3A: John Guthrie & Unk

Guthrie Family Group 3A
JOHN GUTHRIE (born 1730-50 – died 1819 VA) and UNIDENTIFIED SPOUSE
of Lancaster, PA, Frederick, MD, Rockbridge, Botetourt, Greenbrier & Kanawha, VA

Parent (Theorized): Francis Guthrie Sr of Coleraine Twp, Lancaster, PA
Born: 1730-1750
Location: Pennsylvania (unproven)
Marriage: Unidentified Spouse, est. 1760-1770, probably in PA, MD, or VA.
Occupation: Unknown
Death: 1819
Location: Kanawha County, Virginia (now West Virginia), USA
Burial: Unknown, presumably in Kanawha County, Virginia (now West Virginia), USA

Parents: Unidentified
Born: About 1740-1750
Location: Unknown
Guthrie Children (Theorized): James Guthrie, Elizabeth/Susan, Alexander, Robert, Anne, Mary ‘Polly’
Death: Unknown
Location: Unknown, probably in Virginia, USA
Burial: Unknown, probably in Virginia, USA

John Guthrie is another ‘son’ of Francis Guthrie Sr whose life has been pieced together by his connection to those Guthries living around him. He is documented in the same records as his presumed brother, Robert Guthrie. The pioneering life takes him to Robckbridge, Botetourt, Greenbrier, and Kanawha Counties, Virginia. Tracking other Guthries in the same locations through tax, marriage, and other records, provides a good idea of which Guthrie lines were part of his family. YDNA testing for associated lines adds to the chain of evidence.

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

Born abt.1774 MD or VA – Died 1850 VA
Spouse 1: Elizabeth Casdorph
Spouse 2: Judith Hensley Henderson

The 1850 census informs us that James Guthrie was 76 years of age, or born about 1774. Earlier census place him in the 1771-80 category. His birthplace is documented on that 1850 census as Maryland, which makes sense as that was John Guthrie’s location by 1776. Census records of two sons later document their father’s birthplace as Virginia. There is no original document associated with James Guthrie listing his birth location as Scotland.

The book ‘Sissonville: A Time to Remember‘ erroneously lists James Guthrie’s parents as Andrew Guthrie and Mary Robinson (actually Robertson per the original records). No source data was provided. That couple had married in Arbirlot, Angus, Scotland in 1765, and their son James Guthrie was also born there. No additional data was found to connect that line with this GFG3A family.

James Guthrie is found in the Personal Property Tax records of Greenbrier County, Virginia beginning in 1797 along with his presumed father John Guthrie, and brother Alexander Guthrie. John with sons James and Robert next appear in the records of Kanawha County, Virginia.

James married Elizabeth Casdorph in 1800. Note that James may or may not have a middle name “Gullory”. My guess is not. The original image shows “Guthrie” in a different handwriting as if intended to correct a phonetic spelling error. The same document listed Elizabeth as a “Castor” rather than a “Casdorph”.

James and Elizabeth were parents to nine children. Elizabeth died bet. 1821 and 1826. James Guthrie remarried on 11 July 1826 to Judith Hensley Henderson. She was the widow of John Henderson. No children from this second marriage. Judith died about 1846. James lived until 18 June 1850.

Guthrie Children: 9
Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes (GFG3A)
Autosomal DNA PArticipants: Yes

1.) Henson Guthrie 1801VA-1873WV m. Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Cavender +children
2.) Elijah Guthrie 1806VA-1881WV m. Jane B Thomas +children
3.) Mary ‘Polly’ Guthrie 1808VA-1841-50WV m. John Selman / Silman +children
4.) Nancy Guthrie 1810-12VA – p1850VA/WV – Unmarried. No known children.
5.) Martha ‘Patsy Guthrie 1812VA-p1850VA/WV m. Thomas Fauber +children.
6.) Sarah Guthrie 1814VA-p1870WV m. William Hensley +children
7.) James Guthrie abt.1816VA-p1880WV m1.Paulina Melton +child, m2.Elizabeth Ann Dawson +children
8.) John Guthrie 1817VA-1910WV m. Mary Wallace + children
9.) Julia Ann E Guthrie 1821VA-1877AR m. Simeon Peter Tate +children

Born 1776-1780 – Died aft. 5 Mar 1841
Spouse: Henry Casdorph

The wife of Henry Casdorph is documented in ‘The Casdorphs from Hamburg to the Kanawha Valley, West Virginia, 1625-1995‘ by Rayma Casdorph Atkinson as being Susan Guthrie. You’ll find many online tree listing this woman as “Susan or Elizabeth”, “Elizabeth or Susan”, or with the combined “Elizabeth Susan” or “Susan Elizabeth” variations. The most likely source of the name ‘Elizabeth’ is an attempt to place Susan Guthrie within the documented family of Andrew Guthrie and Mary Robertson from Arbirlot, Angus, Scotland. They did not have a daughter baptized named Susan, but they did have an Elizabeth born about the time of Susan’s birth. Since that family connection has been ruled out, Susan’s identity is likely to simply be “Susan Guthrie.”

Henry Casdorph was born in Plumstead, Bucks, Pennsylvania about 1767. The Casdorph history does not include mention of a marriage between Henry Casdorph and Hannah Smith, which took place in Rockingham County, Virginia on 24 November 1790. Her date of death is unknown. The book does mention that Henry and Susan’s marriage record is found in Kanawha Virginia Early Marriages for 1801. Possibly found in Maxine Swango and Richard Legg’s work for the Kanawha Vally Genealogical Society, which is unable to be viewed online. Not found at Genealogy Trails transcription of Kanawha County WV Early Marriages, which does include other Guthrie and Casdorph entries. Not at the USGenWebArchives Kanawha Marriage Registry. At Family Search, FHL Film #007894956 – Item 3 – Kanawha County Marriages – Jan 1, 1792 to dec 31, 1869. No record found. Nor in the book version by Julia Wintz.

After reviewing several resources, no marriage record was found for Henry Casdorph and Susan Guthrie to prove the exact DOM. Currently, the only known legal document listing the name of Henry Casdorph’s wife as “Susan” is a deed of sale in Kanawha County, Virginia to Joel Edens on 20 Sep 1838. FHL #008292549, image 186 of 611.

The Casdorph book identifies that Henry had eight children listed in his estate papers. The author infers that all children also belong to Susan (Guthrie) Casdorph, as there is no mention of the first marriage. Census-based birth estimates do suggest that some of the older children would have been from Henry’s previous marriage.

Casdorph Children: 8
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

1.) Azariah Casdorph abt.1795VA – 1876WV m. Mary A Jones +children
2.) Mahala Casdorph 1797VA- 1870IN m. Benjamin Newhouse +children
3.) Jane Casdorph abt. 1800VA – 1858-60MO m. John Shoemaker +children
4.) Henry Casdorph 1805VA – bef.1841MO m. Hilly Angeline Shoemaker +ciker
5.) Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Casdorph abt. 1809VA – 1866IN m.Henry Newhouse +children
6.) John Casdorph abt. 1810VA – 1885WV m. Delilah Ann Lacy +children
7.) Susan Casdorph born about 1811-1815. Died in infancy or early childhood.
8.) Jacob Casdorph born 1811-1820VA – bef.1850 m. Zerelda Reno -no known children

Born 1777 – Died 1850IN
Spouse: Eleanor Amis

YDNA testing proved this family line belonged to GFG3A, but it has taken a deep-dive into early Virginia tax records to determine his most probable father and siblings.

The 1850 census lists Alexander’s birthplace as Pennsylvania, and that is the earliest location for this branch of GFG3A. However, unless there was some crossover between residences, John Guthrie and his family were already in Maryland by 1776. The 1880 census of some children lists their father’s birthplace as Virginia instead.

The first time Alexander Guthrie is noted in the records is in 1797 Greenbrier County, Virginia, along with his presumed father, John Guthrie, and brother James. His association with other branches confirmed by YDNA to be GFG3A continued into the 1802 Kanawha County, Virginia tax records where Alexander is listed with his brothers Robert and James.

The Reverend James Johnston performed the marriage of Alexander Guthrie and Eleanor Amis in 1802 in Kanawha Virginia. Note that the marriage record listing g her surname is partially obscured and illegible. A transcription of the name lists it as “Runs”, and there were Runs/Runnes families living in early VA/WV. Most online trees list her surname as Amis, which Amis, Amos, and Imus are found in the local records. Within a couple of years this couple had moved to Mason County, Kentucky where they remained until all of their children were born, the last being in 1815. Next, they settled in Brown County, Ohio and were there during the 1820 and 1830 census years. During the last two decades of his life they lived in Marion County, Indiana.

Alexander died on 30 July 1850 at 73 years of age. He left a will naming his children. Eleanor survived him by 18 years. She died in Pike, Marion, Indiana at the age of 89 on 11 April 1868. Both are buried at Bethel Cemetery in Indianapolis.

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1.) Margaret Guthrie born 1795-1800 or 1801-1810
2.) Rhoda Guthrie born abt. 1804 (1795-1810) m. (FNU) Moore
3.) Mary Ann Guthrie 1806KY – 1887IN m. Moses Reveal +children
4.) Matilda Guthrie 1808KY – 1850OH m. Thomas Carr +children
5.) John Guthrie 1810KY – p1880 m. Amanda J Talbert +children
6.) James Guthrie 1812KY – p1880IN m. Highly Isaac +children
7.) Gradison Austin Guthrie 1814KY-1885IN m. Eliza Hollingsworth +children
8.) Anderson Peters Guthrie 1815KY – 1891OK m1. Polly Clingler, m2. Sarah Cobb / Coble +children

Born 1778 VA – Died 1855OH
Spouse: Frances Fowler

Robert Guthrie was born in Virginia. He is on the early Kanawha County, Virgina tax lists and in court records at the same time as other Guthrie men whose lineages also match GFG3A’s direct paternal line genetic profile. The results suggest he is a brother to James and Alexander Guthrie.

About 1806, Robert Guthrie married Frances Fowler. They were still in Kanawha County, Virginia during the 1810 census when the household consisted of 1M and 1F 22-44, 1M and 3F under 10. The numbers indicate that one female born 1801-1810 is missing from the current family configuration.

By 1820, the family had moved to Cabell County, Virginia. Their youngest child was born about 1825 in Virginia. It appears that Robert Guthrie may have followed the emigration path of the Fowler family, which had moved to Gallia County, Ohio. Robert Guthrie shows up on the Gallia tax lists at a time he and Frances were still officially residing in Cabell, VA. During the 1840 and 1850 censuses, they were still living in Cabell County, Virginia.

Note that Cabell County, Virginia, is one of the westenmost border counties in what is now West Virginia directly across the Ohio River from Lawrence and Gallia Counties, Ohio.

Excerpt from Map of Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio

Robert Guthrie died on 17 June 1855 in Lawrence County, Ohio at the age of 76 years. His widow Francis lived for another 11 years. She was 82 at the time of her death on 2 Feb 1866.

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1.) Jane Guthrie born about 1806VA – p1870OH m. Benjamin Johnson +children
2.) John Guthrie 1807VA 1888OH m. Hannah Ansel +children
3.) (FNU Daughter) Guthrie born bet. 1801-1810. No other details.
4.) Mary A Guthrie 1810VA-1879OH m. Thomas Alexander Clark +children.
5.) James Guthrie 1812VA – 1902OH m. Hester Bassett +children
6.) William Guthrie 1815VA – aft.1870KY m. Mary Marks +children
7.) Preston Guthrie 1816VA – 1866OH m. Eleanor ‘Ellen’ Sprouse +children
8.) Lewis Guthrie 1818VA-1892OH m1. Hannah White, m2.Arabella Gillette +children
9.) Almeda Guthrie 1819VA – 1892OH m. (FNU) Bocock
10.) Edward Guthrie 1825VA – p.1850OH m. Martha White +children

Born 1778-1779 VA – Died bef. 1809 VA
Spouse: Elijah Fowler

Important clues are found in the marriage record of Anne Guthrie and Elijah Fowler for Botetourt County, Virginia on 4 November 1794. Anne’s father is identified as John Guthrie, with witnesses James Guthrie and Robert Guthrie (FHL Film 00030734, p.77 – image 82 of 733).

Anne apparently died prior to 1809. No known children for the couple. The widower, Elijah Fowler, remarried in Kanawha County, Virginia in 1809 to Jane Bogan / Bogins. They went on to have a family of seven. By 1820 the Fowlers had moved from Kanawha to Gallia County, Ohio.

Fowler Children: None
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Known Descendants

Born 1780 VA – Died 1831 IN
Spouse: James Kitchen

Mary ‘Polly’ Guthrie married James Kitchen on 4 September 1798 in Greenbrier County, Virginia. Most of their children were born prior to their resettlement in Rush County, Indiana. Polly died there in 1831. James remarried at the age of 66 to Mary Lane on 16 July 1836. She appears to be the 40-49 year old listed in the 1840 census, but is not listed with James in the 1850 census when he is found living with his son’s family. Uncertain if she died or they divorced.

Kitchen Children: 10
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – Yes

1.) Rebecca Kitchen 1800VA-1858IA m1. John M Newhouse Jr +child, m2. Robert Curry Jr +children
2.) Margaret ‘Peggy’ Kitchen 1800VA-1885IA m. John M Furry +children
3.) Clark Kitchen 1802VA-1855IA m. Malinda Womack +children
4.) Mary ‘Polly’ Kitchen 1805VA-1887IN m. Samuel Newhouse +children
5.) Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Kitchen 1807VA-1883IN m. Isaac Newhouse +children
6.) James S Kitchen 1809VA-1878MO m. Elizabeth McCarter +children
7.) Lucinda ‘Cena’ Kitchen 1816-1879 IN m. William Bussell +children
8.) Lewis Morgan Kitchen 1819IN-1883IN m. Matilda Gorman +children
9.) Nancy Kitchen 1823IN-1858IN m. John Conn +children
10.) William H H Kitchen 1825IN-1888IA m1. Elizabeth Archer +children, m2. Isabel Rachel Sheets +children


1730-1750: Broad Estimate DOB for John Guthrie
John Guthrie was presumably an adult in 1769 when he witnessed the will of Elizabeth Skiles in Frederick County, Maryland making his DOB no later than 1748 if he was at least 21. Since inferred brother, Robert Guthrie’s DOB was in or about 1727, it is also likely that John was born closer to the early end of the estimated range.

1751-1763: PA, Lancaster County, Coleraine Township.
John Guthrie is not listed on any of the Tax Lists of Coleraine Township when he was presumably living there in his father, Francis Guthrie’s household. Obviously, depending upon his age during those years, he would not have been taxed as a child. Prior to 1755 adult children living in their parent’s home were not taxed individually.

1769: MD, Frederick County. Witness to the Will of Elizabeth Skiles.
John Guthrey and Robert Guthrey witnessed the will of Elizabeth Skiles.

Note: Frederick, MD Land and Tax Records are not digitally available online at Family Search. Does anyone have access to these records?

1776: MD, Frederick County, Elizabeth Hundred. The Maryland Colonial Census of 1776.
Although Robert Guthrie and family are listed in the 1776 census, John Guthrie is not. Nor is he listed in the local militia for that year.
There are 2 men with the Smiley surname, Alexander and Andrew.

1778: MD, Washington County. Oaths of Allegiance.
Nine thousand men in Maryland signed Oaths of Allegiance to the state of Maryland and denying allegiance and obedience to Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War.
All voters were required to take the oath no later than 1 March 1778. It was signed by residences of every county, including Washington County where the names of Robert Guthrie and John Guthrie are found on the list. A digitized transcript of the lists is available. I have not yet found digitized copies of the originals. 

1782: VA, Rockbridge County. Personal Property Tax.
John Guthrie is not listed as being taxed in 1782.

1783: VA, Rockbridge County. Personal Property Tax.
Entry is either John Guthury or Gatberry: 1 tithe, 3 horses, 5 cattle

1784: VA, Rockbridge County. Personal Property Tax.
John Guthry: 1 tithe, 2 horses, 2 cattle

1785: VA, Rockbridge County. Personal Property Tax.
John Guthrie: 1 tithe, 2 horses, 2 cattle
Robert Gutherie: 1 tithe, 2 horses, 2 cattle

1786: VA, Rockbridge County. Personal Property Tax. 
John Gutry: 1 tithe, 2 horses, 3 cattle or John Gutterry: 1 tithe, 1horse, 1 cattle (the latter might be Gatberry)
Robert Gutery 1 tithe, 2 horses, 5 cattle
The next page lists another John Gutry 1tithe, 2 horses, 3 cattle

1787: VA, Rockbridge County. Court Order.
Apr 4, 1787 Rockbridge, John Guthrie is exempt from paying taxes “until he recovers his health”, which he paid on 17 May.

1787: VA, Rockbridge County. Personal Property Tax.
John Guthrie: 2 horses, 1 cattle
Robert Guthrie # of white males 16-21: 2, 4 horses, 7 cattle
John Guthrie 3horses, 4 cattle

1788: VA, Rockbridge County. Personal Property Tax.
John Guthery 1 over 16, 3 horses
John Guthery 2 horses
Robert Guthery 2 males over 16, 3 horses

1789: VA, Rockbridge County. Personal Property Tax.
John Guthrie Senr 1 male over 16, 3 horses
Richard Guthrie 2 males over 16, 5 horses
John Guthrey 3 horses. 

1790: VA, Rockbridge County, Personal Property Tax.
John Gutherie Senr 2 white male over 16, 4 horses
Richard Gutherie 2 white male over 16, 5 horses
John Guthrey 3 horses

1791: VA, Rockbridge County. Personal Property Tax.
This is the last year the elder John is listed. Did he split his time between Greenbrier County, VA and Botetourt, VA, or do the Botetourt entries belong to another John?John Guthrey 2 white males above 16, 3 horses
John Guthrey Jnr 3 horses
Richard Guthrey 2 white males above 16, 3 horses.

1792: VA, Botetourt County – Tax Records
John Guttery 1 white male tithable over 16, 4 horses

1793: VA, Botetourt County – Tax Records
John Gutery 25 Apr 2 white male tithables over 16, 5 horses
The next entry is for James Gutery 25 Apr 1 white male tithable over 16
Fowler also listed

1793: VA, Greenbrier County. Court Orders.
John Gutrey is a jury member on 29 May, but on 31 May he is the defendant in a case brought by Joseph Newton, which was dismissed. The same day he is also a defendant in a case brought by Abeneser Gilkeson, which was also dismissed. In June of that he was a defendant in a case brought by Jacob Skiles, yet again dismissed.

1794: VA, Botetourt County. Tax Records.
John Guthrie 2 white male tithables over 16, 4 horses; James 1 white male tithable over 16, 1 horse, both assessed on 19 Apr

1795: VA, Botetourt County. Tax and Marriage Records.
John Guttery 1 white male tithable over 16, 3 horses, listed next to John GilkesonMarriage of Ann Guthrie & Elijah Fowler 4 Nov 1795, John Guthrie, Father, Witnesses: Robert Guthrie, James Guthrie.
Note: This Ann Guthrie is too old to be the daughter of John Guthrie & Margaret Gilkeson who lived in Augusta, VA.

1796: VA, Greenbrier County. Personal Property Taxes.
John Gouthrie 3 white males over 16, 3 horses

1797: VA, Greenbrier County. Personal Property Taxes.
John Guthrie 2 white males over 16, 3 horses
Alexander Guthrie 1 white male over 16
James Guthrie 1 white male over 16 
Note: John and Alexander are not found on the Greenbrier Tax list for 1798, but James is listed thre with 1 tithe over 16. 

1800: VA, Rockbridge County. Witness to the will of James Ochiltree.
John Guthire, John Greelee and John Hamilton witnessed the will of James Ochiltree of Rockbridge, VA

1801: VA, Kanawha County. Court Records.
John Guthrie issued a lawsuit against Nicholas Chenworth

1801: VA, Kanawha County. Tax Records.
John Guthrie: 2 white males over 16 and 1 horse
Robert Guthrie 1 white male over 16
James Guthrie 1 white male over 16

1802: VA, Kanawha County. Tax Records
Robert Guthery, James Guthery, Alexander Guthery paid taxes. 
The Court “Ordered that John Guthrie be exempted from county & parish levies in this county on account of his age & infirmities.”

1803: VA, Kanawha County. Jury Duty.
John, James, and Robert all had jury duty on 14 Sep

1817: VA, Kanawha County. Court Records – Lawsuit
John Guthrie v. George Williams

1819: VA, Kanawha County. Death of John Guthrie.
James Guthrie obtained letters of administration of the estate of John Guthrie, decd.

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