2A-G: Sarah Guthrie

Sarah Guthrie 1763 IRE – 1849 PA and William Beatty 1762 PA – 1827 PA
of County Derry, Northern Ireland and Westmoreland & Armstrong Counties, Pennsylvania, USA

Parents: John Guthrie 1725IRE – 1797PA and Jane Reed 1726IRE – 1780PA
Birth: 12 August 1763
Birth Location: Londonderry, County Derry, Northern Ireland
Marriage: William Beatty on 8 July 1783 in Washington, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA
Beatty Sons: Samuel (1786), John (1790), William (1792), James (1796, Robert (1799), David (1801), David (1806)
Beatty Daughters: Jane (1784), Agnes (1788), Sarah (1794), Margaret (1803)
Death: 11 August 1849
Death Location: Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, USA
Burial Location: Slate Lick Cemetery, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, USA

Parents: Samuel Beatty 1730IRE-1805PA and Margaret Lemmon 1737PA-1828PA
Birth: 1762
Birth Location: Washington, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA
Occupation: Grist Mill Owner
Death: 17 March 1827
Death Location: Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, USA
Burial Location: Slate Lick Cemetery, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, USA

Sarah Guthrie was born in Londonderry, Northern Ireland on 12 August 1763, the third child and second daughter of John Guthrie and Jane Reed. She arrived in America with her family when she was about 8 years old. They settled in Westmoreland County. She married William Beatty on 8 July 1783. Like the Guthrie family, the Beatty ancestors were originally from Scotland, but spent some time in Ireland before settling in America.

The Guthrie family had moved onto the Brownlee farm about 2 miles from Hannastown when Joseph Brownlee left to join the army. He left the management of the farm in the hands of his father-in-law, John Guthrie. They were still living there on 13 July 1782 when Indians and Tories attacked.

The petition papers of Elizabeth (Guthrie) Brownlee Guthrie included depositions by her sisters Sarah (Guthrie) Beatty and Jane (Guthrie) Beatty. Sarah provides a second accounting of a younger brother who was killed during the attack on Hannastown. “Deponent had a brother killed at the same time by the Indians, she and her sister Jane were hoeing corn in the field when the savages approached, were compelled themselves to fly for their lives and leave behind them their young brother who was killed.”

William and Sarah (Guthrie) Beatty settled on a tract of land in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania about ten miles north of Freeport. He built a stone house on the property and ran a grist mill.

American Guthrie and Allied Families‘, by Laurence R Guthrie includes a section on The Beattys, pp.483-487. A descendant corresponded with Rev. Guthrie about her ancestors revealing that upon a visit back to Northern Ireland, William Beatty went to visit his wife’s grandparents. This visit would have been sometime between their marriage in 1783 and his death in 1827. Although the writer could not recall their names they lived in or near Londonderry.

William Beatty died on 17 March 1827. Sarah survived him by 22 years. She passed away on 11 August 1849 at the age of 85. They are buried at Slate Lick Cemetery in Armstrong County, PA.


13 May 1784 PA – 10 Oct 1854PA

The eldest child of the family, Jane ‘Jennie’ Beatty was born on 13 May 1784. She married William Hetselgesser / Hesselgesser. Like her mother, she is listed in unsourced trees and the Beatty Book as having the forename Mary. No original document has been found with that name. (Please submit a copy if you have one.) Census records and her death record list her only as Jane. She died of dysentery on 10 Oct 1854 in South Buffalo Twp, Armstrong, Pennsylvania and is buried at Slate Lick Cemetery.
1) Sarah ‘Sally’ Hetselgesser 19 Apr 1810 PA – 3 Jan 1882 m.John Keener +children
2) James Hetselgesser 12 Dec 1811 PA – 20 Mar 1851 PA m. Sussana Grinder +children
3) William Hetselgesser 10 Aug 1813 PA – 2 Feb 1888 m. Elizabeth Painter +children
4) Samuel Hetselgesser 29 Aug 1815 PA – 1875IN m. Nancy Beatty (dau. of Samuel Beatty) +children
5) John G Hetselgesser 15 Mar 1817 PA – 20 Nov 1897 m1.Margaret Haslett, m2.Mary Jane Greer +children
6) David Hetselgesser 7 Dec 1818 PA – 3 Aug 1894 IA m. Delilah Shepherd +children
7) Jane Hetselgesser 29 Jun 1820 PA – 27 Mar 1854 PA m. James Matthews +children
8) Robert Hetselgesser 3 Apr 1822 PA – 24 Apr 1887 PA m. Jane Hazelett +children
9) Nancy Agnes Hetselgesser 8 Jul 1825 PA – 14 Jul 1900 m. John Bricker +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

8 Jan 1786 PA – 15 Feb 1841 IN

Some online trees have this man confused with a Samuel Beatty of Cavan, Ireland. This Samuel Beatty was born on 8 January 1786 in Pennsylvania. He married Elizabeth Cascadden / Kiskaddon about 1813 and had a slew of children born in PA or OH. They settled in Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana. The town was platted in 1823, the same year Hamilton County was formed. Samuel and Elizabeth died within a few months of each other and two of their children, who had been enumerated on the 1840 census, also died young. Unknown if there was a local epidemic at the time. They are buried at Riverside Cemetery in Noblesville.
1) Mary Beatty 11 Jun 1812 PA – 9 Jun 1871 IN m. Jesse Fisher +children
2) Sarah Annabelle Beatty 31 Mar 1814PA – 14 Aug 1888IN m. John Castor +children
3) James S Beatty 1 Mar 1817PA – 4 Jun 1889OH m. Sarah Alice Devou +children
4) Margaret Beatty 15 Jun 1821 PA – 3 Jun 1865 IN m. Joseph Henry Erwin +children
5) Nancy G Beatty Abt. 1823 OH – bef. 1860IN m. Samuel Hetselgesser (see above) +children
7) John Beatty born 1826-1831 OH – died bef. 1850 IN. Died young.
8) William Beatty born 1831 -1835 OH – died bef. 1850 IN. Died young.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

4 May 1788 PA – 26 May 1856

Agnes, called ‘Nancy’, Beatty was born on 4 or 6 May 1788. Her grave marker in Deer Creek Cemetery gives us the year 1793. She was still living in Pennsylvania when she married William Thornburg about 1809. They had a large family born in either Pennsylvania or Ohio. They settled in Marion County, Ohio during the early to mid 1820s. A falling tree killed William on 30 Aug 1838. Nancy remarried the following year to Jacob Jackson on 4 July 1839. She died 26 May 1856 and is buried at Deer Creek Cemetery.
1) Robert Thornburgh 1810PA-bef.1850OH m.1834OH Lois Betts +children
2) Sarah Thornburgh 1812PA-1869WI m.1832OH Michael D Barr +children
3) Joseph Thornburgh 1815PA-1887OH m. Irene White +children
4) Samuel Thornburgh 1816PA-aft.1880OH m.1841 Jane Doty +children
5) William Beatty Thornburg 1818PA-1869WI m1. Ursulu Ann Hammond, m2. Harriet Maria Hammond
6) James Thornburgh 1821PA-aft.1850OH m. Mina (MNU). No further details.
7) Anna Thornburgh 1823PA-182?PA drown during childhood.
8) Eliza Jane Thornburgh 1824OH-1891IN m.1844OH William E Sergeant. +children
9) Martha Wilky Thornburgh 1827OH-1889IN m.1846OH Henry Dewitt Shafer +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

24 May 1790 PA – 9 Jul 1849 PA

John Beatty was the second son in the family and born on 24 May 1790. He married Martha Rankin or Ranklin about 1815. Note: LRG, p.483 lists her surname as Bole. Found in some trees as Boles. Death certificates of some children list Rankin/Ranklin. They lived in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania and remained there when his parents moved to Morrow County, Ohio during the early 1820s. He died 9 July 1849 at 59 years of age. He is buried at Slate Lick Cemetery in Armstrong County, PA.
1) Mary Beatty 1822PA – 1911PA m1.abt.1840 Samuel Caldwell (divorced?) m2.abot 1850 Adam Brown +children
2) Sarah Margaret Beatty 1824PA – 1914PA m1.? William Caldwell, m2.1848 Paul Waugaman +children
3) Isabella Beatty 1830PA – aft.1852PA m. Peter Duffey +children
4) David Beatty 18??PA – ???? died unmarried. No further details.
5) John Beatty 18??PA – ???? m1. Annie Haslett, m2. Annalina Johnson. Unknown children. No further details.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

24 Jul 1792 PA – 4 Apr 1818 PA

Online trees have merged this young man with the William Beatty who immigrated from Ireland to Armstrong County, PA, likely because he had relatives living there, who was married to Isabella Coldwell. This, however, is William Beatty, Jr, the son of William Beatty and Sarah Guthrie, who was born in Pennsylvania on 24 July 1792. He married Penelope Mount about 1816, but died on 4 April 1818 leaving her a widow with one daughter, Sarah. Penelope remarried to William’s younger brother, James about 1822. (See Below).
1) Sarah Beatty 1817PA – 25 Nov 1877IA m1.1833OH Jacob Cooper, m2.1842OH Thomas Titus +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

2 Apr 1794PA – Aft. 1870 IN or OH

Sarah Beatty was born on 2 April 1794. She was twice married, first to John Barrickman in 1812 Armstrong, PA. They had 2 children, a son and daughter. He died in 1819. She remarried to William Freeman about 1826-1827, and they had 5 sons and a daughter. During the 1870 census, William and Sarah were living in Bourbon, Marshall County, Indiana with their daughter Margaret and son-in-law Andrew Rice and family. William Foreman died on 24 October 1872, aged 78Y, 3M, and 3D, and is buried at Ganshorn Cemetery in Bourbon. Sarah’s death is more difficult to pinpoint because there are some misidentification errors floating around listing her DOD and place of death as that of other women of similar names. She is not Sarah Alice (Devou) Beatty – see above – who died in Dayton, OH in 1882. There is no other Foreman burial listed at Ganshorn Cemetery where William is buried. Did Sarah die in Indiana or did she return to Ohio to live with family. There is a Sarah Foreman, 90, pauper, living in Perry County, Ohio during the 1880 census.
1) William Harrison Barrickman 1813PA – 1898IA m. Margaret Reynolds +children
2) Sarah Barrickman 1814PA – 1896IA m.1830OH Roswell Webster +children
3) Samuel Foreman 1828PA – aft. 1850OH. No further details.
4) George Foreman 1829PA – aft. 1850. No further details
5) Margaret Foreman 1830PA – 1912IN m.1851OH Andrew Rice +children
6) James Foreman 1832PA – 1914OH m1.1858OH Elizabeth Lefever, m2.1869OH Jemima Stephens +children
7) William Foreman 1834OH – 1920OH m.1858OH Sarah Jane Harrison +children
8) Silas Miller Foreman 1837OH – 1917IN m1.1857OH Mary Isabella Owen, m2.1898IN Maggie (Swogger) Idings, m3.1900IN Loretta (Kiser) Harrington +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

9 Aug 1796 PA – 6 Nov 1877

James Beatty was born in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania on 9 August 1796. Six years after his brother William’s death, James married his widow, Penelope (Mount) Beatty. William and Penelope had one daughter, Sarah. James and Penelope had 2 daughters and 2 sons. They lived in Morrow County, Ohio prior to moving to Benton County, Iowa prior to the 1870 census. James died in Blairstown, Benton, Iowa on 6 Nov 1877 and is buried at the Masonic IOOF Cemetery in Poweshiek. Penelope died in 1888.
1) Jane Beatty 8 May 1823 PA – 16 Sep 1891 IA m.1841OH Henderson Moore +children
2) Nancy Agnes Beatty 31 Jan 1825 PA – 30 Dec 1911 OH m.1849 Samuel Geller +children
3) William Guthrie Beatty 13 Apr 1827 PA – 29 Dec 1912 KS m.1855OH Miriam Ann Critchfield +children
4) Elijah Mount Beatty 1 Mar 1830 OH – 13 Jul 1901 WA m. Amanda H Shipley +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

3 Apr 1799 PA – died in 1804

Robert Beatty was born on 3 April 1799 in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. He was only about 5 years old at his death in 1804.died during early childhood.

born March 1801 PA – died 1804 PA

David Beatty was another son who died during early childhood also in 1804. He was about 3 years of age.

9 June 1803 PA – 6 Aug 1833

Margaret Beatty was born on 9 Jun 1803 in Pennsylvania. She reportedly married an Earl/Earle, possibly Robert Earle. Her DOD in 1833 in unverified. No further details.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

20 Sep 1806 PA – 1878 PA

Presumably named for the little boy who died two years earlier, David Beatty was born on 20 Sep 1806 in PA. He married Sabra Mount. They lived in North Buffalo, Armstrong, PA. They had 9 girls before 3 boys came along. David died in June of 1879 and Sabra in 1891. They are buried at Slate Lick United Presbyterian Cemetery.
1) Louisa Jane Beatty 29 Jan 1826 PA – 1897 PA m. James Duffy Jr +children
2) Sarah Beatty 25 Nov 1828 PA – 29 Apr 1902 m. David Chambers Boggs +children
3) Elizabeth Young Beatty 6 July 1830 PA – 25 Jun 1885 m. Joseph Lorenza Reed +children
4) Margaret Mary Beatty 28 Jun 1832 PA – 25 Aug 1908 MT m.aft1880 George Beatty. No children.
5) Nancy E Beatty 27 Oct 1834 PA – 23 Mar 1923 PA m. John W Kiskadden +children
6) Celeste Beatty 29 Oct 1836 PA – 12 May 1838 died in early childhood.
7) Rebecca Nelson Beatty 20 Oct 1838 PA – 20 July 1847 died at about 9 years of age.
8) Araminta Beatty 20 Feb 1841 PA – 29 Aug 1842 was still in her infancy at her death.
9) Mary Ann Beatty 3 Nov 1843 PA – 7 Apr 1907 PA m. 1864 William Henry Keener +children
10) James Leslie Beatty 25 Apr 1848 PA – 19 Jun 1894 WA m. Cornelia Jane Randolph +children
11) Algernon Constantine Beatty 8 May 1850 PA – 3 Jun 1908 PA m. Eveline Emma ‘Eva’ Rea. Children?
12) Roland Mount Beatty 18 May 1853 PA – 23 Jun 1916 TN m.1874 Jeanette Culbertson McCaslin +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No


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