3A: James W Guthrie

Guthrie Family Group 3A
of Greene County, NC, The Southwest Territory, Green County, TN

Parents: Francis Guthrie Jr 1720-30 – 1799-1899TN and Susannah (MNU)
Birth: About 1769
Birth Location: Virginia, probably in Augusta or Botetourt County, Virginia
Marriage: Mrs. Isabella (Carmichael) Trotter on 15 Feb 1798 in Jefferson County, TN
Occupation: Ferry Operator / Ordinary Keeper
Death: About 1829
Death Location: Greene County, Tennessee, USA
Burial: Unknown, presumably in Greene County, Tennessee, USA

Parents: James Carmichael (c1733PA) and Susannah McBrayer (c1749)
Birth: About 1769 (unverified)
Birth Location: Cumberland County, Pennsylvania (unverified)
Marriage #1: Alexander Trotter (a millwright) about 1787 (he died before 16 Nov 1795)
Trotter Children: Susannah Trotter (1789), David Trotter, Joseph Trotter
Guthrie Children: Andrew S Guthrie (Adopted/1801), James G Guthrie (1809)
Death Location: Unknown, presumably in Greene County, Tennessee, USA
Burial: Unknown, presumably in Greene County, Tennessee, USA

NOTES: Prior to the discovery of “The Forgotten Sons” (Guthrie Genealogy Blog), James W. Guthrie’s line was directly linked by ‘American Guthrie and Allied Families’ author, Lawrence R Guthrie, as a “supposed” son of Francis Guthrie Sr, who could have been born as early as the 1690s, and would have had to be a hundred or so by the time he reached the end of his life in Eastern Tennessee. The discovery that Francis Guthrie Jr was indeed a real person documented with his father in the early tax records of Pennsylvania provides us with the missing link.

Francis Guthrie Jr had come from Coleraine Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and settled in what was at the time part of Augusta County, Virginia. Presumably, about the 1760s, he married there. One document for James W Guthrie identifies his mother as “Susannah”, but there is an abundance of women by that given name in this line. James’ mother-in-law, Susannah (McBrayer) Carmichael, was also of the same name. So, there could still be some uncertainty about the identity of Francis Guthrie Jr’s wife. Records below show that she may also have a tie to the King family from Virginia.

The area where the Guthries were living became Botetourt County, Virginia in 1769, which is the year James W Guthrie is believed to have been born. The 1785 Census of Botetourt County, Virginia shows the Francis Guthrie household with 10 white persons, 1 dwelling house, and no other buildings. The 1787 Personal Property Tax Lists for Botetourt had previously listed Francis Guthrie and eldest son Alexander, but this was the first year James Guttry showed up as “1 white male tithable over 16 and under 21, with 1 horse.” James shows up again in Botetourt Tax records for 11 May 1790 as “1 white male tithable over 16, 3 horses.”

His sister Nancy Guthrie married Thomas Cribbins in Botetourt County, Virginia on 9 Oct 1787, and his brother Alexander married Jean McFerran there on 24 Nov 1791. The former couple moved to Sumner, TN, while the latter moved to Jefferson County, TN.

Francis Guthrie Jr, James, and other family, lived in Botetourt at least through 1793, after which Francis shows up in the records of Hawkins County, an area of Tennessee that was once part of North Carolina, and later known as the Territory South of the Ohio River and/or the Southwest Territory.

In January of 1795, James Guthery and Archibald Simpson secured a 200 acre NC Patent Grant No. 645. The Greene County, Tennessee Deed Book 2, p.455 shows that James Guthrey of Greene, Territory South of the Ohio River, purchased 300 acres on Lick Creek in Greene County from Robert Stevenson of Woodford, KY. In the early days, he appears to be a single man building up his property and community. He was assigned as overseer of the road near Lick Creek and from Blue Springs to Bulls Gap. In 1797 the court permitted him to keep a Ferry over Lick Creek near his house in order to provide boats and crafts to convey travelers over the creek, including horses and carriages.

James Guthrie married a widow, Isabella (Carmichael) Trotter, who had 3 children. Their marriage took place on 15 Feb 1798 in Jefferson County, TN, which is where his brother Alexander had settled. James and Isabella went several years without any children of their own. Their son, Andrew S Guthrie, born 28 Dec 1801, is known to be adopted. His birth father moved to Mississippi when he was just a boy and left him in the care of relatives, presumably James and Isabella. Andrew S Guthrie’s direct male descendants do not possess GFG3A Y-DNA, indicating that the relationship was not via a Guthrie father. See Guthrie Family Group 10. Finally, the couple had a son born on 8 July 1809, James G Guthrie.

James W Guthrie continued to be active in the community. He served as a Justice of the Peace for Greene, TN. He was a trustee of the Friendship Meeting House. At 53, James Guthrie wrote his will on 2 Feb 1822 naming his wife Isabella, son James G., Guthrie, stepchildren Susannah Patterson and Joseph Trotter, and his mother, Susannah Guthrie. He did not name Andrew Guthrie. James died in Greene County, Tennessee sometime between the 1822 writing of his will and 26 Oct 1829 when the will was executed, likely in 1829.

Step-Children: 3
Adopted Children: 1
Biological Children: 1
Y-DNA Project Participants: Only Andrew’s Children (GFG10) / None from James G’s Children
Autosomal DNA Participants: Only Andrew’s Children (GFG10) / None from James G’s Children


BOOK: Guthrie, Laurence R (1933). ‘American Guthrie and Allied Families’, pp.379-383. The Kerr Printing Company, Chambersburg, PA.
Note: Additional information and corrections have been discovered for this family.

ARTICLE:The Forgotten Sons‘, by Ann Guthrie, 16 Nov 2021, Blog Article, Guthrie Genealogy: Guthrie Ancestry and Genetic Genealogy.
Note: Discussion and documentation for the correct sons of Francis Guthrie Sr.

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James G. Guthrie 8 Jul 1809-16 Mar 1853, Burial Old Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Rogersville, Hawkins, TN
Mary Ann Simpson Dec 1814 – Jan 1857, Burial Old Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Rogersville, Hawkins, TN

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