Sub-Groups of GFG2

Sub-Groups are formed when individual lineages have ties to a specific Guthrie Family Group, but the Y-DNA results in a genetic mismatch. These may be the result of adoptions, false paternity, feudal law or other causal events.

Guthrie Family Group 2A-A

These are men of other surnames who match the Y-DNA profile of Guthrie Family Group 2A. They are biologically of the same genetic origins as GFG2A. This could be the result of recent or distant paternity, adoptions, name changes, or other causal events.

Genetically Closest to Guthrie men from GFG2A-Branch D (Archibald Guthery/Rebecca Phillips)
Kit N47884 – Tordiff (Y111 Match)
Kit N32134 – Roy (Y67 Match)
Kit 273475 – Roy (Y111 Match)
Kit B829251 – Dingarten (Y111 and Big-Y700 Match, Shares several mutations with Kit 273475)
Kit IN114735 – Dingarten (Big-Y700 and AncestryDNA)

Genetically Closest to Guthrie men from GFG2A-Branch G (James Guthrie/Jeanette Wilson)
Kit B693849

Guthrie Family Group 2B

(Defunct – Moved to GFG5C)

Guthrie Family Group 2C

Descendants of Robert Guthrie 1752PA-1815OH & Elizabeth Jane Caldwell have a similar story. Robert is supposed to be one of the sons of GFG2A – Branch I’s James Guthrie and his Bissell wife. Another theory with little substance behind it other than a regional connection in Pennsylvania.

We now have 2 YDNA kits representing this couple’s descendants. One line descends via son William (b.1780) and the other son Robert (b.1785). One kit has tested at Y67 and the other at Y111 with a 100% match on all markers. This conclusively proves that the direct paternal line DNA was inherited from their mutual father, Robert Guthrie.

Robert could be the first of his genetic line within this Guthrie family, or there could be others out there who remain unidentified. If he is the first, it is likely that he was raised within the household of one of our established Guthrie Family Groups, perhaps even GFG2A as was suggested in the original theory.

Y-DNA Kits:
320661 (+FF)
929316 (+FF)

Family Finder/Autosomal DNA Kits:
458935 – Discovered ancestor was adopted into Guthrie Family
B77338 – Discovered ancestor was adopted into Guthrie Family
B98825 – Discovered ancestor was adopted into Guthrie Family
AncestryDNA Kit – MRW

Guthrie Family Group 2D

This is a genetic mismatch involving a Guthrie-Gilkeson descendant. Another participant with connections to an earlier generation matches GFG2A.

Y-DNA Kits:

Family Finder/Autosomal DNA Kits:

Guthrie Family Group 2E

Project participants who descend from two different sons of John Guthrie 1781-1869 & Mary ‘Polly’ Rylee are genetic mismatches to parent group GFG2A-Branch K. They do match each other, which suggests that John himself was probably the original GFG2E mismatch. No documentation of an adoption has been found, but that is one potential reason, along with false paternity, for such a mismatch.

Y-DNA Kits:

Family Finder/Autosomal DNA Kits:

Guthrie Family Group 2F

This participant’s line is also historically traceable back to John Guthrie 1781-1869 & Mary ‘Polly’ Rylee. It does not match the original YDNA of GFG2A nor the GFG2E genetic profile. This shows two genetic mismatches within the same family line. In this case, the paper trail leads from Branch K to GFG2E to GFG2F. The genetic mismatch between GFG2E and GFG2F could have occurred any time after the generation of John Barney Guthrie (1816-1868).

Y-DNA Kits:
688473 (+FF)

Guthrie Family Group 2G

Branch K is just full of genetic surprises. Once again, we start with the son of Robert & Betsy Guttery/Guthrie of SC and GA. Their son John Guthrie 1781-1869 & Mary ‘Polly’ Rylee have another descendant with a genetic mismatch. The participant does not match John Guthrie’s GFG2E profile, nor does he match GFG2F. This genetic mismatch could have occurred with the birth of their son Leroy ‘Lee’ Guthrie or in any subsequent generation.

Y-DNA Kits:

Guthrie Family Group 2H

This is a subset of GFG2A – Branch H connected to the family of Haley Guthrie and Frances ‘Fanny’ Allen. Documentation claims Fanny’s son Andrew Jackson Guthrie’s father is her husband Haley Guthrie, but he died about 10 years prior to Andrew Jackson Guthrie’s birth. He likely assumed the surname Guthrie because Fanny was the Widow Guthrie at the time. The Y-DNA of a direct male descendant of Andrew Jackson Guthrie does not match that of any Guthrie Family Group, originating from the G-M201 haplogroup. Surname matches at the Y37 level are primarily to men of the BOOHER surname. No matches at the Y67 level.

Y-DNA Kits:

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