2A-D: Aaron Guthery

of Greene County, Pennsylvania and Pike County, Ohio, USA

Parents: John Guthery 1744PA-1823OH & Lydia Baldwin 1755PA-1816OH
Birth: 31 December 1784
Birth Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Marriage: Nancy Howard – 22 Oct 1809 in Ross County, Ohio, USA
Occupation: Auditor and Clerk to the Pike County Commissioners; Sheriff of Pike County (1823-1825)
Death: 4 May 1825
Death Location: Pike County, Ohio, USA
Burial Location: Unknown, presumably in Pike County, Ohio, USA
Aaron Guthery was the Auditor & Clerk for the Pike County Commissioners and served as Sheriff of Pike County from 1823-1825, but died while in office. He left no will. William Collings served as administrator of the estate, but it was reassigned by the court to his eldest brother, William Guthery.

Parents: Henry Howard 1763-1804OH & Drusilla Clinton c1760NC-1829OH
Birth: 27 Feb 1783
Birth Location: Unknown
Death: 23 Dec 1843 (Age 60) [Uncertain this is correct. Possibly bet. 1825-1828.]
Death Location: Unknown
Burial Location: Unknown

Online trees identify a number of different sets of parents for Nancy Howard. See Samuel Howard and Hannah Billings. Guthery family documents indicate that 3 of John and Lydia’s sons married Howard women, two sisters, Nancy and Sarah, and a cousin, Elinor. Nancy married Aaron Guthery on 22 Oct 1809. They had 3 known children: Hannah (c1810), William (1821) and Alfred (1825). The 1820 census lists the ‘Aron Guthrie’ household with 3 females under 10 years of age. If all are daughters, that means there are 2 girls undocumented. Nancy was 42 at the time of Aaron’s death. An 1828 deed lists only the 3 known children as Aaron’s heirs. It does not make any mention of widow Nancy as being entitled to any portion of the property being sold. Ohio Tax Records suggest that the heirs of Aaron Guthery were still living in Piketon at least through 1838, which is the last record found under his name. Nancy’s DOD in online trees is given as 23 Dec 1843, but I have no source data to confirm it. Trees also attach an 1840 census record for a Nancy Guthery located in Indiana, but no known reason for her to be living there. There is a William Guthery living in a household next door, but he has a family consisting of a wife and 4 children. The William Guthery who was a son to Nancy and Aaron did not marry until 1849 in Scioto, OH.

CHILDREN: 3 known

1810OH – 1900KS

Hannah Guthery was born in June of 1810. Presumably one of the 3 females under the age of 10 living in the household during the 1820 census. She was the only surviving daughter at the time of her father’s death in 1825. She was under 21 years of age in 1828 when her uncle William Guthery, acting as administrator of her father’s estate, completed the transfer of Piketon Lot #16 to Thomas Waldron, which had been in progress at the time of Aaron’s death. Other property in Piketon remained in the hands of the Aaron Guthery Heirs. Hannah was alive in 1845, living in Brown County, Ohio, and apparently still single as her surname was still Guthery, when she signed a Power of Attorney to her brother Alfred in order to sell her portion of Piketon Lot #167 (Power of Atty – Book Vol. 9, p.425).

A marriage record for Hannah Guthrey and Thomas Dickings in Brown County, Ohio was dated 10 Sep 1846. Thomas Dickings (or Dickens) had been a widower at the time with adult several children. He was born about 1788 in Virginia and married Sarah ‘Sallie’ Dunlap in Woodford County, KY in 1811. They had 4 daughters: Albertine, Ann, Agnes, and Elizabeth. They had moved to Brown County, OH where Sallie died in January 1846. Hannah Guthery was presumably already in Brown County before 1845 and married Thomas in September 1846. She was mother to three daughters: Sarah Ann (1847), Minerva Catherine (1851), and Grace Irenia (1855). The 1850 census lists a Nancy Guthry living with them, age 14, which would make her born in 1836. Her obituary indicates that one of her surviving daughters was a Mrs Dunlap of Caddo, Indian Territory, which is where Nancy Ann Guthery / Dickens can be traced.

Thomas Dickens died in 1867 after which Hannah moved to Leavenworth, Kansas. That was her primary home except for a brief time in New York. She died in 1900 at 90 years of age. Read her obituary posted in The Leavenworth Times. See resources below.
1) Nancy Guthery c1836OH-aft.1900TX m. Benjamin Hopkins Dunlap (1857) +children
2) Sarah Ann Dickens 1847OH-1931CO married a Thompson. Details unknown.
3) Minerva Catherine Dickens 1851OH-1927CO remained unmarried.
4) Gracy Irena Dickens 1855-1856 died in infantcy.

Y-DNA Project Participants – N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants – No

1820OH – 1872MO

William Guthery was born after the Pike County 1820 census assessment. I haven’t found any documentation that confirms he is the same William Guthery living in Scioto County, OH who married Elizabeth Mary Nelson. A family history of the Nelsons includes some info and claims that William was a “nephew of General Guthrie”. He seems to have been in or around Pike County in 1847 when he and his siblings sold their Piketon lots to John Buchert. There is no William Guthery in the 1850 Pike County census, so the 1849 marriage to Elizabeth Mary Nelson and settlement in Scioto County, Ohio does make sense. The 1860 and 1870 census estimate his birth year as 1820, while the 1850 census estimates it as 1821. His death info lists him as 51 years 8 months and 11 days on 19 Jan 1872, which makes his actual DOB 8 May 1820.

William Guthery was a farmer. He move his growing family to Grand River, Davis County, Missouri before 1860. He and Louisa are buried in Guthrie Cemetery there.
1) Louisa Ellen Guthrie 1850OH-1868MO died at 17 years of age.
2) Elizabeth Jane Guthrie 1852MO-1869MO died at 17 years of age.
3) William Alfred Guthrie 1854MO-1886MO m. Lillie Lorain Irvin (1882 MO) + children
4) Mattie Nelson Guthrie 1856MO-1881MO m. Henry Bernard Hubbard (1875) +children
5) Nancy Matilda Guthrie 1859MO-1876 died at 16 years of age.
6) Charles Raynolds Guthrie 1862MO-aft.1910(CO?) never married.

Y-DNA Project Participants – No
Autosomal DNA Project Participants – No

c1825OH – 1854-59OH

Alfred C Guthery was born about 1825 in Ohio right around the time of his father, Aaron Guthery’s death. He seems to have continued to live in Piketon at least until 1845 when he was given Power of Attorney by his sister Hannah Guthery when she and the brothers sold their Piketon town lots. Alfred married on 25 June 1848 to Julia Ann (Houchins) Brown, the widow of William Harvey Brown. As far as I know that couple had no children. Alfred and Julia were parents to 2 sons and 2 daughters. He died in Scioto, Ohio sometime between 1854 and 1859. Julia is listed in the 1860 census as a widow.
1) William Franklin Guthrie 1849OH – 1881IL m. Sarah Elizabeth Willis +children
2) Aaron Walter Guthrie 1850OH – 1944KS m. Julia Azelious Irwin + children
3) Louisa Ella Guthrie 1852OH – 1933IL m. John Henry Smalley +children
4) Elizabeth L Guthrie 1854OH – 1923 IL m. Barton Mauel +children

Y-DNA Project Participants – Yes
Autosomal DNA Project Participants – No


Documents: Family Search Historical Records Collection – Ohio Tax Records
Ross and Pike County Ohio Tax Records
1810 – Proprietors Land in Ross County for the year 1810 – Name – Aaron Guthrie – Quantity and Rate (1, 2, 3) 93 rated 2, No of Entry – 50, Range – 4716, Twp – 22, Section – 5, Fraction 5, For Whom Entered – J Guthrie, Watercourse – Scioto R, County – Ross, Dollars, Cents 93. FHL Film 004849287 img 58/577. See also: FHL Film 004849222 img 120 / 706.
1811 – Aaron Guthrie – FHL Film 004849189 img 229/433.
1812 – Aaron Guthrie – FHL Film 004848996 img 241/518
1813 – Aaron Guthrie – FHL Film 004848998 img 231/465
1814 – Aaron Guthrie – FHL Film 004849000 img 582/861
1826 – Aaron Guthery Heirs – Piketon – In Lots # 95 (value 24), 96 (value 20), 97 (value 15), 98 (value 10), 167 (value 275). FHL Film 004849203 img 288/656.
1827 – Aaron Guthery Heirs – Piketon – In Lots #167 (value 275). FHL Film 004848203 img 363/656)
1828 – Aaron Guthery Heirs – Piketon – In lots #167 (value 275). FHL Film 004848203 img 440/656
1829 – Aaron Guthery Heirs – Piketon – In Lots # 167 (value 275). FHL Film 004849203 img 516/656.
1838 – Aaron Guthery (Heirs of) – Piketon – Lot #167. FHL Film 004849204 img 580/636.

Documents: Family Search Historical Records Collection – Deeds – Pike County, Ohio – FHL Film 008097703
Record of Deeds – Volume 9 page 425 – img 596/659
Know all men by these presents that I HANNAH GUTHERY now of BROWN COUNTY OHIO one of the legal heirs and representatives of AARON GUTHERY decd of PIKE COUNTY OHIO have this day made appointed and constituted and by these presents do hereby make appoint and constitute my brother ALFRED GUTHERY my true and lawful attorney for me and in my ___ to sell and convey all or any part of my individual interest in and to one certain In Lot No. 167 in the town of Piketon and four out lots No. (blank space follows) to me belonging all being in Pike County Ohio to be sold for such sum or sums as he the said ALFRED GUTHERY may deem proper and sufficient and for me and in my name to make a deed of conveyance for the same hereby ratifying all such sales and deeds and conveyances which shall at any time hereafter be made by my said attorney t__ching or concerning the above named Lots given under my hand and seal this 28 day of March A D 1845. HANNAH GUTHERY. Witnesses: LEMUEL LINASEY, WM T TARLUB (?)
BROWN COUNTY Be it know that personally appeared before one acting Justice of the Peace in and for the county aforesaid HANNAH GUTHERY of lawful age and acknowledged the Signing and Sealing of the foregoing power of attorney to be her act and deed for the purposes therein therein expressed given under my hand this 28 day of March 1845. LEMUEL LINASEY J P

Documents: Family Search Historical Records Collection – Deeds – Pike County, Ohio – FHL Film 008141947
Record of Deeds – Volume C 1827-1832 – Page 147-148 – img 95 and 96/365
Whereas Aaron Guthery of Pike County in his lifetime did enter into a certain contract with one Thomas Waldren of the said county of Pike and State of Ohio for the sale and conveyance of the land heron after mentioned and afterwards deceased leaving HANNAH GUTHERY, WILLIAM GUTHERY JUNIOR and ALFRED GUTHERY his sole and only heirs at law, all of whom are minors under the age of twenty one years – And whereas the Court of Common Pleas of Pike County on the petition of the undersigned WILLIAM GUTHERY Administrator de bonis non of the estate of the said AARON GUTHERY now deceased at the August Term AD 1827 did make an order authorizing and appointing the said WILLIAM GUTHERY administrator __ fully to complete the said contract, and to make and execute the deed of conveyance for and on behalf of the said Heirs according to the terms and stipulations of the said contract, and whereas the said contract has been fully completed according to its terms and stipulations. Now therefore know all men by these __ that we the said Heirs and by the authority as aforesaid vested in said WILLIAM GUTHERY in consideration of the promises and the sum of one dollar to us in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have bargained sold aliened and confirmed and by these presents do grant bargain sell alien and confirm unto said THOMAS WALREN his heirs and assigns forever that certain tract parcel or lot of land lying and being in the County of Pike and State of Ohio in the Town of Piketon Burrow and designated on the plat of said Town by out Lot Number sixteen (16) together with all the improvements, watercourses, profits and appurtenances whatsoever to the said premises belonging or in any__ appertaining and the revisions remainders and profits thereof and all the estate right title interest claim property and amount of them the said heirs of in and to the same. To have and to hold the lot of land hereby conveyed with all and singular the premises and every part and parcel thereof with every of they appurtenances unto the said THOMAS WALDRON his heirs and assigns forever. To the only proper use and behoof of the said THOMAS WALDRON he’s heirs and assigns forever. In Testimony whereof the said WILLIAM GUTHERY hath here unto signed the names of the said HANNAH GUTHERY, WILLIAM GUTHERY JR, and ALFRED GUTHERY sole and only heirs at law of the said AARON GUTHERY deceased and __ hath also for them and in their behalf set his hand and seal this forth day of September in the year Eighteen hundred and twenty eight.
Signed sealed and Delivered HANNAH GUTHERY
in presence of WILLIAM GUTHERY JR
Administrator de bonis non of

Documents: Family Search Historical Records Collection – Deeds – Pike County, Ohio – FHL Film 008097703
Record of Deeds – Volume 9 page – Page 482-483 – img 624 and 625/659
Know all men that we WILLIAM GUTHRIE, ALFRED GUTHRIE and HANNAH GUTHRIE the said HANNAH by ALFRED GUTHRIE her attorney in fact for that purpose duly authorized in consideration of the sum of fifty dollars to us paid by JOHN BUHERT the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged do hereby bargain sell and convey to the said JOHN BUCHERT heirs and assigns forever the following real estate viz. In lot numbers one hundred and sixty seven (167) and in lots number ninety five, ninety six, ninety seven, ninety eight (95, 96, 97, 98) in the town of Piketon, Pike Co. Ohio together with all the privileges and appurtenances to the same belonging to have and to hold the same to the said JOHN BUCHERT his heirs and assigns forever the grantors their heirs and assigns hereby covenanting with the grantee his heirs and assigns that the title so conveyed is clear free unencumbered of any act of the grantors herein (except as to the undivided interest of the said Alfred in and to said lot no 167 in witness whereof the said WILLIAM GUTHRIE, ALFRED GUTHRIE and HANNAH GUTHRIE hereunto sent their hands and seals this 23rd day of August in the year eighteen hundred and forty seven. WILLIAM GUTHRIE, ALFRED GUTHRIE, HANNAH GUTHRIE (ALFRED GUTHRIE, atty)> Signed, sealed and acknowledged in the presence of us R B ALFORD, W A HUTCHINS.

OBITUARY of HANNAH (GUTHERY) DICKENS – The Leavenworth Times – 24 July 1900 – Tuesday – page 4 – Newspapers.com

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