B-5: Margaret Guthrie

Guthrie Family Group 3A – Branch B
Margaret Guthrie c1795SCT – 1875SCT and Robert Pettigrew
of Dundonald and Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland

Parents: William Guthrie c1771SCT-1844SCT and Ann Hunter c1763SCT – 1801SCT
Birth: About 4 Sep 1795 in Harperland, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland
Baptism: 4 September 1795 in Harperland, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland
Marital Status: married to Robert Pettigrew on 12 Dec 1836 in Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland
Pettigrew Children:
Death: 23 January 1875
Death Location: St. Maddens House, Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland
Burial: Unknown

Parents: Robert Pettigrew (Landed Proprietor) and Barbara Wilson
Birth: 10 Oct 1796 in Newark, Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland
Baptism: Unknown, presumably about 10 Oct 1796 in Maybole
Occupation: Landed Proprietor
Death: 3 November 1877
Death Location: St Maddens House, Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland
Burial: Unknown


Margaret Guthrie was the youngest daughter of William Guthrie of Harperland by his first wife Ann Hunter. She was baptized there on 4 September 1795. She married at the age of 41 to Robert Pettigrew, a landed proprietor. No children are documented in the Old Parish Registers for this couple or the census records. They lived long lives together in Ochiltree and Dundonald, Ayrshire. Margaret died on 23 Jan 1875 and Robert on 3 Nov 1877 at the ages of 80 and 81, respectively, both at St. Maddens House in Troon.

Y-DNA PRoject Particiapnts: N/A – Female Guthrie / No known descendants
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No known descendants


Dundonald Baptismal Register Anno 1795:
Guthrie: Margaret daughter to William Guthrie and Ann Hunter spouses in Harperland was baptized there the fourth day of September Seventeen hundred and ninety five years. (OPR Births 590/ Dundonald, page 208 of 306)

October 10th 1796 Robert Petticrew in Newark and Barbara Wilson his spouse had a daughter son born in lawful marriage named ROBERT. (OPR Births 605/ Maybole, page 252 of 262 – Scotlands People)

Dundonald Matrimonial Register: Year 1836
Robert Pettigrew in the parish of Ochiltree and Margaret Guthrie in this parish were married on the 12th of December 1836. : Pettigrew and Guthrie. (OPR Marriages 590/ Dundonald, page 57 of 461 – Scotlands People)

Ochiltree Matrimonial Register: A.D. 1836
Pettigrew & Guthrie} Robert Pettigrew, Esq. of Tarshaw and Miss Margaret Guthrie in parish of Dundonald were regularly married on the 12th day of December 1836.

Margaret Pettigrew, married to Robert Pettigrew, landed proprietor, died 23 January 1875 at 5AM at St Maddens House, Troon, female, aged 79 years, Parents: William Guthrie, farmer, and Annie Guthrie, m.s. Hunter, COD: Hemiplegia, Informant: Robt. Pettigrew, widower, Registered: 27th January 1875 at Troon. (Statutory Registers Deaths/590 2 4 – Scotlands People)

Robert Pettigrew, Landed Proprietor, widower of Margaret Guthrie, died 3 Nov 1877 at 4:30AM at St Maddens House, Troon, male, 81, Parents: Robert Pettigrew, landed proprietor, and Barbara Pettigrew, m.s. Wilson, both deceased, COD: Paralysis – 4 days, Informant: Robt. Rankin, nephew, South Beach, Troon, present, Registered: 6 Nov 1877 at Troon. (Statutory Registers Deaths/ 590/ 2 56 – Scotlands People)

The British Newspaper Archives: “Robert Pettigrew” and “Polquhairn” search
There is one page of results identifying “Robert Pettigrew of Tarshaw, Polquhairn, near Ochiltree”

  • AYR ADVERTISER – Thursday, 13 June 1844, page 1
    HOUSE, & C. To LET.
    Auchans House, with the Gardens and Grounds attached thereto, will be Let, from this time to the 1st May, 1845, with or without the Furniture at present in the House. The House is within the distance of Five Miles from Kilmarnock, Four Miles from Irvine, and Three Miles from the Troon Railway Station; and is surrounded with the beautiful Woods and Banks of Auchans.
    For particulars apply to Mr Robert Guthrie at Crossburn, by Troon; and Mr Robert Pettigrew at Polquhairn, by Ochiltree; or to James H McClure, Esq., Writer, Glasgow.
    Auchans, 4th June, 1844.

The British Newspaper Archives: “Robert Pettigrew” and “Tarshaw” search

  • GLASGOW COURIER – Thursday 14 August 1845, page 2
    MARRIED: At Newton Green, Ayr, on the 11th inst., by the Rev. Mr Stevenson, Mr John Highet, to Margaret, Daughter of the late Robert Pettigrew, Esq. of Tarshaw.
    (Note: This would be Robert’s sister, the daughter of Robert and Barbara (Wilson) Pettigrew.)

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