2A-B: John Guthrie

JOHN GUTHRIE born 1724-43PA – died 1800-10PA & MARGARET BROWN
of Pennsylvania, USA

Parents: Robert Guthrie & Miss (FNU) Darlington (Theory)
Birth: Between 1724-1743
Birth Location: Pennsylvania
Marriage: Margaret Brown on 5 November 1764 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Death: 1800-10
Death Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Notes: John Guthrie is listed in the Chester County, PA Tax Records of 1764 as a Freeman, indicating that he was at least 21 years of age and the head of his own household. His ties to his parents are only theoretical based on John’s presence in Chester County, PA at approximately the same time as others believed to be members of the same family. There is no direct male descendant in the DNA Project with a Y-DNA to represent this Guthrie line at this time.

Parents: Robert Brown 1712MD – 1777PA and Martha Calder
Birth: 1747
Birth Location: Tredyffin Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Death: 3 March 1777
Death Location: Perry County, Pennsylvania, USA


13 Nov 1765PA – 25 Nov 1840PA

Robert D Guthrie was a native of Chester County, Pennsylvania, but moved to Carlisle about 1772. He was a noted Clockmaker, Watchmaker, and Silversmith who advertised in local newspapers between 1787-1834. Tax Records from 1795-1817 list him as a Silversmith. The identity of his wife is unknown. The tax records indicate that he was married by 1789, but census records indicate that his eldest child was born between 1784-1790, so the marriage could have been 5 or 6 years earlier. Robert occupied (rented) property owned by Michael Miller, a 1 story wood house, lot, and a 1 story wood shop. Two of his sons, Robert R Guthrie and James Guthrie, carried on the family business.
1) Unidentified Daughter born 1784-1790 in Carlisle, Cumberland, PA
2) Unidentified Daughter born 1790-1794 in Carlisle, Cumberland, PA
3) John Guthrie born c1794PA – 11 Mar 1828 “died in the prime of his life of pulmonary affection”. Marital Status Unk.
4) Robert R Guthrie 1800PA – 24 May 1873PA m1.Margaret Thompson, m2.Elizabeth Lynch. No known children
5) Unidentified Son born 1800-1804 in Carlisle, Cumberland, PA
6) Maria Guthrie 1801 – 19 Apr 1876PA died at 75 years of age. Unmarried.
7) James L Guthrie 6 Aug 1807 – 30 Mar 1857 m.Eliza Cunningham. No children

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: No


Little is known about Mary Guthrie. She was baptized by the Rev John Cuthbertson of the Rocky Spring Meeting House on 9 Aug 1769. She married a man by the Marshall surname. The 1810 census of Juniata, Cumberland, PA lists a Mary Marshall as a HOH, so she was presumably widowed by that time. The household included: 1F 45 and over, 1F 16 thru 25, 1 male and 1 female 10 thru 15, 1 male and 1 female under 10. By this calculation, Mr Marshall died between 1800-1810. The 1820 census of Juniata also lists a Mary Marshal as HOH, but the eldest female is 26-44, so this could be a daughter living with her younger siblings indicating that the mother Mary had died between 1810-1820.
1) Unidentified Daughter Marshall born 1785-1794 possibly named Mary
2) Unidentified Daughter Marshall born 1795-1800
3) Unidentified Son Marshall born 1795-1800
4) Unidentified Daughter Marshall born 1801-1810
5) Unidentified Son Marshall born 1801-1810

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

9 Jun 1772PA – 20 Jan 1822PA

William Brown Guthrie was born on 9 June 1772 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Franklin County was formed from Cumberland in 1784. William was settled in Mercersburg, Franklin County by the time he was 21. He served in the local militia in a company called “The Franklin Blues” and was elected its captain on 3 Dec 1798. William married Isabella Sterrett, the daughter of Cairns & Mary (Mayes) Sterrett, on 22 April 1800 in Mercersburg. They had 4 sons and 3 daughters between 1801 and 1816. William was appointed as the local postmaster on 22 Jan 1813 and held that position until his death on 22 January 1822. Additionally, he was a silversmith and clockmaker.
1) Maria Guthrie 24 Oct 1801PA – 22 Sep 1803 died during early childhood
2) William Sterrett Guthrie 9 Sep 1803PA – 14 Sep 1824PA was only 21 at his death. Unmarried.
3) Otho Darlington Guthrie 26 Aug 1805 – 12 Dec 1833 was struck by lightning in the Rocky Mtns at 28. Unmarried.
4) Sarah Maria Guthrie 13 Sep 1808PA – c1880 m. William W Beecher +children
5) John Mitchell Guthrie 13 Jan 1811PA – 21 Apr 1831PA died at 2o years of age. Unmarried
6) Newton Brown Guthrie 13 Apr 1813PA – 12 May 1885 m1.Elizabeth Hester French, m2.Mary Ellen Parker +children
7) Margaret Guthrie 7 Mar 1816PA – 22 Sep 1871MD m.1838MD John Hoge Gregg +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

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