2A-H: James Guthrie

James Guthrie abt.1757PA – 1773PA and Sarah Love
of Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA

Parents: John Guthrie 1708IRE – 1790PA and Ann Hill (or Emmons) 1715IRE – 1814PA
Birth: Bef. 1746
Birth Location: Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA
Occupation: Unknown, probably farmer / farmer’s son
Marriage: About 1772
Death: 26 June 1773
Death Location: Oxford, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Burial Location: Unknown

Parents: John Love and Elizabeth
Birth: 20 Aug 1752 (alt: 29 Aug 1752)
Birth Location: Chester County, Pennsylvania
Married 2nd: William Gilkeson in 1782 Greenbrier, Doddridge, Virginia (now West Virginia)
Guthrie Children: Ann (1773)
Gilkeson Children: David (1777), John (1781), Nancy (1787), William J (1789)
Death: 27 June 1826
Death Location: Virginia
Burial Location: Middlebrook, Augusta County, Virginia, USA


Trees currently list that James Guthrie was born about 1757 in Chester County, PA, an underestimation of his DOB. He was listed as a Freeman on the Oxford Twp Tax records in 1767 and 1771, which means that he was a single man of at least 21 years old and not living in his father’s household. This means his actual DOB was prior to 1746. He married about 1772 to Sarah Love, the daughter of John Love. A DOB of 1757 would indicate that he was only 15 at the time, yet another reason to suspect that his DOB in 1757 is wrong. His DOD is also given as 26 Jun 1773, which may be accurate based on a 20 Jun 1775 Orphan’s Court record in Oxford, Chester, PA petitioning the court for the appointment of John Stewart as the guardian of Ann Guthery, daughter of James, decd of Oxford. His widow Sarah (Love) Guthrie remarried in 1782 to William Gilkeson. She died 27 Jun 1826 at the age of 73.


1773PA – 1832VA

Ann Guthrie was born in 1773 a short time after her father’s death. Her mother remarried, but it is unknown if Ann was raised in the Gilkeson household or that of a Guthrie relative as was frequently the practice when one parent remarried. She was at least 47 years old and a spinster at the time of her marriage to her widowed cousin, John Guthrie, the son of William Guthrie and Esther McClelland. His first wife had been Margaret Gilkeson, who died in 1815. John and Ann married sometime after 1820. They resided in Augusta County, Virginia. John was a plantation and slave owner. The 1830 census lists their household as including 44 people: 16 whites and 28 slaves. Ann died two years later on 27 April 1832 in Fishersville, Augusta, Virginia. The age on her tombstone is incorrect as she was about 59 at the time of her death, and not 43 or 48. John died on 27 Jan 1845. They are both buried at the old Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery. There were no children by this marriage.

Y-DNA Project Particiapants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Descendants