1A-F: William Guthrie (II)

William Guthrie 1740VA-1809/10NC & Mary Magdalene Roarke
of Middlesex, Virginia and Orange & Chatham, North Carolina, USA

Parents: William Guthrie & Frances Wilbourne (Theory)
Born: 16 March 1740 (Theory)
Location: Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia (Theory)
Marriage: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Death: 1809-1810
Location: Chatham County, North Carolina, USA
Burial: Unknown, Chatham County, North Carolina, USA, presumably

Parents: Unknown
Born: c1750 (Rough Estimate)
Location: Unknown
Sons: William Guthrie, Claiborne Guthrie, German Guthrie, Beverly Guthrie
Daughters: None
Death: After 1810
Location: Unknown, Chatham County, North Carolina, USA, presumably
Buried: Unknown, Chatham County, North Carolina, USA, presumably

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

Born c1771-80 NC – Died c1840 NC

William Guthrie appears to be the eldest son of the family. His exact DOB is unknown but the census records of Chatham County, NC estimate it was between 1771-1780. The identity of his wife is unknown, but they were married in NC by 1802, and she survived him. They had 3 known sons named by William in in will, but the census records suggest the household may have included other children. The family remained in Chatham County throughout his life. Like his father, William was a slave owner. He died in Chatham County about 1840. His will was probated 14 Apr 1840.

Guthrie Children: 3 Known
1.) James Claiborne Guthrie – 1802 NC – 1876 NC m. Nancy Polk Clegg + children

The eldest known son, James, was born in 1802 in Chatham County, NC. He married Nancy Polk Clegg with whom he raised a family of 3 sons and 7 daughters: Thomas W (1828), Joseph Benson (1829), Margaret E (1831), Caroline Mary (1834), Benjamin F (1837), Emily B (1838), Frances R (1839), Esther A (1843), Catharine A (1844), and Anna M (1846). They continued to reside in Chatham County. James died in March 1876 and Nancy in 1880.
Guthrie Children: 10
Y-DNA Project Participants: None
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

2.) German B Guthrie – 1808 NC – 1892 NC – m. Nancy Ruth Harris +children
Born in 1808 Chatham County, NC, German B Guthrie would also remain in the county his entire life. He married on 23 Nov 1831 to Nancy Ruth Harris. Their children: Martha Elizabeth (1833), William H J (1835), Anne E (1836), and Brooks H (1842). German’s wife Nancy died in 1856, and his death came in 1892.
Guthrie Children: 4
Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Family Finder Participants: No

3.) Hugh Blair Guthrie – 1814 NC – 1881 NC – m1. Margaret J Anderson +children, m2. Jane Cave +child
Hugh was born on 2 April 1814 in Chatham County, NC. He was 27 at his first marriage to Margaret J Anderson. They had 4 sons and a daughter between 1842 and 1854: Henry Clay (1842), William Anderson (1846), Winfield S (1849), Walter Hugh (1852), and Della A (1853). On 20 Mar 1845, Daniel Gilmore Sr wrote a will naming Hugh B Guthrie as his executor. Hugh’s brothers James C Guthrie and German B Guthrie were among the testators. “In 1854 Nancy Hillard sold the Eagle Hotel to Major Hugh Blair Guthrie for a reported 10,000 dollars.” (Chapel Hill and Illustrated History, Vickers, 1985). The name was later changed to Union Hotel. Major Guthrie was promoted to Colonel. He served as sheriff of Chapel Hill from 26 Aug 1862 to 22 Aug 1864. His wife Margaret died in June of 1864. Unknown if that swayed him to leave office. He became sheriff again during the period of Reconstruction after the Civil War in 1865-1867. During that time he remarried to Jane Cave on 2 July 1866 in Orange County, NC. They had one son, John C Guthrie (1870). Hugh Guthrie is buried at Old Chatham Cemetery in Chatham County, NC. His widow Jane survived until Jan 1909 and is buried at Springvale Cemetery in Clinton, Sampson County, NC.
Guthrie Children: 6
Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Family Finder Participants: No

1777NC – 1831NC

Claiborne Guthrie was born on 5 Jan 1777 at Cane Creek, Orange, NC. He married Elenor ‘Nelly’ Newlin on 9 Oct 1809 in Orange County. A daughter of James and Deborah (Lindley) Newlin, Nelly was a Quaker whose church policy is that Friends marry within their social circle. Since Claiborne was not a Quaker, Nelly was excommunicated from the church. They were parents to 4 sons and 6 daughters. They lived in Chatham County, NC until the year before Claiborne’s death. He died in Alamance County, NC on 26 Apr 1831 and is buried at Snow Camp.

Guthrie Children: 10
1.) Thomas Newlin Guthrie – 1810 NC – 1846 m. Nancy Bivins + children
Thomas Newlin Guthrie was born on 31 August 1810 in Chatham County, NC. His marriage to Nancy Bivins took place in Orange County, NC on 23 Dec 1831 when he was 21 years of age and she was 16. They were parents to: Sarah Emmeline (1833), George Claiborne (1835), Mary Ellen (1838), William Henry Harrison (1841), and Thomas Newlin (1846). When he was only 35 years old, Thomas Newlin Guthrie Sr died on 8 Feb 1846. He is buried at Snow Camp cemetery in Alamance County, North Carolina. His widow Nancy died 19 April 1900 and is also buried at Snow Camp.
Guthrie Children: 5
Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

2.) Sarah Guthrie – 1812 NC – 1887 NC – Unmarried
Sarah Guthrie was born on 5 March 1812. Her birth date is listed, along with those of her mother and several siblings in the record book of the Spring Monthly Meeting of Quakers in Alamance, NC. She remained single. During the 1850 census, her widowed mother Nelly Guthrie, 65, was still living and was listed as the head of their household consisting of Sarah, 35, her twin sisters Candas and Margaret, 25, Oliver Guthrie 16, John W Guthrie, 13, and three Harris children: Rachel 12, William 7, and Wesley 14. In 1860, it was just the three sisters and their nephew William Harris. During the 1870 census of Chantham County, Sarah and her twin sisters were living in the home of their nephew, Alfred Guthrie, and listed next door to the homes of John Guthrie and Oliver Guthrie. They continued to live with Alfred and his growing family assisting with the housekeeping. In 1887, Sarah suffered a stroke. She died on 12 July 1887 at her home in Chatham County.
Children: None
Y-DNA Project Participants; N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No Known Descendants

The Christian Worker
(A Quaker Periodical)

3.) George Guthrie – 1812 NC – 1889 NC – m. Sarah ‘Sally’ Ann Morris +children
The second son in the family, George Guthrie was born on 5 March 1812. He remained single until he was 45 working as a laborer. He married Sarah Ann Morris on 11 June 1857 in Alamance County, NC. They had 10 children born between 1859 and 1880: William Thompson (1859), Martha Elizabeth (1861), Mary Elvira (1864), John Franklin (1866), Ella (1869), Sarah Eleanor (1870), George Freeman (1873), Caroline (1875), Richard Clarence (1877), and Walter Scott (1880). The 1880 census shows that George worked as a millwright. george was 77 at his death on 18 March 1889. His estate was probated 18 May 1889 in Chatham County, NC. Sally’s death came on 1 April 1905 in Hadley, Chatham, NC. George and Sarah Ann are buried at the Chatham Friends Meeting Cemetery at Snow Camp in Eli Whitney, Alamance County, NC.
Guthrie Children: 10
Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

4.) Deborah Guthrie – 1814 NC – 1845 – m. Kimbel Harris + children
Born on 15 Sep 1814, Deborah Guthrie was the second daughter in the family. Prior to 1836, she presumably married Kimbel Harris with whom she had 4 children: John Wesley (1836), Rachel (1838), William (1843), and George. A series of deaths left this family devastated. Kimbel Harris died on 23 August 1843. Their son George died on 8 Sep 1844. Deborah (Guthrie) Harris died the following year in 1845. The 1850 census of Upper Regiment, Chatham County, NC lists orphans Wesley, Rachel and William living with their Guthrie spinster aunts. The dates of death are sourced from family trees. No records found.
Harris Children: 4
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

5.) Mary ‘Molly’ Guthrie – 1816 NC – 1909 NC – (Marital Status Presumed Single) +child
Mary Guthrie was born on 20 October 1816 in Chatham County, North Carolina. Like several of her sisters, she appears to have been single throughout her life. However, Molly Guthrie is credited with being the mother of Oliver C Guthrie who was born on 22 Nov 1833 when she was 17. The 1840 census of Elenor Guthrie’s household includes 1 male of 5-9 years of age likely to be Oliver. In 1850, Oliver is still listed in his grandmother’s household, but Molly is not present. Both she and her youngest brother, William Guthrie, are found living, and presumably working for Joshua Lindley Jr, who appears to be a widower with several children. Nelly’s mother Deborah was a Lindley, so Joshua Lindley could be an extended family member. Oliver Guthrie married Mary Caroline Marshall in 1857, and the 1860 census finds Mary Guthrie, 45, living with the new couple. Oliver and Caroline are listed with a “grandson” during the 1900 census named Claude, whom Oliver listed in his will as “the boy now living with me”. Unknown if Oliver had a child that had a son named Claude, or if Claude is actually an adoptee.
Guthrie Children: 1 (unverified relationship)
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

6.) Beverly Guthrie – 1818 NC – 1819 NC – died during infancy.
Beverly Guthrie is listed in trees as being female, but the majority of Guthries with this name during the 1800s have been male. No verified gender found documented. Beverly was born on 15 Sep 1818 and died 7 May 1819.

7.) John Braxton Guthrie – 1821 NC – 1895 NC m.1 Nancy Braxton +children; m.2 Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Hughes
This son was born on 11 August 1821. He married his first wife, Nancy Braxton about 1844. They lived in Chatham County being enumerated in 1850 in Upper Regiment and 1860 on Pittsboro Road North Side. Their family included six sons and two daughters: Alfred Lindley (1845), Mary (1847), Claiborne Braxton (1853), George Hugh (1854), Ira (1855), Alvis Thomas (1859), John A Gilmore (1862), and Della (1864). He worked in farming and later as a house carpenter. John’s wife Nancy died on 26 October 1877. He remarried the following year on 5 December 1878 to Elizabeth Hughes. John died on his birthday, 11 August 1895 having turned 74 years of age.
Guthrie Children: 8
Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

8.) Margaret Guthrie – 1824 NC – 1898 NC – Unmarried
Margaret and her twin sister Candace were born on 22 May 1824 in Chatham County, North Carolina. They both remains single throughout their lives. The 1850 census of Upper Regiment, Chatham, NC lists their mother as the hear of household, along with some of her Guthrie and Harris grandchildren. The twins, older sister Sarah, and their 17-year old nephew William Harris, were enumerated near Hadley Mill, Eastern Division, Chatham, NC during the 1860 census. Margaret was listed as a farmer with a real estate value of 1000, and personal estate value of 200. In 1870, nephew Alfred Guthrie was the head of their combined household, with Margaret listed as Keeping house while her sisters Candace and Sarah were ‘at home’. By the 1880 census, Alfred had married and started a family with his new wife. His aunts continued to live with him. Margaret occupied herself as a weaver. She wrote her will in December 1888, witnessed by Ira and Hiram Braxton, in which she bequeathed her estate of land and household furniture to her nephew Alfred’s children.
Children: None
Y-DNA Project Participants; N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No Known Descendants

9.) Candace Guthrie -1824 NC – 1909 NC – Unmarried
Twins Candace and Margaret were born on 22 May 1824 and continued to share most of their lives together. They worked in the house and on the farm making up two-thirds of a trio of sisters, along with the eldest, Sally who remained in the same household. Their nephew Alfred assumed head-of-household status during the 1870 census, afterwards marrying and starting a family. Candace and her sisters continued to reside at home. Her sisters and brothers all died before her. Eighty-five years old, Candace was laid to rest at the Chatham Friends Meeting Cemetery.

The Christian Worker
(A Quaker Periodical)

10.) William Guthrie – 1827 NC – 1898 NC – m. Nancy F Martin +children
The youngest child of the Guthrie family, William was born on 22 September 1827 in Chatham County, NC. He was a farmer. He married Nancy F Martin on 1 May 1855. They had 2 daughters: Sarah Eleanor ‘Nellie’ (1856) and Margaret C (1858). Nellie married her cousin, Thomas Newlin Guthrie, Jr and had two daughters. Margaret married widowed Hiram Braxton on 12 April 1906. He was 64 with three adult children, and she was 47.
Guthrie Children: 2
Y-DNA Project Participants – N/A – No Sons
Autosomal DNA Participants: None

c1780NC – c1806NC

German Guthrie was born about 1780 in North Carolina. He married Martha ‘Patsy’ Scurlock on 15 Jul 1800 and they were parents to 1 daughter and 2 sons. They lived in Wake County, NC for a time where German Guthrie worked as the Raleigh Academy Principal. He died a young man of about 26 years of age c1806. His father, William Guthrie, became guardian to his children and provided for their education and future at his own death in 1809. The children were wards under various guardians during their minority. Patsy Scurlock remarried to William Warden, also a teacher. They had several children. Warden died in 1823. Patsey lived until 11 Sep 1853.
Guthrie Children: 3
1.) William Guthrie born 1800-1806 (probably 1802-1804) NC – died aft. 1820
William Guthrie is listed in court records along with his siblings as one of the orphaned children of German and Patsy (Scurlock) Guthrie. Since their parents married in 1800 and their father died about 1806, their estimated birth years are between 1800 and 1806. Legal guardians were assigned on their behalf after their father’s death. William’s mother Patsy remarried about 1810 to William Warden. Without knowing the configuration of the Warden household, it is difficult to confirm if the Guthrie children are enumerated with that family in 1820, but the enumeration does appear to include them. In addition to the 1M 45 and over and 1F of 26-44, there are 3 males of 16-18 years of age, 3 1 female 10-15, 3 males and 2 females under 10. William would probably fall into the 16-18 category making his DOB bet. 1802-1804. No additional documentation has been located for William Guthrie during his adult years.

Orphans Court Records dated 15 Nov 1810 appointed Claiborne Guthrie as guardian of William, John, and Emily Guthrie.
Orphans Court Records dated 16 Aug 1820 appointed Ambrose K Ramsey as the guardian of minors John and Emily Guthrie.
Court Record dated 16 Nov 1820 mentions that Beverly Guthrie was guardians to William, John, and Emily Guthrie.

Children: Unknown
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Descendants Traced
Autosomal DNA Particiapants – N/A – No Descendants Traced

2.) Emily Guthrie born 1800-1806 (probably 1805-1806) NC – died Sep 1823 NC
Emily Guthrie is listed in court records along with her brothers as being the orphan of German Guthrie. Legal guardians were assigned, as was the practice, even though their mother Patsy (Scurlock) Guthrie was still living. Emily was still a minor with a guardian in 1820, which means that she was under the age of 21 and unmarried.

Although there is no known document that specifically links this Emily Guthrie with a spouse, online trees do list Emily Guthrie as being the wife of John Evans, married 28 Jan 1823 in Cumberland County, NC. They list her DOB as being 1801 (no source data) and death as Sep 1823 in NC (no source data).

The 1820 census of the William Warden household lists the eldest female child at 10-15 years of age. If this is Emily living with he mother and stepfather, it would make her estimated DOB as 1805-1806. She would have been 18 in 1823 at her marriage to John Evans (if correct), and her death nine months after the marriage.
Evans Children: None Known
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Known Descendants

3.) John S Guthrie – born 1803NC – died 1845NC m. Elizabeth Earp +children
“John S Guthrie, who was an orphan boy in Fayetteville, was brought to Chatham in his early life and reared upon the farm which is located in the town of Siler City. He studied law and began the practice in the western section of the county, but later moved to Pittsboro, where he resided until the date of his death. Tradition has it that he was a trial lawyer of real ability, and his jovial with and humor are said to have made him a universal favorite. He was elected to the House of Commons for a number of years and was a member at the time of his death. He erected the house in which Tom Ramsey now lives.” {Chatham HIstorical Journals – Vol. 9 No. 2}

John was 28 years off at the time of his marriage if the DOM 5 Dec 1831 is correct. No corresponding record found. His wife Elizabeth’s maiden name is unknown. Later census records indicate her estimated birth year to be about 1820, with her age shaved off a bit in later years. If 1820 is accurate, Elizabeth would have been only about 11 at the tme of her marriage to John. Their eldest daughter was born in 1835, so the DOM could also be off by a few years.

John and Elizabeth were parents to three daughters: Emily (1835-1859), Mary Ann (1838-p1873), and Ruth (c1841-c1896).

After John’s death in 1845 at the young age of 41, Elizabeth eventually remarried to shoe and bootmaker Hugh Warren Earp about 1849. All three of her daughters were enumerated with them during the 1850 census. Hugh and Elizabeth did not have any children of their own. They moved from Pittsboro to Raleigh, NC living on East Martin Street. In his later years, Hugh worked as a laborer at a grocery. He died in 1905. Elizabeth’s death came about 1903. All three of her daughters all predeceased her.
Guthrie Children: 3
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Sons
Family Finder Participants: No

c1785NC – Unknown (After 1816)

Beverly Guthrie was born about 1785. He was listed in a household of his own at age 10-15 with two 10-15 year old females and 1 slave in the Hillsborough, Chatham, NC census of 1800. He was an administrator of his brother, German Guthrie’s estate in 1806. In 1808, he became guardian for his brother’s orphans: William, John & Emily, but the guardianship was reassigned in 1809 to Beverly’s father, William Guthrie. In 1814, he was reinstated as guardian for the the boy William, while someone else was guardian to John & Emily. The last record I have for Beverly Guthrie is that of a bondsman to a marriage for James Sanford & Anna Snipes. No further data.

Children: Unknown

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Family Finder Participants: No


If William Guthrie is indeed the son of William Guthrie & 2nd wife Frances Willbourn of Christchurch Parish, Middlesex, Virginia, he was born on 16 March 1740 in CCP. His baptism is recorded there on 6 Apr 1740. If William Guthrie is not their son, his birth is estimated to have taken place between 1730-1755.

Mary is estimated to have been born around 1750.

William Guthrie was born between 1771 and 1780. Most likely 1775 or 1776 based on the known DOB of the next eldest child in 1777. His birth probably took place in Cane Creek, Orange County, NC.

Claiborne Guthrie was born on 5 Jan 1777 in Cane Creek, Orange, NC.

German Guthrie was born about 1780 in NC.

Beverly Guthrie was born about 1785 in NC

Chatham County, North Carolina, USA on 16 May 1789

WILLIAM PETT for 20pds 15 sh ack himself therewith satisfied and hereby discharges SAMUEL GUTHRIE and grants to WM. GUTHRIE tract beg. on Joseph Stewart’s corner on the line of the town commons. (No acreage specified)

Chatham County, North Carolina, USA oN 15 May 1797

William Guttery and Benj. Walker are witnesses to a property sale between John Dillard to Joseph Wiltsoe of N.Y. Waters of Camp Branch.

Chatham County, North Carolina, USA on 14 Jul 1798

William Guthrie and German Guthrie were witnesses to the will of John White dated 14 Jul 1798, probated Feb 1799.

1798: BUYER
Chatham County, North Carolina, USA

WILLIAM GUTHRIE and SAMUEL GUTHRIE were among the buyers.

Hillsborough, Chatham, North Carolina

Household of William Guthrie (transcribed as Gathers)
1M and 1F 45 and over
1M and 1F 10-15
6 Slaves
Total Household Members: 10

Household of William Guthrie
1F 45 and over (note that 1M 45 and over is not listed nor counted in the total number)
2M 16-25
1M and 1F 10-15
6 Slaves
Total: 10 Household Members


German Guthrie died by 13 Nov 1806 when a bond of administration was approved indicating that “Joseph Scurlock, Beverly Guthrie, Abraham Harper, and James Gaines are bound for $1000 with Scurlock and Guthrie acting as administrators of German Guthrie, deceased.” The majority of items in the estate sale went to his widow, Patsy (Scurlock) Guthrie, including “1 negro woman, Charlotte & child”, or to Beverly Guthrie. Family guardians were named for German’s three children: Emily, John, and William.

Chatham County, North Carolina, USA on 18 Apr 1809

Will of William Guthrie Sr of Chatham County. Wife: Mary Magdalene Guthrie. Sons: Claburn, William Jr, Beverly; wants Claiburn to raise the children of decd son German: William, John, Emily.

William Guthrie and his extended family were slave holders. According to his will those slaves were: Harry, Prissy, Tarlton, Hiram, Maryan, Sophia & Thomson, Abb, Ransom & Nelson.

Chatham County, North Carolina, USA

William Guthrie’s will was written in 1809. He is mentioned as guardian to his decd son German Guthrie’s children in 1810. That year their guardianship was reassigned, suggesting that William had died by that time. Probate records are dated 1809 confirming his death occurred that year.

Mary was alive when William Guthrie died in 1809. No data found on her death. Unsourced online trees listed it as 1816.


WILL: William Guthrie – 14 April 1840 – Chatham County, North Carolina Wills, Volume A – D, 1780-1868. Digital Repository: Ancestry.com. The will mentions his beloved wife (not named), sons Hugh (executor), James, and German. It accounts for the division of real estate, personal property, and nine slaves Alpha, George, Harry, Joe, John, Nanny, Nelson, Peggy, and Rose.

ESTATE PAPERS: Claibourn Guthrie – 1831 – Chatham County, North Carolina Wills and Estate Papers, 1663-1978. Digital Repository: Ancestry. com.

BOOK: US Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935 – Spring Monthly Meeting, Alamance, North Carolina, Women’s Minutes, 1838-1885. Digital Repository: Ancestry.com

The site includes photos and gravestone data.

JOURNAL: Chatham County Historical Association. Chatham Historical Journals 1988-2008. Volume 9 – 1996 – No. 2 – July – Lawyers of Chatham County, part 1, by Walter D. Siler, w/photo. Digital Repository: chatham history.org

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