Sub-Groups of GFG5

Private Sub-Group

According to the theory of ‘American Guthrie and Allied Families’ author, Rev. Laurence R. Guthrie, the family of Thomas Guthrie Sr. 1744-1837 & Mildred Howell belongs to GFG2A-Branch I. Thomas is supposed to be one of the sons of James Guthrie and his Bissell wife. Turns out that theory was wrong. Thomas Guthrie’s family are descendants of Guthrie Family Group 5.

However, two close cousins who descend from Thomas & Mildred’s eldest son, Thomas Guthrie, are genetically mismatched to the rest of GFG5. The Causal Event occurred in the late 1800s, which would suggest that the rest of the Guthrie-Howell line should match its original group.