2A-D: Moses Guthery

of Ross County and Pike County, Ohio, USA

Parents: John Guthery 1744PA – 1823OH & Lydia Baldwin 1755PA – 1816OH
Birth: 12 February 1787
Birth Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Occupation: Coronoer and Constable
Marriage: Hannah Hastings on 10 Jan 1811 in Ross County, Ohio, USA
Death: 1818
Death Location: Pike or Scioto County, Ohio, USA
Burial: Unknown, probably in Pike or Scioto County, Ohio, USA
The County Commissioner Records of Pike County, Ohio show that Moses Guthery was the county constable and coroner. His marriage to Hannah Hastings took place in 1811 in Ross County prior to Pike County’s formation in 1815. They are known to have had 3 children: Jane (1811), Silas (1817), and Eliza (1818). Moses was only 41 at the time of his death in 1828. He left no will. Moses and his brother Joseph purchased 96 acres of land from their parents for the nominal cost of $100 and sold it several years later for $2,400. During the 10 year period prior to his death, Moses shows up in court records for public gambling, assault, and debt. One case mentions that he is ‘late of Pike County’ indicating that he had moved, possibly to Scioto. The last case resulted in a Sheriff’s Sale of his Lot. 221 in Piketon.

Parents: Unidentified
Birth: about 1790 (presumed)
Birth Location: Unknown
Death: Unknown, after 1818
Death Location: Unknown
Very little information is found on Hannah Hastings, the wife of Moses Guthery. Her youngest daughter Eliza was born in 1818, but there are no further children known for the couple after that date. Moses lived for another 10 years. The lack of additional children may suggest that Hannah died sometime between 1818-1828. No death or burial info found. No remarriage information found after Moses’ death.


Jane Guthery was born in 1811, so it was probably in Ross County prior to the creation of Pike County in 1815. She married William Daily, the son of Daniel & Susannah (Wynn) Daily, in Pike County, Ohio on 16 December 1830. William was a farmer. They lived in Pike County and raised their family there. Jane died at the age of 68 on the 23rd of November 1879 and William on 10 December 1890 at 82. Both are buried in Mound Cemetery in Pike County.
1) Susannah Daily 1831OH-1838OH died during childhood.
2) John Daily 1834OH-1884OH m. Cordelia Elizabeth Stedman (1860) +children
3) Moses Daily 1837OH-1916OH m1 Nancy Ellen Talbott (1866), m2 Malissa Jane Johnson +children
4) Charles Clark Daily 1843OH-1929OH m. Nancy Steinberger Sargent (1869) +children
5) Elizabeth Hannah Daily 1845OH-1925OH m. John Brough Violet (1866) +children
6) Daniel Webster Daily 1848OH-1924OH m. Emma L Ward (18??). No children.
7) Silas Guthery Daily 1852OH-1894OH m. Mary ‘Mamie’ R. Taylor (1882) +children
8) Eliza Jane Daily 1855OH-1939OH m. Jesse Franklin Pyle (1896) +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

According to this biographical sketch of S.B. Guthery, he was employed by William Palmer during his youth in the training and running of fast horses. He became a farmer and stock owner, with the exception of his short time working on the Portsmouth & Columbus turnpike as a road worker, and in conducting a tannery in Scioto, OH for a few years. He married Nancy L March on 21 November 1840 by whom he fathered four children. Nancy’s DOD is unknown, but it was sometime after the 1880 census. Silas died on 20 Nov 1893, reportedly in Daviess County, Missouri.
1) Nancy Guthery 1844OH-1844OH died in her infancy.
2) William B Guthery 1845OH-1918MO m. Eliza Ann Brown +children
3) James A Guthery 1848OH-bef. 1860 died in his youth.
4) Sarah J Guthery 1850-1852MO died in early childhood at 1 year, 9 months, 4 days of age.

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

Moses & Hannah’s youngest child was born on 30 Jan or 1 Feb (depending on the source) in 1818, Pike County, Ohio. She was twice married. The first marriage was to Jonathan Ward on 20 June 1838 with whom she had 3 children: Silas Benjamin Ward (1840), Eliza Jane Ward (1844), and Jonathan Weaver Ward (1845). Her husband presumably died between 1845-1849 or the marriage ended in divorce. No clues found either way. Eliza remarried on 28 May 1850 to David Eli Dutton. Her new husband had come to Ohio from Delaware and had previously been married to Sarah Carey. according to a short family history written by a granddaughter, David’s wife died giving birth to twins or postpartum complications. The son, also named David survived, but his twin sister did not. Sarah and her daughter were buried on the Carey farm south of Agosta in Marion County, Ohio. David and Eliza had two children who were both under ten years of age when their father died on 7 May 1862 in Marion County, Ohio. They were 12 and 14 at their mother Eliza’s death on 17 Oct 1867. David and Eliza are buried at the Guthery Cemetery in La Rue, Marion, Ohio.
1) William Guthery Dutton 1853OH-1932OH m. Delilah Godfrey (1876) +children
2) John I Dutton 1855OH-1023OH m. Sarah E Manley (1878) +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes



Guthery-Hastings Marriage Record
Ward-Guthery Marriage Record

BOOK: May, Mary Gray. The History of Lieutenant-Colonel John Guthery of Greene County Pennsylvania and of Allied Families. Godfrey Memorial Library, Middletown, CT, 1956. Digitalized by Google Books.

COURT RECORDS: General Index, Complete Record, Appearance Dockets, Chancery Record, Minutes, Docket. Ohio. Court of Common Pleas (Pike County) Microfilm Images. Family Search.
FHL Film 007898666 – G Entries – IMG 61 of 637
Guthrey Lydia vs Phelps – Complete Record A – Law p32 – 19 Feb 1817 [img 36/589]
Guthrey Archibald vs Taylor, Wm – Complete Record A – Law p98 [img 69/589]
Guthrey Archibald vs Taylor, Wm – Complete Record A – Law p180 [img 110/589]
Guthrey A & Wm vs Fitch E – Complete Record A – Law p183 [img 111/589]
Guthrey John vs Dunham I C – Complete Record A – Law p 258 – [img 149/589] Execution Docket Pate 21, 25
Guthrey, Moses, Guthrey, Joseph & Finnimore, JOhn } ads Ohio S – Complete Record A – Chancery 40 – 15 Apr 1817 [img 40/589] Execution Docket 2, 3 [[[Note: Charged with public gambling / betting on a card game]]]
Guthrey, William ads Loedwich, W – Complete Record A – Chancery p96, [img 68/589] – Execution Docket p 6, 7
Guthrey, George ads Ohio S – Complete Record A – Chancery p 139 – [img 90/589] – execution docket 9, 12
Guthrie, William et al ads Lucas, R – Complete Record A – Chancery p78 [img 59/589]
Guthrey William ads Leodwick W – Complete Record A – Chancery p96 [img 68/589]
Guthrey Joseph ads McCugal I – Complete Record A – Chancery 187 [img 113/589]
Guthrey, Joseph ads Ohio S – Complete Record A – Chancery 281 [img161/589]
FHL Film 007898666 – G Entries – IMG 62 of 637
Guthrey Moses ads Huggins T – 20 Feb 1821 – Complete Record A – p350 [img196/589]
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Guthery Archibald vs Martins administration – Complete Record B p62 [img343/589]
Guthrey Aaron to Sherrifs Bond – Complete Record B p 31 [img 328/589]
Guthrey William Admnr D B N of Aaron Guthrey __ vs Walrdon T – Complete Record B p409 [img 516/589
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Guthrey William Jr ads Ohio S – Complete Record B – 252 [img 438/589]
Guthrey Moses et al ads Martin M – 28 Jun 1828 – Complete Record B p493 [img 558/589]
Guthrey James ads Ohio S – Complete Record B p 518 – Execution Docket 110
Guthrey George ads Ohio S – Complete Record C p 97 – Execution Docket 110
Guthrey William admr ads Sargent E – Complete Record C p 536
Guthrey W & Cochran ads Ohio S – Complete Record D p168

DEEDS: Index. FHL Film # 007837451 image 97-98 of 340 and image 99 of 340.
Grantee: Guthery, Joseph & Moses. Grantor: Guthery, John, WD, Town or Township: Ross, S:6, T:5, R:22, Acres:96, Date of Deed: 10-21-1806, Volume: 1 Page: 92 Considerations: (illegible) [See FHL #008330634 img 54 of 363]
Moses and his brother Joseph purchased 96 acres of land from their parents for $100 then located in Ross County, OH.

Grantor: Guthery, Joseph et al, Grantee: Clark, Jonathan, WD, Pike, S:6, T:5, R:20, 96, Date 11-29-1817, Vol A, page 223, Consideration: 2400. [See FHL Film 008330634, img 262 of 363]
This indenture is between Moses & Hannah (Hastings) Guthery, Joseph & Hannah (Dever) Guthery of Pike County, Ohio and Jonathan Clark of the same county. They received $2,400 for the 96 acres purchased from their parents for $100.

Grantee: Guthery, Moses, Grantor: Robt Givens, ATTY, Pike, Date: 7-31-1822, Volume B Page 163 [img 104 of 398]
Robert Givens gives power of attorney to Moses Guthery to act on his behalf to recover debts owed to him.

Grantee, Moses, Grantor: Robt Givens, ATTY, Pike, Date: 2-6-1827, Volume B Page 685
Revocation of the power of attorney initiated in 1822.

Grantor: Guthery, John & Moses, Grantee: Allison, James, WD, Town: Piketon, Date of Deed: 10-4-1843, Date of Record: 12-30-1845, Vol: 9, Page 63, Consideration: 200
This record does not refer to the man Moses Guthery who died in 1828 or his family. This was Moses J Guthery (1819-1908) the son of John Guthery and Margaret Sowders. His wife Rebecca Thompson is also mentioned in the record.

Scioto Gazette – Thursday, 26 Jan 1826 – Sheriff Sales – Repository: Genealogy Bank

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