becoming a prominent planter. He was a slave-owner and one of the first settlers of the Waxhaws District, his property being on Cane Creek. He died on 3 September 1778.

Parents: Thomas Barnett & Unidentified Spouse
Birth: About 1736
Birth Location: Franklin, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Death: 24 October 1804
Death Location: Lancaster County, South Carolina, USA
Burial Location: Lancaster County, South Carolina, USA (presumably)
The relationship between Elizabeth and her parents is gleaned from the Last Will & Testament of her father Thomas Barnett of Hamilton, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania in which he bequeaths 10 pounds to his son in law William Gothery and wife. The 8 children listed below are mentioned in the William Guthrie Family Bible Record gleaned in part by LRG from the Maxwell History and Genealogy by Florence Wilson Houston, Press of C.E. Pauley & Co, Indianapolis, IN, 1916, p470.


1753PA – Unknown
There are no details conveyed about this daughter except the DOB. The Guthrie family did not settle in South Carolina until many of the children were already in their teens to twenties, so it is quite possible that Margaret Guthrie already married in Pennsylvania by the time her parents and younger siblings moved south. I have no information whatsoever on Margaret Guthrie that can conclusively be tied to her. Online trees speculate that she may be the Margaret Guthrie who married James Melvin on 12 Sep 1785 at the Third Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, however by this date Margaret’s family was already living in South Carolina. No further details.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Descendants Identified

Robert Guthrie was born on 24 October 1756 in Cumberland County, PA per his Rev War Pension application. The LRG book quoting the bible record lists 22 October 1756. He enlisted and served as a Patriot in SC regiments on various dates beginning in 1776 and 1778. In 1780/1, he served 55 days under Captain Henry Coffey in General Simiter’s Cavalry. Robert married Mary Taylor on 1 March 1780 in Waxhaws, Lancaster, SC. After the Revolutionary War, they lived in Camden District, South Carolina until 1788 when they moved to Lincoln County, Kentucky, later to Mercer County and finally in the 1790s to Williamson County, Tennessee settling near Franklin. Robert lived there for about 40 years. He died on 13 April 1838 and is buried in Franklin, Williamson, TN. His wife Mary survived him until 5 January 1845. She died in Henry County, TN and her estate is probated there with their son William Forguison Guthrie acting as administrator.
1) Elizabeth Guthrie 1783SC-1820MO married John M Geery +children
2) William Forguison Guthrie 1785SC-1885TN married Mary Hodge Slaughter +children
3) James Guthrie 1787SC-1804TN died at 16 years of age.
4) Robert Guthrie 1790SC-1846MO married Matilda Hill Maury +children
5) Samuel Taylor Guthrie 1793KY-1872MO married Sarah ‘Sally’ Phillips +children
6) David Houston Guthrie 1796-1832TN married Sarah Venable Carter +children
7) Jacob Finley Guthrie 1803TN-p1899TN married Nancy W Orton. Unknown if they had children.

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: Yes

Born on 2 December 1761 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. An alternate location is sometimes found as Augusta County, Virginia, but that may be too early for the family’s trek to South Carolina by the early to mid-1770s. Elizabeth married Samuel Walkup, a son of James Alexander Walkup and Margaret Nancy Pickens. He had joined the patriot cause in the American Revolutionary War serving in the NC Militia after the British attacked and burned his father’s farm. Elizabeth and Samuel settled in Madison County, Kentucky. She died there at only 35 years of age on 19 August 1797. Samuel survived until the age of 92 years, 7 months, and 7 days, passing on 16 May 1851 . They are buried at the Walkup Cemetery, Moorland Dairy Farm, close to Berea in Madison, KY.
1) Margaret Walkup 1780-1808KY. No further details.
2) William Guthrie Walkup born 1786. No further details.
3) Mary ‘Polly’ Walkup 1790-1830TX married Edward Rice Harvey +children
4) Robert Alexander Walkup 1791KY-1861TX married Mary ‘Polly’ Laughlin +children
6) Samuel Walkup Jr 1793KY-1854KY married Mary ‘Polly’ Patton +children
7) James Walkup 1797KY-1797KY died with his mother during childbirth.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: Yes

James Guthrie was born on 21 March 1764 (alt.1767) in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He served as a very young soldier during the Revolutionary War as a private. After the family moved to the Waxhaws Settlement in SC, James met and married Jane Carnes. They sold their SC property on 2 Oct 1787, part of a tract originally granted in 1771 to his father William that James had inherited. They moved west to Kentucky settling in Gerrard County on Paint Lick Creek. Jane died in 1807. James died after the 1820 census and before 9 June 1827. He is buried in Section 1 of Old Paint Lick Cemetery.
1) William Brown Guthrie 178SC-1841IN married Mary ‘Polly’ Crawford +children
2) Samuel Guthrie 1791KY-aft.1880TN married Elizabeth Hope +children, 2nd Adeline Cashion +children
3) James G Guthrie 1793KY-1873MO married Margaret ‘Peggy’ Phillips +children
4) Robert Wallace Guthrie born about 1794KY. No further details.
5) Elizabeth Carnes Guthrie 1800Ky-1885KY married James Christopher Minor +children
6) Jane Carnes Guthrie 1802Ky-1874KY married William Survant

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: Yes

William Barnett Guthrie was born on 22 March or April 1767. He inherited a 229 acre North Cane Creek property along with his mother when he was 11 years old upon the death of his father. They sold this Lancaster, SC property in 1788. William moved to Lincoln County, KY where he married 1st Martha ‘Patsy’ (Penick) Jackson, on 29 Jul 1800, the widow of John Jackson. Online trees credit this couple with a son, David Brewer Guthrie, but his DOB is estimated about 7 years before their probably indicating a placement error. William and wife Patsy settled in Mercer County, Kentucky. She died there about 1826 and William remarried the following year on 20 June 1827 to Dilla Brown, who was born about 1800. William died in 1800 and she is listed as a ‘farm widow’ in 1850 living with a David B Guthrie 22, farmer, and Elizabeth Guthrie 20. David Bruce Guthrie would appear to be a son of William & Dilla. Deliah seems to have been previously married to a John Brewer and an Unidentified Brown. One online tree indicates her maiden name may also have been Penick.
1) Mary ‘Polly’ Guthrie 1801KY-1894MO married 1st Sterling Coulter +children, 2nd John Riley Philips +children
2) Presumed Son born 1795-1800 estimated in 1810 census. NOT John Franklin Guthrie 1802TN-1858TX (GFG11).
3) Frances Moss Guthrie 1805Ky-1879KY mar. 1st Jeremiah Raines +ch, 2nd Thomas Swan, 3rd Thomas Moore +ch
4) Elizabeth Walkup Guthrie 1804KY-1895KY married Banister Taylor +children
5) Sally H Guthrie 1809KY-18??KY married 1st Lewis Dickinson, 2nd James Shackleford. No further details.
6) William Wallace Guthrie 1810KY-1860KY married Chinese Thorpe +children
7) Jackson Guthrie 1813KY-1837KY. No further Details.
8) Richard Perry Guthrie 1815KY-1853KY married Josephine Frances Lewis +children
9) David Bruce Guthrie 1818KY-aft.1900KY married Elizabeth Ellen Purdom +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: Yes

Adam Guthrie, born 1 October 1769, is listed in the widow’s pension petition of Mary (Taylor) Guthrie, also listed in the Robert Guthrie / Mary Taylor bible record among the list of Robert and his siblings. No other records found for Adam.

Y-DNA Project Participants: No verifiable descendants
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No verifiable descendants

Ann Guthrie was born on 9 April 1773 in Waxhaws, Lancaster, South Carolina. This person is sometimes mistaken for Ann Guthrie who married Henry Batterton in Madison, KY. That woman was the daughter of GFG5’s William Guthrie and Eleanor Harris Abbott who lived in Madison, KY. William died there in 1798. This Ann Guthrie, daughter of William Guthrie and Elizabeth Barnett, may never have left South Carolina. She was only about 8 at her father’s death in 1778. No verifiable document found beyond her DOB.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendants would be via a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No verifiable descendants

Mary Guthrie was born on 8 April 1776 in Lancaster County, South Carolina. She moved to Mercer County, Kentucky where other siblings had settled. She married John H Barnett on 12 January 1795 in Mercer County, Kentucky. There is no further verifiable data found on this couple.

Online trees list the same children for John Barnett & Mary Guthrie as they do for a John Barnett and Mary ‘Polly’ Hawkins: Elizabeth 1796KY-1871MS (Augustus Zimmerman), Marquis Barnett 1800Ky-1852KY married Matilda Gault Thomas, Mildred Barnett 1801KY-1855KY married Morton Zimmerman, Sarah ‘Sally’ Barnett 1804KY-1878KY married John R Hawkins, James Barnett 1805KY, Benjamin Barnett 1808KY, John Barnett 1808KY and Hulda Barnett 1810KY. Both couples are listed with John’s died in 1811, and Mary’s on 5 Jan 1845 reportedly in Jessamine County, Kentucky.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendants would be via a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No verifiable descendants

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