Guthrie families who have no historical, documented, or genetic proof of a lineal relationship to an established Guthrie Family Group.


If you can’t find your ancestors listed within the Guthrie Family Groups, chances are that we do not have proof of their group association.

You’re not alone. There are hundreds of Guthrie lineages from all parts of the world whose direct ancestry remains unknown or untested. Traditional research may help in some of these cases by providing documentation that links them to previous generations. It is impossible for me to personally research every Guthrie family that has ever existed, so please share your family info with the rest of us.

Some Guthrie families have reached the end of their paper trail and must depend on DNA testing. As you meet new Guthries online and in life talk to them about getting involved in genetic genealogy.

The answers to our family mysteries are within us.


My Ancestry tree includes all research related to lineages from the Guthrie DNA Project, as well as lineages in an Ungrouped Guthrie Family status. Any data I have collected from transitional research, online sources is there. Many lineages are merely in the data collection phase where I have copied the family line with the intention of later gathering documents and sources of proof. Other lineages have been fully researched, and the galleries may be full of scanned original and other documents. I welcome corrections and discussion on any Guthrie topic, but I am usually unfamiliar with extended family lineages not associated with my own group. While I am happy to add your Guthrie ancestry and other details into my research tree, the focus does have to be there.

Ann’s Ancestors and Guthrie Research

I am listed as the Home Page person, however I suggest you type in “DNA” in the search bar. That will bring you to the combined page where I have gathered links for the Guthrie DNA Project Family Groups including the Ungrouped Families.

The Ungrouped Guthrie Families section is broken down into geographic links: USA, Canada, Scotland, England, Ireland/Northern Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, The West Indies / Caribbean Basin, Sweden, and Poland

This website will focus only on those Ungrouped Guthrie Families represented by members of the Guthrie DNA Project. If you are not a member and your line is not listed here, you may still find details in my Ancestry tree.

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