B: Daniel Guthrie & Jane (MNU)

Guthrie Family Group 7 – Branch B
DANIEL GUTHRIE 1737PA-1826IN and JANE (Maiden Name Unknown)
of Bedford, Pennsylvania and Lawrence, Indiana, USA

Origin Theories
The Family of Daniel Guthrie & Jane (MNU)
Historical Highlights
The Guthrie DNA Project


A Y-DNA match with an Australian man may provide an important clue for descendants of Daniel Guthrie and Jane (MNU). His line has no American component and immigrated directly from Ayrshire, Scotland to Australia. This suggests that the Most Recent Common Ancestor between these two Guthrie Family Group 7 branches could be found in Ayrshire.

Family trees for Daniel’s line frequently list him with a set of parents: William Guthrie and Nancy Bussell. I have found no original documents naming Daniel’s parents. There are 140 pages of scanned correspondence between American Guthrie & Allied Families author Lawrence R Guthrie and descendants of Daniel Guthrie, but none of them mention a Guthrie-Bussell connection. What is the original source for that data?

Interestingly, Guthrie Family Group 2A also has a theorized Bissell ancestor attached to Branch I. The project also has a member of the Bessell surname who has Guthrie ancestry who has autosomal matches to people originating from GFG2A and GFG7. The Bessell/Bissell/Bussell surname could be the common denominator. We’re just lacking actual documentation to prove it.

Daniel Guthrie resided in Bedford and Huntingdon Counties, Pennsylvania. The family’s tradition indicates that Daniel moved to North Carolina and western Virginia, after which four of his sons moved to Kentucky at the urging of Daniel Boone. From there they settled Lawrence County, Indiana. These sons are credited with the founding of Leesville, Lawrence, Indiana.

Author LRG makes no mention of Daniel Guthrie’s wife. According to her tombstone, her given name was Jane. Online trees list her as ‘Jane Flinn’ although son Daniel is also married to a Flinn, so it is possible there was some confusion about the maiden name of Daniel Sr’s wife. There is also a possibility that due to the close ties between the Guthrie and Flinn families that there were several intermarriages.


Born: 14 February 1737
Location: Bedford County, Colonial Pennsylvania
Married: Unknown, presumably before 1762 and/or before 1774
Occupation: Unknown
Died: 17 September 1826
Location: Leesville, Lawrence, Indiana, USA
Buried: Flinn Cemetery

Born: 17 February 1747
Location: Hopewell, Bedford County, Colonial Pennsylvania
Sons: Hugh Guthrie (1774), Samuel Guthrie (1775), Daniel Guthrie (1780), William Guthrie (1783), John Guthrie (1785)
Daughters: Mary ? (1762), Ann (1776), Sarah (1777), Patience (1789)
Died: 18 August 1826
Location: Leesville, Lawrence, Indiana, USA
Buried: Flinn Cemetery



There seems to be no doubt in either online trees or autosomal DNA tests that Mary Guthrie is a daughter of Daniel Guthrie Sr. I have to wonder about the 12-year gap between the birth of Mary Guthrie in 1762 and the birth of the next child in 1774. While Jane would have been only 15 at the time of Mary’s birth, a marriage at 14 is not completely out of the question, although still considered under age in colonial times. It is the lack of any other children in that 12 year gap. Has anyone considered that Daniel Guthrie Sr might have been married twice, and that Mary Guthrie is the product of that first marriage? His marriage to Jane could have taken place a year or two before Hugh’s 1774 birth.

Mary Guthrie was born in 1762 in Pennsylvania, presumably Bedford County. At 16, she married Thomas Cullen Pridemore in September 1778. They moved with the family to Virginia and eventually settled in Indiana. Mary died in Martin, Lawrence, Indiana on 21 Sep 1833. Thomas died in 1839.

Children: 13
Pridemore Sons: Samuel Pridemore (1784), Jonathan Pridemore (1793), Daniel Pridemore (1794), Lemuel Pridemore (1800), Theodore Cullen Pridemore (1801), Andrew Pridemore (1804).

Pridemore Daughters: Susan Pridemore (1770), Mary Pridemore (1779), Rebecca Pridemore (1782), Anne Pridemore (1783), Patience Pridemore (1792), Elizabeth Pridemore (1798), Catherine Pridemore (1807)

Family Finder Participants: Yes


1820: Age 45 and over (Born before 1774)
1830: Age 60-69 (Born 1761-1770)
1840: Age 60-69 (Born 1771-1780)
Since the 1830 and 1840 censuses list Hugh in the same age range, his actual DOB was probably on the cusp of both. Possibly 1770-1771.

Hugh Guthrie married Nancy Flinn, presumably about 1795 prior to the birth of their eldest child in 1796. He died 25 Jan 1847 and Nancy in 1862. They are buried Pinhook Cemetery.

Children: 8
Sons: 1 died in infancy
Daughters: Nancy Guthrie (1796), Mary Guthrie (1800), Rachel Guthrie (1811), Ellen A Guthrie (1815), Patience Guthrie (1818), Elizabeth Guthrie (1822), Betsy Guthrie (18??)

Y-DNA Project Participants: No (n/a – no surviving sons)
Family Finder Participants: No


Samuel Guthrie was born about 1775 in Hopewell, Bedford, Pennsylvania. He married Judith Carter about 1800 and they remained in Virginia while raising their 4 sons. A Chancery Court Case: Stewart vs Guthrey is recorded in the records of Scott County, Virginia in 1830. After this the family is found in Washington, Arkansas Territory, USA in the 1830 census. Judith died in Virginia. Samuel died in Arkansas in 1844.

Children: 4 Known
Sons: Samuel Guthrie (1801), Ephraim W Guthrie (1805), Edmund C Guthrie (1806), Joseph Guthrie (1807)
Daughters: None Known

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Family Finder Participants: No

1776PA-1840VA or AR

Ann Guthrie was born about 1776. It would have been in Pennsylvania because her father Daniel Guthrie was serving in the American Revolution there. She married Elijah Carter. According to the census records, Ann appears to have died between 1830 in Scott, Virginia and 1840 when the family was living in Illinois, Washington County, Arkansas.

Children: 3 Known
Carter Sons: Allen Carter (1807), John River Carter (1818)
Carter Daughters: Matilda Carter (1801)

Family Finder Participants: No


Sarah Guthrie was born about 1777 in Pennsylvania. She married Isaac Williams in Virginia about 1797, and they made the move to Lawrence County, Indiana. Sarah died there on 10 March 1821. Isaac outlived her by 42 years. He had remarried to Mary Evans in 1825.

Children: 9
Williams Sons: John Williams (1798), Isaac Williams (1811), Samuel Williams (1813), Jacob Flinn Williams (1815)
Williams Daughters: Ann Williams (1799), Mary Williams (1801), Jane Williams (1803), Rebecca Williams (1807), Sarah Williams (1817)

Family Finder Participants: No


Daniel Guthrie was born about 1780 in Hopewell, Bedford, Pennsylvania. He married Frances ‘Fannie’ Flinn, the daughter of William Flinn most likely in North Carolina or Virginia. Daniel was one of the brothers who moved their families to Kentucky at the urging of Daniel Boone, but were soon induced to settle in Lawrence County, Indiana where they founded Leesville. Daniel died there on 1 April 1839, and Fannie about 1840.

Children: 11
Sons: Hugh Guthrie (1804), William L Guthrie (1805), Daniel W Guthrie (1808), Samuel Guthrie (1810), John Guthrie (1812), Hiram Guthrie (1815), Robert Guthrie (1819), Matthew Guthrie (1822)
Daughters: Isabella Guthrie (1817), Matilda Guthrie (1825), Elizabeth Guthrie (1827)

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Family Finder Participants: Yes


William Guthrie’s line is not traced in American Guthrie and Allied Families. AKA ‘Big Bill’ according to the Guthrie-Routh Roots tree on Ancestry. Various trees indicate that William was born in Pennsylvania or Virginia about 1783. His father’s tax records suggest the family was still in Pennsylvania in 1783.

William married Nancy Weddell (or Wallen) about 1804, presumably also in Virginia, but maybe in Tennessee. Nancy died sometime after 1820. William died about November 1844 in Lawrence County, Indiana.

Children: 5
Sons: Samuel Dixon Guthrie (1805), Daniel Guthrie (1810)
Daughters: Mary (1810), Sarah (1814), Jane (1815)

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Family Finder Participants: No


John Guthrie was born 8 Nov 1785 in Virginia. He married Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Flinn, the daughter of Jacob Flinn, about 1805 in Virginia, possibly in Lee County. They left Virginia for Boone County, Kentucky about 1807, but in 1809 he traveled with his brother Daniel to Indiana to build a cabin. They returned to Kentucky for the winter, and then led a caravan of settlers back to Indiana in February of 1810. John Guthrie died in Leesville, Lawrence, Indiana on 6 November 1851 and is buried at Granny White Cemetery. His widow Betsy died in 1867.

Children: 8
Sons: Jacob Guthrie (1806), Daniel Guthrie (1810), Samuel Guthrie (1812), Hugh Guthrie (1818)
Daughters: Sarah Guthrie (1808), Lucinda Guthrie (1814), Emily Jane Guthrie (1821), Elizabeth Guthrie (1822)

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Family Finder Participants: Yes


Patience Guthrie was born in Virginia about 1789. She married Reuben Pendleton. Their family remained in Scott County, Virginia. Patience died between 1830-1840. Reuben remarried on 14 November 1840 in Scott County, Virginia to Rachel Morris. Both were in their 60s. Reuben died on 3 March 1860 at Rye Cove, Scott County, Virginia.

Children: 7
Pendleton Sons: Ira Nash Pendleton (1805), Samuel Guthrie Pendleton (1807), Enoch Pendleton (1815), Elisha Link Pendleton (1815), James Pendleton (1817)
Pendleton Daughters: Frances Pendleton (1804), Martha Jane Pendleton (1806)

Family Finder Participants: No


Pennsylvania on 14 February 1737

Some online trees list Daniel Guthrie’s parents as William Guthrie & Nancy Bussell. No documentation found to prove this connection. His birth is also given as being in Pennsylvania, but still looking for proof.

Lawrence R Guthrie speculates that Daniel Guthrie was a brother of Hugh Guthrie of Huntington County, Pennsylvania.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

The General Assembly of the Pennsylvania colony on 27 January 1750 created Cumberland County from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, naming it for Cumberland, England.


According to family tradition, Daniel Guthrie participated in the French & Indian Wars and was present at Braddock’s Defeat. He would have been about 18 years of age.

Colonial Pennsylvania

Mary Guthrie is listed in trees as the daughter of Daniel Guthrie and his wife Jane. However, Jane would have been only 15 at the time of Mary’s birth, with a significant gap in years before the next child’s birth. Possible that Mary is Daniel’s daughter by a previous marriage.


Bedford County was created on 9 March 1771 from part of Cumberland County and named in honor of Fort Bedford. The 1767 Mason-Dixon Line had stabilized the southern border with Maryland. 

Hopewell Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Hopewell Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Inmates (tenants or leasees) among others:
Guthry, Daniel (assessment) 11 shillings
Guthrey, Hugh 11 shillings

Hopewell Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Hopewell Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Inmates included:
Daniel Guthery, one pound six shilligs
Hugh Guthery, two pounds

Hopewell Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Hopewell Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Guthery, Daniel, uncultivated land tax 6 pounds, 11-1/2 shillings; provincial tax 2 pounds, 5 shillings.

Bedford County, Pennsylvania, USA in September 1778

Mary Guthrie married Thomas Cullen Pridemore. She was about 16 years old. They made the move to Lawrence County, Indiana. They had 13 children. Mary died there 21 Sep 1833, and Thomas died in 1839.

Hopewell Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Tod Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, USA

Hugh Gutroy, 120 acres, 2 horses, 1 cow.

1778-1783: RANGERS of the FRONTIERS
Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Daniel Guthery was a member of the Bedford County Militia, and a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Hugh Guthery was also on the Continental line.

1779: Tax Records
Hopewell Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, USA

Daniel Guthrie, 50 acres, 1 horse, 2 cattle.
Hugh Guthrie, no land given, 2 horses, 4 cattle

Hopewell Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Hopewell Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Hopewell Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, USA

Guthery, Hugh, 400 acres, 2 horses, 4 pounds 17 shillings 6 pence
Guthery, Daniel, 100 acres, 2 cattle, tax 1 pound 3 shillings 7 pence

Bedford County, Pennsylvania, USA

Guthery, Hugh, 400 acres, 1 house, 6 whites
Guthery, Daniel, no acreage given, 1 house, 8 whites

Russell, Virginia, USA on 8 Nov 1785


Huntingdon was formed from Bedford County, PA. Hugh Guthrie appears to have lived in the portion of the county that became Huntingdon, for he later shows up in tax records there.

Hopewell Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, USA

Guthery, Hugh, 120 acres, 2 horses, 1 cattle. Tax 9 pounds, 2 shillings

Virginia, USA

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, USA

Gutry, Hugh, 1 free white male above 16, 1 free white male under 16, 3 free white females

This is the last entry found for Hugh Guthrie


According to the oral history of the Guthrie family, they moved to Lee County, Virginia about 1795 where they had the Flinn family and the Daniel Boone family as neighbors.

About 1805: MOVED to KENTUCKY

This is a rough estimate based on the family’s reported movements. Daniel Boone induced some of the Guthries and Flinns to move to his Kentucky settlement, but they were unhappy with the situation there resolving to move to Indiana.


Daniel & Jane’s sons, Daniel and John Guthrie, along with William & Jacob Flinn, went to Lawrence County, Indiana in the Fall of 1809. They erected a log cabin there, and then returned to Kentucky for a few months before returning to Indiana. The following Spring the remainder of the family followed.

Leesville, Lawrence County, Indiana, USA

Jane Guthrie died on 18 Aug 1826 and Daniel Guthrie on 17 Sep 1828. They are buried at the Flinn Cemetery in Leesville.


Guthrie Family Group: GFG7
Group Designation: Branch B – (The Guthries of Lawrence, Indiana)

Haplogroup: R-M198/R-M512
Confirmed Haplogroup: R-M512

YDNA Matches:  4
Kit 42638
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > John Guthrie/Elizabeth Betsy Flinn > Jacob Guthrie/Louisa Gregory > William Franklin Guthrie/Mary Adeline Jones (GGP) +more

Kit 115810
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > John Guthrie/Elizabeth Betsy Flinn > Hugh Guthrie/Nancy Jane Rogers > Elihu Guthrie/Elizabeth Sherrill (GGP) +more

Kit 184552
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > John Guthrie/Elizabeth Betsy > Samuel Guthrie/Sophia Haws > John Riley Guthrie/Sarah A Brenneman (GGP) +more

Kit 641254 +FF
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > Daniel Guthrie/Frances Fannie Flinn > Daniel W Guthrie/Louisiana C Weddle > Eri Guthrie/Elizabeth Moody > James Elliott Guthrie/Fannie Mae Fuson > Alfred Eri Guthrie/Lucretia Landora Long (GGP) +more

Family Finder / Autosomal DNA Kits:  14

Kit 63127
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > Patience Guthrie/Reuben Pendleton > Samuel Guthrie Pendleton/Rebecca Spencer > William Samuel Pendleton/Julia Anne Quillen (GGP)

Kit 244210
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > Daniel Guthrie/Frances Flinn > Daniel W Guthrie/Louisana Catherine Weddle > Hester Ann Guthrie/Elisha Lee > Moses Benton Lee/Emily Caroline Walters (GGP) -Paternal Line
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > John Guthrie/Elizabeth Betsy Flinn > Daniel Guthrie/Violet Allen > John Wesley Guthrie/Mary Jane McLaughlin > Ruby Elma Guthrie/Cyrus Newton Nichols (GGP) – Maternal Line

Kit 270065
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > John Guthrie/Elizabeth Betsy Flinn > Hugh Guthrie/Nancy Jane Rogers > Alfred Guthrie/Hester Ann Pruitt > Ora Belle Guthrie/John Showalter > No Further Lineage Info Provided

Kit 359854
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > Mary Guthrie/Thomas C Pridemore > Susan Pridemore/Daniel Ash > Mary Polly Ash/George Washington Robinett > Elvina Robinett/Lazarus Phillips > Hiram Patton Phillips/Lucinda MNU > Lillian Inez Phillips/James Andrew O’Brien (GGP)

Kit 403645
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > Mary Guthrie/Thomas C Pridemore > Susan Pridemore/Daniel Ash > Mary Polly Ash/George Washington Robinett > Elvina Robinett/Lazarus Phillips > Hiram Patton Phillips/Lucinda MNU (GGP)

Kit 498435
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > John Guthrie/Elizabeth Betsy Flinn > Jacob Guthrie/Hester Davis > Sarah Ann Guthrie/Francis M Critchlow > Amanda Critchlow/Benjamin Hagle > Gertrude Hagle/Wade Hamilton Brown (GGP)

Kit 701284
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > John Guthrie/Elizabeth Betsy Flinn > Samuel Guthrie/Sophia Haws > Daniel Boone Guthrie/Mary Elizabeth Cooper > Fred Ambrus Guthrie/Julia Ann Dale (GGP)

Kit 839366
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > John Guthrie/Elizabeth Betsy Flinn > Hugh Guthrie/Nancy Jane Rogers > James Henry Guthrie/Ida Isadora Cherrington (GGP) +more

Kit B3500
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > Mary Guthrie/Thomas C Pridemore > Patience Pridemore/James Roberts > John Roberts/Mahuld Terrell > William Henry Roberts/Ann Sophia Wiegel > Elsie Beulah Roberts/Alonzo Osborn (GGP)

Kit B12190
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > Mary Guthrie/Thomas C Pridemore > Rebecca Pridemore/John McKnelly > Thomas McKnelly/Rebecca E Connelly > Lorenzo Dow McKnelly/Mary Jane Culbertson > Thomas McKnelly/Mary Edith Mann > Dora McKnelly/William Edward Heral (GGP)

Kit B158283
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > Mary Guthrie/Theodore Pridemore > Rebecca Pridemore/John McKnelly > Susannah McKnelly/David B Shields > John William Shields/Martha Ann Littell (GGP)

Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > Daniel Guthrie/Frances Flinn > Daniel Guthrie/ Louisana Weddell > Alfred Guthrie/Isabell Ann Hubbard > Melvin Thompson Guthrie/Rebecca Payne > Ernest Meredith Guthrie/Margaret Kirkpatrick (GGP)

Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > John Guthrie/Elizabeth Betsy Flinn > Emily Jane Guthrie/Jacob Flinn Williams*
Daniel Guthrie/Jane Flinn > Sarah Guthrie/Isaac Williams > Jacob Flinn Williams*/Emily Jane Guthrie > John Guthrie Williams/Amanda Newkirk > Cynthia Belle Williams/Warren Ward Nicholson (GGP)


Current Y-DNA Project participants who descend from Daniel Guthrie & Jane Flinn match the genetic profile for Guthrie Family Group 7. A mix of Y37 and Y67 marker tests were performed.

Kit 184552
This is a Y37 marker kit with a 37/37 match for Group Mode DNA. No mutations found at this level compared to the most common result for the group.

Kit 42638
This is a Y37 marker kit with a 37/37 match for Group Mode DNA. No mutations found at this level compared to the most common result for the group.

Kit 115810
This is a Y67 marker kit with a 35/37 match at the Y37 marker level and no additional mutations for the remaining 30 markers. 
DYS570 = 19 instead of Group Mode 18 is unique to this kit
CDYi = 36 instead of Group Mode 37 is unique to this kit
These changes are likely the result of recent and/or random changes not significant as a marker of inheritance.

Kit 641254
This is a Y37 marker kit with a 33/37 match for Group Mode DNA.
DYS390 = 25 instead of 26. Also found in kits 230119 (Branch A) and Kit 185946 (Branch C). This marker is potentially the original value as it is also found in the other two branches of GFG7. Since also found in Branch B, it could potentially reflect the beginning of a genetic change that occurred in the line of Daniel’s son John (descendants are DYS 390 = 26).

The 3 remaining variances are unique to this kit: 
DYS464d = 15 instead of 16
DYS460 = 12 instead of 11
CDYii = 37 instead of 38


  1. This is an incredible find! I believe I’m connected to Daniel & Jane Guthrie.

    The following is what I have found:
    My Father; Harold Scott Guthrie (mom Sharon Kay Odom Guthrie)
    My Grandpa; Harold Norman Guthrie (grandma Helen L Isom Guthrie)
    My Great Grandpa: Norman Francis Guthrie (great grandma Phoebe Dorcas Eisele Guthrie)
    William Guthrie
    Jacob Guthrie
    John Guthrie
    Daniel Guthrie

    Is there anyway that you can confirm my findings? Also, I would love to find out more about Daniel Guthrie (if you have any more information that’s not on this page). Was Daniel connected to the Guthrie castle in Scotland? Growing up as a child, I remember my grandparents talking about the Guthrie Castle and was wondering if that was actually correct.

    Thank you for all this research, for me it’s pretty awesome!

    Sharyl Harper

    • Most of what I know about Daniel Guthrie and Jane Flinn can be found here. Yes, your lineage appears to be correct. I was able to complete a record trace starting with you going all the way back to Daniel. Back in the 70s or 80s, Guthrie Castle was in danger of being sold and the owners sent out mailers to everyone with the Guthrie surname looking for investors. The castle was eventually sold anyway, but as a result of the notices everyone with the Guthrie name assumed that we had some sort of ancestral connection to that castle. The fact is that we still don’t have 100% genetic proof of which of our 16 Guthrie Family Groups were the ones who built the castle. The group with the most likely connection is Guthrie Family Group 1A. They share YDNA with a person whose line reportedly belongs on the historical tree tracing back to the Guthries of Guthrie. Your family is Guthrie Family Group 7 (GFG7), and so is probably not directly associated with Guthrie Castle. Currently, our only clue is that there are a couple of Australian men whose families came from Ayrshire, Scotland to Australia who match the paternal Y-DNA of GFG7 descendants of Daniel Guthrie. This conclusively proves that they share common ancestry and that your Guthries might also have connections in Ayrshire.

  2. Ann I have 2 matches that come from this group on FF. They both trace their family to Daniel and his daughter Mary??? And what of Elzabeth Stewart Guthrie who is oldest member of a church in what is now Argyle, Washinton, New York. Record 1830 says “Prosperity due to Daniel Guthrie”. and record Danaill son of Danaill and Mary born 9 Dec.1704…..Hannah dau. of Danaill and Mary born 7 July 1707 and Mary dau of Danaill (no mother) born 5 Jan. 1706. Mass. Vital record.

    • Your Group 6 Guthrie ancestors are not related to Group 7 Guthries. They are two distinctly different genetic lineages. Whenever two people of unrelated Guthrie Family Groups have Autosomal DNA matches in common, it means that you share some non-Guthrie ancestors.

      Also, the records you mentioned are from 1704 and 1707 in Massachusetts. GFG7’s Daniel Guthrie was born in 1737, and his daughter Mary was born in 1762, both in Pennsylvania. The Daniel and Mary of your record are different people in a different location. You listed the record for Elizabeth Stewart Guthrie in 1830, which is a century after the other Daniel lived. These documents appear to refer to different men of similar names. Could you send me a link to the records so I can review them and the dates for content and context?

      • OK Why if they are not related would they be matches as 5th cousins on my family finder

      • The DNA you share comes from whichever ancestors you actually do have in common. This could be someone in your existing paternal or maternal tree or an ancestor you have not yet identified. Just because someone has a surname in common with you does not indicate / prove that those lines are related. It may be a clue, but needs to be ruled in or out. I. This case, knowing that the two Guthrie Family Groups do not share direct paternal ancestry / YDNA, rules out a Guthrie match. That does not mean to unrelated Guthrie families cannot have extended relations in common as many lived within the same regions.

  3. Ann I have trouble with my scanner right now but I thought maybe the Danaill and Mary and their children which I found online Mass. vital records could some how be related?? and Elizabth Guthrie was in the Church records in Argyle and if I remember right the History of Washington County, New York

  4. Is there any information later then what is listed here? I know my dad talked about uncle Laverne Guthrie from Bedford Indiana, Lawrence county. I know my grandfather’s name was Harold Guthrie and he had 3 brothers one named Titus Guthrie. Grandpa died in Martinsville Indiana and Titus has family and property around Clay City and Coal City Indiana. My dad was 16 when grandpa died so I’m guessing late 60s early 70s. I’m 41 yrs old and have been trying to find out anything about my dad’s side of the family and this is all I’ve got. Can you help?

    • This family is listed in the Guthrie Research Tree on Ancestry. Father is Daniel V Guthrie 1872IN–1930Clay, IN and Mary Ellen Haberle. Children: Titus, Marsha, Mary, Gilbert, Robert, George, and Harold. Daniel’s parents were Robert Guthrie and Mary Ann Sowash. Robert was born in Peters Township, Washington, PA on 4 Jan 1828. He married 1st Jane Elliott, 2nd Mary Ann Sowash. His parents were Robert Guthrie and Margaret Patterson. Robert was born on 21 Nov 1800 either in PA or on the sea voyage to America depending on the family story. All of the children were born in PA. The family moved to Clark, Coshocton, OH bet. 1850-60. Robert was the son of Robert Guthrie and Jean McGibney. Robert was born about 1774 in Ireland and was a resident of County Down when his first children were born. The family moved to America about 1800. We do have a direct line male Guthrie descendant of Robert and Jean in the Y-DNA project. This family is classified as Guthrie Family Group 12. They are not genetically related to this GFG7 family from Indiana.

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