2A-K (2E): John Guttery

John Guttery 1781GA – 1869AL & Mary ‘Polly’ Rylee & Elizabeth MNU
of Franklin & Hall Counties, Georgia and Walker County, Alabama, USA

Parents: Robert Guttery (*not bio father) 1750-52SC – 1799GA and Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ MNU
Biological Father: Barnett Y-DNA
Birth: 1781
Birthplace: Georgia or Virginia, USA
Occupation: Farmer
Military: Unknown
Marriage 1st: Mary ‘Polly’ Rylee est. 1797 in Georgia, USA
Marriage 2nd: Elizabeth (MNU) bet. 1840-1850 in Alabama, USA
Death: November 1869 (possibly)
Death Location: Winston County, Alabama, USA (possibly)
Burial Location: Unknown
The fact that Robert & Betsy Guttery raised a son named John Guttery is undisputed. He is mentioned in the family records and Robert’s will, but direct paternal line (Y-DNA) testing has revealed that John Guttery is not Robert’s biological son. The line of Robert & Betsy’s son William matches the Y-DNA profile for Guthrie Family Group 2A, the largest genetic group identified by the Guthrie DNA Project. The Y-DNA tests of descendants of 3 different sons of John & Polly all match each other, but do not match any other established Guthrie Family Group. Instead, they almost exclusively match men of the Barnett surname. Could this be why John Guttery is frequently listed in trees as “John Barnett Guthrie” despite no such middle name being recorded in documents? Despite not matching Robert’s Y-DNA, Autosomal DNA testing still shows relatedness of John’s descendants to Robert and Betsy’s descendants. This most likely proves that John was either Betsy’s biological child or a close relative adopted from her side of the family. Could Betsy’s unproven maiden name actually be Barnett? There are obviously still questions to resolve when it comes to John Guttery’s identity.

We’re not 100% certain about his birth year or location. The 1820 Census: 26-44 (born 1776-1794), 1830: 40-49 (born 1781-1790), 1840 (born 1781-1790), 1850: 69 (born 1781), 1860: 80 (born 1780), 1870 Mortality Census Winston, AL lists a John Guthrie born 1775VA who died Nov 1869. The 1880 census records of children list their father’s birth location as either Georgia or Virginia. The most consisted DOB from the above records is 1781, but the mortality record listing 1775 VA should not be ruled out when you conduct your research.

The family was living in Franklin County, Georgia during the early 1800s. Hall County was formed from a combination of Franklin County, Jackson County, and Cherokee Lands in 1818, and the Guttery family was enumerated in Hall County, Georgia during the 1820 census. This record also shows that John Guttery, like most of the Guttery relations from this branch living in the deep South, were slave owners. John’s household was listed next to the entries for brothers Thomas and Lee Guttery. By 1830, John and Thomas were listed next to each other again, but this time their households were located in Walker County, Alabama. Polly died about 1836 – 1840. She was the mother of John’s children. There are still several unidentified daughters on their list of 15 children. John remarried in his 50s to Elizabeth, whose maiden name is unproven.They lived in Hancock County, AL, which had been made from the northern part of Walker County, AL, and in 1858 its name was changed to Winston County. Elizabeth died before the 1860 census, but John was listed as living with his son Calvin Guthrie and family in Winston County. Note that a courthouse fire in Winston County, AL in 1891 destroyed many documents.

Parents: James Rylee Sr 1755VA – 1835GA and Anna Dye 1758VA – 1829GA
Birth: 1771-1780
Birth Location: South Carolina or Georgia, USA
Children: Elizabeth, Thomas, Jemima, Morgan, Leroy B, Sarah N, John Barney, Sarah(?), Calvin, James, and 5 unidentified daughters
Death: 1836 – 1840
Death Location: Walker County, Alabama, USA (possibly)
Burial Location: Unknown
The Rylee family has numerous connections with the Guthrie/Guttery. Polly married John. Letty married Leroy. Nancy married a Guthrie whose first name remains unknown. We don’t know how or even if the latter man was related to Robert and Betsy’s family. Their father, James Rylee, was a Rev. War soldier born in Halifax County, Virginia. I don’t have all of the details on the Rylees, so it is possible that they lived in South Carolina for a time before settling in Elbert, Georgia prior to 1820. Was Polly born in South Carolina, Virginia, or Georgia? She died between 1836 and 1840, probably in Walker County, AL.

Parents: Unidentified
Birth: 1800 (census) – 12 Sep 1800 (undocumented trees)
Birth Location: South Carolina, USA
Guthrie Children: None
Death: 1850-1859
Death Location: Alabama, USA (possibly)
Burial Location: Unknown
Quite a few trees list Elizabeth’s maiden name as “Ayres”, but I have found no records proving this to be the case. She died before John sometime during the 1850s. Could she be an Ayres widow?


Abt.1798GA – 1881-85AL

John and Polly’s eldest daughter was named Elizabeth. Her exact DOB seems to be anyone’s guess. By the time of the earliest census record we have for the Guttery family in 1820, Elizabeth was already married and out of the household, but her next oldest siblings were in the 10-15 year old category born between 1805-1810. Her birth is listed here as about 1798 in Georgia, but that date could go either way. The 1820 census, which is the first after her marriage to James W Elliott lists them both in the 16-25 year old category (born 1795-1804), which is probably the most accurate range. The 1830 census lists her in the 40-49 category (born 1791-1790). Can’t find them in 1840. The 1850 census taker appears to have been dyslexic listing her as 25 instead of 52. (born 1825 instead of 1798). In 1860 she is listed as 63 (born 1797). In 1870 she is 65 (born 1805), and in 1880 she is 84 (born in 1796).

James W Elliott was a farmer. He served in the War of 1812. WO 11198, WC 6534. Private, Capt Twigg’s and Capt Farrar’s Co 8th US Infantry. He enlisted 28 May 1813 and was discharged 4 Mar 1815. His pension application card lists his DOM to ‘Elizabeth Guthry’ as 11 May 1814, which indicates that they married while he was in service. Documentation reads “Marriage to soldier prior to February 17, 1815, established by attestation of Thomas Guthrie & Jemima Beasley who testify: They are 70 & 73 ears of age & brother & sister of claimant, that they were eye witnesses to the marriage ceremony between Elizabeth Guthrie and James Elliott, that the said ceremony was performed by Jas. Riley a minister of the gospel on or abt. 11th day of May 1814.” The claim was submitted March 1875. A DOB in 1798 would make Elizabeth about 16 years old at the time.

Bounty Land: Warrant No. 13831 160acres War of 1812. The card indicates that James died in 1858 in Blount County, Alabama. In 1874 the widow’s residence was in Winston County, AL with a Post Office address in Bangor, Blount County, AL.

The 1820 census of Hall County, GA lists the following households in order: Thos. Guthery, John Guthery, James Elliott, Lee Guthery. The household of Daniel Maddox and several Riley households are on the same page in Capt. Buffington’s District.
1) John G Elliott 1824GA-1900GA (farmer) m.1851 Mary A (MNU) +children
2) David Eliott 1826GA – Aft.1880 (farmer) m. Bethiar A (MNU) +children
3) Samuel Elliott 1828GA – 1884AL (farmer) m.1847 Bethia Guthrie (dau. of Morgan Guttery/Frances Cape) +children
4) Bertha / Berthone / Berttania Elliott 1829AL – Aft.1850 – No Further Details
5) Siler / Leler Elliott 1839AL – aft.1850 – No Further Details
6) James Elliott 1841AL-Aft.1850 – No Further Details

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

Abt.1801GA – Aft.1880AL

Although Jemima signed an attestation in 1874 that stated her age at the time was 73 years old, census records consistently list her DOB in 1805. She married Jacob Beasley on 27 Dec 1827 in Hall County, GA. He was a farmer. They lived primarily in Walker County, AL raising their large family. In 1830, their household is listed nest to those of Thomas Guttery, James Elliott, and John Guttery. Jacob died sometime after the 1870 census, possibly in early 1880 prior to that census being taken. Jemima died after the 1880 census.
1) (FNU SON) Beasley 1828-29GA – Aft.1840 – No Further Details
2) Nancy A Beasley 1833AL-Aft.1850 – Possibly the Nancy A Beasley who m. William G Haynes in 1858
3) Mary J Beasley 1834AL-Aft.1850 – No Further Details
4) Elizabeth Beasley 1836AL – Aft.1850 – No Further Details
5) Kissiah Mariah Beasley 1838AL – aft.1880AL (single) +children [See Comments – Complete Causey Tree]
6) William Beasley 1842AL-1862 – No Further Details
7) Sarah ‘Sallie’ A Beasley 1843AL-1884AL m.1863 John Michael Speegle (farmer) +children
8) James Martin Beasley 1849AL – Aft.1880 (farmer) m. Celia Livingston +children
9) Parthenia Beasley 1856AL-Aft.1882 m.1867 Andrew John Wilcutt (farm laborer) +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

Abt.1804-1820GA – Aft.1870AL

Thomas is the eldest son of John Guttery and Polly Rylee, but like most of the others, we don’t have an exact DOB. The earliest census for his father’s household in 1820 Capt. Buffington’s District, Hall County, GA, tells us he was 10-15 years of age, estimating his birth date range as 1805-1810. In 1830 and in 1840, he is listed as 20-29 (born 1811-1820). In 1850, he is listed as 30 (born 1820). In 1860, he is listed as 50 (born 1810). In 1870, he is listed as 58 (born 1812). On 28 Oct 1874, he provided an attestation for his sister Elizabeth’s Widow’s Pension stating his age as 70, which would make his DOB about 1804.

Thomas Guthrie was married to Elizabeth Cape on 19 August 1827 in Hall County, Georgia. This man has been misidentified in numerous trees as Thomas Guttery, son of Robert Guttery and Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ MNU. That man was older, already 26-44 years old in 1820. Yes, he also lived in Hall County, Georgia. He also disappears from the records after that and just before this marriage occurred in 1827. However, the census years that show Thomas Guthrie and Elizabeth Cape as a couple do indicate that he is much younger.

Thomas Guthrie was a farmer. They lived in Hall County, GA, and then Walker County, AL. Hancock County was formed from part of Walker County in 1850, and so that census year they were listed in the Northern District of Hancock. Depending on the census year, Elizabeth was a few years older. She died after the 1870 census.
1) Elizabeth Guthrie 1832AL – Aft.1870 m.Williamson Sullivan +children
2) Elizas Guthrie 1836AL – Aft 1850 – No Further Details
3) William Guthrie 1842AL – Aft. 1850 – No Further Details

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

Abt.1808GA – 1882AL

Documents for Morgan Guthrie use several spelling variants including Guthery, Gurtry, and Guthry. This generation begins a shift away from the Guttery spelling used since his grandfather Robert Guttery’s generation.
Morgan Guthrie married Frances Cape on 4 January 1827 in Hall County, GA, so he was already the head of his own household in 1830. He was a farmer and received land during the 1827 Georgia Land Lottery in Hall County, GA. Morgan and Frances had 7 – 8 children. The number is in question because we don’t know the exact year of Frances’ death. The 1850 census shows Morgan with a different wife, Susan Moody, so it it probable that Frances died between the 1840 and 1850 censuses. Morgan and Susan had about 5 or 6 kids. Two were born during that time period in 1842 and 1846. They could both be Frances’ children or Susan’s or one each. Susan died after the 1870 census. They had been living in Giles County, TN at the time. The 1880 census finds Morgan living in Cullman, AL in the home of his son, William and family. Morgan Guthrie died on 20 March 1822.
1) Frances ‘Frankey’ Guthrie 1826AL – Aft.1870AL m.abt.1845AL Jesse Russell (farmer) +children
2) William B Guthrie 1828GA-1886AL (farmer & shoemaker) m.abt1847 Julia Ann / Juliann (MNU) +children
3) Bethia Guttery / Guthrie 1830AL-1904AL m.1847AL Samuel Elliott +children
4) Isaac Guthrie 1832AL-1864GA (farmer / soldier – died at Andersonville Prison) m.1853 Elizabeth Rachel Elms +children
5) Leman Lumas Guthrie 1835AL-1912MO (Farmer) m.1859 Christina Adaline Baker +children
6) Elizabeth A Guthrie 1836AL – Aft. 1880AR m.abt1852AL John Burns (farmer) +children
7) Amy Guthrie 1838AL – Aft. 1850 – No Further Details
8) Sarah Guthrie 1840AL – Aft. 1850 – No Further Details
9) Mary A Guthrie – 1842AL – 1928 m.1871 Francis Marion Elms (farmer) +children
10) Seaborn Solomon Guthrie 1846AL-1909TN (Timber Worker) m1.1870 Jane Rucker, m2.1895 Willie (MNU) +children
11) Jemima ‘Mima’ J Guthrie 1852AL – Aft. 1880 m.abt.1871 Andrew Baker (farmer) +children
12) Calvin Guthrie 1854AL-Aft.1920TX (Possibly) m.abt.1875TN Annie (MNU) +children
13) Caroline Guthrie 1854AL – Possible original transcription error in 1870. Might actually be Calvin written as Caroline as Caroline does not show up on previous censuses and is the same age as Calvin.
13) Martha Guthrie 1855AL – 1924AL m.1876 Almoner Dillard Rucker (laborer) +children
14) Jim Henry Guthrie 1866AL – 1948AL (farmer) m1.1882TN Mary Butler, m2.bef.1940 Ruby (MNU) +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes – GFG2E
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1814/15GA – 1904IN

Leroy ‘Lee Roy’ Guthrie was a farmer with a migratory lifestyle. He seems to have bounced around the US map like a ping pong ball. Born in Georgia about Feb 1814, Leroy’s father’s name, John Guthrie, is documented on his death certificate. His headstone reads “Lee Roy Guthery 1814/1903”. Multiple census records list 1815.

Married three times during his long life, Leroy started out in his early twenties. He married Sarah Ann Twigg (or Trigg?) about 1836-1838. By 1840 Leroy was already listed as a Head of Household in Walker County, AL with 1 daughter under 5 (Eliza J). They lived in Mississippi for a year or so about 1844 when son John was born, but went up to Tennessee by 1845 when son Marion Maston was born. The following year they were in Alabama for the twins Araminta’s and Armanda’s births. By 1850 they were back in Tennessee where Sarah Elizabeth, Mary Ellen, and William Barnet were born.

Sarah Ann died on 28 January 1855 in Hampshire, Maury, Tennessee. Leroy remarried prior to the 1860 census to Elizabeth (MNU), the widow of William Runions. She had a son by her first husband, and Leroy & Elizabeth added three more of their own. The 1870 census reveals the family had separated, which must have later led to divorce because both Leroy and Elizabeth remarried. In 1870, Elizabeth is living with the younger children in Newbury, Lewis, TN near several Emler and Runions households, while Leroy is located in Twelvemile, Madison, MO with a younger wife, Roda A Guthrie, 26, and three of his children. In 1880, Roda died in 1898, so Leroy was a widower once again. Roda was buried at the Lower Campground Cemetery in Kingston, Madison, Arkansas. Her headstone reads Roda wife of L R Guthrey born May 15 1844, died Jan 25 1898 loved one farewell.

Elizabeth (MNU) formerly Guthrie and now using the name Runyons (Runions) married William C Martin in Humphrey’s County, TN on 3 March 1885. However, they were living together as early as the 1880 census when she is listed as Elizabeth Martin and children Missouri and George are listed as stepdaughter and stepson. One other interesting thing about that census is that both Missouri, 17, and George, 14, appear on the Humphreys TN schedule of Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes, being designated as “insane”.

Elizabeth died sometime during the next couple of years because William C Martin married in the same county on 1 June 1898 to Eliza ‘Liza’ G Ballard. They were in the 1900 census of Humphreys County, TN. William C Martin died there on 1 Jan 1909.

Leroy was living in Marble, Madison, Arkansas as a lodger in the Cannon household in 1900. The following year he had moved to Richmond, Wayne, Indiana where he moved in with his daughter Armentha and her husband Henry Witte. He made an affidavit in 1901 wherein he stated that his only living children at the time were: Araminta Witte, Sarah E Davis, Mary E Guthrey, and William B Guthrey. He did not mention the 3 children he had with Elizabeth. He continued to live there until his death on 31 March 1904. He is buried at Saint Andrew Cemetery in Richmond, Wayne, IN.
1) Eliza J Guthrie 1838AL – Bet.1850-1901 – No further details
2) John Guthrie 1844MS – Bet. 1860 – 1901 – Possibly died during Civil War. No sources. No further details.
3) Marion Maston Guthrie 1845TN – 1864MD – Died of bronchitis during Civil War service. Unmarried.
4) Armentha Christina Guthrie 1846TN-1921IN m.1869 Henry Bernard Witte (blacksmith) +children
5) Armanda Guthrie 1846TN- Bet.1860-1901 – Probably died prior to 1870. No further details.
6) Sarah Elizabeth Guthrie 1851TN-1935OK m.1876AR Abraham Reese Davis (farmer)
7) Mary Ellen Guthrie 1852TN-1930OK – (works in a house) – Unmarried +children
8) William Barnet Guthrie 1855TN-1919MO (farmer) m.1877AR Samantha E Davis +children
9) Leroy Thomas Guthrie 1856TN-1933TN (laborer/farmer) m.1876 Eudora Lucretia Embler +children
10) Missouri Catherine Guthrie 1863-1944TN m.1877TN George Marion Story (farmer) +children
11) George Guthrie 1866TN-1898TN – Unmarried? – No further details.

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes – GFG2E
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1816-1820GA – Aft 1880GA

Okay, folks! Put your research caps on. We have a bit of an identity issue. There are 2 women named Sarah Guthrie vying for the designation of John Guttery and Polly Rylee’s daughter. This is candidate #1: Sarah N Guthrie born 1815-1817 per the census records. She married in Hall County, GA on 29 Apr 1832 to Asa Garrett with whom she had 5 children: Thomas, Asa C, Marina ‘Rina’, Amanda, and William. They had moved to Forsyth, GA by 1850, over to Franklin, AL in 1870, back to Forsyth, GA in 1880. Sarah was noted to be sick with asthma that year, and Asa sick with dropsy. Both died before 1900. If this Sarah Guthrie is not the daughter of John & Polly, who are her parents? See candidate #2 further below.
1) Thomas Garrett 1834GA-Aft.1850 – No further details
2) Asa C Garrett 1843-Bef.1920GA (shoemaker) m.1862GA Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Pugh +children
3) Marina ‘Rina’ Garrett 1844GA-1929GA m.1879GA Elijah Holland (farmer) +children
4) Amanda Garrett abt.1851GA-aft.1880 m. Paul Garrett +children
5) William Garrett 1854GA-aft.1885 (farm laborer) m. Ruth Jane Pugh +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1816GA – 1868AL

Could Barney be a nickname for Barnett? Just wondering. John was born 1811-1820 in Georgia. The 1850 and 1860 census narrow it to 1815-16. He married Martha Richards about 1835. They lived in Walker and Jefferson Counties, Alabama and raised 11 children. John Barney Guthrie died in 1868, and Martha after 1880.
1) George Washington Guthrie 1836AL-1902AL (farmer) m.1868 Minnie Amanda Sullivan +children
2) Leroy R / Lee Roy Guthrie 1837AL-1912MS (farmer) m.1872 Sarah E Crocker +children
3) John Barney Guthrie 1839AL-1924AL (farmer) m.1868 Amy Catherine Spradling +children
4) Eli Guthrie 1844AL-1922AL (farmer) m.1867AL Mary ‘Polly’ Ann Doss -no children
5) Daniel M Guthrie 1846AL-1918Al (contractor/farmer) m.1865 Nancy Sullivan +children
6) William Riley Guthrie 1847AL-1928AL (farmer) m.1879AL Nancy Mariah Creel +children
7) Sarah Guthrie 1850AL-Aft.1880 – No further details
8) Mary Jane Guthrie 1852AL-1900AL m.1879 Lafayette A Doss (farmer) +children
9) Henry Guthrie 1857AL-Aft.1880 (laborer) m.abt 1879 Texas (MNU) – No further details
10) David Morgan Guthrie 1861AL-1925AL (farmer) m.1885AL Georgia Ann Carsey +children
11) Joseph Josiah Guthrie 1868AL-Bef.1880 – No further details.

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes – GFG2E
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1821-1825GA – ????

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Known Descendants

1822AL – Aft.1880MO

Here is candidate #2 for being Sarah, daughter of John and Polly. This Sarah was born about 1822 in AL and her marriage took place on 1 Apr 1841 in Blount County, AL to John Robert Harris, a blacksmith. Before you point out that John and Polly never lived in Blount County note that Sarah’s marriage license was signed by Morgan Guttery. The name Morgan Guttery is uncommon, and although he also had a daughter named Sarah, she was born about the same year this one was getting married, so this Sarah is too old to be his daughter. She is most likely a close relative, which makes her a great candidate to be his sister. The Harris family was living in Hancock or Lawrence, AL during the 1850, 1860, and 1870 censuses. By 1880 they had moved to Spring Valley in Shannon County, Missouri. Sarah and John had 7 sons and 4 daughters.
1) Washington Harris 1843AL-Aft.1860 – No further details
2) Miles Harris 1845AL-1910AL (farmer) m.1869 Eunice Catharine Livingston +children
3) Simeon Harris 1846AL-Aft.1860 – No further details
4) Thomas Knox Harris 1848AL-1913OK (farmer) m1.1869AL Manervia Channer, m2.1872 Martha Puryear, m3.1890 Martha Jane Williams +children
5) William Harris 1849AL-Aft.1860AL – No Further Details
6) Williamson Harris 1850AL-Bef.1860AL – No Further Details
7) Sarah Jane Harris 1852AL-Aft.1880MO – Unmarried +children
8) John Charles ‘Grant’ Harris 1854AL-Aft.1900OK (farmer) m.1879AL Amanda Catherine ‘Mandy’ McCombs +children
9) Mary Ann Harris 1856AL – Aft.1880MO – No Further Details
10) Rhoda Jane Harris 1856AL-1942AR m1.1876 James E Lewis, m2.1883MO William Reese, m3.1889AR Jeremiah Standridge (farmer) +children
11) Elizabeth Harris 1863AL-Aft.1880MO – No Further Details

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

1826-1830TN – 1864TN

Calvin Guthrie was a younger son born when the family was living in Tennessee. He moved to Walker County, AL when he was young and married Rhoda Cooper there on 17 Feb 1845. They had 7 children. During the 1850 census they were in Hancock, AL and in 1860 in Winston, AL. Calvin was a farmer and was a Union Soldier during the Civil war. He was a private in Company I of the 1st Alabama Cavalry. He died at Cumberland General Hospital of disease and is buried at Nashville National Cemetery. Rhoda died 29 May 1871 at about 40 years of age having remarried after Calvin’s death to James M Mansfield. Several of her children were minors at the time of her death.
1) Susannah Elizabeth Guthrie 1848AL-1905AL m.1865AL William Henry Gardner (farmer) +children
2) Alcey Margarette Guthrie 1850AL-1925AL m.abt1870 William Henry Harris (farmer) +children
3) John Guthrie 1852AL-1927AL (farmer) m1.1868 Martha A King, m2.1905 Mrs. Sarah M (Stallings) Presley. m3.1911 Mrs. Margaret ‘Jane’ (Sims) Hancock +children
4) Levi Guthrie 1855AL-1951AL (farmer) m.1876AL Mary Elizabeth King +children
5) Mary Winifred Guthrie 1857AL-1930AR m.1876AL Augustus ‘Gus’ Gipson (farmer) +children
6) Reuben Guthrie 1860AL-Aft.1870AL – Orphaned at about 11 yrs old. Status unknown.
7) Nancy Jane Guthrie 1863AL-1936AL m.1877AL William ‘Thomas’ King (farmer) +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes – GFG2F
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1831-1835AL – ????

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Known Descendants

1831-1835AL – ????

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Known Descendants

1831-1835AL – ????

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Known Descendants

1831-1835AL – 1898MS

What’s this kid’s name? The 1840 enumeration of John Guttery’s household in Walker County, Alabama lists a boy of 5 – 9 years of age. In 1850, John Guttery, 69, is living with his 2nd wife, Elizabeth, 50, and a young man of 16 years of age. The name of this boy is transcribed as “Savier”, which might be accurate as the first letter on the original looks more like an “S” than the “J” written in John’s name. By 1860, John, now widowed again, and 80, is living with son Calvin Guthrie and family. There is no confirmed documentation about this son after the 1850 census.

Y-DNA Project Participants: No Known Descendants
Autosomal DNA Participants: No Known Descendants

1836-1840AL – ????

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Known Descendants


FOLD3: War of 1812 Pension Application / Widow’s Pension – WO 1198, WC 6534 – Soldier James Elliott, Widow Elizabeth Elliott. Fold3, War of 1812 Collection. Digital Repository: Fold3.

1827 GA LAND LOTTERY: Houston, Martha Lou. Reprint of the Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia 1827. Columbus, GA. Digital Repository: FamilySearch. [See Pages: Francis Guthrey, 24, William Guthrey, 153, A. Guthrie 203, Robert Guthrie 77, William Guthrie 167, C. Guthry 136, John Gutrie 88, William Gutry 96, Samuel Gutterie 215, John Guttery 185, John Guttrie 192, 205, Morgan Guttrie 40]