2A-E: George Guthrie

of Cumberland, Huntingdon, and Blair Counties, Pennsylvania, USA

Parents: Robert Guthrie c1700IRE – 1782PA and Bridget Dougherty
Birth: 1750
Birth Location: Pennsylvania, either in Lancaster County or Cumberland County
Marriage: Bet. 1770-1775 in Pennsylvania (definitely after 1769)
Military Service: Revolutionary War Soldier, 4th Regiment of Dragoons
Death: October 1813 (Alt. 6 Jul 1789 Find-a-Grave)
Death Location: Hollidaysburg, Blair, Pennsylvania, USA
Burial Location: Holliday Burial Ground, Gaysport, Blair, Pennsylvania, USA
Note: This man is frequently mistaken for GFG14’s George Nelson Guthrie. They are not the same person. Descendants belong to different genetic groups.

Parents: William Campbell 1728-1803 and Jeanette Coulter
Birth: 1753
Birth Location: Peters, Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA
Guthrie Sons: William Campbell (1780), James, possibly two other sons
Guthrie Daughters: Sarah (1775), Unidentified Daughter, Jane (1790)
Death: 1805
Death Location: Hollidaysburg, Blair, Pennsylvania, USA
Burial Location: Holliday Burial Ground, Gaysport, Blair, Pennsylvania, USA (unmarked grave / presumed location)

Prior to 1777 – No Known Record
Speculated that George Guthrie enlisted in June or July 1775 under Col. William Thompson, of Carlisle, who was raising a Battalion of Riflemen to go to the defense of Boston, or under Capt. William Hendricks, of Cumberland County, for the march to Cambridge.

Verified Record
George Guthrie served as a private and later a lieutenant in Capt. Henry Lee’s Company of Dragoons. “Lee’s Legion”
Found next commanded by Count Casimer Pulaski, who was authorized by a resolution of Congress under date of 28 March 1778 to raise and organize a corps of 68 light horse and 200 foot.
Early in 1781, George Guthrie joined Col. Stephen Moylan’s Light Dragoons then wintering in northern Lancaster County. Only 1 Oct 1781, Moylan’s dragoons were at Williamsburg, Virginia and took place in the Battle of Yorktown. Lord Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown on 19 Oct 1781.
Lieutenant George Guthrie remained under Moylan’s command to the end and was mustered out when it was finally disbanded.

The Tax List for Carlisle in 1781 shows Robert Gutherie as a Freeman at a rate of 5-6-8. The name George Guthry appears on the Tax List for West Pennsborough in 1781 as a ‘Freeman’ being taxed 3-7-6.

“About 1784 George Guthrie removed from Cumberland County to that part of Bedfor which was a little later formed into Huntingdon County, PA, and there he was active in the militia for many years. When Huntingdon County was erected in 1787, ipso facto, he became a resident of the new county and is represented to have been in Oneida Township that year. The same year he bought property in the new borough of Huntingdon.”

He kept an inn or tavern in Huntingdon for a number of years and afterward in Hollidaysburg. He bought and sold land but never engaged in farming. Like a great many veterans of the Revolutionary War he found it difficult to adjust to civil life. He had an imperious temper and was quick to resent a real or fancied wrong. His life was a turbulent one and he was frequently involved in contentions with his fellows. Notwithstanding this he was a firm believer, was a charter member of the first Presbyterian Church of Huntingdon, and an honest upright man.

Family tradition says that George Guthrie was tall and muscular and possessed of a military bearing. He was a very determined fighter and in those engagements which were going against the Colonials was one of the last to yield ground. He was a man of a good deal of personal pride and dignity, yet companionable and hospitable.

George Guthrie married sometime in the seventeen seventies, Margaret Campbell, who was born about 1753; died about 1805. She was a daughter of Sergeant William Campbell, of Peters Township, Cumberland (afterwards Franklin) County, PA, whose wife was Jeanet Coulter. George died October-November 1813.”
{Source: American Guthrie and Allied Families, pp.334-337}


c1774PA – 1803PA

What is the source of the 1774 DOB? If accurate, James Guthrie’s birth was prior to the Revolutionary War when George and Margaret were still living Cumberland County. Little is known about James except that he died early in 1803. He was definitely an adult and living outside of his parents’ household. Letters of administration on his estate in Frankstown were granted to George Guthrie on 27 April 1803. Huntingdon County, PA Will Book 1, p290.


The first US Census of Huntingdon County, PA in 1790 lists Guthrie, Geo: 4 free white males 16 and upwards including heads of families, 3 free white females. Author LRG speculates that since there is no other evidence of sons other than James and William the numbers might be off because there might be boarders as George was for a time an inn keeper.


See above.

1775PA – Aft. 1813

Sara Guthrie was reportedly born about 1775 in Pennsylvania. She married Elijah Adams.Sara was a legatee and witness to the will of her uncle, Charles Campbell of Westmoreland County, PA. (Will of Charles Campbell of North Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County, PA dated Nov 23, 1813). There is an Elijah Adams in the Bedford County, PA census for 1790, one in Luzerne, PA in 1800, and two in Bedford, PA in 1810.
1) Margaret Adams 1823PA-1858PA m.John Davis +children
2) Jackson Adams
3) Charles Adams (twin to Elizabeth)
4) Elizabeth Adams (twin to Charles)

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

1785-90PA – 1834PA

My tree currently lists William’s estimated DOB as about 1780, although I do not find that date listed in American Guthrie and Allied Families. The 1800 census of Frankstown, Huntingdon, PA lists the younger son in the George Guthrie household as 10-15 years old, born 1785-1790. The 1810 census lists a male of 16-25, born 1785-1794. By the 1820 census, William Campbell Guthrie has already married Mary Ann Lybarger (abt. 1814) and they have formed their own household in Erie, Pennsylvania where both of them are listed in the 26-44 category (1776-1794) along with 3 females and 1 male under 10 years of age. The 1830 census lists them both in the 40-49 year old category, born 1781-1790. The combined and narrowed census data suggests that William Campbell Guthrie was born between 1785-1790.

William Campbell Guthrie was a soldier of the War of 1812 serving at Erie, PA, which is where his family remained. He worked on building boats and did guard duty. “He was a man of great physical strength and bore the reputation of being the strongest man in Erie County.” William died at his home near North Springfield, Erie, Pennsylvania July – August 1834. His widow Mary died in 1857.
1) Samuel Guthrie 24 Aug 1815PA – 16Mar 1891IA m.1841IA Catharine Minear +children
2) Margaret Guthrie 28 Jan 1817PA – 23 Dec 1903 m. Cornelius DeVore +children
3) Jane Guthrie 18 May 1818PA – 4 Oct 1887 m. Daniel Eagley +children
4) Eliza Guthrie 15 Oct 1820PA – 17 Jan 1903PA. Unmarried.
5) George Guthrie 19 Jun 1823PA – Abt. Sep 1849 m. Mary Cox + children
6) John Guthrie 21 Jan 1825PA – Aft.1849 – Went to California during the Gold Rush. Never heard from again.
7) James Guthrie 19 Oct 1827 – ???? Family lost track of him.
8) William Guthrie 20 Jun 1829PA – 24 Mar 1889IA m1 Elizabeth Matthews, m2 Sarah Louise Rush +children
9) Lucinda Guthrie 12 Nov 1831PA – 18??PA died in childhood.
10) Sarah Guthrie 11 Nov 1833PA – 16 Nov 1893OH m. James Grant +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes


In March of 1813, not long before the death of George Guthrie, he released to Robert Provines his right of title and claim to 1/3 of an undivided tract of land in Bollin’s Valley, held in partnership with Paul Donahue and William Simpson of Huntingdon, containing 100 acres, more or less (Huntingdon County, PA Deeds, Book 1, p343). On 13 Nov 1813, Letters of Administration for the estate of George Guthrie were issued to Robert Provines (Probates Liber 2, p.131).

These documents suggest that Robert Provines may in fact have been a son-in-law to George Guthrie. At the time of George’s death, Provines lived in or near Alexandria up the Juniata River from Huntingdon.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: Descendants Currently Untraced

Abt. 1790PA – 24 Mar 1868PA

Jane Guthrie was born about 1790 in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. She married Thomas Sterne with whom she had 3 daughters and 1 son. He died about 1820 after which Jane remarried on 11 August 1822 to John Kean. They had 3 sons. The family lived in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. John died in 1843 while Jane lived another 25 years. She died on 24 March 1868.
1) Margaret Campbell Sterne 16 Nov 1809PA – 19 Apr 1891 m. Samuel Cromwell +children
2) Sarah C Sterne 28 Apr 1812 – ????
3) Elizabeth L Sterne 2 May 1814PA – ????
4) Thomas Sterne Jr 16 Feb 1817PA – 1906TX m1.1843 Mary Elizabeth Jones, m2.1854 Araminta Malvina Cunningham +children
5) Charles Kean 23 Nov 1824PA – 26 Sep 1918PA m.1853 Mary Jane Holliday +children
6) William Campbell Kean 25 May 1828PA – 12 Sep 1898PA m.1856 Anna Mary Baker +children
7) James Kean 29 Aug 1830PA – 15 Oct 1873TX m.1856TX Orelia E Van Norman + children (died in infancy)

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No