3A: Nancy Guthrie

Guthrie Family Group 3A
NANCY GUTHRIE born 1767-70VA – died aft. 1830AR and THOMAS CRIBBINS
of Botetourt, Virginia, Sumner, Tennessee, and Arkansas, USA

Theorized Parents: Francis Guthrie Jr and Susannah (MNU)
Birth: 1767-1770
Birth Location: Virginia
Marriage: Thomas Cribbins in Botetourt County, Virginia on 9 Oct 1787
Cribbins Children: Unverified
Death: After 1830
Death Location: Arkansas

Parents: Unknown, but potentially James Cribbin
Birth: Unknown, presumably about 1750-1770
Birth Location: Unknown
Military Service: 1794 – Fifer
Occupation: Unknown
Death: After 1816


Included in James Robinson’s District of the 1785 Enumeration of Botetourt County, Virginia, page 2:
# White Persons in the Family, # Dwelling Houses, # Other Buildings
James Cribbin – 2 – 1 – 0
Francis Guthrey – 10 – 1 – 0
(Botetourt County, Virginia, 1785 Enumeration, copied and indexed by Charles T. Burton, Digital Repository: Family Search.

As Nancy Guthrie married Thomas Cribbins in Botetourt County, Virginia in 1787, and the primary adult male Guthrie living in that county at the time was Francis Guthrie Jr, he is the most likely candidate to be her father. The Botetourt County Marriage Register lists this one Cribbin marriage. (Index: FHL #007725164 IMG 80 of 412).
The Marriage Register page 36 depicts the image (FHL #007578844 IMG 41 of 733).
Date of Bon: 9 Oct 1787. Name of Husband: Thomas Cribbin, Name of Wife: Nancy Guthrie, Security and Witnesses: John Wood. The columns for Parent or Guardian of Husband and Wife are blank.

No property sales were found listed under the name Thomas Cribben for Botetourt, VA in the Deed Books as a Grantor, (FHL #007893746, IMG 110 of 882) or as a Grantee, (FHL #007893746, IMG 555 o 882).

There is no definitive document pointing the research toward the Cribben’s family’s next residence. It is only presumed that after the marriage Thomas and Nancy Cribbens moved from east to middle Tennessee and settled in Sumner County. Within three years of their marriage, a Thomas Cribbins is documented in Sumner County, as a juror in the April Court of 1790.

Early Tax Records for Sumner, TN in 1790 list Thomas Cribbins – White Polls: 1 Black Polls: 0

The Davidson County Militia, Capt. Joseph Shaw’s Company, Command of Col. Isaac Roberts, Southwest Territory, serving as a Fifer – Thomas Cribbins from 1 Jan to 31 Jan 1794.

The Sumner County Militia, Lt. Smith Hansbury’s Detachment of Troops in the Service of the United States at or from Sumner County, Southwest Territory, Under the command of Lt. Smith Hansbury from July 1 to July 31, 1794 includes Sergeant Thomas Cribbens.

The only other Cribbins listed in the area at the time is found in the Sumner County marriage records. Curry Cribbins married Robert Erspy on 1 Feb 1790. She would most likely have been Thomas Cribbin’s sister.

Thomas Cribbens purchased 200 acres of land from Robert Espy in 1795 in addition to the 100 acres for which he was already being taxed. He sold 100 acres to Thomas Young in 1807, and another 100 to Samuel Moore in 1818, which left him with 100 acres the disposition of which is unknown.

In 1802, Thomas Cribbins brought a lawsuit against John Payton in Sumner County, TN. Not accessible online, but can probably be requested from the local archives.

The Record of Taxable Property and Polls in Sumner County for the Year 1816 includes:
(No First Name Listed) Cribbins – 100 acres – adjoining I. Pearce.

The 1818 Sale of land to Samuel Moore is the last record.

Thomas Cribbins (nor any spelling variant) is present in the 1820 Census of Sumner County, Tennessee. No one by that surname is listed in the county.

So far, Thomas Cribbins has been living in Sumner County, Tennessee for over a decade, but there is no documentation of his wife Nancy. There is one document found in Jackson County, Tennessee for 8 July 1806 where a Thomas Cribbins Sen and Thomas Cribbins Jun signed a petition (Ansearchin News). No other Jackson County connections found in a random search. This is the only document suggesting Thomas Cribbins might have a son of the same name, but it is not even the right county.

Online trees do credit Thomas and Nancy (Guthrie) Cribbins) with a son named Thomas Henry Cribbins. He would presumably have been born after their marriage date of 1787. Trees indicate this man settled in Arkansas Territory prior to the 1830 census.

1830: Pulaski, Arkansas Territory – Thomas Cribben
1M and 1F 40-49 (born 1790-1800)
2M 20-29, 1M 15-19, 1F 10-14, 1M and 1F 5-9, 2F under 5
1F 60-69 (born 1761-1770)
This older woman could potentially be Thomas’ mother or mother-in-law.

Arkansas Territory Tax Lists show Thomas Cribbins in:
Monroe County – 1837, 1838, 1839

On 16 Aug 1838, Thomas Cribbin, was issued an Arkansas US Homestead and Cash Entry Patent under the act of 24 April 1820. Land Office: Batesville, Document Number: 1379, Total Acres: 156.43. Township 1-N, Range 4-W, Section 19.

1840: Johnson County, Arkansas – Thomas Cribbin
1M 50-59, 1F 40-49
2M 20-29, 1M and 1F 15-19, 1F 10-14, 2F 5-9

None of this name are found in Arkansas during the 1850 Census suggesting that Thomas Cribben Junior died between 1840-1850.

Children: Unverified – possibly 1 known
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants.

If you are a Cribbens descendant, do you have Guthrie matches in your Autosomal DNA?


DOCUMENTS: Tennessee, US Early Tax List Records, 1783-1895 – Sumner County, Tennessee in 1790. Digital Repository: Ancestry.com
Thomas Cribbins: 1 White Poll.

DOCUMENTS: Tennessee, US Early Tax List Records, 1783-1895 – Sumner County, Tennessee in 1791. Digital Repository: Ancestry.com
Thomas Cribbins: Land in the County: 100, Land Not in the County: (Blank), White Polls: 1

DOCUMENTS: Tennessee, US Early Tax List Records, 1783-1895 – Sumner County, Tennessee in 1792. Digital Repository: Ancestry.com
Thomas Cribbins: Acres of Land (Blank), White Polls: 1, Black Polls: (Blank).

DOCUMENTS: Tennessee, US Early Tax List Records, 1783-1895 – Sumner County, Tennessee in 1794. Digital Repository: Ancestry.com
Thomas Cribbens: 1 Poll, 100 acres of land

DOCUMENTS: US Compiled Service Records, Post-Revolutionary War Volunteer Soldiers, 1784-1881.
Thomas Cribbins, Muster Date: 21 Jul 1795, Territory South of the Ohio River, Service year: 1794, Military Unit: Shaw’s Company, Isaac Robert’s Regiment, Militia, Rank: Fifer, Term of Service: 1 month. (Fold3 Records)

BOOK: Wilson, Shirley (1988). Sumner County Tennessee, Index to the Loose Records: 1786 to 1930, Richley Enterprises, Hendersonville, TN. Library of Congress Catalogue Number 88-61157.
Page 107: Cribbins, Thomas vs Payton, John, 1802 -1894

DOCUMENTS: Sumner County, TN Land Records, Indexes to Deeds, 1787-1965,
Direct Index (Grantor), v. A-D, 1787-1947, FHL Film # 007901154 – Cribbins Entries IMG 469 of 655.
Cribins, Thomas to Abijah Millis – 1795 – Deed – 100 acres – Book 1, Page 144
Cribbins, Thomas to Thomas Young – 1807 – Deed – 100 acres – Book 4, page 142
Cribbins, Thomas to Samuel Moore – 1818 – Deed – 100 acres – Book 8, page 110

Reverse Index (Grantee), v. A-D, 1787-1947, FHL Film #007896500 – Cribbins Entries IMG 460 of 631.
Cribbens, Thomas from Robert Espy – 1795 – Deed – 200 acres – Book 1, page 150

WEBSITE: SUMNER COUNTY GENWEB – Abidjah Millis c1755-1797, Submitted by Bill Millis
Excerpt: “On 31 March 1795, Abijah bought 100 a, from Thomas Cribbins, a part of 200 a. purchased by Cribbins from Robert Aspey (Espey). Robert Erspy (Espey) married Curry Cribbins on 1 Feb 1790. Abijah may have purchased other land earlier since he was a property owner in 1791 and two parcels of land were sold after his death, but no record of another purchase could be found.”

Excerpt: “There were numerous references to Thomas Cribbins and Armstead Rogers in connection with the settlement of Abijah Estate, so there may have been some family connection. No proof has been found.”

WEBSITE: Marriage Records of Sumner County, TN – Claspill – Curry, Transcribed by DeAnne Shelley, 2005
Name: Cribbins, Curry
Spouse: Erspy, Robert
Mariage Date: 1 Feb 1790
Bondsman: Thomas Mastin

WEBSITE: Marriage Records of Sumner County, TN – Eagan – Ezell, Transcribed by DeAnne Shelley, 2006
Name: Erspy, Robert
Spouse: Cribbins, Curry
Date: 1 Feb 1790
Bondsman: Thomas Mastin

April 1964 p.61-62
Petitioners for Reduction of Constitutional limits of Jackson County, Tennessee, 1806.
The document is dated 8 July 1806 and includes Thomas Cribbins, Jun. and Thomas Cribbins, Sen.

DOCUMENTS: Arkansas US Wills and Probate Records, 1818-1998 – Thomas Cribbins – Probate Date 28 Aug 1880 in Johnson County, Arkansas.
Note: This is probably a younger Thomas Cribbin.

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